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27 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Baby Development, and Tips!

Table of Contents

27 weeks pregnant

Table of Contents

By the 27th week of your pregnancy, you might already begin to experience Braxton Hick’s contractions also known as fake contractions – your body’s way of preparing you for labor. Another very fascinating thing develops this week – your baby’s dreaming capabilities! In the 27th week, your baby weighs around 1.9 pounds and the overall growth is  14.4 inches long.

So what else is happening to the baby in the 27 weeks pregnant?

Here’s what else could be going on this week.

1. Eyes

Your baby’s eyes are finally opening, and they’re opening and closing for the practice of blinking.

2. Hiccups

Your baby is also beginning to hiccup. Although they’re not making any sound, you could feel them like tiny sudden hops or squirms in your tummy.

3. Hear it out:

It could be an interesting week for couples, too! The infant is likely to be able to differentiate your tone from theirs at the 27th week of pregnancy.  If your partner presses their ear to your stomach, they could even get to hear the baby’s heart rate. Isn’t this so amazing?

4. Baby’s brain growth:

Your little munchkin has an engaged brain right now. Their brain tissue is still growing, but the brainstem is almost fully developed and has started to regulate heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration.

27 weeks pregnant Symptoms

Let’s see what all major symptoms you would have on the 27 weeks pregnant:

You can experience these “fake” contractions more often now.  If they’re happening far more than normal, try hydrating yourself all the time and relax a lot. These contractions could also happen because of tiredness.

2. Higher blood pressure:

If there is a minor rise in blood pressure it is very natural when you are 27 weeks pregnant. Your doctor will monitor and evaluate your blood pressure to see if you do not grow preeclampsia, particularly after 20 weeks of your pregnancy.

3. Mood swings:

Always feeling cranky like an old grandmother? Don’t be hard on yourself, it’s completely normal to go through these emotions. Pregnancy can cause some severe mood swings as your body takes care of you to shield your baby. If you breastfeed, these emotions can escalate after delivery due to what’s called a ‘lactational rage.’

4. Abdominal pain:

Round ligament soreness can happen from all the stretching of the body this is a significant reason for abdominal cramps. But if you experience extreme or constant pains or other signs, such as bleeding, it could be something rather severe and you should reach out to your doctor immediately. Even symptoms that oytherwise seem like period cramps and pelvic pressure—downward pushing—should be examined right away!

5. Restless legs:

Unable to hold your legs relaxed at night during pregnancy? You are not alone! Restless legs syndrome is yet another not-so-fun disorder that can occur during pregnancy. You could feel the discomfort, the weird sensation, or the tingling vibration in your legs. A hot bath or shower, spa treatment, and/or stretching may actually be beneficial. Exercising regularly can help you with all the insomnia problems. However, always discuss it with your gynecologist, as low levels of certain nutrients can also lead to the RLS. If informed at the right time, your medical professional can help you with some supplements for the pain.

The Movement of Your Baby on 27th week of Pregnancy

You’re currently experiencing a lot of motion inside your womb! Try to do kick counts—as it’s a simple way of tracking your child’s fitness.

How are you going to do them? Take a couple of minutes every day to pay special focus on what’s happening within you. In two hours, you want to experience ten different movements—though it normally takes about five minutes to get this far.  Remember to do your kick counts at the same point every day and log your baby’s actions and how much time it took to hit 10 of them.

27 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Your fundal height is approximately 25 to 29 centimeters; you don’t necessarily have to think about this measure, but your doctor will monitor this out on your next appointment to generate accurate results of your child’s development and amniotic fluid levels. It’s natural to have an increase in body fat around this point, and you’re not expected to step down if you get more than the prescribed pound or two in a week. But keep on trying to make healthier decisions and exercise. Good weight gain during pregnancy decreases the risk of problems.

Concluding Thoughts; 27 Weeks Pregnant

As your delivery date approaches nearer you may have mixed feelings. Stay calm, drink lots of water to avoid dehydration, and eat leafy vegetables that are full of nutrients. By exercising regularly you can keep your leg and abdomen cramps slightly less. We hope you found this article helpful and check out our blog to get more information regarding all your pregnancy-related queries.

FAQs : 27 Weeks Pregnant:

1. How can pregnancy affect sleep cycles?

A range of common conditions can impact or interrupt your sleeping cycle during pregnancy, which includes:
  • Nausea and vomiting (morning sickness)
  • Recurring urination
  • Physical distress, such as sore breasts and back problems
  • Movement of the fetal
  • Leg cramps
  • Heartburn
  • Snoring
  • Inconsistent cramps in the uterus
  • Breathlessness
  • Syndrome with Restless Legs
  • Nervousness about labor and delivery
  • 2. Which sleeping position is ideal during pregnancy?

    The tips might be useful to you: Prefer your side. You should stop sleeping on your back, which can place the pressure of your womb on your spine and back muscles. But don't stress if you end up waking up on your back.Use a lot of comforting pillows and fluffy mattresses. Neatly placed pillows will make you more relaxed. Place a cushion behind your bent knees or under your belly.

    3. What are the urinary symptoms during pregnancy?

    In the initial phases of pregnancy six to 20 weeks—frequent urination tends to do with all of the hormone levels changes in the body. Hormones activate the kidneys to generate extra urine. Pregnant women often feel the intense pressure of the baby on the bladder as it develops.

    4. How big is my baby at 27 weeks pregnant?

    At 27 weeks, your baby is approximately the size of a cauliflower, measuring around 14 inches in length and weighing about 2 pounds.

    5. What are common symptoms at 27 weeks pregnant?

    Typical symptoms may include increased backache, swelling in the ankles and feet, Braxton Hicks contractions, and potential shortness of breath as your uterus continues to expand.

    6. Is it normal to feel more tired at 27 weeks pregnant?

    Yes, fatigue is common as your body is working hard to support your growing baby. Ensure you're getting enough rest and consider short breaks throughout the day.

    7. Can I still exercise at 27 weeks pregnant?

    In most cases, moderate exercise is still encouraged. However, consult with your healthcare provider to ensure your chosen activities are safe. Prenatal yoga and swimming are often good options.

    8. What should I expect at prenatal check-ups during week 27?

    Your healthcare provider will likely monitor your blood pressure, check your weight gain, and assess your baby's growth through measurements. They may also discuss your birth plan and address any concerns you have.

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