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24 Weeks Pregnant- Symptoms, Baby Development, and Tips!

Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Now that you are 24 weeks pregnant, you will be excited for your little one to come as well as you would be anxious for the baby’s and your health too.  At this stage, your baby weight in 24 weeks will be around 1.3 pounds and 11.8  inches long. This would be around the size of an ear of corn. The movement of your baby is much more noticeable at this point and the pokes and kicks become stronger and more frequent.  You’re planning for your gestational diabetes test at 24 weeks pregnant, and the baby is forming a surfactant.

Your Baby’s Development at 24 Weeks Pregnant

1) Bone Marrow-

A lot of important parts are growing and still developing—like bone marrow to effectively create blood cells and elements that assist balance.

2) Lung Development-

During this week, your baby is forming a protein you’ve likely haven’t heard of that is a surfactant. This fatty substance lets us breathe by making it simpler to expand air sacs in our lungs. Your child will continue to grow more of this until around 35 weeks. (Premature babies are also given additional artificial surfactants to help them breathe.)

3) Nostrils-

Their tiny nostrils are opening up, too. Time to practice breathing ammonia fluid into them.

4) Inner ear-

Your child is growing a vestibular system by the 24th week of your pregnancy. The delicate part in our inner ear enables us to keep our balance, so now the baby could tell whether it’s left-side-up or upturned.

24 Weeks Pregnant: How is baby looking at this stage?

By this time your baby has started working on getting cuter!

Your child is focusing on getting cuter. Their flesh is indeed translucent and thin, but it will eventually begin to become more opaque. Both hair and their lashes are all-white due to an inadequate amount of melanin. As the days pass by, their body is becoming even more equal and muscular, and even some baby weight will gradually show in 24 weeks, that will improve the entire see-through skin thing.

What happens to a mother’s body in the 24 weeks pregnant?

With all the important tests and preparations to take place this week, make sure you are well-aware of everything from before. Your body may start having very common symptoms and nothing to get worried about.

1. Red or tender gums:

Pregnancy hormones make your gums quite sore, so it’s very essential to brush twice a day—and floss regularly. It’s a perfect chance to visit the dentist for a cleaning and check-up. In reality, it’s essential not to miss the schedule every six months.

2. Leg cramps:

Severe muscle cramps in your legs are normal in the second half of your pregnancy—as if you still want more discomfort and soreness, particularly those that screw up your sleep cycle. Stretching, yoga good water intake and relaxation will hopefully minimize it. When calf cramps happen, stretching or rubbing the spot will help to relieve pain.

3. Back pain:

If you feel you are the only pregnant women who are going through those unbearable backaches then my dear, you are wrong! Fifty to seventy percent of would-be mommies suffer through the same chronic back pain. Between the pregnancy hormones that soften your joints, the additional load on your body, and the uterus that presses toward your spine naturally disrupts your posture. No doubt, it hurts so much during the time.

24 weeks pregnant belly:

Your uterus rises two inches above your belly button and stretches your stomach. For the 24 weeks of pregnant week development, you’ve probably acquired approximately 14 to 16 pounds so far including an estimate of one pound a week this quarter). But every pregnancy is different, so as much as you and your health professional are all on the same weight gain track, you will be perfect.

Make sure you rest well with the increase in weight in your body, the cramps will be more often now. Relaxation and lots of rest are the key to these problems.

Finishing Thoughts-

We hope your pregnancy is spending in bliss. Make sure you get all the love, pamper, and care during this time. You deserve to be treated like a queen! For more pregnancy related information, check out our Parenthood Bliss Blogs. From which baby swings you need to the best humidifiers for winters, we have all the information curated just for you under one site. Also follow us on our social media for more updates!

FAQs :

1. What to expect in week 24 of your pregnancy?

  • Stretch marks due to the stretching of your abdominal skin.
  • As the skin stretches it occasionally leads to dry and flaky skin, this the time to moisturize well.
  • Eyes can be dry and itchy at times.
  • Minor breast colostrum production.
  • Rare Braxton-Hicks contractions.
  • 2. How many months are 24 weeks pregnant?

    Being 24 weeks pregnant is having completed six months of pregnancy. Kudos! You are halfway through it.

    3. What is Linea nigra?

    The dark line that passes through the center of the belly is called Linea nigra. It happens because of the pregnancy hormones and this should fade away after the few weeks of your childbirth.

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