22 Weeks Pregnant – Symptoms, Baby Development, Tips

22 Weeks Pregnant

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The journey of being pregnant is a whole different and special experience, now that you are 22 weeks pregnant, you would have gained a lot of knowledge about pregnancy and kids. On the 22nd week, your baby has started developing its facial features and has started getting a more defined look. Your child weighs 15.7 ounces that is approximately 1 pound and the size of your baby is 11 inches long. This week you should also know a few things about preeclampsia. Read our article further to know more about your pregnancy on the 22nd week. 

So what else is happening to the baby in the 22nd week of pregnancy?

When your baby progresses to be bigger, their muscle growth is rising.   You can notice that they’re jumping around a bit more in 22 weeks. This is what’s going on with your child in the 22nd week.

1. Facial features:

Your child’s lips and eyelids have become more defined.

2. Sprouting hair:

They form in more hair on their scalp and even on their eyebrows. 

3. Arms and legs:

As body parts get tougher and more versatile, your baby will start grabbing on to their face and umbilical cord in utero.

4. Nails are growing:

Little nails are developing to the tips of the baby’s fingers. They’re going to be sharp when the baby is delivered, so add those baby nail scissors to your checklist!

What happens to a mother’s body in the 22nd week of pregnancy?

As your tummy keeps growing, you can encounter something unusual: your belly button pops up! Let’s see what are the other uncommon things going to happen this week.

1. Back pain

Have you noticed, a lot of pregnant women pose for photographs with their supporting their lower Does it seem like a lot of pregnant women are posing for photos of their hands on their lower backs? That may be because back pain is very prevalent throughout pregnancy. Shifts in the center of gravity, weight raise, and excess pregnancy hormone relaxin all lead to back pain. The big stuff: try to work out daily and sit up straight away. Good ones: consider using ice packs for a couple of days, accompanied by a moderate heating pad to relieve the discomfort.

2. “Outtie” belly button

If your uterus begins to develop, your stomach is under pressure. If you have an innie belly button, your belly button will stick out. Once you deliver your child, it will go back to its normal state.

3. Tight Shoes

Is footwear always uncomfortably tight? Yeah, the legs appear to grow during pregnancy. Our legs have 26 bones and 33 joints, and because relaxin loosens all joints, the legs begin to stretch a little. And the additional weight enlarges the foot, too. Durable shoes can hopefully maintain off any foot spreading by providing your arches with lots of space and relaxation during these difficult months. And consider always taking an additional size above to support your legs to get comfortable.

4. Blood pressure

Approximately 10% of pregnant women experience a form of hypertensive condition (also called high blood pressure) during pregnancy. Your healthcare provider will closely track your BP at every appointment if anything takes place. Why?   It can result in preeclampsia, which impacts between 5% and 8% of pregnancy, which can cause serious problems in pregnancy. Black women are also more likely to experience pre-eclampsia. But with effective diagnosis and management, mom and baby can be safe and comfortable.

5. Stretch Marks in pregnancy

Stretch marks can show up or extend as your baby grows bigger—and not just restricted to your belly. Breasts, calves, hips, butts, and arms may also render stretchmarks. Stretch marks normally run through three stages: 

They could start scratchy and lifted. They can be pink, purple, red, reddish-brown, or dark brown depending on the color of your skin. They may feel a little raised. They get considerably larger and they can get darker in color.  After childbirth, they begin to fade back to the natural color of the skin, although they can appear silvery, be uneven in length, and appear like mildly depressed waves in the skin. 

There are a lot of products available in the market that promise to eliminate or minimize stretch marks—and, as far as we realize, none of them have been proven to function. Even it is worth taking a chance to use a cream or oil to keep the skin moisturized and to preserve its firmness.

What would your belly look like in the 16th week of pregnancy?

When you’re 22 weeks pregnant, your excess weight is usually around a pound each week.  Your belly has grown out a lot this week. The baby’s activity is getting better, and you may find that the baby is sleeping or staying constant when you’re walking around. When you rest, your child seems to want to practice their kickboxing movements. These moments are to be cherished lifetime so make sure you are happy and content all the time and you relax the most.

In Conclusion

As you come closer to your due date you get more anxious. We request all the beautiful mommas to be happy and feel content. You can start changing your maternity style a bit because when you look good you feel good too!

22 Weeks Pregnant FAQs:

1. What is a C-section?

So in the cesarean section (c-section), the doctor opens the abdomen and uterus of the mother and delivers the child. So the baby is given surgery rather than coming out of the vagina.

2. Is it safe to have sexual intercourse when you are pregnant?

With safety preparation, sex during pregnancy is safe for both you and your child. Few females with high-risk pregnancy are suggested to reduce sex throughout pregnancy. Many pregnant women notice that their preference for sex rises and falls at some phases of pregnancy. Often many women find that sex is going to get awkward as their bodies get bigger.

3. What should be done for normal pregnancy aches and pains?

There are several specific issues related to pregnancy. Most of these could be relieved without treatment. Often some drills or simple solutions will help before you need meds. For pains and aches, one must try to exercise a bit regularly, massages, spas, stretching, and yoga can be of huge help.
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