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25 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Baby Development, and Tips!

Table of Contents

25 weeks pregnant

Table of Contents

When you are 25 weeks pregnant you may start getting restless for the delivery time but you really need to be patient and calm for the wellbeing of your child and yourself. You may start experiencing sleeping issues, and your baby has started to recognize your voice. This week your cutie would be weighing around 1.5 pounds and the overall growth would approximately 13.6 inches long.

So what else is happening to the baby at 25 weeks pregnant?

1. Your baby’s hearing:

Your little angel’s hearing ability becomes sharper and distinctive day by day. Start making conversations with them throughout the day.

2. Listening:

Your child is hearing, and now the baby knows the tone of your voice!  Curious if you’re going to play songs for your baby? There is some proof that babies can remember basic rhythms that they constantly hear while they’re in the womb, but it’s not compulsory to place a headphone on your uterus, and some even suggest it’s a complete no.

3. Baby fat:

This week, your child is focusing on getting way cuter by simply getting chubbier, trying to put down fatty tissue to make them stay toasty once they’re birthed.

4. Baby skin:

The extra fat helps make the skin more visible and far less flabby. And, baby skin is becoming redder now that tiny blood vessels are created.

5. Amazing discovery:

This is fascinating about fetal growth, your baby can now stick out of his tongue.  

What happens to a mother’s body at 25 weeks pregnant?

At this phase in your pregnancy, you can find it more difficult to sleep because of your emerging baby bump. That bump too could affect other issues! See if you have any of these signs this week.

1. Sleeping issues:

Pregnancy exhaustion at some stage affects more than 75% of women. If you can’t sleep then try doing these things:  Try a hot shower before bed, an application for meditation and daily exercise—and a spring for a pregnancy cushion to lay more conveniently on your arm.

2. Heartburn:

Baby’s clogging your digestive tract, so heartburn will keep rising for the duration of your pregnancy. Try to avoid the food you find causes—maybe spicy or fried dishes. And consult with your doctor before you take some antacids.

3. Often urge to pee:

The baby is placing weight on your uterus, which is likely to increase your visits to the toilet. At least you’re going to get your moves in!

4. Clumsiness:

This isn’t your delusion. Your center of gravity is shifting as your baby progresses. Plus, you might have a feeling of fainting or nausea and vomiting. This could mean that your exercise routine requires a medical update if you’re already doing higher-intensity workouts. Swimming, prenatal yoga, and walking are perfect exercises.

5. Carpal tunnel:

If your hands often feel weak or tingling, or if you have difficulty gripping, you might have pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome. It occurs when a major nerve in the wrist is squinted by swelling of pregnancy. To manage, take a long break from repeated hands or wrist motions, wear a wrist splinter at night, or try some stretches to relax and tighten your wrist muscles. It normally goes away after delivery, but if you feed the baby, it might stay.

The weight gain in the 25 weeks pregnant: The complete breakdown

It won’t come as a shock that you’re putting on weight. But just how much weight are you expected to gain throughout the pregnancy?

The usual principle is 25 to 35 pounds, based on your pre-pregnancy weight. During the second and third quarters, the majority of pregnant women receive around one pound a week.

For a gaining weight of 30 pounds, it breaks down to:


7.5 lbs


1.5 lbs

Increased Fluids

4 lbs

Increased Uterus

2 lbs

Increased Breast Tissue

2 lbs

Increased Blood Volume

4 lbs

Maternal fat, protein, and other nutrients

7 lbs

Amniotic Fluid

2 lbs

(That data is from the American College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians.)

Concluding Thoughts- 25 weeks Pregnant

As you reach closer to the delivery date, the excitement level increases and so does your anxiety regarding the delivery of your child. This is the right and ideal moment to visit and spa and get your tensed nerves relaxed. The later part of the pregnancy is as crucial as the initial part so make sure you take complete rest and be patient and calm.

FAQs :Q1) What to expect in week 25 of your pregnancy?

1. What pains are normal in pregnancy ?

  • Dark Nipples.
  • Stretch Marks.
  • Skin Pigmentation.
  • Body Aches And Pains.
  • Swollen Ankles.
  • Womb undergoes.
  • Q2) What is the size of the belly on week 25th of your pregnancy?

    Your uterus has exceeded the size of a soccer ball by week 25 of pregnancy. You're going to get 15 to 18 lbs (7-8 kg) throughout your pregnancy, so many women are beginning to get more water weight at this period. As long as you get an appropriate amount of weight, these shifts are natural.

    Q3) What are hemorrhoids?

    Hemorrhoids: Your rising stomach puts pressure on your pelvic veins, which can cause hemorrhoids. They are painful, but they are normal during pregnancy and therefore should stop after delivery.

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