8 Weeks Pregnant – Symptoms, Baby Development, and Tips!

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8 Weeks Pregnant

Table of Contents

A baby, in their 8th week after implantation, begins to develop the heartbeat, while the mother, on the other hand, makes more visits to the washroom than usual.
The baby, this week, will measure 0.63 inches and weigh 0.04 ounces. To put things in perspective, this would be about the size of a bike spoke bead. Isn’t this exciting!

So what else is happening to the baby in the 8th week of pregnancy?

1. Heartbeat

The rate of the Baby’s heart beats 150 to 170 times per minute. That is double the rate of your heartbeat. You may be able to hear or see it on an ultrasound in the right week doctor’s appointment.

2. Facial features

The baby will grow facial features like the lips, nose, and eyelids and becomes more distinct.

3. Fingers and toes

They also develop the fingers and toes that make them seem like a web. And, their tail is almost gone!

4. Baby’s sex

It is perhaps a little early to tell the sex of the baby as the organs haven’t been developed enough yet.

8 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms - Are You Pregnant With Twins?

If you were to have twins, this is the month to know. As we can now feel the heartbeat of the baby, we can know if there are two. Here, the healthcare provider will be able to help you steer on the best path for your pregnancy.

Symptoms Of 8 Weeks Pregnant - What is Happening to a Mother’s Body in the 8th Week of Pregnancy?

If you have experienced light cramping or spotting do not worry. These are usually results of the increased hormones that perhaps help you have a healthy pregnancy. However, if you are losing more blood or are worried, call, and consult the doctor.

Here’s what is happening to a mother’s body in the 8th week of pregnancy:

1. Morning sickness

Morning sickness usually happens due to the pregnancy hormones that are flooding into your system. Most women start to experience this symptom around weeks five and six or after/around the ninth week.

2. Sense of smell

Smells are at their best right now which might result in you getting turned off by smells. These can cause food aversions and nausea. The best you can do is avoid the smells that make you sick. Don’t worry! This symptom should ease by the second trimester.

3. Cramping

As the uterus expands, you may experience mild cramps. This is because of the stretching of the muscles and ligaments. However, gas and constipation also cause a sensation like cramps. Try sitting or lying down, or change your position, take a warm bath, and drink plenty of water to help relieve the symptom. The painful cramps are the ones to look out for, if you face them immediately call the doctor.

4. Acne breakouts

Aches can cause pregnancy hormones and your skin may start to produce extra sebum that clogs pores. However, applying any cream or ache medication is off-limits so it’s better to consult a doctor before you consume/apply them.

5. Mucus plug

During this time your mucus on your cervix starts to form a cervical plug to protect the uterus from bacteria. And, as the body gets ready for labor the cervix starts to dilate and come out. This is the sign of you being ready for your childbirth.

6. Spotting

Spotting quite a common pregnancy symptom that is either caused by the implantation or just by the irritated cervix. It is however very important to understand the difference between spotting and bleeding at week 8 of your pregnancy. If you think you are bleeding, consult a doctor soon.

7. Pregnancy dreams

You may encounter strange dreams during pregnancy that is a very common symptom of pregnancy.

8. Constipation

Constipation may hang around in most of your pregnancy as the hormone relaxin relaxes all the muscles, it slows down the intestines too. To avoid it, consume more amounts of fiber, drink lots of water, and stay active.

What would your belly look like in the 8th week of pregnancy?

8 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

8 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms - What Would Your Belly Look Like in the 8th Week of Pregnancy?

There may be chances of you not showing your pregnancy just yet but then you know your pants fit more snugly now as they used to be. Even if at this early stage you think you are showing, it is probably due to bloating or w8 gain which is a good thing right now!

8 Weeks Pregnant, No Symptoms - Quick Checklist to Get Your Sailing Through the 8th Week of Pregnancy:

1. Top tip: Embrace every emotion. You might be nervous one minute and excited in the other, you might also tear up. This is as the hormones are raging all the mood swings so it’s important to allow yourself to feel how you feel. Take comfort, this too shall pass!

2. Self-care to-do: A little extra care can soothe the hormones. So stock up the face masks, under-eye treatments, along with your favorite moisturizer, it’s ‘me time’. Go catch the best mini spa session from the comfort of your couch if you need to. You deserve every bit of it!

3. Early bedtime: It is completely normal to get exhausted and if you can’t take a nap in the afternoons, get to bed earlier. This helps you sneak in extra sleep. Grab a mug of chamomile tea to help relax.

4. Excuses, excuses, excuses!: If you haven’t broken the news yet, you need a lot more excuses to pile up if you have no harm in the white lie. However, if you’re comfortable maybe share the news with your friend or a parent. Trust us, any help or support at this time is all you need and a great getaway to share your load.

Final Conclude:

To help you get through the 8th week, here is a pregnancy checklist for your reference

1. If you feel the odors of the soap make you hurl, swap it out and get an unscented soap.

2. Have smaller snacks throughout the day rather than large meals to calm the morning sickness.

3. Take good naps and/or go to bed early

4. Go for your first prenatal appointment

5. If you plan to have a genetic test, consider the Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) that requires only a blood draw after 9 weeks. But in case you take Chorionic Villus Sampling in weeks 10-13 or the Nuchal translucency scan in weeks 10-15, scheduled in advance.

8 Weeks Pregnant FAQs :

1. Can you show me at 8 weeks pregnant ?

Yes, but it is like a slight bump that is equal to not showing at all. If you do more, it is probably due to bloating.

2. Why do doctors visit for 8 weeks ?

It is by the 8th week the doctor takes the blood to test the blood type, for anemia, and other medical and genetic conditions to understand your condition better. Although, it is a little early to hear the heartbeat of the baby so wait until the next week’s visit.

3. Is the 8-week ultrasound internal or external ?

As external ultrasound does not pick images that are clear enough, the doctor opts for an internal ultrasound.

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