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Top 39 Best Gifts For 7-Year-Old Girls – The 2024 List!

Table of Contents

30 Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl In 2022

Table of Contents

With the various options available in the market, it becomes quite difficult for parents to choose the best gifts for 7 years old girls. With their growing interest in fashion, knowledge, and entertainment, we need toys that enhance their creativity and drive their playtime as well as something that helps them take a thing or two back, impacting their knowledge.

Best Gifts For 7 Years Old Girls

To help parents, here is a list of the 37 best gifts for 7 years old girls to choose from:

1. Your Décor - Horizon Group - Popular Gifts For 7-Year-Old Girls

Your Décor - Horizon Group

This cool water bottle is quite fun to hang around with and keeps the little 7-year-olds hydrated throughout the day. It is safe for both indoor and outdoor use, made BPA-free, and embraces the creativity of the girls. They are free to personalize their water bottles with things it comes with the bottle, to help personalize.

Amazon Reviews

Fun to personalize

Cindy Foronda

This was a present for my nieces birthday, and she loves it. Especially for the price I love it too!


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2. Mini Light-Up Terrarium Kit - Toys For 7-Year-Old Girls

Mini Light-up terrarium kit

This mini garden enables the 7-year-old girls to see-through the kit even at night with the help of the built-in LED light that is charged via USB. It includes everything needed by the kid to grow their mini garden, like, sand, earth, decorations, wheatgrass, and chia seeds. It could also be used as a decorative piece in your child’s room.

Amazon Reviews

A parent should help the child put it together. The child is generally capable of doing it, but may be too young to read the small print of the directions. My daughter did it with my six-year-old grandson. He was very responsible about watering it and not overwatering it. He was tickled pink when the grass began to grow! I wish the seeds had been a more interesting plant than backyard grass. The grass grew and then died and Charlie lost interest. We never re-seeded the terrarium.


I bought this for my grandson for his 7th birthday. He’s very excited about it. He has it put together and is watching it grow.


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3. Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box - Toys For 7-Year-Old Girls

Ballerina musical jewelry box

Amongst the numerous options available in the market, this ballerina musical jewelry box stands out, recommended for little girls. It has multiple drawers for storage with friendly colors and plays the music from swan lake for the ballerina figure. It includes a mirror too.

Amazon Reviews

My 14yr old got this for his 9 yr old sis for Christmas, after knowing how sad she was when their toddler sis broke the ballerina off of a previous one 😉 I think this one is cuter, and more functional for a girl with earrings & rings. The drawers are tiny but plentiful for a young girl. This wouldn’t be something for a girl with lots of big play jewelry. I’d definitely buy it again!

Curious George

Bought for my niece for Christmas. She absolutely loves it! The music box feature with the dancing ballerina is such a cute vintage touch. I will advise that it doesn’t have a TON of space but she is only 6 and doesn’t have a lot of jewelry just yet. I will probably buy an upright jewelry case for necklaces to match this one later.


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4. Blue Orange - Go Gelato Logic Race Game - Best Gift For 7 Year Old Girl

Blue orange - Go gelato logic race game

This game is innovative, as it mixes and matches the customer’s orders for their gelato. To win the game, the player must set the right gelato scoops from the pack of 12 with 16 cones. It helps build the visual perception, focus, and speed of the 7-year-old, improving their problem-solving skills.

Amazon Reviews

I really like this game. My son was 4 when we first purchased it, and he still enjoys it a year later.
First of all, ice cream is a fun theme for kids, so they will be enticed to play by just the theme.
The ice cream balls are not like hard ping pong balls, but rather a soft silicone, so they are durable and easier to handle.
This game is great for dexterity building, as you cannot pick the ice cream up with your hands, and instead have to use the cones, even if it falls off.
The game also helps to build logic and planning, as your little one will need to sometimes move ice cream to the “wrong” cone in order to get it into the correct place at the end.
Starting out we liked to play this game without competition and instead as a team, where my son helped us figure out how to find the solution with our ice cream (sometimes by demonstrating with his) and we asked him questions to help him discover a solution as well. So it can be a competitive game, but it can also be a problem-solving and team-building exercise with the child (or children) mirroring, or even giving direction through their own examples.


My son has manual grip strength issues. I love that this game is so fun that all 3 kids play with it, and it’s also helping my son at the same time.

Donya G Jahnke

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5. Detective Camp - Toys For 7-Year-Old Girls

Detective Camp

The A to Z mysteries super edition book comes is a great detective game, with impressive illustrations that hold various clues spread through the book. The illustrations are from Stephen Gilpin, specifically made for kids with an immersive detective role, improving their communication and problem-solving skills.

Amazon Reviews

My kid loves these books and author! She has read them over and over again in past few months!! Definitely recommend it for kids who love mystery stories


My son is 9 and we love reading these books together. The story was very engaging for someone his age and he really enjoyed looking for the hidden letters to decode the secret message.

Kim T

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6. Princess Castle Tent - Pockos - Best Gift For 7 Year Old Girl

Princess castle tent - Pockos

This is the most practical toy, making dreams into a reality, and can be easily installed. The tent includes fiberglass supported rods, glow in the dark stars, and easy to clean as it is made with polyester fabric.

Amazon Reviews

Gift for 2 year old granddaughter. She and her sister are in the Disney Princess stage, they love it. Big enough to share along with lots of stuffed animals. Great place for quiet time!


My 3 year old granddaughter absolutely loves her Princess house. She wants to nap in it, drags it to every room, and makes everyone go in with her! It was a hit!

B. Ogle

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7. LolliBeads Charm Bracelets Kits - Toys For 7 Year Old Girl

LolliBeads charm bracelets kits

This kit encourages the 7-year-old girls to design bracelets through a fun activity as a part of their playing time. It comes with a binding wire, string, jump rings or rhinestone pave clay beads, improving the creativity of the kids.

Amazon Reviews

This is a nice set of kids jewelry making. Bought for a 6 year old. They do need some adult help, nice product.


I ordered this for my granddaughters ages 5, 9, and 11. The charms and leather straps are quite nice and when the jewelry is all put together, it makes some nice bracelets and necklaces. The 9 and 11 year old had no problems doing this on their own, but this was too difficult for the 5 year old. If you follow the directions that come in the box you can make up to 35 bracelets. The girls made 4 bracelets and one necklace each and we still have supplies left over for another time. This would make a nice gift.

Jules W.

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8. Educational Insights Royal Roundup - Best Gift For 7 Year Old Girl

Educational insights royal roundup

This is considered one of the simplest solutions to help the 7-year-olds get busy for hours. The kids can play this game with their friends to save the medieval castle under siege, with multiple treasures to be collected. This treasure hunt game needs at least 2 players, up to 4, improving the strategic thinking and communication of the kids.

Amazon Reviews

At first look I thought the game would be far too simple and not challenging enough. It went pretty fast, but as we got to the end, having to think of strategies to get the last treasure and try to win the game was pretty fun and I would definitely play it with my daughter again. My child, who is 8 years old, said she liked it a lot. She thought it was very fun, wants to play more and was thrilled to learn that she would be able to play on her own and still have a challenging good time. She also stated that she liked the pictures on the tokens and that the box was a really neat shape ! She enjoyed being able to choose a horse to move around the board as well. Overall, I think the game is fun, I would have liked something more challenging for my child personally, but can see how it will work well for younger children. #educationalinsights

P. Clouse

Royal Roundup is a fun game! It has simple, clear instructions which allowed play to begin without lengthy directions.
The game “grabbed” and held my four-year old’s interest and progressed quickly which reinforced his interest. He found the markers (horses) fun. The tokens were easily identified by my son and they had him strategizing how to get his favorite tokens almost immediately. I was impressed at how the game did exactly what it said it would which was to introduce him to simply strategy. It gave him the opportunity to utilize higher level thinking strategies by giving three “path” choices which would allow him to reach a desired token. The game also allows him to practice his counting and addition skills. I’m very pleased with the game and recommend it.


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9. Make It Up Nail Polish Kit - Toys For 7-Year-Old Girls

Make it Up Nail Polish Kit

This kit is no-mess, non-toxic, and safe for all girls, made with ingredients that are non-allergic. Once the 7-year-old applies it and blows, the nail polish dries faster as compared to the polishes otherwise. The set comes in five different colors for the girl to be on-point and fashionable on all occasions.

Amazon Reviews

She loved it! Very cute for beginner make up.

Kristen Hein

My seven year old daughter loves to use this makeup kit as part of dressing fancy for pretend parties. I can’t speak to the quality of the makeup (not being a wearer myself). It comes off easily, she can remove it herself with just a wet cloth.


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10. Alex DIY Sweetlings Sprinkle Shop - Best Gift For 7 Year Old Girl

Alex DIY sweetlings sprinkle shop

This sprinkle shop is creative and comes with different tools like whipped clay tubes, decorative shapes, decorative stickers, ice cream cones, and 2 cupcake bases. The 7-year-old can easily use the sprinkle shop by first assembling the workstation, allowing them to work freely on their sprinkles. It comes with all the necessary accessories, like, glasses, a tablet, and a purse with instructions.

Amazon Reviews

My great niece was so excited when she unwrapped this gift!

Amy Morgan

My 5 year old daughter and I LOVE to put these together! With winter seeming to never end, these have been very helpful this year to bust the winter blues!


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11. Light-up Tracing Pad - Toys For 7-Year-Old Girls

Light up Tracing Pad Best Gifts For 7 Years Old Girl Parenthoodbliss

This is best for little artists, is ultra-sleek, and comes in a pink pad with pictures to trace. Adding to this, it also has downloadable free templates that are easily accessible online. Light-up tracing pad features a graphite pencil, colored pencils, blank sheets that are best for shading, the coolest part yet – the pad lights up allowing more creativity to flow at all creative hours.

Amazon Reviews

It was a gift for my granddaughter and she really enjoys using it. You can print more images from the Crayola website that is mentioned on the box. Fun activity that keeps her busy and teaches how to draw.


My daughter loves coloring and drawing but gets disappointed when her drawings don’t look as good as she had hoped. I am terrible at drawing myself so I just printed pictures off on computer paper and this allows her to trace them.


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12. KidiZoom Creator Cam - Best Gift For 7 Year Old Girl

KidiZoom Creator Cam - Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl

Does your little girl love videos and plan on becoming a YouTube star? Well, we’ve got just the right thing for you – KidiZoom Creator Cam! This HD video camera allows the little star to shoot, edit, as well as, produce her own videos with utmost ease. It also comes with a green screen and the best quality animated backgrounds to use in her production.

Amazon Reviews

I got this product for my little sister’s 10th birthday. She loved taking pictures and creating skits with her laptop camera and so I thought she needed an upgrade!

NOTE: if you want to buy a micro SD card for this (highly recommended), the max size you can get is 32 GB. I made the mistake of getting a larger sized one and at first it seemed like it worked but after taking some videos we started getting file errors.

Brielle Purnell

Bought this for my 6 year old granddaughter. Her father often travels for his work and I thought it would be neat for her to be able to take picture when he is home and everyone is together. She has been creating her own memories and saving them. She loves it.

Samuel Gill

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13. Lil’ Gleemerz - Toys For 7-Year-Old Girls

Lil’ Gleemerz - Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl

While most other options in the market space are rather expensive, this Interactive toy comes in for less than $40. Lil’ Gleemer features little critter lights, makes quirky sounds, and has about 100+ reactions to discover.

Amazon Reviews

I loved this toy so much that I gifted one to a friend. Mom gets a kick out of it and her 2yr old this its hilarious when it farts

Suzanna Brasil

My five year old saw these on TV and wanted it. I got one each for my girls for Christmas and they like them, especially the silly sounds they make


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14. Artie 3000 - Best Gift For 7 Year Old Girl

Artie 3000 - Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl

Irrespective of her being a beginner or an expert looking for advanced coding challenges, this is the best gift you can get her. As soon as the 7-year-old girl puts the code, she will be capable of using the remote control and tell Artie to draw the creation from the code provided. It comes with secure Wi-Fi too!

Amazon Reviews

This is a great beginner programming robot! My son is 10 and set it up in his own and is spending a lot of time playing with it. Great price and value for what he’s learned from it AND the hours of focus and enjoyment!

Sonia Flavia

Like most electronic products- Artie needed an UPDATE- I went to the Educational Insights website- downloaded the up-date- installed it and Artie works AWESOME !

NOTE – It requires a DATA micro USB cord– charging and DATA cords look alike- and also like a lot of electronic companies who know we have too many cords already- they did not include the cord- we all have one of these- you just have to test them…if your device “sees” Artie you have the right cord…if not try a different cord 🙂

If you know you are using a DATA cord and that does not work, then your computer needs new Drivers- (so your computer can “see” Artie) I was unsure, so I contacted Educational Insights Customer Service – They sent me a link to the Drivers – I did the Update and Artie works GREAT !! Customer Service was AWESOME and very Helpful.


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15. Creatto Light-Up Kit - Toys For 7-Year-Old Girls

Creatto Light-Up Kit - Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl

This is a creative kit that helps the kid to develop their fine motor and creative skills and build a 3D light-up creation. Each tile is made using plastic and is interlocked with perfection, the kit comes with instructions too that would for sure help you create different projects.

Amazon Reviews

Reading the other reviews, I think what throws some people off in terms of the instructions is that they are expecting something that uses more standard “lego/building block” techniques, but these kits use sturdy plastics pieces and joiners that use a combination of weaving and origami techniques. So for example, pre-creasing all the square pieces before joining them together will make the assembly a lot easier.

I wouldn’t gift this to kids under 10 and maybe not under 12 because the pieces are quite hard to manipulate and takes both strength and dexterity to assemble (especially weaving in the joiners in some tight places).

These kits take more patience than the packaging and presentation would suggest. It’s oddly marketed as a kid’s toy but most kids would not enjoy the assembly. The elephant took me about an hour to assemble. The end product is surprisingly sturdy and attractive, especially once lit up.

N. Yee

This set is SUPER DOPE. Better if adult helps with child, great bonding activity. I recommend having a chunk of uninterrupted time putting it together. ALSO, I used USB power plug fairy lights instead of the battery ones that come with the set, the outcome will be better. The reason is I hate changing out batteries if I don’t have to. Try to find lights with a power plug or USB cable. You’ll need around 50 LED lights. If you have a wifi lights hub or Alexa hub it’s compatable. So long story short. The animal you put together will look awesome in your child’s room and glow bright forever. Happy crafting!

Thank you Creatto, you guys are bomb!

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16. Amazing Science - Best Gift For 7 Year Old Girl

Amazing Science - Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl

This comes with 83 hands-on experiments that are led by the scientists – all with things at home. If your kid asks why the mirrors get foggy or what makes the sneakers sweat, with this kit, they’ll have it all answered!

Amazon Reviews

kids like it

My grandson loves science so I snagged this for his 8th birthday. He loves it and loves doing the various experiments. I’m not sure if parental guidance is needed but for him that’s not a problem. It’s great for encouraging kids to learn. Highly recommend.
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17. Sew Kit - Best Gift For 7 Year Old Girl

Sew Kit - Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl

Not only during the COVID-19 times, but sewing has been an all-time favorite for quite some time. By using this sewing kit, your 7-year-old girl will be able to learn a running stitch, whip stitch, blanket stitch, and ways to decorate using embroidery.

Amazon Reviews

Got as a Christmas gift and my granddaughter was very excited
Has a few items to make. Nice starter set. I did just get a thimble and pincushion that
was not included.

This was a gift for my 9 year old granddaughter for Christmas. She chose to do one of the projects right away and was proud of her accomplishment. A great way to spur on a lifetime of seeing and crafting.

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18. Deluxe Character Kit - Toys For 7-Year-Old Girls

Deluxe Character Kit - Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl

This is a unique kit that comes with dolls with no assigned story, gender, or name, allowing the kids to create them all using their imagination. The kit includes a doll, hairstyle options, clothes, and accessories.

Amazon Reviews

The style of the clothes are better than Barbie clothes. It’s the details that I am most impressed with. The sneakers have blue detail around the lower part of the shoe, the jacket has working belt loops to hold the belt in place, the tiny boots have little silver circles around the shoelaces coming up from the boot, the button up shirt has tiny fake metal snaps, the pants are made so that the doll can put their hands in the pockets.

The Amazon listing shows a bag with a lion head on it, that is not included in the set (not shown on the package either) that I received.

All the clothes fit the mtm petite barbie, and some of the clothes fit the other mtm body types as well.

The haircut on both the doll and the wig could be better. But I was so impressed with what I received for $15 it still earned 5 stars

We are a household that’s obsessed with Creatable World. We bought one for our 10yr old on a whim and a year later we have them all plus doubles of two and an extra outfit pack. My 10yr old never played with Barbie’s, always Lego’s but she’s now I’m love with these dolls because of their “style”. I appreciate that their bodies aren’t that of a kardashian. Once you play with an articulated doll it’s hard to go back to a regular stiff armed barbie. My three year old is strict on the fashion choices we are allowed to use when playing with her – she prefers them to be used as boys. 10 yr old mixes and matches genders depending on her play. She mainly dresses and poses them for “fashion shoots”. I really wish they would make more. Those who are in fear of the alternating gender aspect of this doll, I hope you find peace & happiness in your life.

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19. Rainbow Art Case - Best Gift For 7 Year Old Girl

Rainbow Art Case - Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl

Especially for your budding artist, this rainbow-inspired art case keeps all coloring paper and utensils neatly organized. It includes 64 crayons, 20 colored pencils, 40 washable markers, and 15 large paper sheets

Amazon Reviews

Just love this! Thank you for a wonderful Amazon purchase!

We gave this art case to our 6 year old as a gift. She loves drawing and coloring, so this was the BEST gift for her. She enjoys taking out the art set using all of the art supplies then closing up the case. It’s pretty child friendly. The case has a spot to return each coloring tool (crayon, marker, etc) back in its place neatly. Also, the case makes this very giftable!

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20. Kanoodle - Best Gift For 7 Year Old Girl

Kanoodle - Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl

This comes with 12 puzzle pieces, a puzzle book, 200 logical puzzles, and a carrying case for on-the-go kids. It helps enhance their problem-solving skills, strategic thinking, critical thinking and is loaded with lots of fun.

Amazon Reviews

Got these for my 8 year old for on the go. She uses it in the car and restaurants, Dr appts. Even the parents enjoy it! Over 100 puzzles so great for all abilities!

This is very fun and can be challenging for everyone. I have been going through the booklets game setups one at a time and am loving that they get more challenging the further you get into the book.

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21. Hair Plush Scrunchies & Backpack Clip - Toys For 7-Year-Old Girls

Hair Plush Scrunchies & Backpack Clip - Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl

These are hair accessories that are great as stocking stuffers and extremely trendy. Not your average hair tie, they are best paired with a cute plush animal friend that can easily transform into a backpack clip.

Amazon Reviews

Granddaughter Loves It!

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22. Light-Up Karaoke System - Best Gift For 7 Year Old Girl

Light-Up Karaoke System

Allowing you to bring the experience of karaoke home, this set is loaded with music that can be played through the CD player or over Bluetooth. It also includes RCA cables, disco lights that flare up with each beat, voice effects, and control too.

Amazon Reviews

We are having fun! It is much better than a radio with microphone we bought before. I still can not say about how long will work but we are pretty happy.

Great toy for 6 year old

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23. Surprise Doll - Toys For 7-Year-Old Girls

Surprise Doll - Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl

This LOL doll comes in a super cute package, has 8 surprises to unwrap – each themed after a month.

Amazon Reviews

I ordered two of these surprise boxes, and received the May/Emerald Babe and October/Opal QT) dolls. I must say I love the box and packaging. These “Present Surprise” dolls are really cute and a few are pretty unique (i.e. October) to due their style and color scheme. However, LOL has a habit of changing up the same dolls, so there is nothing drastically new, except some come with a party hat for the doll, and fun charm accessory. They also have a cute little birthday bag to put the accessories inside. I did find a few more of these at a local store and was happy with them as well. We did receive the doll we were looking for (August/Festive B.B.) which is super cute. The odds are 12 to 1 to get your own birthday.

These dolls are super cute and great for a birthday gift. I bought my 6yo a few of them since she’s L.O.L obsessed and she hasn’t got a repeat doll yet (and she has over 50 L.O.L dolls!)! I like the packaging this one comes in instead of the balls, not as much plastic and bags. I wish they would change the packaging of the L.O.L ball surprise so I didn’t feel so bad buying them (all that plastic/paper, I’m sorry earth!). I get that’s part of the “fun” but I’m sure there’s more earth friendly packaging they could use that would be just as much fun.

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24. Ubongo - Best Gift For 7 Year Old Girl

Ubongo - Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl

This is a geometric fast-paced game that helps enhance her problem-solving skills and race against time when interlocking shapes.

Amazon Reviews

This is a great game for everyone. My six and 9 year old granddaughters loved it and were very good at solving the puzzles. This gave them incentive to keep playing!
Got this for my kids for Christmas. It is travel size but sturdy. It’s like Tetris but without the electronics! It challenges your mind, but is so much fun as you compete to see who can complete the board quicker. Love it
Ian F.

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25. Deluxe Closet Playset - Gifts For 7 Years Old Girls

Deluxe Closet Playset - Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl

This playset offers clothing combinations that are stocked with doll shoes, handbags, jackets, and much more. It also features an acrylic chair, a vanity mirror, a portable acrylic case, and a walk-in closet.

Amazon Reviews

Love rainbow high stuff! My daughter will play for hours with it! All the clothes are super detailed and the closet itself is really durable.which I am super surprised! Honestly rainbow high is even better quality then Barbie and that’s huge for me to say as I love Barbie

My daughter loves rainbow high! Santa got her the dollhouse and dolls, so this made the perfect addition! So many accessories and it is well made! She loves it!

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26. Moon Lamp - Toys For 7-Year-Old Girls

Moon Lamp - Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl

The trendy gift of all is a 3D printed lamp that features the actual surface of the moon. It comes in different sizes, has up to 16 color lights, and is a cool addition to the kid’s room.

Amazon Reviews

I love this light. It has so many options and the colors are brilliant. Great for a kids room as a night light or just for fun. I love just watching the colors fade or the white light is nice to have on table in any room.

This moon lamp compliments my Jupiter lamp. I like to light my room with the heavenly bodies.
Nice colors to choose from, fun features etc. I like the purple setting. Purple Jupiter and a very purple
Moon I may get more… is good in space….Cheers!

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27. Pass The Pigs- Gifts For 7 Years Old Girls

Pass The Pigs - Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl

It features hilarious dice that add to the fun of the game. All she needs to do is throw the pigs around the table and earn points based on the landing position of the pig.

Amazon Reviews

This is a great game to play while you’re waiting for your food at a restaurant or anytime really but I especially like taking it to restaurants because it’s so small and when you’re done playing with it you just put everything back in the container with lid. It takes a little bit of getting used to which position the pig falls and how many points but it also comes with the sheet of paper that tells you the point system. You roll the two pigs as many times as you want but if you roll a certain way you’ll lose all your points for that round so you can also stop at any time and keep your points. It’s really more of a look game but also having a little bit of strategy to know when to stop rolling

What not to like about this game? It’s a lot of fun and very easy to learn. My only issue is that one of the pigs is unable to do the leaning jowler, which was quite the bummer. BUT I traded that one in for one that was properly balanced. An amazing game nonetheless!

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28. Ultimate Twister - Toys For 7-Year-Old Girls

Ultimate Twister - Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl

One can never go wrong with Twister and what better than this upgraded version? This is a classic set that is almost double the size of the original mat and can also be paired with Alexa.

Amazon Reviews

Bought this TWISTER game for our daughter and our grandkids. 100 years ago ( so it seems) this was always our GO TO game. Now we sit back and laugh watching our adult kids and grandkids play. Love the game, and the memories..

It’s a great size, and comes with options to make more challenging for older kids.

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29. Zoe - Gifts For 7 Years Old Girls

Zoe - Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl

This set is best for all the budding hairstylists where she will be able to not only style but also wash and re-style Zoe’s hair. And guess what? She never gets to lose her amazing curls!

30. Gnomes at Night - Gifts For 7-Year-Old Girls

Gnomes at Night - Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl

By using this board game, the kids will be able to learn and work together, a great pick for siblings. The players are expected to race around a vertical maze and collect the objects before the time runs out.

Amazon Reviews

Bought for my kids, it’s a very fun game , for all ages, have a good time. Makes you think and have to talk to get through the maze. My 4 year old can play with an older player with very little help.

Perfect condition and super fun cooperative game!

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31. Harry Potter Wand & Coding Kit - Toys For 7 Years Old Girls

Harry Potter Wand & Coding Kit - Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl

Is your girl a potter head already? If yes then she can make the best use of this wand by doing spells. It comes with a step-by-step book that teaches the kids to build a wand, respond to movement, and also create amazing things on the tablet screen.

Amazon Reviews

I bought this for my 11 year old daughter and 6 year old son. Both big Potter fans. 11 year old is starting to get exposed to coding in middle school and I thought this would be a fun introduction. First off the packaging is great. It almost has the high end feel of an Apple product. You do have to put it together witch is very easy. It’s nice that they explain the gyroscope inside that communicates via bluetooth to the tablet. The set up on her 2017 iPad was easy and trouble free. Being a kid she didn’t want to wait and read any directions just went straight for some of the simple spell actions which are fun and get their interest.

The best part of this comes when you get into the challenges. You drag and drop code blocks or commands into a sequences to start creating your own spells to move through the challenges. I could see her confidence and sense of achievement grow as she completed each challenge. They don’t even realize they are learning the basics of coding while playing. It really sunk in that she was learning from this when I watched her teach her little brother how to use it. Listening to her explain the basics of coding made me realize how much she was learning. I would highly recommend this for anyone that wants to get a jump on teaching the concepts of coding for their kids.

Robert F.

I bought this for my 12 year old son. He really has enjoyed it. I like the quality of the materials and the excitement unboxing it with all the extra details of the box, the paperwork and wand. This is what by son says about it: I had fun programming the different spells into the wand. I also like the way it uses a gyroscope sensor which lets the device know which direction the wand is pointing. It connects well with all bluetooth devices. You have to unpair it from one device to get it to pair with another. (This is true with most bluetooth device.) I wish it had an API so I could create my own programs for the wand. I enjoy coding and this is pretty simple and easy to code.


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32. Fire HD 8 Tablet - Gifts For 7 Years Old Girls

Fire HD 8 Tablet - Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl

This kids’ tablet allows the girl to play games and also watch videos without worrying it to drop. It comes with a durable colorful case that keeps the tablet safe, has a year’s subscription to Amazon Kids +, and gives access to about 20,000 apps, games, books, and videos.

Amazon Reviews

I purchased this tablet for my 2 yr old for Christmas. He was so happy and absolutely loved this. He is so into this tablet that we actually have to hide it from him to make him take a break. The picture quality is great and has has lots of memory. I wish it held a charge for a little longer but I look at it as making him take a brake if it lasted too long he would never take one. I really love this it has helped him count, recognize his letters, and even write. So many movies and they set you up with a free subscription so he has so much stuff on here that he has access to.


Can’t say enough about how great this tablet is, from the case to the parent dashboard Amazon really covered all the bases for me when it comes to a kids tablet. The case had been a lifesaver since my son likes to drop things a lot. I would highly recommend purchasing the screen protector as both of the screens have been cracked now.
Amazon has nailed it with the parental controls and parent dashboard which allows me to see what my child is doing anytime they are using it, set time limits, limit content, and do much more. I would highly recommend to parents with young kids. My son’s are 3 and 4 and they both love their tablets!


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33. Food Network Magazine - Gifts For 7-Year-Old Girls

Food Network Magazine - Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl

This is the first edition from Food Network magazine that features about 110+ fun and special recipes for kids. It also includes fun food trivia, food crafts, and is available in digital versions and hardcopy.

Amazon Reviews

Purchased this book for a gift for a 13 year old. She absolutely loved it. Many easy to follow recipes. Great quality as well! Very happy with this purchase


I bought this book for my son who is 9 years old for Christmas. The recipes are easy to follow. We’ve had lots of fun baking together.

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34. Super Mario Starter Course Adventures - Toys For 7 Year Old Girl

Super Mario Starter Course Adventures - Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl

This set is an addition to the world of LEGO – a digital dimension. Once she builds the LEGO bricks, she can use the Mario figures and complete the challenges while also earning virtual coins and points.

Amazon Reviews

I purchased the Mario Lego set for my 8yr old boy and he loved it so much he asked for the Luigi set as well. My 8 yr old was so excited for this gift he began putting it together at our dinner table but eventually took it to his bed room. I wish I could post a picture of it but, he asked me not to because the Luigi set has not arrived yet.

The Lego set come on time and the box was undamaged and the price was a reasonable purchase.

So if your little Lego builder wants this I think my kiddo would say buy it and buy the other sets to complete Mario and friends adventures. Take care and enjoy putting a smile on your builders face.


it was a present for my 6 year old son, he really loved it. It has sounds like the real game.


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35. Recycle Rally - Gifts For 7 Years Old Girls

Recycle Rally - Best Gifts For 7-Years-Old Girl

This is a cool and cooperative component game that comes with players driving recycling trucks to collect high-point items and is also available in an advanced mode best for more than 10 players.

Amazon Reviews

I received this product for my classroom! In this fast-paced board game for 3 to 5 players, kids learn about the value of recycling, and how to properly separate recyclables. Players compete as individuals, earning points by achieving their recycling missions, but also collaborating as a team to minimize the objects left behind. It took a little time for the students to understand how to play the game, but now that they know how to play it, it is a favorite. It has been wonderful for discussing waste and the Earth and how we can make it better. I recommend this for anyone that wants to help their child understand how recycling works.

This game is just delightful. It offers the fun of racing to win, but also has your kids strategize to win. So kids learn about recycling while they are having fun.
The bright design is terrific and I love that it is all made from recycled materials. My 14 year old had a good time playing this award winning game.
Congratulations to Adventerra on such wonderful educational games for kids!!

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36. Owleez Interactive Pet

Owleez Interactive Pet

The Owleez Interactive Pet is a surefire success with any animal-loving girl. This little, animated toy has charming sounds and eyes that change expression depending on how it feels. Owleez can even be trained to fly with the right care and instruction.

Amazon Reviews

It a cute gift and came on time for Santa. My daughter loves it.

My child asked for it and would love playing with it. She did run and kept distance when trying to make it fly, it is a bit scary, but in an exciting way if that makes sense. When we have had kids visiting our house it’s one of those toys they’re excited to play with.

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37. Spin Master Wizarding World Harry Potter, Magical Minis Diagon Alley 3-in-1 Playset

Spin Master Wizarding World Harry Potter, Magical Minis Diagon Alley 3-in-1 Playset

She would like this Diagon Alley play set with two special figurines and 21 accessories, lights, and sounds if your 7-year-old is obsessed with everything Harry Potter. She may travel to Diagon Alley’s Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, Eeylops Owl Emporium, and Florian Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour with a single play set while playing the role of Hermoine Granger. She spends hours exploring, inventing, and making magic. Cast spells for wonderful noises and lights to occur throughout.

Amazon Reviews

Purchased for my 6 year old granddaughter and she loves it. It goes great with the other toys and dolls in the set. Seems durable.

Kindle Customer

My kiddos love anything HP so they were excited to get this set to go alongside the castle!


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38. Polly Pocket Big World Flamingo Set

Polly Pocket Big World Flamingo Set

This Polly Pocket set is a wonderful present for creative play-loving girls around 7 years old. When the self-contained play set opens, a whimsical, flamingo-themed backdrop for Polly and her companion Lila’s travels is revealed. Girls will enjoy playing out adventures and exploring the clubhouse.

Just like the old polly pockets! I did find it a little hard to close it up with all of the pieces included inside at times, which I don’t recall from polly pockets I played with as a child. Made very similarly to those I had from my childhood though. Perfect for gifting to kids and they have alot of fun with it!


My daughter had a hard time sitting still in church. Bought her this so she had something to do. Once she got this toy, she plays so nicely that I don’t have to take her out of church anymore.


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39. Furby Interactive Plush Toy

Furby Interactive Plush Toy

Adults might recall Furby from its initial release in 1998. Since then, the robotic toy has undergone a series of modifications that reveal the most recent invention from the creative furry companion. The new Furby features more than 600 behaviours, ranging from singing and dancing to responding to your inquiries. Even better, you can put two Furbys next to one another and witness how they communicate in both English and “Furbish.”

as a person who only had 90s furbies before, I didn’t like the previous gimmicks of digital eyes and connectivity to apps.

but this is my first modern furby I’ve bought because it has neither of those, and I do say this is an adorable one.

it has voice recognition, but I have a speech impediment due to my hearing and it was able to recognize my voice fine.

the fur on it is very very soft, it’s not that scratchy type of faux fur. I would not recommend brushing it out with the included comb, faux fur needs a soft bristle brush, like a baby hair brush.

overall, I enjoy this furby. it is about the same size as a 90s furby, just a little wider.

As a longtime Furby fan I have to admit I’m happy that Hasbro brought the Furby brand back to life. This new 2024 Furby is different from the previous model released 25 years ago. I think it’s a mix between the 2012 Furby and Furby Connect (the last version released in 2016), at least for its ‘cute’ personality. Furby’s personality is very sweet (he doesn’t change personality and doesn’t connect to an app), he sings 10 different songs (one of the 5 voice commands, but there are “secret” others), loves to be tickled and cuddled and always responds in different ways. The only flaw is the beak that doesn’t move, but Furby is so funny and has such a cute voice, that this flaw is quickly forgotten.

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To Conclude:

7-year-old girls are mostly filled with energy, and creativity, and are most keen to learn. Therefore, through these toys, we only help inspire them and transform them into tools of expression building their personality. Choosing the best toy for a 7-year-old must be of their interest. 

Best Gifts For 7 Years Old Girl FAQs

1. Do 7-year-olds tend to put things in their mouths ?

Generally, kids at the age of 7 do not put things into their mouths. However, if you see your kid at age 7 putting things in their mouth, it is recommended to consult a doctor, also, do keep an eye on them while they are playing.

2. How must toys be scaled for 7-year-olds ?

Toys at this age must be looked at through four things; if it teaches something, is it fun to play with, the boundaries it maintains, and lastly the interest of the kids in question. For example, if a child likes to play pretend; the classic dolls could be a good option.

3. Do learning toys help in growing the 7-year-olds personality ?

Yes! Hence the name. Learning toys help in the development of the kids, polishing their skills and knowledge. For instance, playing LEGO helps the child enhance their building and organizing skills.

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