11 Weeks Pregnant -Symptoms, Baby Development, and Tips!

11 weeks pregnant

A baby, in their 11th week after implantation, begins to develop fingers and toes, while the mother, on the other hand, experiences some morning sickness.
The baby, this week, will measure 1.6 inches and weigh .25 ounces. To put things in perspective, this would be about the size of a LEGO man. Isn’t this exciting!

So what else is happening to the baby in the 11th week of pregnancy?

1. Hair growth

The hair follicles of the baby begin to form on the head and body of the baby.

2. Fingers and toes

They aren’t webbed anymore. The fingers and toes have now been separated as well as their little fists ready to open and close.

3. Tooth buds

They have started getting tooth buds under the gums irrespective of the first tooth appearing not until four to seven months post-birth.

What is happening to a mother’s body in the 11th week of Pregnancy?

In the 11th week of pregnancy, the mother faces symptoms that are therefore going stronger as the time passes by and she grows closer to the second trimester.

Here’s what is happening to a mother’s body in the 11th week of pregnancy:

1. Morning sickness

Your pregnancy hormones are its peak resulting in you feeling nauseous. Always remember, they will pass in a matter of a few weeks.

2. Fatigue

Do you still feel exhausted? Don’t worry, the energy level will likely return to normal in a few weeks. Get as much rest as you can, and sit tight.

3. Frequent urination

The increase in hormones increases the blow flow resulting in frequent urination.

4. Stuffy nose

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5. Make appointment

This is not a symptom but a necessity for a mother in the 12th week. Make an appointment with the doctor quite often and visit them to get a check-up done on the baby through the ultrasound regarding their heartbeat, and to know how close you are to the due date.

What would your belly look like in the 11th week of pregnancy?

11 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

The stomach usually starts to show by weeks 12 and 16 for a first-time pregnancy. This is as the uterus starts to grow up, and the pelvis starts to accommodate the growing baby. On the other hand, if you’ve been pregnant before, there are chances it is showing already as the body has stretched before too.

For some brownie points, here is a quick checklist to get your sailing through the 11th week of pregnancy:

  • Attend prenatal yoga and fit your schedule. If not, try watching a video and exercise.
  • Read books on pregnancy. These help you get answers to questions to have always had and helped you de-stress as well as demystify both childbirth and breastfeeding.
  • Take ample amounts of rest when your energy gets low.
  • Go for a prenatal massage.

To Conclude:

The little things make a lot of difference as the first few months of pregnancy wear you out. Here are a few tips that will help make you feel better bringing balance to your life.

  • Make plans for yourself: With the first trimester, you’ve nearly made it, and all the unpleasant symptoms are likely to get better. As you now have some time in hand, celebrate it before things get uncomfortable again. Plan fun activities like a weekend at the beach? Or get a prenatal massage. Make the most, and take care of yourself.
  • Be prepared for a stuffy nose: It is common during pregnancy and takes longer to haul, try to Breathe Right nasal strips.
  • Exercise: With the improvement in morning sickness your energy kicks back, why not try exercising? Prenatal yoga is helpful as it is specifically designed to be safe for expectant moms. Exercising can help with stress, to get better sleep, carpal tunnel, and back pain.
  • Recipes: Try new recipes as the coming week might bring relief. It’s time to spice up your life with ginger, also used to treat tummy troubles.

FAQs : : 11 Weeks Pregnant - What To Expect? Symptoms, Baby Development, and Tips!

1. What should I expect at 11 weeks pregnant ?

With the 11-weeks of pregnancy, you will experience an increase in the appetite with or without food cravings or aversions. You might also feel nauseous, bloating, gas, constipation, and fatigue although you will feel more energy kick in.

2. Do we have a baby bump at 11 weeks pregnant ?

Yes! You will have a baby bump although bloating may also play a role. With second pregnancies the baby bump processes more.

3. What does the stomach feel at 11 weeks pregnant ?

It starts to develop a full baby bump along with gas and bloating. However, there are chances the bump wouldn’t show at 11 weeks if it is your first pregnancy.
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