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30 Best Gifts For 8-Year-Old Girl In 2024

Table of Contents

30 Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl In 2022

Table of Contents

8 years is quite a milestone for both the girl and the parents, she now grows to progress into new things and interests and rapidly develops new skills. Therefore, it is important for us to quickly catch up with her interests while we select the best toy/girl for this little growing child. You might perhaps be tempted towards dolls, fashion accessories, a gadget, or a book, but it’s not quite it all. We must research and pick something that guarantees play growth side by side.

There are multiple choices to make and things to keep in mind, such as

  • Creativity toys that help embrace their creativity, encourage instincts and develop self-confidence
  • Dress-up toys that builds imaginary skills
  • And lastly, electronic toys that help them take charge and operate

Best Gifts For 8 Year Girls to Choose From

To help you choose, here is a list of the top 10 toys for an 8 year girl to choose from:

1. Creativity Deluxe Spa Set

Creativity deluxe spa set Parenthoodbliss

This spa set comes with 30 pampering tools that are reusable, like file, decorate, shape, and nail stickers for a fabulous look, along with a battery-operated nail dryer. It features a water-based, low odor nail polish, that is safe for the skin of the kid that can be easily peeled off, or scrubbed without any nail damage.

Amazon Reviews

I knew that my granddaughter was happy with this gift. I do not know a lot about this product because I could not see her happiness or other emotions in person.


Very appropriate for the grandchildren to use on grandma and grandpa. The girls loved it.

Lynne Drake

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2. Princess Castle Tent

Princess castle tent

This is a great pretend toy for 8-year-olds with a castle design that converts into a playroom. It comes with glow-in-the-dark stars and is easy to store, simply fold the down into a compact case that can easily slip into a closet. The castle tent helps improve the imaginative, creative, and great for community skills.

Amazon Reviews

We bought this Castle Tent for our 4 year old Princess Granddaughter! She loves it and we play in it all the time. There’s room to play card games, board games, bring other toys in. Our 10 year old twin Princess Granddaughters easily fit in it with her. It’s so much better than I expected! I would highly recommend it!


I Ordered This Tent For My 2 Year Old. I Was Excited To Order It And Was Even Happier When It Got Here. When I Opened It And Took Everything Out, I Noticed There Was No Instructions So I Began Assembling The Base Portion Of The Tent And I Was Missing A 3-Way Connector, I Received Too Many Of The Other Connector, and I Also Had Missing Poles. It’s A Great Tent, It’s Hard To Assemble Without Instructions and Missing Pieces.

UPDATE: I Spoke With The Seller Of This Item And Everything Got Handled. I Received The Instructions and Now I’m Currently Waiting On My Missing Piece To Arrive. The Seller Was Very Understanding, Professional, And Extremely Helpful

Nastassia Miller

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3. Kahootz Spirograph Design Set

Kahootz spirograph design set

Kids end up spending more time with this design kit with creative dazzling artwork, interlocking wheels, and gears. It includes stars, hearts, and teardrops that are classic and inspire artistic skills and creativity in the 8-year-olds, with the combinations of colors and shapes.

Tap here for more such gifts!

Amazon Reviews

Like in days of old, long before cell phones and tablets, we loved trying new ideas and designs with our Spirograph. I’m pretty sure i had one when i was about 10, my kids had it when they were young and now our oldest grandson loves it too! As he learns to use it, I am certain he will get many hours of enjoyment from it!


This worked as it was supposed to and my son loved that we had different thickness markers and pens because there are soooo many patterns to be created with this set. It is versatile and a hit with the kids (and the adults had fun too).

Chrissy Hill

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4. Beginner Pack from Soprano Ukulele 21”

Soprano Ukulele 21” beginner pack

This kit helps the 8-year-old self teach ukulele, thanks to the full kit including digital tuner, a songbook, and 21” ukulele that combines solid wood for the neck, fine basswood for the body, and blackwood for the board and finger bridge. It is well featured with super-quality craftsmanship and a lightweight design that creates warm and pitch-perfect harmonies.

Amazon Reviews

I have purchased this product twice for kid gifts. You may think this is a bit too much blto spend on a child’s gift, but do you want to spend ten extra bucks for a great long lasting quality product or opt for the cheaper version that’s a piece of crap and you’ll need to return. This isn’t a gift you’ll give your kids, niece, nephew or grandkid and see it donated a few years later, it will grow with them. I can personally testify to this, just pony up and get the good one, this one, seriously, you won’t regret it.

Meridith N.

The rainbow color strings were so helpful. Able to teach self. Fun to bring out with friends and play for kids!

Danielle McWilliams

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5. SU.YOSD Karaoke Microphone

SU.YOSD karaoke microphone

This karaoke microphone is the best gift for an 8-year-old girl that is a good combination of simplicity, quality construction, and elegance delivering a good experience. It includes a wireless 10m distance and a 3.5mm audio jack, compatible with multiple non-Bluetooth devices, 3-in-1 multifunctional high-quality treble bass, and a karaoke cellphone compatible with both iPhone and Android.

The USB of the microphone supports music from micro SD and USB-Disk, with noise cancellation offering a high-quality singing experience, and a built-in 2200mAh battery with a backup of 8 to 10 hours on average.

6. Joyin toy 71” Keyboard Playmat Piano

Joyin toy 71” Keyboard playmat piano

This colorful dancing playmat comes with 8 different musical instruments, including violin, banjo, saxophone, guitar, clarinet, xylophone, and trumpet. An ideal toy to keep kids hooked, with high-quality and durable vinyl fabric.

7. Original Unicorn Slime Kit

Original unicorn slime kit

This kit includes everything the 8-year-old will need to make 100 different slimes across textures, scents, and colors. It comes with some pre-made slimes to be added to the slime with 4 unique slimes: cloud, foam, fishbowl, and jelly cube. The kit includes glue, borax, glitter, clay, pearls, inks, scents, stirring sticks, mixing containers, cutting tools, and a manual.

Amazon Reviews

My kids loved this set and actually preferred playing with this over any technology gifts. It’s a mess so we put parchment over the table and I cleared anything on the floor so that I could easily sweep everything up after. There is a recipe book that has several different types of slime they can make with the set. Eventually you will need to go to Walmart or the craft store to pick up a jumbo container of clear glue but this makes sense as it would cost a fortune in shipping to send a lager amount of clear glue. Everything else in the set has seemed to last longer than I thought. There are clear containers with lids as well so slime can be saved and put up. The only thing we didn’t like about this kit is that none of the fragrances worked when you mixed them into the slime.

Stephanie Leshner

My daughter is obsessed with those weird YouTube shows of adults opening and playing with toys and slime (I don’t even want to talk about how disappointed I am that she got hooked but quarantine will make you fold on some things I guess:) I purchased this kit as a surprise since she hasn’t been able to play with her friends and she liked pretending to do those YouTube shows. We had a blast filming our first slime episode 😆 This kit is great. Plenty of materials (I did purchase amazon brand of bulk white glue since we ran out kind of quickly with that part) but everything else has been a great amount. The container is sturdy and clicks closed. You have what you need besides so water. People complained about there being recipes with materials not included but it is stated in the description so just read before purchasing. It wasn’t difficult to grab a bottle of baby lotion to use for the butter foam as you only need a tiny bit. She has brought this out to share with neighbors and her cousin and after each of them bringing their own home and we have made about 8 small containers of different kinds ourself, we still have more to go! This was worth it for me. You may be able to purchase separately all of the materials in bulk but this conveniently came with everything it listed and I think nice quantities of each. I would buy this again and definitely as a gift.

Darleen Plute

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8. Garmin vívofit jr 2, Disney Princess Edition

Garmin vívofit jr 2, Disney princess edition

This activity-tracking band is a great way to keep the 8-year-olds engaged in fitness, chores, or homework. When the kid completes a fitness goal, it enables her to unlock an icon and games with the rewards controlled by the parents. They will love to compete with challenges and rewards with their favorite princesses.

Amazon Reviews

My two kids have this and play games with each other on the watch to see who takes the most steps or move their hands the fastest. I am sure the gaming will get old but it was fun watching them play. Only if the watch is cheaper….


Both my boys have this watch/step tracker – at 5 and 10 years old. They love tracking their steps for “step competitions” with Mom and Dad, and I really like the chore/rewards system. The ability to set multiple alarms have helped to remind the kids to get ready for school, unpack their lunchboxes after school, and get ready for bed. The watch band breaks easily at the holes so I ordered some stretchy replacement ones instead, which work well. The first one for my oldest died after a few years and it was worth buying a new one to replace it. I actually like the small form of this model better than the new one, so purchased this for my youngest.


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9. BEARUN 3D Coloring Puzzle Set

BEARUN 3D coloring puzzle set

This is an interactive kit with color sheets making five individual 3D models. The coloring puzzle set includes 12 dual-tip markers, a puzzle of the Eiffel tower, a butterfly, a dinosaur, a floatplane, and a peacock. Each puzzle has a deconstructed punch out sheet, and patterns to color before or after building the model.

Amazon Reviews

Got these for my nine year old great niece. She loved it. We enjoyed coloring them together!

Loretta C

This made a great gift. Kept my 9 year old and her friends busy for hours!

Stefanie Gambrell

For more product reviews visit Amazon

10. Mosaiz Faces Paint Crayons

Mosaiz face paint crayons

Does the 8-year-old girl like face painting? This face painting set comes with 12 face paints for kids to use, or applied by an adult. It includes 12 bright colors, 2 metallics – gold and silver, each crayon has a twistable plastic applicator avoiding a mess. The Paints are hypoallergenic, water-based, non-toxic, and washable, with thicker tips.

Amazon Reviews

I searched every color. The pigment is actually really good and if you want a darker color u just keep coloring in no need to wait for it to dry. I have pretty sensitive skin so I felt a little tingle for lack of better word LOL but I’m just extra and try to put attention to everything. It’s just the feeling of knowing somethings there. No negative reaction. There’s a scar on my hand but it’s not from this LOL I did swatch the silver but it’s more like a glitter. One pic is with flash one without. Def follow instructions on back of box and youll be good. Hope this helps.also washed off with just water like effortlessly but of course use soap to be sure you remove everything.


Overall it’s a great product, but all the colors don’t show well on a darker skin.

Linda LW

For more product reviews visit Amazon

11. Artie 3000

Artie 3000 - Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl

This is everyone’s favorite that offers a good balance between play and coding. By using Artie 3000, the kids will be able to create a design and also translate it into “drag and drop” code. This might be a tad bit difficult to play with her younger siblings.

Amazon Reviews

This is a great beginner programming robot! My son is 10 and set it up in his own and is spending a lot of time playing with it. Great price and value for what he’s learned from it AND the hours of focus and enjoyment!

Sonia Flavia

My son got Artie for his 9th birthday, and sometimes it’s hard for me to get him to put Artie away! There are several different coding platforms to control Artie, and my son is really loving the challenge of figuring each one out. He has absolutely no prior coding experience. There have been a few times that Artie doesn’t draw what he was supposed to, but after recalibrating, he usually gets pretty close. I just read a few reviews that said putting in new batteries would help that issue, but we haven’t tried that yet. We’ve had the same batteries in Artie since the end of Sept, so maybe changing them wouldn’t be a bad thing to try! Ha! I will say that I bought Artie for a steal! I found a warehouse deal for $15. So, some of the minor drawing issues don’t bother me much, and my son doesn’t seem to care either.


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12. Leonard

Leonard - The Rainbow Mane Lion - Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl

Leonard is a soft toy that is super satisfying to squeeze. It’s popular, huggable and is also available in a variety of options.

Amazon Reviews

I ordered this for myself as a stress reliever. I was surprised how soft he is and how big. Well-made and worth the price I paid for him. Now I want more of these LOL. Will defiantly buy a few of the others.

Sandra Weierman

I bought this for my 10 year old granddaughter for Christmas and she loves it. The description states it’s 12″ but looks bigger than expected. It’s so soft, too! Very giftable and kids will love it.

Melanie L. Waidler

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13. GO Glam Nail Stamper

GO Glam Nail Stamper - Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl

An awarded gift pick, Go Glam Nail Stamper is water-based and is a specially formulated nail polisher with design stamps. These are best for night stays, easy glam-up, and quick at-home manicure sessions!

Amazon Reviews

Huge hit with our 7yr old. Very easy to use. You get 2 bottles of colored nail polish but they’re pretty small. Though only one coat of polish is required. The stamps sometimes stick and it messes up the film which can be adjusted with a pencil. Apparently our daughter had seen a youtube video of this before bc she knew exactly how to fix it when it first happened. Not sure if the sticking is user error or just something that will happen no matter what.
The polish/stamps seem to last a decent amount of time under “normal” life activities. Our 10yr old tried them and then had swim practice later that night (2 hours long) and they came completely off by the end of practice so there is that.
They do look really cute and are easy to use so would recommend.

Cec fam

I was very skeptical about this kit. The trick to it is that the polish is tacky. Follow the directions and let polish sit for the suggested 5 minutes and it will work like a charm. My 8-year-old daughter loves it.

Shavon L. Marsh

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14. Rainbow Pop Fidget Toys

Rainbow Pop Fidget Toys - Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl

Kids like idly popping plastic bubbles on pop fidget toys. These rainbow pop fidget toys are great as stocking stuffers and make a great pick for gifts. 

Amazon Reviews

Love these fidget toys. We took these on a long road trip and used them to keep track of how many things we saw on the way. For example how many items that start with the letter A can you find (pop a bubble after you call the item out). First one to pop them all won. It was great entertainment and we all enjoyed using them as a tally. My 4 year old played with them for over an hour. Seem to be made well, and at a great price.

S kaufman

I bought these to give to my grandchildren. I gave both of them one and keep the others in my car. I use them at stoplights or when I’m waiting in my car. My grandkids also use them when they are riding with grammaw.

Cynthia M Bond

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15. Putty Thinking Puzzle

Putty Thinking Puzzle - Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl

This is a popular STEM toy that enhances the kid’s mental skills. In order to play, the little one will have to place the puzzle in place to match up with the challenge card and stretch to connect without crossing paths.

16. Arts and Crafts Library

Arts and Crafts Library - Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl

This is a safe gift pick that comes with about 1,000+ pieces which include pipe cleaners, craft sticks, pom poms, felt, beads, googly eyes, jewels, and string. This library can also be the best Christmas gift for kids of all ages!

Amazon Reviews

I bought this for my grand daughter who likes this type of item. No negative feedback from her so far. Very nice kit for children. Recommend.


My grand daughters loved this gift. The oldest if very organized and the fact that this box held a lot of “stuff” and was organized was a plus. I think this box still lives in her room.


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17. Decoupage Made Easy Unicorn

Decoupage Made Easy Unicorn - Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl

With this kit, the 8-year-old can create a patchwork unicorn, all thanks to the pre-cut stickers, making it super easy to apply with glue. It includes a paper mâché unicorn, glitter decoupage glue, four sheets of stickers, and eye stickers.

Amazon Reviews

Purchased as a gift for my 7-year old granddaughter. We did it together at the beach house. She really enjoyed the project and plans on using it to decorate her “unicorn” bedroom. Recommend for a fun, easy project with good results.


Kids found these easy to use. Plenty of stickers with many spares. Kids loved them. So, a great distraction for our preschoolers. The unicorns are fairly fragile and will not take a beating, but that’s honestly not much of an issue.

Alastair G. Stell

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18. LetsGlow Studio

LetsGlow Studio - Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl

These reflective stickers and accessories are the perfect addition to the kid’s digital craft club and provide cool effects to any photo or even video. Best of all, there is no need to plug or use any app to control but only the LED that clips onto any device.

Amazon Reviews

We used this with my nieces and nephews who were blown away by the light up effect of their videos and photos. I’ve bought them crafting kits on amazon before but none of them were this cool. The LED clip is super bright and easily attached to the kids’ smartphones, and thankfully no app was needed. They made all kinds of accessories from the material in the kit like hair and stickers, they were at it for hours going back and forth between taking videos and crafting new accessories. love this kit and will definitely be getting another one for my husbands niece on her bday!

Hailey Rowan

I purchased Sky Castle’s LetsGlow Studio as a gift for my nieces (ages 13 and 16), both of whom are obsessed with TikTok. Once they got the hang of using the stencils and stickers, they LOVED it. The neon shapes and hair have become a fixture of their videos, and some of the stuff they’ve been able to do with glow in the dark dance moves is pretty cool. Since my nieces are very happy with it and I’ve even gotten bonus points for being a cool uncle, I’m am definitely satisfied with this product.

Miles Pengilly

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19. Ooze Labs: Soap & Bath Bomb

Ooze Labs - Soap & Bath Bomb - Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl

With this kit, the kid can pretend to be a laboratory for a bath and body company. With these, they can test different cosmetic products too. It includes a lab station, 10 soapy and bubbly experiments, and is great to get hands-on STEM learning.

Amazon Reviews

It has a lot to do, not only making soap and bath bombs but also just science experiments. I think ages 6 and up is appropriate. The only thing I would change is the colors be a little more gender neutral but it’s still fun!

Brandy Alexander

My six year old loved this. It turned her gift into an experience that her sisters could participate and spend time with her doing.

Sarah Bradshaw

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20. Cake Pop Maker

Cake Pop Maker - Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl

With this cake pop marker, now give your little girl an ideal outlet to enhance her baking enthusiasm, that too without an oven. With this kit, the little one can make about 12 cake pops – all in just 5 minutes.

Amazon Reviews

Keep in mind that this does make mini cake pops. They are much smaller than the orange nostalgia maker (hole is about 2″) but a tad bigger than the Aoruru (hole is 1.4″). I was going to return it, but the size is perfect for toddlers if you don’t want them to have a full size cake pop. Though they’re mini, they are still enjoyable. The clean up is easy as you just need a damp rag to wipe it down.

Brie M.

Bought it for my 6 yo grandson. It was the hit of Christmas. He was jumping up & down because now he could bake!

Kate L

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21. Blinger Ultimate Set

Blinger Ultimate Set - Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl

This ultimate kit lets your kid add jewels to their hair in just a few seconds- also works on thin shirts. Blinger comes in a set with tools and 225 gems.

Amazon Reviews

Used for my daughters first day of school for an extra pop to add to her hair. She told me lots of kids, teachers, and yard duties loved her hair. The gems stayed all day and came with a variety. Simple, cute, not damaging to hair!


I saw this on tik tok actually and I knew I just had to buy it to make my hairstyle pop out more. It was easy to use! It comes with different shapes and colors and sizes for the gems. It stayed on for the whole concert ! Must buy for any occasion!


For more product reviews visit Amazon

22. VIDEO Candy Castle Stage

VIDEO Candy Castle Stage - Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl

This is the best gift for an 8-year-old girl that combines both, the real and digital worlds. With this, they can create their own videos with their favorite music and also add effects like costumes, speeding and slowing down, and/or speeding up. Adding on, this includes 2 mini-figures, 2 special BeatBits, and 14 random BeatBits.

Amazon Reviews

I got this as a bday present for my 8 year old and she loves it! I set her up on an old phone I had kicking around and she’s able to record her music videos by herself with no issues. The Lego set itself is super cute too and both characters are really fun 🙂

– Matt

Had enjoyable time building with my Daughter that has gotten very much into these Lego ViDIYo figures and sets.
My only negative is NOT for the seller or Amazon, is that the ViDIYo app is not compatible with any of currently owned devices.

– falcon2dragon

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23. DIY Wood Cross-Stitch Jewelry

DIY Wood Cross-Stitch Jewelry - Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl

This is a creative kit that helps the kid learn multiple kinds of stitches. It comes with enough supplies to make about 12 pendants.

Amazon Reviews

She loves it and it’s a fun gift to keep a young child active and not glued to the screen. She loves making crafts for her cousins and family!


Great for the 10 YO

L. Zsolnay

For more product reviews visit Amazon

24. MasterChef Family Cooking Game

MasterChef Family Cooking Game - Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl

Through this game, the little ones will be able to do actual cooking with safety taken care of. Using real ingredients, this game offers challenges and comes with two child-safe knives. Have new mom in your friend circle? Get her the best Christmas gifts from this list!

Amazon Reviews

The child is very happy. A great gift option for a child who loves to cook!
Now we play this game once a week


The whole family is enjoying this game. We take one set of recipes, which turn out great by the way, and team up doing all the skills and challenges. It was a gift for my ten year old granddaughter who loves to cook. However we’re all learning and having fun. Best part is eating the delicious and different meals.


For more product reviews visit Amazon

25. LEGO Friends Olivia’s Cupcake Café

LEGO Friends Olivia’s Cupcake Café - Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl

These come with 335 pieces to help build the coolest cupcake cafe ever. Featuring 2 mini-dolls, a Zobo robot figure, a rotating cupcake server, a play kitchen, a cupcake-dispensing machine, and a removable table and chair, this could be a useful purchase for your 8-year-old.

Amazon Reviews

Directions are easy for a 6 year old to follow. Yes there are 335 pieces so it did take time and comes in 3 bags.
Once we had bag 1 assemble niece lost interest in the assemble part as she could play with the patio furniture and the 2 people. Bag 2 is the Ice Cream truck which kept her busy while I finished the Ice Cream Parlor since pushing parts together became tiring.
I probably won’t buy a kit with over 200 piece until she is older.

Karen Morrissette

This was a great introduction to Lego for a 7-year-old’s birthday. She was able to follow the instructions with just a bit of help, and she loves the set. There is plenty of room for pretend play with two characters and activities for them to do with the cafe setup including a baking area, store, and eating areas. It even includes a gear mechanism for some extra STEM extension, if she ever takes apart the cupcake store (unlikely, given how much she loves it, but maybe in a couple of years she’ll get tired of it?!) then she can experiment with other uses for the gear. And… a serving robot? What a cool unexpected touch!

I have to admit I was skeptical about the whole concept of “girl lego,” I’m a gender-neutral purist, but you really can’t argue with kids having a great time.


For more product reviews visit Amazon

26. 13 Dead End Drive

13 Dead End Drive - Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl

This game is themed around Aunt Agatha who dies and there are various friends, family members, pets, and employees who are waiting to see who inherits her vast fortune. For which, the players will have to be wary as the mansion is filled with traps that could bring an ultimate end with the inheritance passing to someone else

Amazon Reviews

This is the funniest family game we own. The hardest part is the initial set up but it wasn’t that hard. I bought the old version of this game but this version is way better. The pieces are sturdy and easier to connect. It’s super simple game. It’s like clue and mouse trap all in one. My daughter is 8 years old and she’s the best player at this game. I suggest to watch a How To Play on YouTube. That way reading the manual is faster. We also put on Noir Detective music on for ambience.


We bought this as a family gift for Christmas, and our 3 girls (7,9 and 11) LOVE it. We try to have family game time one day a week, and this is always the first game they ask for now. It does require some assembly, so I suggest that you take the time to put it together before you gather all the kids to play.

Nicole Washington-Pare

For more product reviews visit Amazon

27. Pictionary Air

Pictionary Air - Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl

We have all played Pictionary, but this is an interesting update and updated game that you can play too. Leaving the pencil and paper behind, here the players use their pen and an app to draw in the space around them. Once done, the illustrator can view the drawings on the device to guess. 

28. Deluxe Fashion Closet

Deluxe Fashion Closet - Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl

This fashion closet comes with enough pieces to make 400 looks. But, these need to also be sorted on little hangers and kept on different shelves, that is honestly half the fun.

Amazon Reviews

I purchased this product for neighbors and friends for Christmas, and I also bought one for our large family get together’s. It is a simple and easy game to play, even the little humans in our family found it to be fun! We have a pretty large family, and it’s going to be a game my Family will play anytime we are together!
WE LOVE IT! And it is worth the price!
Our memories will last a lifetime. I hope you enjoy it at much as our family does!


My family loved this game. No one had to be Pablo Picasso to play and enjoy themselves.

Steven Payne

For more product reviews visit Amazon

29. Dog Crimes

Dog Crimes - Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl

Sequel to Cat Crimes, this game turns the owner into a detective. Here, each card offers a list of clues to which canine committed a crime and they need to put them together to deduce the culprit. The set comes with 40 challenge cards where the kid can choose to play alone or in a team.

Amazon Reviews

My son, his grandma, and I love to play this cute little game. It’s simple to understand and quick to play. Each round takes less than 15 minutes, so starting a game isn’t a big time commitment. The characters are cute and the storylines are entertaining. Great overall game!

Sonja N.

I didn’t realize that this was a single player game. I mostly bought it because the cats looked adorable LOL! But, I have really been enjoying this strategy game. It is actually harder than. It seems, it took me 3 nights to get through all the beginner cards. I like how the cats sit at a slight angle when placed correctly. I also love that this game has spots for all the pieces, so if it gets turned upside down everything doesn’t get messed. The drawings are adorable and the pieces are all made from high quality card board. Be careful if you have hard wood floors that it is easy to lose pieces of the stands for the cats for several days in plain sight. Great game or gift for cat lovers!


For more product reviews visit Amazon

30. Fashion Light-Up Sketch Pad

Fashion Light-Up Sketch Pad - Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl

The fashion light-up pad comes in a very thin and light-up tablet that allows the kids to see their designs. It features vinyl sheets, different fashion stencils, and 350 pieces of inspiration.

Amazon Reviews

Grandaughter Loved it for xmas gift, she spent hours designing and her skill level is low but this helps her learn while having fun


10 year old daughter loved this! It works well and has tons of templates to draw with


For more product reviews visit Amazon

A Final Word on The Best Gift for 8-year-old Girls

8-year-old girls might experience a lot of emotions as they hinder their preteens from facing mental, and physical changes. Along with the process, they develop certain unique personalities and interests that need to be taken into consideration while choosing the best toy for them. Therefore, the list above accumulates toys that guarantee good development of skills.

Here are some of the best gifts for 16-year-old girls!

Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl - FAQs:

1. What is an 8-year-old like ?

A kid at 8 years of age is generally in their third grade. They tend or are said to develop major skills like; language, improve their attention span, reading, etcetera. They are growing kids with growing individual personalities, however, they will still need your guidance.

2. Why are 8-year-olds considered ‘tweens’?

The word ‘tween’ means a child between childhood and adolescence. Therefore, children from age 9-12 are considered as tweens, until they reach ‘teens’ (teenage).

3. Are skates good for 8-year-olds ?

Yes, they are! Skates are great for kids of 8 years, and it encourages them to play outside, helping them in their transition. However, before you buy one, make sure it falls in the interest of the kid in question.

On behalf of the editorial team at Parenthoodbliss, we follow strict reporting guidelines and only use credible sources, along with peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and highly respected health organizations. To learn about how we maintain content accurate and up-to-date by reading our medical review and editorial policy.

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