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Your 46-week-old baby – development & growth

Table of Contents

46-week-old baby

Table of Contents

46-week-old baby –Encouraging baby’s listening skills, and some much-needed pro tips on taking your baby out for dinner dates!

Your baby's forty-six weeks after birth

The 46 weeks old baby develops drastically and is expected to cross various important milestones. However, expect the little one to develop slower in the last few days as compared to the earlier weeks. Here your baby progresses from crawling to now standing while they hold onto the furniture around. While on the other hand, other babies may also start taking and develop sensory and cognitive skills along with their physical development.

However, it is time for parents to observe the baby a little more as they are too curious about everything around and might also be tempted to put it in their mouth this week. To know more about the toddlers and what you can expect out of them, read on!

Your 46-week-old baby's development and physical growth

Let us now understand what happens with the little one in their forty-six-week after birth in terms of the baby’s development during this week.

Your baby's weight:

  • Expect your baby to weigh anything from around 19.4 lbs to 20.12 lbs. Nonetheless, if you observe the baby grow less or more, make sure to consult the doctor for help

Your baby's sleep:

  • Good news! You might have had sleepless nights earlier, but this week, catch up on all the lost sleep while your baby does too.
  • They may take about 2 naps for 1 to 2 hours each during the day and sleep for about 10 to 13 hours during the night.

Your baby's diet:

  • At 46 weeks, your baby will now be able to consume soft solid foods, like pancakes.
  • Expect them to chew small amounts of foods in their mouth independently, but be around in order to avoid any choking. Therefore, try to avoid small and round foods like peas or peanuts.
  • Prepare finger foods for them, for instance, long strips of boiled vegetables, banana, orange, sweet lime, etc. Just make sure you deseed the food nicely.
  • Try including mashed fruits ( banana, apple, and pears), and vegetables (potato, sweet potato, spinach, methi, etc) in the baby’s diet. As for non-veg, include pureed cooked chicken, and boiled and scrambled eggs).
  • You must avoid breastfeeding more than 3 – 4 times a day for them to consume more of the solids. If giving formula, 15 to 20 ounces a day is advised.

Your 46-week-old baby's health

A 46-week old baby or eleven months old is acquiring major milestones and visiting the doctor for a check-up counts as one. Here’s what you can expect from the visit to the baby’s doctor:

1. Oral Polio Vaccine:

This is an important vaccine for your 46-week old baby and should be given when due. Gather information about the immunization dates in your area and get the toddler vaccinated.

2. Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR):

This vaccination is given after the completion of 9 months as it helps guard your baby against mumps, measles, and rubella.

3. Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine:

Typhoid vaccination is given after 6 months.

4. Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine (JE)

This vaccine shot is given to babies living in areas that are prone to this disease. Expect your doctor to check their eyes, heartbeat, pulses, hips, movements, the measure of the head, length, and weight.

5. Blood test

This is done in order to rule out any lead exposure or anemia.

Postpartum baby tips: Week 46 after birth

A 46-week old baby when about to complete their first year is acquiring major milestones during this time. Therefore, parents must keep an eye on their day-to-day activity, show love, and be well prepared for every change your baby develops, be it walking or speaking new words. Here are a few things you can expect from your toddler:

Your growing baby:

  • In this week the balance of your baby is likely to improve as they will now learn to stand for a short period without support, though wobbly but confidently.
  • On the other hand, some babies progress from shaky to true walking.
  • Your baby learns to understand what you say and respond in nonverbal language or via babbling.
  • The toddler will register the names of objects and their favorite toy while pointing at it while you speak.

Your baby's skill development:

The toddler in just a few weeks is turning one year old, therefore, you can expect them to progress onto a few milestones rapidly.

  • Motor Skills

Expect your baby to now be able to sit and stand by holding onto something. They will also now be found crawling all over the house and take their first steps this week

  • Hand and Eye Coordination

There will be an improvement in hand and eye coordination and can now independently eat finger foods by grasping them. Your baby will also be able to pick their favorite toys from the ground.

  • Communication Skills

Babies love speaking and babbling this week and will be able to understand gestures, wave to say bye-bye.

  • Cognitive Skills

The 46-week old baby is heading towards their first birthday. Expect them to understand the concept of object permanence, will be involved in finding hidden items, and imitate you. They will also be attracted to colorful books with pictures, and decipher between color, size, and shape.

The need for games for your baby in order to build motor skills

  • Looking for the missing object

In this game, you will need a bright object that you will show your baby and then hide it away. Now ask the toddler to find it, make sure to help them along in order to boost them. Once your baby starts to understand the game, allow them to search for it alone and hide the object when they are not looking. This game will help in developing his/her/their fine motor skills and also the sense of object permanence.

  • Playing with the flour

Here you will require a try with flour spread on it (this is a messy activity so make sure you take care that the baby doesn’t get it into their eyes). Let them feel the flour using their fingers, or place a few toy cars in it. This game will help your baby develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination that will get strengthened.

The parents after childbirth of a 46-week old baby: What is happening and what to expect in their forty-six-week after giving birth?

Here are a few tips for our parents to help them simplify their journey with their 46th-week old baby:

Understanding Postpartum depression?

To your surprise, weaning your baby causes similar feelings as compared to postpartum depression or blues after the birth of your baby. This is caused when you stop nursing the baby, the hormonal fluctuations triggering mild funk, resulting in being sad, lonely, or anxious accompanied with mood swings, crying jags, or appetite loss.

Perhaps, moms must know that it is ok to feel that way. It is only normal to watch your baby grow as independent-crawling around the house who once only sat beside or with you while you breastfeed them. Nonetheless, now that there are more ways to bond with your grown toddler now, get them their favorite toddler toys like the train, water table, outdoor toy, the toddler truck, etc, and spend time with the little one.

Understanding your baby's health and the urgent need of a doctor

Listed below are a few instances where parents must consult a doctor regarding their 46-week old baby during this week:

  • If your baby isn’t crawling, babbling, or holding onto things, or playing.
  • If they fail to balance themselves while sitting or standing.
  • If the legs of the little one feel bent or unequal when standing.

Understanding the care for your 46-week old baby

  • As the baby learns to crawl all around the house this week, it is advisable to make sure that the floors are clean properly and disinfected.
  • Cover all electric sockets and electric appliances.
  • Keep an eye while the little one plays, as they are now developing the habit to put things in their mouth.
  • Babies love to eat on their own now, make sure that they are taking smaller bites and are swelling things that are unwanted.
  • Make it a part of your routine to read to your baby daily. This will help them increase their vocabulary, learn the language, know of the objects, colors, shapes, etc.
  • Take them out in their toddler carrier to help build their social skills.

To Conclude

The rate of the 46-week old baby development might seem to be slower as compared to the earlier weeks but they are now growing into becoming independent toddlers, being alert and curious of course! Perhaps, parents must make sure they are well alert and cautious while the little one is busy playing on their own or crawling around the whole house. This is also a good age to read to them in order to help build their speaking and learning skills while also making sure they have bonding sessions assigned to deal with postpartum depression.

FAQs: Your 46-week-old baby - development and growth

1. How many months are a 46 weeks old baby?

At 46 weeks, your baby is 11 months and three weeks old. Expect them to be independent, curious, and responsible with a maximum intake of solids.

2. What should a 46-week old baby eat?

The baby this week should be consuming more soft solids. This includes mashed fruits, vegetables, finger foods, tender meats, etc, with less breastmilk.

3. What can a baby at 46 weeks do?

The 46 weekers can now stand without support, learn new words and gestures, be curious about things, want to find hidden things, and find colorful objects attractive.

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