35 Weeks Pregnant – Symptoms, Baby Development, and Tips!

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A baby, in their 35 weeks of pregnant after implantation, develops the sense of hearing, the mother, on the other hand, experiences signs of labor with just a few weeks away from the due date.
The baby, this week, will measure 18.2 inches and weigh 5.3 ounces. To put things in perspective, this would be about the size of a ‘George foreman grill. Isn’t this exciting!

So what else is happening to the baby in the 35th week of pregnancy?

1. Kidneys and liver

The baby starts to develop the kidneys and liver in the 35th week of pregnancy. The baby is now able to function their kidneys and livers as required.

2. Slower growth

With the weeks getting closer, the baby develops at a slower rate, alongside packing ounces getting chubbier. By the time you reach the due date, they will grow about just a few more inches.

3. Listening in

The ears of the baby, in the 35 week 0f pregnant, have undergone a lot of development. The baby can now hear your voice and recognize them too, you may find them reacting to high-pitched or loud noises.

What is happening to a mother’s body in the 35th week of Pregnancy?

As the weeks get closer, the baby makes certain developments, the mother, on the other hand, might feel heavier and ready for the childbirth

Here’s what is happening to a mother’s body in the 35th week of pregnancy:

1. Braxton Hicks contractions

The braxton contractions are the sensation of cramps that the mother feels across her stomach. This is also a sign of the mother preparing herself for the birth, however, these cramps are not as severe as the regular delivery cramps.

2. Fatigue

As a mother carries around 25-35 extra pounds, it is understandable for her to feel exhausted. Fatigue can also be a result of the lack of sleep due to the discomfort caused. Therefore, you need to permit yourself to take a nap whenever possible.

3. Shortness of breath

The shortness of breath is caused by the baby taking more space as they grow, crowding the lungs. It can be more evident while taking the stairs or rushing to a place. In this 35th week, try to ease down a bit as it could risk you faint.

4. Sore hips

With the 35th week of pregnant baby kicking in, the joints and ligaments began to get softer as the body prepares for childbirth. This causes instability or soreness through the hip region.

5. Frequent urination

By the 35th week of pregnancy, you may notice yourself paying visits to the washroom more frequently compared to the normal trips.

What would your belly look like in the 35th week of pregnancy?

The baby in the 35th week visibly grows and shows changes, resulting in the uterus seeming to move up your abdomen to the rib cage. Sounds crazy? The baby finds less space to move to cause them to push downwards creating more space. You might perhaps experience fewer sharp kicks, wiggles, and squirms. The mother needs to keep a count on the number of kicks, and if they decrease to less than 10, you must contact your doctor immediately!

For some brownie points, here is a quick checklist to get your sailing through the 35th week of pregnancy:

1. Attend an infant CPR class before the baby arrives. It will help you know and practice for the safety of the baby in case of an emergency.

2. Have you thought of a name yet? This is the best time to plan that out. Write a list of names and narrow it down to the one beautiful name that will be associated with the baby.

3. Purchase nursing tanks to make breastfeeding easier.

4. Plan to write all you need from your family and close friends before, during, and after delivery. It could be anything, from who you want to be with at the time of delivery, how many visitors, someone to help at home. This helps clarify expectations and boundaries with one less thing to think about. 

To Conclude:

Here is a list for you to refer to as you are in the 35th week of pregnancy:

1. Contact the health insurance provider and add the new member to it.

2. Have a Group B Strep test anytime between the 35-37th week of pregnancy.

3. Install a car seat so all of you can have a jolly filled ride.

4. Wash the crib sheets and baby clothes (newborn to 0-3 months) to keep them ready for the much-awaited arrival.

FAQs: 35 Weeks Pregnant - What To Expect ? Symptoms, Baby Development, and Tips!

1. Is the baby developed fully in week 35 ?

The circulatory system and the musculoskeletal system have fully developed. The baby is now probably shifting to the head-down position preparing for the birth.

2. How many months are 35 weeks pregnant ?

You are 8 months pregnant in week 35. You’re almost there, keep pushing!

3. Can the water break at 35 weeks ?

If the water breaks anytime before the 37th week, it is considered a premature rupture of membranes (PPROM). If the water breaks in the 35th week of pregnancy, it is considered to be premature and the baby would need extra care.

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