15 Weeks Pregnant : Symptoms, Baby Development, and Tips!

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In the 15th week of pregnancy, your fetus would measure about 4 inches in length and weigh around 2.47 ounces. To put things in a better perspective, this will be about the size of a small pear or a small apple.

Here’s what is happening with your baby at the 15th week of pregnancy in more detail-

1. The baby starts to see light

It is in the 15th week when the baby finally begins to sense lights. Their eyes will still be shut but if there’s a beam of a torchlight out on your belly, the baby will sense the light in the 15th week and perhaps will try to move away from it

2. The baby’s skin develops

A baby’s skin, in the 15th week, begins to look translucent. After this point, the baby will soon begin to put on fat which will make the skin opaque.

3. The baby can move their joints

In the 15th week, the baby can also positively move their joints, beginning to move around more freely than before.

15th week of pregnancy: What is happening to a mother’s body

Here are some of the most common symptoms experienced by most women in the 15th week of pregnancy

1. Increased libido

Experiencing random urges for intimacy is very common around the 15th week into the pregnancy. It is so because, in the 15th week, you will begin to regain the energy you lost in the initial weeks of pregnancy.

2. Nosebleeds

Your body, during pregnancy, makes a lot more blood than before, which could cause bleeding of the nose. It is normal to experience this and should not be worried too much about it. Just remember to mention it to your doctor in your next call regardless.

3. Swollen gums

All the extra blood production will not only potentially cause nosebleed but also swollen gums in the 15th week of pregnancy. Using a soft toothbrush could be of help.

4. Gas, indigestion, and/or heartburn

Mothers, in most cases, would be edging to getting rid of morning sickness around the 15th week, however, other tummy troubles in the form of indigestion, heartburn, and gas can still come around.

5. The return of the appetite

All the appetite that you lost in the earlier days of pregnancy should now be making a return in the 15th week of pregnancy! However, while your appetite is back, it is advised to not indulge in anything that comes your way because, after all, you are eating for two. Foodborne illness is also very common and should be avoided as much as possible. 

What Pregnancy Tests Will I Need To Take At The 15th Week Of Pregnancy?

Here are a few of the most common tests you are most likely be suggested to take around your 15th week of pregnancy-

1. Quad Screen Test

This test is run in order to screen hormones and proteins in your blood. By doing so, a baby’s vulnerability to having a neural tube defect, Down syndrome, and other genetic disorders can be identified.

2. Amniocentesis

The Amniocentesis test is advised so as to detect the aforesaid neural tube defects with 99 percent accuracy. This is a more invasive form of a test and requires the withdrawal of your amniotic fluid.

What Does A Pregnant Belly Looks Like At The 15th Week Of Pregnancy?

15 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

In the 15th week, if you touch and examine your belly, you would feel the top of your uterus about four to five inches below your belly button. You might also be able to identify a baby bump this week! Besides, an average woman would have gained at least 5 pounds by now, when calculated from the beginning of the pregnancy. Do not worry about the weight since your doctor will anyway be keeping track and a healthy weight gain is a necessary element of a healthy pregnancy.
In some cases, mothers may also be able to feel the baby fluttering and trying to move around in the belly!

Final Takeaway-

As some final words of wisdom, let us talk about the infamous pelvic pain. Most mothers happen to experience this sharp, swift pain in the pelvic region called Round Ligament pain. This pain can be expected in the 15th week and is a rather common second-trimester ailment caused by your expanding belly. While it is common, it is also advised to keep your doctor in the loop about it.
Ironrich foods are also advised for consumption in the 15th week as they support the extra blood that is being produced by the body

FAQs on 15 Weeks Pregnant

1. Is it normal to not feel a baby move at 15 weeks ?

All mothers have a different body and hence, it is okay if you do not feel your baby move in the 15h week while your pregnant-support-group friend does. Some women might not feel the baby move even up until the 18th - 22nd week of pregnancy. It is usually for women who have been pregnant in the past and are carrying again that an early 15th-week movement is felt. At any point, however, if you feel something unusual or are in double minds, do not hesitate to consult your doctor or your midwife.

2. What does an ultrasound look like at 15 weeks ?

The 15th-week ultrasound might show your baby sucking on their thumb and moving around their arms and legs. The skin of the baby would appear very thin, almost paper-like, and the blood vessels running through it might even be visible.

3. How accurate is the gender scan at 15 weeks ?

A gender reveal test, usually, can accurtaely determine the sex of the baby as early as in the 14th week of pregnancy.
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