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Your Baby Development Week by Week

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Baby Development Month by Month

The first year after your baby’s birth is a rather confusing year for parents to make sense of. It is during the first year that the parents make space and accustom the new life into their own already established lives while the baby makes sense of the world they’ve been introduced to. If you are an expecting mother or have just given birth and need some solid, reliable information on what is happening to your baby week by week and month by month in their first year of birth, you’ve arrived at just the right place.

Parenthoodbliss brings to you a detailed month on month guide about what’s happening to your baby’s growth and development in the first year. One quick glance through these blogs about 52 weeks of the first year and you will have all the information you need to aid your baby’s healthy development!

Your Newborn Week by Week

So your baby is finally all baked and freshly out of the oven! Say hello to your little one and welcome to parenthood bliss! Tips on how to clip your baby’s tiny nail, how to give your baby their first bath and how to recover from childbirth as a deflated mamma.

Your 3-week old baby is set on their journey of spit-ups, putting you on your journey of not feeling disgusted with all the mess. How to deal with spits-ups, how much spitting up is considered normal, and how to take care of the baby while dealing with your renewed body?

Everything you need to know about pacifiers, the importance of getting yourself some sleep, and diapers! How many diapers does your baby require in the first year?

It is time for your first period in 10 months! What to expect from your first period, how to deal with your baby’s diaper rashes?

Your baby discovers they could put their hand in their mouth! Expect some smiles, coos, and drastically changed bowel movements!

Tummy time! While your baby starts to smile and gets more active, in other good news, it’s also time to say goodbye to the ‘baby blues!’

Not willing to breastfeed your baby for way too long? Week 8 could be a nice timeline to look at baby supplement options and perhaps, give your body the love it deserves. Let’s learn about being patient with postpartum recovery!

Breast Pumps, bedtime routines, and your baby’s developing sensory system. Let’s also talk about sex! Week 9 is where you start to get a hang of things!

How to deal with your little one’s first cold, a low breast milk supply, and the ever-increasing diaper rashes. Don’t worry, we got your back through all the firsts!

While the little baby starts to grab and clutch, your sleep cycle seems to gain some consistency. Let’s discuss your pelvic floor and how parenting podcasts could change your life for the good!

Say hello to your three-month milestone! Time seems to have flown, eh? The importance of talking to your baby, the truth behind percentiles, and your constantly growing baby.

The golden period, the maternity leave comes to a sorrowful end. How to deal with 9-5, the best bathtubs to make bathtime fun, and hey, is ‘crouping’ for real?

Baby’s first giggle and chuckles! Let’s talk about the harsh truth behind postpartum hair fall, how to deal with hair loss, and how to not obsess about something so normal. The little one is now using up bottles at a pace faster than before. As your baby achieves milestones on milestones, let’s also have a look at the best bottle racks to make your life simpler, shall we?

All about 4-month sleep regression and hey, is the baby rolling over on their own? Week 15 is a movement milestone as your baby, quite literally, is on a roll while you deal with some serious postpartum fatigue.

The importance of sleep training, understanding the difference between spit-up and throw-up, and the re-introduction of “me time” into your routine.

Do you notice a little white tooth shining through your baby’s smiles? The best teething toys and the best baby burp cloths to deal with all the 17th-week drool!

Understanding Diastasis Recti, dealing with a super active, hurt-prone baby, and celebrating the munchkin’s heightened visual development. Let’s set right into month 4.5!

The little one is now ready for solids! Let’s look at the top high chair, toothbrushing basics for the tiny teeth, and the best solid baby foods to begin with.

At week 20, it’s time for the swaddle transition and to get your vulnerable baby a handy first-aid kit.

Learning more about the constantly evolving baby eyesight, whole solid baby foods, and how to make your picky eater nourishing, nurturing, and yummy solid food purees at home.

As your baby now learns object permanence, what is that kicking sensation in your stomach? Let’s look at phantom kicks and what to do when your toddler develops a fever.

You remember the sleepless nights you spent wondering if your baby will ever let you sleep at night again? Well, say hello to sleep-full nights as your baby begins sleeping through the night by week 23! Find some insights on babies and peanut allergies too.

The little one is not so little anymore as they start drinking from a cup – albeit with a little help- in week 24. Some interesting baby facts and the importance of Kegels for mammas to speed postpartum recovery.

Milestone unlocked: you baby starts to sit up! Best baby playmats for sitting up babies, some helpful tips on diaper changing, and is it time to stop using pacifiers?

We are halfway through year one! What to expect from the 6-month pediatrician appointment, and the importance of finding time to exercise. Let’s dive into week 26!

Is your paparazzi-ready baby waving already!? The increasing baby actions and gestures, best baby playgroup and class ideas, and teaching babies how to swim.

Baby starts to crawl! How to encourage crawling, crawling baby safety tips, and the importance of breaking the monotony by rekindling old friendships with your girls who don’t have kids.

Baby finger foods, dealing with baby diarrhea, and some juice on lactational amenorrhea.

Week 30: Rolling, sitting, crawling escalates to pulling up! What you need to know about delayed postpartum depression while your baby fills up the house with their giggles and energy.

Let’s get outside the town, shall we? Traveling with a toddler, your baby’s eye color, and some safe-bathing tips.

Brace yourselves, bring out the camera, and put on your best clothes for what’s coming anytime after week 32. Also, what’s the hush about Linea Nigra? Let’s find out!

Did your baby just ‘say’ mamma!? The transition from sounds to words and dealing with baby ear infections.

Level up to brushing teeth and some handy tips about dealing with choking hazards.

The debate about baby exercises and dealing with a never-tired, never-sleepy, hyperactive baby in week 35.

Your baby’s sleep regression (again!), introducing eggs and your body at 9 months into motherhood.

The tips and tricks behind encouraging your baby to self-feed and why should you block your calendar to get the baby their first flu shot around week 37.

Determining your baby’s dominant hand, how to enjoy your part-time job with the toddler, and the best baby push toys for the new walkers!

Want to inculcate the habit of reading? Week 39 could be where you lay a foundation. Introducing babies to fish, insights on some major internal developments, and what to expect from the 9th-month progress report?

Making sense of the 9th-month growth spurt and the truth behind how music helps accelerate baby development at large.

How to say NO to your baby, taking care of a cruising baby, and some self-examination of the postpartum stretch marks.

Enjoying your baby’s imitation game? How to encourage your baby’s budding social skills and how to not let parental guilt get the best of you?

The big step: your baby’s first steps!! What to expect from your little talking human being, why should you not worry if your baby has not started walking yet, and when to buy baby outdoor shoes.

Why is week 44 the ideal time to switch to convertible car seats and questions to ask at your baby’s potential daycare?

Dealing with separation anxiety, and the truth behind Melasma- the infamous ‘mask of pregnancy.’

Encouraging baby’s listening skills, and some much needed pro tips on taking your baby out for dinner dates!

Understanding why your baby has suddenly started to ‘point’ at things, the first signs of ‘independence’, and some makeshift toy ideas for when the baby gets bored of fancy!

The ever-improving baby hand-eye coordination, the importance of making small talks with an unresponsive baby, and the best stacking toys to buy for your 48-week old baby!

Some 1st birthday tips and ideas to get the prep going, how to introduce your toddler to new, adult foods, and the truth behind thin, fly-away hair along your hairline.

Dealing with emotional outbursts around your growing baby and perhaps, the best bikes to buy for your (almost) 1-year old bundle of joy!

Say hello to molars! Introducing your baby to art & craft and dealing with the molar-growth-associated-crankiness at week 51.

And your baby is a full-size one-year-old already! What to expect from the 1st year doctor’s appointment and some help/tips on deciding when to have your next baby.

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