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Your 50-week-old baby – development & growth

Table of Contents

50-week-old baby

Table of Contents

Dealing with emotional outbursts around your growing baby and perhaps, the best bikes to buy for your (almost) 1-year old bundle of joy!

Your baby at 50 weeks after birth

It’s almost time for your baby’s first birthday if not already!

However, with the completion of the first year or 12 months expect your toddler to begin talking, wave at you to gesture bye-bye, have proper solids, and enjoy their favorite music and books while developing a shining personality! 

Your baby’s vocabulary will begin to develop this week as they learn a few new words, the brain now observing more and absorbing new things, therefore, try to use full sentences and avoid baby talking in order to help build their speaking skills. To know more about what you can expect from the little one this week, continue reading!

Your 50-week-old baby's development and physical growth

Let us now understand what happens with the baby at 50 weeks after birth in terms of the baby’s development during this week.

Your baby's weight:

  • Based on an average, your 12-month-old baby will weigh around 9 kilos with a length of 76 cm. In case the baby doesn’t adhere to the mentioned measures, a doctor’s recommendation is needed.

Your baby's sleep:

  • If not already, this is the perfect time for parents to shift the baby to a crib or a cot, you may envision your baby sleeping there.
  • Nonetheless, make the transition smooth for it to be easier for both, you and your baby during the nights until they shift to a separate nursery.
  • You may choose to place a night lamp and a white-noise machine near them to help them have a better and comfortable sleep.

Your baby's diet:

  • The baby can be breastfed even after one year of age. On the other hand, if your baby has a cold or isn’t well, they might need breastfeeding more frequently at night, you need not worry, your milk would adjust accordingly.
  • Nonetheless, this week, you can choose to breastfeed directly or pump and store the milk out from the breast, depending on how your breasts react. There are a few moms too who shift to giving their babies cow milk too.

Your 50-week-old baby's health

A baby at 50 weeks or eleven months old is acquiring major milestones and visiting the doctor for a check-up counts as one. Here’s what you can expect from the visit to the baby’s doctor:

  • Tests

Expect your doctor to do a routine check-up on your baby by taking their measurements and examining them by a physical check to know if they are developing as per his age.

  • Vaccinations

Your baby might get vaccinations such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, Polio, Hib, DTaP, and the first doses for MMR and chickenpox.

Postpartum baby tips: You Baby at 50 Weeks

A baby in the 50th week will develop certain milestones with regards to their feeding, physical, and sleeping sessions. Here are a few that you can expect from your 50 weeks old baby:

Your growing baby at 50 weeks:

  • As per the term used by the doctor, regressive behavior in your baby is normal this week. For instance, you might have had your little one wave bye-bye in the earlier weeks and now, they do not. This is because the baby now uses their energy more into observing and learning new things from their surrounding. Also, it can be possible that the 50th weekers are now tired of the old tricks. In either situation, you need not worry as it is normal behavior.
  • Expect your baby to now start learning new words during this week. As the baby grows out of using the same tricks and doing the same things over-and-over again, you can now observe them being more interested in the next step of learning words. In order to boost their interest, you can label things that they might be interested in, such as, flowers, body parts, colors, animals, etc.

Time to consider biking for the 50-week-old baby

As the baby grows into a toddler and learns to grasp good strength, it is a great choice to consider biking as an outdoor activity. It is a family favorite and also helps them further develop their skills. However, a no-pedaling bike is perfect for the start. Most parents consider installing a from-mounted bike seat for the baby to prepare until they finally get onto their own two-wheeler bikes, tricycles, or scooters. Nonetheless, remember to purchase a helmet for the little one in either case.

While you are considering the outdoor option for the little one, you can also choose toddler outdoor toys, outdoor swings, baby trucks, water tables, building toys, and beach tents.

The need for games for your baby in order to build motor skills

  • Stretch your legs on both sides while you sit across your baby. Now playfully roll a ball to your baby and encourage them to roll it back.
  • In case your baby has learned to balance themselves, teach them to kick a ball. Do so by first demonstrating while teaching.
  • Take a few items that are easy to knock out, like the empty cereal box, a container, or even a bottle of soft drink at a small distance, away from your baby. Now demonstrate by rolling a ball in order to knock them down. Once the baby observes, allow them to repeat, and knock the items down to help them develop certain comprehension skills.
  • If the toddler is able to walk and run, you can play tag with them. Even if they choose to crawl to catch you, let them be as they will observe and learn to walk after you slowly. This game helps the baby develop gross motor skills.

The parents after childbirth of a 50-week old baby: What is happening and what to expect in their fifty weeks after giving birth?

Here are a few tips for our parents to help them simplify their journey with their 50th-week old baby:

Understanding the care tips

  • Encourage the little one to walk, even if they choose to stop every now and then.
  • If they haven’t learned to walk just yet, allow them to hold your finger and take a few steps until they learn to balance to stand and walk on their own.
  • When weaning the baby, opt to give them whole milk. However, make sure to consult your doctor first.
  • Avoid or child-proof your house from all dangerous objects from your baby as they are now learning to put everything in their mouth, or install baby gates.
  • In case your baby isn’t liking the food in one way, try to come up with a different way in the next feeding.

Understanding your baby's health and the urgent need of a doctor

Listed below are a few instances where parents must consult a doctor regarding their 50-week old baby during this week:

  • In case your baby has difficulty seeing objects, squints often, slightly tilts their head to view some things, and rubs often, there might be a problem in their vision.
  • If your baby has pinkeye or is reddish, teary, sensitive to light, you will need to consult a doctor soon.
  • In case the baby is vomiting frequently.

To Conclude

A 50-week old baby is learning to acquire big milestones while they prepare to step onto their first birthday. It is recommended for parents to be kind and patient towards them as they might be cranky a day and be in a bad mood. However, make sure you take them out more often and spend more time teaching and playing new things in order to boost and build their skills.

FAQs- Your 50-week-old baby - development and growth

1. How many months are a 50 weeks old baby?

A 50-week old baby is 12 months old and/is preparing to celebrate its first birthday. Expect them to be observant, babbling, and building a taste for solids.

2. What should a 50-week old baby eat?

A toddler at 50 weeks is recommended to have more solids and build their appetite on it and fewer amounts of milk. You can choose to give them finger foods, mashed vegetables, and fruits, soft meats, purees, prune juice, etc.

3. What can a baby at 50 weeks do?

The 50 weekers are expected to be able to stand on their own, take a few steps by themselves, learn a few more words other than 'mama' and 'dada', and use them in their conversational tone, be able to consume solids, sleep on their own without a need to feed ( except when not well), etc.

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