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Baby Registry Tips

If you are a to-be mom/dad and are looking for the best baby registries, we’ve got you a whole lot. At Parenthoodbliss, we have made sure to pick the best baby registries with tips in the article below, all just for you!

Tips And Guide When Choosing A Baby Registry

  • Know that when expecting a baby—whether you’re pregnant, have a surrogate, or adopt – you deserve a baby registry. 
  • It’s just a myth to arrange a baby shower just to collect and tick your baby registry. They are in fact an occasion to get in touch with your loved ones and celebrate the coming of your baby
  • When you’re choosing baby products to add to your baby registry, make sure to add the basic needs first – Car seats, diapers, strollers, bassinets, etc
  • When selecting, avoid overlooking the small things, these often are the heroes when raising a baby  
  • Do not limit yourself by just registering for the baby. You might need those maternity pants, and take them from us, they will shrink!
  • Make sure to start registering only when you have made up your mind. Or else, you’ll just end up with a whole lot of things that you wouldn’t need any more
  • Try and get inputs from your parents, family, loved ones, friends, etc. They will definitely help you make the right pick. Needless to say, Parenthoodbliss is always here, anytime!


1. How many items should I keep on a baby registry?

As per studies and observations, it’s recommended to have an average of 121 items on your registry. Having said that, try not to overdo or get stuck with the number, and register what feels right to you. If it helps any better, you can always go back and add or delete items as you go along in your trimester days/months.

2. Is it possible to have more than one baby registry?

To answer the question, yes! However, it’s best to stick to only one baby registry. The reason being, having too many or multiple registries is just so much work as compared to one baby registry. Not just for you, it might just get a little difficult for your family and friends as well, which might lead to multiples of the same item.

3. When should I start a baby registry?

Technically speaking, it’s best to start registering for your baby… who are we kidding! It’s your registry, register whenever you feel like it! Nevertheless, it is best to start at around 12 weeks, it might seem easy but building the list in itself is a task, and trust us, it always takes longer than you think.

4. What not to add to a baby registry?

Here is a list of items that you must avoid adding to your baby registry:
  • Bottle Sterilizer
  • Bottle Warmer
  • Formula
  • Bibs
  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • Baby food maker
  • Wipe warmer
  • Crib bumpers
  • Crib Set

  • 5. How long does a baby registry last?

    A baby registry stays active on our website and in the stores for about 12 months. This is after your baby's expected arrival date. Nevertheless, it’s best to check for the lasting period on the website you choose to register.
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