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Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System Reviews

Table of Contents

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System Reviews

Table of Contents


When it comes to traveling with your baby, nothing can beat the comfort of the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System, considering the durability, price, and features. This baby stroller provides the flexibility of comfort, safety, and versatility in choice with a wide range of colors.

If you plan to purchase a stroller for your child, you may want to check out the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger travel system reviews. This article is your complete guide to understanding them.

Features Of The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System

One of the main reasons the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System became extremely popular is its features. Some of the common features to look forward to in the same aspect include:

1. Safety Specs :

This stroller can prove to be an efficient, safe car seat for toddlers because it has extra padding and design . The padding material is made using EPS energy-absorbing foam which can absorb energy in accidents. Therefore, it has been designed in compliance with the road safety standards across the US.

  • The stroller also features an adjustable five-point harness without strap rethreading. Sometimes the straps don’t fit properly, which is one of the main challenges many car parents face while adjusting the baby seat in the car. However, this stroller offers protection against damage because of adjustable straps.
  • The harness sports a release button at the bottom of the feet, which helps tighten or loosen the straps. The process is straightforward and not at all complicated.
  • The back of the seat has a knob that helps adjust the straps to the higher shoulder level.

    The only downside is that the buckles need to be stacked into the crotch buckle, which can eventually be a problem for busy parents. However, this is not a problem but doesn’t benefit from the ease of use.  

2. Easy Installation

The base is one of the most convenient parts of the car seat as it’s handy and unique. The baby car seat is called Flex Loc because it features a latch system. Unlike most other baby seats, the latch hooks on this one are flexible and not fixed, and they feature a movable joint in the middle.

  • The movable joint of the latch hooks makes it easier for you to hook in and thereby determine a firm, snug fit.
  • The Baby Expedition Jogger Travel System’s seat benefits from easy installation, getting the base right may be slightly harmful because of extra movement across the hinge.
  • If you pull the straps tightly, you can ensure that the car seat is attached correctly.
  • If you want to release the latch hooks, you must press the red release button.
  • The Flex Love has a unique shape which is why you can easily click it in and out from the anchors. Furthermore, the base also features adjustable features.

One of the best features of the base is the recline that provides the flexibility of moving the base across four different heights, thereby offering the perfect angle. The seat also features a unique level indicator across the seat that ensures you get it attached perfectly.

3. Perfect Size For Babies

If you have a newborn or a growing toddler, the Baby Expedition Jogger Travel System can prove to be a perfect size. The seat is capable of holding babies weighing from five pounds to thirty pounds, and therefore, these can easily hold a child up to one year.

  • The jogger system plays an important role in determining the child’s comfort as it has a soft heat pillow for support. However, the support may be slightly awkward for infants.
  • Parents can choose an additional support pillow for infants. Nonetheless, it offers extra comfort with a lightweight, compact design.
  • The baby car seat may take up some extra storage but is not functional. It does sport a wide spot which can offer enough space for the baby.
  • If you attach the Flex Loc seat, it can offer a lot of room in the back seat of the car seats.

4. Efficient Release Level On The Stroller Base

Unlike other baby strollers, this stroller has all unique features, such as a release level at the bottom of the car seat on the base of the stroller, which is by the babies’ feet. As a result, the unique feature is helpful for parents with small cars that have limited space in the backseat.

Once you  attach the base, it will stay fixed in its position. However, removing it from the position will require you to put in a lot of strength.  The triangle-shaped carry handle is also one of the best parts of the stroller as it provides a unique group. Furthermore, the handle is supported by a soft rubber that makes it easier for the parents to carry.

5. The Jogger System

  • The big bicycle-like tires play an important role in bestowing speed to the jogger system. The tires are filled with air that promises smoothness and suspension.
  • The back tires are 16-inches, the front ones are 12-inches.
  • These are flat tires that can be prone to leaks which is why you need to have an air compressor with you.
  • The jogger offers a smooth ride because of the big wheels. It is advisable to have inner tubes and tire slime to fix the functioning of the tire.
  • The installation of inner tubes within the Baby Expedition Jogger Travel System tires will provide less maintenance and a smooth ride.
  • The brakes make it extremely safe, and all you need to do is press the lever down to promote overall mobility.
  • It also features ergonomic handles with tether straps for strong grip and footrest reflectors. These features provide good lighting to the stroller and offer extreme convenience to runner parents.

6. Free Folding Convenience

Folding the strollers often happens to be a headache for parents. However, you don’t have to struggle with it when it comes to the Baby Expedition Jogger Travel System.

  • Each side of the stroller features a trigger that can lead to a tight fold when pushed. Once the stroller is folded, it can stand on its own.
  • Similar to the folding process, unfolding is pretty easy as well. All you need to do is release the bar, and the stroller will unfold but make sure to move the stroller a bit.
  • The stroller is very lightweight, making it easier for the parents to open and close it with complete convenience. You need to pull both the triggers, so it’s not a one-handed process.

The stroller weighs around 26 pounds. Although it sounds heavy, it is actually lighter than all the other strollers in the market. The steel frame not only provides sturdiness but also contributes to the weight. However, if you want to use less space for storage, you can release the tires and bring about a tight fold.

If you are going down jogging with your kids, you can really use this stroller. The Baby Expedition Jogger Travel System is a jogging stroller that isn’t bulky but extremely efficient.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System Reviews Pros And Cons


  • It has a comfortable, lightweight seat.
  • The canopy is huge, thereby offering extra storage.
  • The jogging stroller is lightweight, thereby proving fruitful for athletic
  • Easy to fit in the car without any extra adapter.


  • The infant support pillow isn’t convenient.
  • The delta handle doesn’t move as it is supposed to.
  • To fit the base into the car, you need to put in a lot of energy.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System Reviews Final Conclusion

If you’re looking forward to using an easy-to-go stroller for your child, then Baby Expedition Jogger Travel System is one of the best choices to make. It is versatile and affordable and keeps your child comfortable and safe. The installation of Flex Loc is the game-changer. Whether you’re going out for a regular stroll or jog, the stroller is the most efficient choice for parents. It has unique features such as a huge canopy, storage compartment, and safety tether that makes the stroller worth the price.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System Reviews FAQs :

1. When can I use the stroller without the car seat?

If you are using the stroller without the car seat, it is advisable to use it in a reclined position so that the child can support the head. This should be valid for children above three months. Once your baby attains the age of five to seven months, you can use the stroller in an upright position.

2. Which is the best place to put the car seat in the vehicle?

Usually, it is advisable to put the car seat in the vehicle's rear seat. It is suggested to place the car seat where the child will be most comfortable and secure. You can read the manufacturer's manual to understand the concept properly.

3. How long will the car seat last?

The duration of the car seat lasting in the Baby Expedition Jogger Travel System will vary. It is advisable to check the Baby Expedition Jogger Travel System reviews to understand how long the car seat can last. The infant car seats usually expire within six years.

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