Pregnancy Week by Week – Pregnancy Timeline Expert Reviews & Guide

Pregnancy Timeline Week by Week

A pregnancy timeline is typically categorized into three trimesters. The first-trimester being week 4- 12, the second-trimester being week 13 to week 27 and the final trimester being week 28- week 42. As an expecting mother, you would naturally be curious to learn what changes are going to happen in your body and we are here to give you a quick glance through!

Here’s a timeline of what is happening in your and your baby’s body through your pregnancy week on week-

First Trimester - Week 4 to Week 12

It is in the fourth week that some pregnancy symptoms start to appear and the baby turns from a blastocyst to an embryo

The infamous mood swings start to kick in. The baby, on the other hand, would start developing their organs.

Constant fatigue and tiredness may be experienced by the mother in the 6th week of pregnancy. The baby starts to grow arms and legs.

At week 7, expect yourself to suffer through some major morning sickness. But for the good part, you also should know that your baby has now doubled in size from the last week!

The breakthrough week! At week 8, you can finally hear your baby’s heartbeat! In terms of your bodily changes, frequent urination can be expected.

Your baby now starts to develop bones. You will also perhaps experience some major headaches as your hormonal imbalance would be full-blown.

Your baby is now officially a fetus! You might also, by the way, experience some piercing lower back aches in and around this week.

While all sorts of aches and morning sickness would still be making guest appearances, for the better part, the baby is now growing fingers and toes!

In the 12th week, your jeans will get together and the tops will start to feel suffocation because you will finally begin to show! Your baby is now in their rapid growth stage and has already started developing reflexes.

Second Trimester- Week 13 to Week 27

Since the baby is now in the rapid growth stage, you might need to fill yourself up with some extra food around the 13th week. The baby also is now developing fingerprints of their own!

Your rapidly maturing baby starts to grow lanugo, which is defined as the fine, soft hair, which covers the body and limbs of a human fetus. Some round ligament pain can also be expected by the mothers.

Around the 15th week, you might experience a never-before libido boost. Also, the baby, on the other hand, will now begin to see light!

Brace yourself to flaunt the ‘pregnancy glow’ in the 16th week while your baby preps to develop their taste buds in the tummy!

Your baby now begins to swallow and suck inside the tummy. Also, for the bigger news, the first baby kick can be expected in week 17!

While your baby starts to hear things, you, in terms of your bodily changes, will be gaining as much as a pound each week at this point in time.

In the 19th week, your baby starts to move around in the tummy and their senses also begin to develop.

Half of the race is now finished!

While your baby is measurable head to toe, ready yourself to experience some serious digestive issues around the 21st week.

A baby’s facial features become more obvious around the 22nd week ridding them of their ghost-like appearance in the scans. Also, it should be noted that Preeclampsia, “a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to another organ system, most often the liver and kidneys,” begins around this time of pregnancy. Hence, take precautions and learn about it from your doctor.

The mother’s body starts preparing for lactation while the baby now develops the lungs.

You will likely be recommended to get your gestational diabetes test while your baby develops surfactant at this point in time.

The baby now recognizes the mamma bear’s voice! You might also begin to experience sleep issues in the 25th week.

Your baby’s eyes start to develop in the 26th week. This week will also be a good time to make a birth plan.

While you might experience the infamous Braxton Hicks contractions, your baby will start to see some real dreams!

Third Trimester: Week 28- Week 41

Third Trimester! Major congratulations are in order! Your baby’s brain is under construction in the 28th week. The mother might experience fatigue coming back again.

Week 29 is the best time for mommies to start preparing themselves for the upcoming labor. Your baby has not started to develop baby fat!

The baby begins to put on weight and the mommy might experience some heartburns and mood swings at week 30.

The baby gets bigger each passing day, causing an acceleration in your body aches and pains.

The baby starts to take breaths! Brace yourself for some immense motherly feelings and emotions around this time.

Baby’s bones begin to harden and the clock is tick-tocking already!

The baby’s nails begin to develop and the mothers might experience increased pelvic pressure.

The baby’s hearing is completely developed by the 35th week. The mother might begin to see some signs of approaching labor.

By 36 weeks, your baby’s lungs are fully developed, all set to take their first breath! The baby’s digestive system is also completely formed.

The mother’s body is now in full preparation for labor. In some unusual cases, an early or premature baby delivery could also take place.

Mother’s might feel some sort of anxiety around this time for what is yet to come. The baby has now fully developed their vocal cords.

The baby has fully grown and could pop and labor could begin any day now!

The baby’s growth and development slow down. Mothers might be recommended natural induction methods if the labor does not start on its own.

The mother’s anxiety is at its peak and the baby will probably take birth now. If the baby does not come out naturally, your doctor will probably induce you to bring you the day you have waited for so dearly!

FAQs : Pregnancy Timeline Week by Week

1. What pains are normal in pregnancy ?

Stomach pains or cramps and backaches are most common in pregnancy. Mild stomach pain, during the first 12 weeks, is caused due to the expansion that a womb undergoes.

2. In which month of pregnancy tummy comes out ?

A "baby bump" most commonly starts to show between weeks 12 to 16 of pregnancy. For any pregnancy after the first baby, the bump usually begins to appear earlier than when it did during the first pregnancy. However, this changes mother to mother and some may not show a distinct bump even until their third trimester!

3. Which trimester is the most crucial ?

The first trimester is usually the most crucial to a baby's development. The baby’s body structure and the organ system begin to develop in the first trimester and even the mother’s body goes through some massive internal as well as external changes in the first trimester.
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