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Your 44-week-old baby – development & growth

Table of Contents

44-week-old baby

Table of Contents

Why is week 44 the ideal time to switch to convertible car seats and questions to ask at your 44-week-old baby potential daycare?

Your baby's forty-four weeks after birth

A 44-week old baby in terms of their development will be able to say distinct words, especially indicating towards their favorite toys, and say ‘Dada’ or ‘Mamma’ too. They are perhaps just a step away from walking and standing independently while confidently cruising along with the furniture, and sit upright all their own. 

Adding on, if you are still feeding the baby from a baby bottle, it’s the right time to slowly withdraw, however, it’s ok to breastfeed till 24 months. You must also get the little one to solids as it is the best time to wean off the bottle and increase solids in the feed. The baby can also be served homemade food now, but in a 3-meal, 2-snack pattern. To know more as to what else can you expect from the 44-week old baby, read on!

Your 44-week-old baby's development and physical growth

Let us now understand what happens with the little one in their forty-four-week after birth in terms of the baby’s development during this week.

Your baby's weight:

  • Expect your baby to weigh between 18.11 lbs to 20.3 lbs. However, if parents observe the little one to weigh more or less than the expected range, contact your doctor.

Your baby's sleep:

  • If the little one has withdrawn the baby milk bottles, allow them to use a comforter like a pacifier. This will help them sleep well and not face any challenges while catching their beauty sleep. However, make sure to remove the pacifier once your baby has fallen asleep to avoid any choking hazards.
  • Use a baby night light or a white noise machine to further help them have a comfortable sleep.
  • As your baby is learning to talk more and is making sounds this week around, make sure to reserve the dummy for sleep times only, as during the other times it might cause disturbances in the mouth, preventing them from trying new vocabulary and enhancing their speaking skills.
  • A word of caution, in case your baby uses a pacifier even after they are two years of age, you must prevent it soon as it could cause problems with his teeth.

Your baby's diet

  • Your 44-week-old baby is now progressing from bottles to sippy cups and also from formula to processed cow milk. However, they might still drink formula during breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, mid-afternoon, dinner, and in the middle of the night ( if needed).
  • However, this is the time to help reduce the baby’s intake of milk at mealtimes by giving them a cup during the meal. Babies tend to drink less from a cup as to the baby bottles, and that’s ok. As parents, your goal is to reduce the milk feed in the next two months.
  • In case weaning the bottle is harder, you can try and modify their sleep routine as per their comfort to gradually reduce your baby’s connection with the bottle.
  • As the little one is nearing 1 year of age, they must start consuming solids, this includes about 4-6 servings a day of milk or any dairy product like yogurt.

Your 44-week-old baby's health

A 44-week old baby or ten months old is acquiring major milestones and visiting the doctor for a check-up counts as one. Here’s what you can expect from the visit to the baby’s doctor:

  • Tests

Expect your baby’s doctor to opt for a blood test for your baby in case they show any signs of anemia or any other disorder with the hemoglobin/lead/iron tests.

  • Vaccination

The baby might have to take a third dose of the IPV (polio) vaccine and the final dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine.

Postpartum baby tips: Week 44 after birth

While your baby this week is making progress from their milk bottles to their sippy cups and from formula to processed milk, it is huge for both, the parents and the baby. Your baby is also learning new words, gestures, play, therefore, parents must look out and be well prepared for the other changes that come by. Here are a few for the parent’s perusal:

Your baby's increasing vocabulary

  • Babies at 44 weeks speak their first words if they haven’t already and will be able to use one or two words repeatedly.
  • They will also use gestures as a mode to communicate, for instance, they will point at things they love and wish to play with. However, be prepared for them to also point at a cat and say dog, they are only at the initial stages of their speaking skills, but are soon catching up.
  • They also pay a lot of attention to their surroundings and learn new words, perhaps, you might need to be very careful with what you say around the little one now as they are likely to imitate you later.

Your baby's newfound love towards the water

You can now expect the 44 weekers to be fascinated by water. They will love to splash in it, taste, pour, and themselves wet whenever possible. Therefore, this is the best time to get your baby a baby pool or a water table per se. However, there are a few things you must keep in mind while the little one gets attached to water: 

  • Do not leave your baby alone in the water, even if it’s for five seconds and the water is shallow. Irrespective of the baby becoming a pro at sitting and walking, it is always a danger for babies to drown even in an inch of water while bathing or swimming.
  • Make sure you have a pool that is well enclosed by a fence, at least four feet high with a self-latching gate.
  • Make sure your baby has an actual life vest, with arm floats and an inflatable swim ring for precautions. 
  • Do not leave a bucket of standing water anywhere around your baby. The little curious cruiser might just get tempted to explore the water or even the pre-soaking laundry tub.
  • Keep the lids down in the household toilets, or it is best to childproof the house.
  • Purchase a non-skid mat for the tub to help your baby stay upright.

The need for games for your baby in order to build motor skills

Here are a few games that you can play with your 44 weeker baby:

  • Hide and Seek

Play hide and seek with your baby in the house, but do not hide for too long. This helps your baby understand that even if they aren’t around you are always there. A word of caution, make sure your house is baby-proofed.

  • Play Ball

In this game, you’ll need to sit across your baby and roll the ball towards them to roll it back to you. This will help them increase their motor skills.

  • Point Game

Ask your baby to point out things in a storybook and also name it. This will help the baby to learn new names and their visuals.

  • Patty Cake

This game will enhance the words and gestures that the baby can learn and also still practice hand mobility.

The parents after childbirth of a 44-week old baby: What is happening and what to expect in their forty-four-week after giving birth?

Here are a few tips for our parents to help them simplify their journey with their 44th-week old baby:

Your baby's care

  • Make sure to purchase a convertible car seat for the infant while they are traveling with you.
  • Let the child have a proper diet packed with nutritious food, this includes lots of fruits, veggies, and omega-3s, with rest.
  • Make sure to wash your hands soon after your arrival home.
  • If you are leaving your baby at daycare, make it a point to ask as to how often they clean/sanitize the baby toys.
  • Consult your baby’s pediatrician in regards to the little one’s vitamins and probiotics to help boost their immune system.
  • Keep the baby’s medical shots up-to-date.

Understanding your baby's health and the urgent need of a doctor

Listed below are a few instances where parents must consult a doctor regarding their 44-week old baby during this week:

  • As your baby grows into throwing tantrums, they will also try holding their breath, but you need not adhere to it as they might acquire this bad habit. However, consult your doctor once as they might choose to provide the baby with iron supplements.
  • If the baby falls while crawling and the area swells, has a cut, or a bruise on their head, or has a chipped front tooth, consult a doctor or a dentist as per the need.

To Conclude

As the 44 weeker grows into the completion of their one year, they might at times become a challenge as they develop mischievous nature and habits. Perhaps, it is important for the parents to not adhere to it and teach them what’s wrong and what’s not.

This is also the best age to teach them new things, words, and develop their fine motor skills. However, as for parents, you must also take a break as and when needed and must also make sure to use appropriate words and actions around the little ones as they can imitate the same soon enough.

FAQs- FAQs: Your 44-week-old baby - development and growth

1. How many months are a 44 weeks old baby?

A 44-week old baby is officially past ten-months and is only eight more away from their first birthday. They will this week spend more time staying upright and using the furniture for support.

2. What should a 44-week old baby eat?

A 44 weeker is transitioning from bottles to sippy cups or cups, and from formula milk to cow's milk. They also now consume more solids and refrain a little from milk

3. What can a baby at 44 weeks do?

A baby of 44 weeks is able to walk confidently, is learning new words, use the word 'mama' and 'dada' more often, are transgressing from bottles to cups, etc. Read the article above to know more.

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