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12 Weeks Pregnant: Your Ultimate Guide to Symptoms, Baby’s Progress, and Expert Tips!

Table of Contents

12 weeks pregnant symptoms

Table of Contents

Pregnancy, as beautiful a phase in a woman’s life is, also is rather daunting because of the uncertainties that come with it. First-time mothers, in 12 weeks pregnant symptoms particular, might feel rather unsure about even the smallest of changes in their bodies because of the proprietary nature of the experience. By the time a mother reaches almost the end of the first trimester, and also the time when they find significant changes related to pregnancy are already occurring. 

Note that 12 weeks pregnant in months is month 3!

If you are also a first-time mother who is rather confused about what is happening in her tummy at the 12th week of pregnancy; here’s some good news. You have arrived at the right place. In this document ahead, we will discuss, in detail, the symptoms, signs, and overall actualities of everything happening with you in the 12th week of pregnancy.

So What Else Is Happening To The Baby When You’re 12 Weeks Pregnant?

When you’re 12 weeks pregnant, your baby has already started to develop most of their vital living organs. So does this mean one can determine the baby’s gender in the 12th week of pregnancy? Before we get to the details of the baby’s organ development, let’s make this clear. You might want to believe that since the vital organs have developed, it should be about time to determine your baby’s gender. However, though your baby has already started developing its sex organs, it is still a little too soon to get to the determination of gender. The gender of a baby can only be determined at around the 4th month or the 18th-month mark of pregnancy.

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1. The Baby’s Heart

Are you a mommy who has felt rather emotional when you watch expecting mommies listening to their baby’s heartbeat on TV? Well, well! It’s about time for you to experience that magic on your own! Your baby, by the 12th week of pregnancy, begins to develop an audible heartbeat that can be heard through an external Doppler device.

2. Baby’s Other Organs

Apart from the audible heartbeat, your baby also begins to form eyelids that are fused upright with each other. The eyelids remain in this form up until the end of the second trimester.

3. The Baby’s Hands

A baby’s hands also start to develop when you’re 12 weeks pregnant, though the feet remain less developed than the hands. The nails beds on the baby’s hand and toes also start to support the growth of fingernails and toenails; though it takes another trimester for the nails to fully grow out.

4. Your Baby Is Moving!

Another monumental change when you’re 12 weeks pregnant is the baby’s movement; albeit you are unlikely to feel the movement yet. This is primarily the fact that though there is movement, the baby is too small in size, just about 2.5 inches, not significant enough for you to feel them yet. Besides, the weight of an average baby in the 12th week is just about 0.5 ounces.

What’s happening to a mother’s body in the 12th week of pregnancy?

Though each mother goes through different symptoms and feelings, the regaining appetite is most commonly felt at around the 12th week. Most mother’s experience the infamous cravings You would also already be getting rid of nausea and three-morning sickness and discomfort otherwise felt in the initial days.

Having said that, this is also the time that mothers need to be a little careful about what goes inside them. Edit experts and gynecologists recommend not consuming more than 300 ‘extra’ calories per day at this point in time in pregnancy.

12 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms: What Is Happening In The Mother’s Body?

Now that we have the baby covered, let’s talk about the mamma bear. What happens to a mother’s body when they are 12 weeks pregnant? Though each mother goes through different symptoms and feelings, the regaining appetite is most commonly felt at around the 12th week. Most mothers experience the infamous cravings You would also already be getting rid of nausea three-morning sickness and discomfort otherwise felt in the initial days.

Having said that, this is also the time that mothers need to be a little careful about what goes inside them. Edit experts and gynecologists recommend not consuming more than 300 ‘extra’ calories per day at this point in pregnancy.

1. Bleeding, hypersensitive gums:

When you are in your 12th week of pregnant, a mother’s hormone levels and blood volume begins to increase significantly. As a result of this, you might experience hypersensitivity in your gums every time you brush, floss, or even chew a little hard on the food. Bleeding in gums is also commonly felt and noticed by most mothers. Do not feel alarmed about this; using a longer, softer toothbrush helps most mothers. Besides, speaking to your dentist might also be a good idea if you feel your situation is more aggregated than it should be.

2. Light-Headedness:

another commonly felt symptom is lightheadedness and just a general uneasy feeling in the body. The reasoning behind this is that since your body is producing more blood vessels to support the baby, the hormone levels are also subsequently increasing, causing this dizzy, uneasy feeling. It is recommended to keep yourself hydrated, to not stand or sit in one position for too long, to maintain a regular diet, and also to wear loose, light clothing to lighten the heaviness. Another important recommendation here is to never stand up or change your sitting/ standing position too quickly or abruptly; always stand up and change positions slowly and mindfully.

3. Increased sensitivity to smell:

You might have been a woman who was indifferent to any and all sorts of smells, even in an otherwise obvious smelly room. But at this point in pregnancy, you are likely to experience a heightened sense of smell and sensitivity to smell than usual. You might also feel averted to certain foods because of the way they smell. Hence, try eating meals that are at room temperatures and avoid smelling anything too pungent directly. If not, the strong odors might leave you feeling exceedingly nauseous and uneasy.

4. The infamous bloating:

Most mothers feel that the extra weight that they feel on themselves is the baby fat, but in reality, it is your body bloating because of the hormonal changes that make the uterus bloat. If your bloated body starts to make you feel bothered, a good solution would be to avoid swallowing too quickly. Big bites of food or long gulps of water cause extra air to travel to your stomach which further adds to the bloating.

5. Vaginal bleeding or spotting:

Spotting, light bleeding, and cramping are also common around this time in pregnancy. However, if you have a reason to believe that you are spotting or bleeding more than what can be called ‘normal,’ do not delay and get in touch with your doctor as soon as possible.

6. 12 Weeks Pregnant Belly

By the time you are 12 weeks pregnant, you might notice that your belly is starting to become more noticeable, and it could even be visible to others. However, it’s also perfectly normal if your belly hasn’t taken on a distinct pregnant shape yet. Your clothes might feel a bit snug, but you might not appear pregnant. You could resemble someone who’s gained a little weight around the midsection, or you might not look any different to others.

The key thing to remember is that a 12-week pregnant belly can vary significantly in size and appearance. It depends on your body size and shape, and whether this is your first pregnancy or not. So, there’s no need to worry if your belly doesn’t resemble that of your pregnant friend who’s also at the 12-week mark. All baby bumps are unique and beautiful! If you’re not showing much yet, rest assured that you’ll start to show in due time. And if you’re showing a lot, that’s perfectly fine too. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to discuss them with your healthcare provider.

7. Cramping At 12 Weeks Pregnant

Occasionally, you might experience some stomach discomfort or cramps, which is completely normal. These sensations are often a result of factors like constipation, gas, or the expansion of your ligaments as your womb enlarges during pregnancy.

However, if you ever encounter persistent or intense stomach pain, especially if it’s accompanied by bleeding or other unusual symptoms, it’s crucial to reach out to your midwife or doctor for assistance. Your well-being and your baby’s health are of the utmost importance.

Bonus Tips

Not only in the 12th week of pregnancy but otherwise throughout the term too, a mother should always be mindful that there are two lives breathing in one body. Your focus should only be on yourself and your body because that is the key to a healthy baby. Try and include as many greens, nuts, low-dairy items, and fruits as you can in your diet.

You should also try and consider some prenatal vitamins to further supplement the healthy growth of the baby. Besides, exercise like that of Kegels is also recommended to pregnant women as it helps strengthen their pelvic muscles, to support the uterus movement during the eventual childbirth. 

Having said that, we at Parenthood bliss would like to congratulate you on the completion of your First trimester! However, to be prepared and vigilant in your second trimester, look into this article that is just a click away!


While you will find tons of articles like ours on the internet, we would still advise that you, as a mother, make sure that you do not include any monumental changes in your daily lifestyle; and neither should you take any of the red flags less seriously. Consult your doctors before being too certain about any of the changes you might otherwise have assumed on the basis of the information on the internet. Keep an eye out for even the minutest of changes but all in all, do not stress unnecessarily and have fun during your pregnancy!

12 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms FAQs

1. What should I feel at 12 weeks pregnant?

Common signs of early pregnancy (around 12 weeks): a persistent stomach discomfort, feelings of nausea, fluctuations in your mood, and a metallic taste in your mouth.

2. Can I feel my baby at 12 weeks?

Only 12 weeks after your most recent menstrual cycle, the baby has completed its basic development. All the vital organs, muscles, limbs, and bones have taken shape, and the reproductive organs have also developed. From this point on, the baby's main task is to grow and mature. Although you can't sense the baby's movements just yet, they are already starting to wiggle around.

3. What is my baby doing at 12 weeks in the womb?

This week is a significant milestone for your baby. Your baby's important body systems and essential organs have developed! If you haven't heard it yet, you'll get to listen to your baby's heartbeat during your upcoming prenatal appointment. Also, now that you're 12 weeks pregnant, you might notice that your baby bump is starting to show a bit more.

4. Can I have a bump at 12 weeks?

Even when you're 12 weeks pregnant, that little "bump" you notice on your tummy is your intestines that were previously in your lower abdomen, and they're now getting pushed upwards. Your "baby bump" begins to appear as your belly starts to look more rounded, and you might even find yourself needing to loosen your pants by the end of the day.

5. What not to do at 12 weeks pregnant?

A significant increase in your body temperature could potentially have an impact on your baby's growth, especially during the initial 12 weeks of your pregnancy. Be cautious when getting out of a hot bath or standing up too quickly, as these actions might make you feel lightheaded.


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