Your 45-week-old baby – development & growth

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45-week-old baby

Table of Contents

Your baby's 45-weeks after birth

Your 45-week-old baby is finally turning into a child who is more interested in eliciting reactions from the people around him. The little can now be able to drink out of their cup or hear and understand a big ‘NO’ out of you. However, on the other hand, parents must be cautious of the baby’s crying, being clingy, and crankiness but you can treat them with love as and when they grow with extra confidence and are independent enough.

Perhaps, the little baby that once was hardly Harding crawling across to you is now being pro at standing up themselves and also walking independently. They can also clap and blow a kiss to you. However, this is also the tender age where the child can grow into separation anxiety while they are confident on the other hand. They will also be able to point at colorful things in their books and grow chubby physically. To know more as to what you can expect out of the 45th weeker, read on!

Your 45-week-old baby's development and physical growth

Let us now understand what happens with the little one in their forty-five-week after birth in terms of the baby’s development during this week.

Your baby’s weight:

  • Expect your baby to weigh anything from around 19.4 lbs to 20.12 lbs. Nonetheless, if you observe the baby grow less or more, consult the doctor for help.

Your baby’s sleep:

  • Babies at 45 weeks have quite a disturbed sleeping pattern, meaning the little one could spend more time drinking breast milk and might spend time infrequent feeding, also known as ‘breast sleeping’.
  • If you are in this situation, make sure to be supportive and ease any strain from the fixed position. You can switch your baby to the other side in the middle of the night to help you ease the position of your body for a night of better sleep.
  • The good news is that this period is only temporary as it is the baby’s developmental phase, and will return to the normal routine in a few days or a week, as per the need of the baby.

Your baby’s diet

  • Your 45-week old baby has almost completed a year, so you can start weaning your baby from breast milk, however, it is not a compulsion if you have the time. Breastfeeding can be done until 24 months as the toddlers gain more nutrition and immunity from breastfeeding.

You can follow the steps below in lieu to reduce the intake of breastmilk in your baby:

  • Give your baby one feed when they wake up
  • Get them some breakfast
  • Allow your baby a mid-morning feed just before their naptime
  • Give the baby lunch and breastfeed as per their needs
  • A mid-afternoon feed just before their nap
  • Dinner and breastmilk
  • And last, at bedtime

You can also find a natural comforter for the babies to help take the baby bottle away from them, such as a pacifier. And, replace the breast milk with a natural formula.

Your 45-week-old baby's health

A 45-week old baby or eleven months old is acquiring major milestones and visiting the doctor for a check-up counts as one. Here’s what you can expect from the visit to the baby’s doctor:

  • Tests

In case your baby shows signs of anemia, the health care provider could advise a blood test. This will help check the levels of hemoglobin, iron, and lead.

  • Routine check-up

Expect the baby’s doctor to measure the little one’s height and weight in order to track their development.

  • Vaccination

Anytime between 6-18 months, your baby would require a final dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine, the third dose of the IPV (polio) vaccine, and depending on your baby’s health – an influenza vaccine shot.

Postpartum baby tips: Week 45 after birth

The 45-weeks old baby is learning and developing gradually this week into the life of a toddler from a newborn. Therefore, the parents can expect a lot of changes in their baby that come in naturally. Perhaps, here are a few tips to help you stay aware of certain changes during this week:

Your growing baby

Here are a few changes your growing baby will go through in the 45th week:

  • The toddler will now learn and grasp the concept of “NO,” from you. Perhaps, expect the baby to tease you at every chance she gets, and laugh it out in awe.
  • The 45 weekers might also learn to pass a mischievous grin as and when they do something wrong. This is more to get your attention than to be rebellious in nature.
  • They’ll like to play pretend on the phone just as you do, perhaps imitating to talk to you over the phone.
  • Your baby might have also learned to shake their heads and use single-syllable words.

Your baby being tantrum ready

Yes, the little sweet adorable kid is now capable of throwing tantrums, so be cautious. Here is what you can expect from your baby:

  • With their growing autonomy and still improving communication skills, don’t be shocked if your baby starts throwing mini temper tantrums when they wish to have something.
  • This is because your baby as an individual begins to grow their own personality, with some sensitive or high-babies needing that might result in a minor disruption.
  • However, do not adhere to your baby’s tantrums as this will only teach them that being loud can get them what they wish to. On the other hand, you must leave your baby alone in their crib or room and make sure they know that it isn’t something worth a reward.  

The need for games for your baby in order to build motor skills

  • Peekaboo/Hide and Seek

Play hide and seek with your baby in the house, but do not hide for too long. This helps your baby understand that even if they aren’t around you are always there, and also help get over their separation anxiety. A word of caution, make sure your house is baby-proofed.

  • Tunnel

You can erect a play tunnel for your baby for them to crawl through and come out from the other end. Make sure you are not getting the little one trapped in a long way tunnel as it leads them into fear.

  • Point Game

Ask your baby to point out things in a storybook and also name it. This will help the baby to learn new names and their visuals.

The parents after childbirth of a 45-week old baby: What is happening and what to expect in their forty-five-week after giving birth?

Here are a few tips for our parents to help them simplify their journey with their 45th-week old baby:

Understanding your baby's health and the urgent need of a doctor

Listed below are a few instances where parents must consult a doctor regarding their 45-week old baby during this week:

  • In case you notice an abnormality in the way your baby walks, or is bowed, or has one knee is turned in. This could signal that the baby has rickets or any other condition. Consult your pediatrician for your baby in need of a diet rich in Vitamin D.
  • In case your baby hits themselves on a sharp edge and you notice that your baby is in pain for a few days.

'Mask of pregnancy' in moms

Masks of pregnancy or a ‘Melasma’ is observed as dark brownish patches of discoloration due to the changes in the hormones during pregnancy. This can perhaps affect anyone in the form of hyperpigmentation and goes away post-childbirth.

However, there are cases where this is seen to have exacerbated due to the rays of the sun, therefore, you must then avoid any direct exposure to the sun and use a sunscreen of SPF 30 if required. On the other hand, make sure to visit a dermatologist to discuss these topical treatment options.

Note – Speaking of sunscreen, make sure to put some on your baby too when you plan a playdate with them or a picnic. Also, install a toddler car seat to keep the baby safe.

Final Conclusion

At 45 weeks, there are chances that the baby learns to grow on the wrong path while throwing tantrums at your baby. Perhaps, parents must make sure to not give in to it and let them know that it’s not ok for them to cry just to get what they need.

On the other hand, this week is different as compared to the other weeks as your little sweet baby now grows into an independent toddler.

45-week-old baby FAQs:

1. How many months are a 45 weeks old baby?

At 45 weeks, your baby is 11 months and two weeks old. Expect them to be comparatively independent and responsible with a good intake of solids.

2. What should a 45-week old baby eat?

A 45 weeker can be expected to have a good intake of solids with breastmilk.

3. What can a baby at 45 weeks do?

A 45-week old baby can now be able to stand unsupportive, be aware of their surroundings, and can shake their head.
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