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What is Cryptic Pregnancy: Can You Be Pregnant With No Symptoms?

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can you be pregnant with no symptoms

Some of the iconic pregnancy symptoms are breast tenderness, food cravings, heartburn, and morning sickness. They vary in severity and duration from person to person and in some won’t exist at all. The first 13 weeks of early pregnancy (the first trimester) is when most pregnant women experience symptoms of expecting like breast soreness, sensitivity to smells, fatigue, and more. Remember that there is no “normal” when it comes to discussing the severity, type, and presence of pregnancy symptoms.

Wondering can you be pregnant with no symptoms? Here’s what you need to know if you have none of the typical symptoms of pregnancy. Learn more about cryptic pregnancy (the no symptoms pregnancy), and what causes them.

Am I Pregnant? It’s Different for Everyone

Studies have shown that 1 in 475 women won’t realize their pregnancy until they reach their 5th month or 20th week of pregnancy. “Denied” or “cryptic” pregnancies can occur for several reasons like PCOS. More about cryptic pregnancies coming up but before that let’s take a look at the possible reason for no pregnancy symptoms

1. Stress or Fear

The journey of motherhood is normalized as being exciting and happy. The other side of the coin is that it could instill stress and fear in women (especially women with mental health issues like schizophrenia or BPD). Deep denial is one emotion that women deal with when it comes to pregnancy: a deep-rooted powerful defense mechanism that makes it possible to talk themselves out of every pregnancy symptom they experience. The denial of pregnancy can be termed psychotic or non-psychotic.

2. Weight Changes

If a woman is overweight or their weight keeps changing, they may fail to recognize the extra baby weight. They may not even feel the physical feelings of being pregnant.

3. Period Issues

When you miss a period, you will probably misunderstand it as your regularly irregular periods instead of pregnancy. Issues with the menstrual cycle can be caused by

4. Changes in Fetal Movement

Usually, the symptoms of pregnancy decrease as the journey progresses but if you feel ever feel the absence of fetal movement after 16 or 20 weeks of being pregnant, you must seek medical attention. The absence of that pregnancy symptoms means something more serious such as

  • The placement of the placenta in front of the uterine wall
  • The fetus is on a “sleep cycle” which can lower the bouts of daily fetal kicks
  • The umbilical cord being compressed (such as the nuchal cord)

Typically, all these will be resolved by a midwife or a doctor with the help of an ultrasound.

5. Disappearing Symptoms

Your pregnancy symptoms might suddenly vanish (especially in the first trimester) which is a call for concern. You may not feel pregnant anymore and if this happens, call your midwife or doctor. It could indicate a miscarriage even with its common signs such as cramping or bleeding.

6. Implantation Bleeding

About 2 weeks after conception, your baby attaches itself to the sides of your uterus and that can make you bleed. You may mistake this as a period especially if you are used to having light periods, intermittent spotting and bleeding are common even in a healthy pregnancy.

The Bottom Line: Can You Be Pregnant With no Symptoms?

A pregnancy with no symptoms is called cryptic pregnancy. She might not be aware until very late into her pregnancy or even at the time of labor. It’s important to watch out for early signs of pregnancy such as

If you know you have mental health conditions, also know that you may be in denial of the obvious symptoms. Get in touch with your medical advisor as to how to proceed. Never hesitate to ask what is wrong or why anything suspicious is happening. Cryptic pregnancies may put the baby at risk of

Again, don’t ever hesitate to seek medical help if you are confused or worried about the symptoms that you are or you are not having at any point of your mum-to-be journey. The reassurance they can give will ease your stress and keep your pregnancy healthy and memorable.

FAQs: Can You Be Pregnant With No Symptoms

1. Can there be no pregnancy symptoms in the early weeks?

Some pregnant women will be relieved to have no to negligible symptoms of pregnancy but it's okay to worry too if you are not one of them. A no-symptom pregnancy doesn't mean your journey is not healthy or that it will end up in a miscarriage. While it is uncommon, a pregnancy with no symptoms is not impossible.

2. What are the signs of hidden pregnancy?

If you aren't experiencing any early symptoms of pregnancy like breast tenderness, vomiting, nausea, or cramping, it might be difficult to know if you are actually pregnant or not. Even with mild morning sickness, it may go unnoticed as you will write it as a probable stomach bug. Other signs of a cryptic pregnancy are not having a pronounced baby bump or significant weight gain.

3. Can you be pregnant with no symptoms by 4 weeks?

Yes, women with 4 weeks of pregnancy don't typically show any symptoms. By the 5th week, half of the women will experience symptoms but majorly it's the 6th week that brings in full-fledged symptoms in pregnant women.

4. How long can pregnancy hide?

Medical research suggests that the state of denied pregnancy is common. In about 1 in 475 pregnancies, women were unaware of their condition until 20 weeks of gestation or longer.

5. What causes hidden pregnancy?

Women who recently gave birth or carried may take some time to have their pregnancy hormones back in their normal cycle. During this time they may start ovulating but may not know it. Even throughout their breastfeeding tenure, they may ovulate and leading to a cryptic pregnancy.


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