Best Prenatal Vitamins of 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Best Prenatal Vitamins

Pregnancy is one of the most-awaited and perhaps, the most sacred experiences a woman experiences in her lifetime. Having said that, pregnancy is also one of the most crucial times in a woman’s life. During pregnancy, a mother is no longer an individual, and hence, even the amount of nutrition that she needs increases manifold times. While a healthy food diet is most recommended, one cannot dismiss the importance of supplements for those extra nutrients required by the mother’s body. This is where Prenatal Vitamins come into play.

Prenatal vitamins are specifically engineered for expecting mothers; to fulfill their nutritional needs and the needs of the baby in them alike. Prenatal vitamins have particularly those nutrients that can help better develop the fetus in the womb. For instance, Prenatal vitamins have folic acid, an element that is essential for all-round development of a baby’s brain during the early days. Other Prenatal vitamins that are typically recommended around the third trimester of pregnancy contain vitamin D and calcium that work towards the development of a baby’s teeth and bones.

Before we get to the list of the best, top-recommended prenatal vitamins an expecting mother should consider; let us touch base on some frequently asked questions about prenatal vitamins.

How do I know what kind of prenatal vitamins are the best?

To make this pick easy for you, we have listed the primary nutrients that a pregnant woman needs as recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Each of these amounts is recommended on a per-day basis:

  1. Folic acid: 600 mcg
  2. Iron: 27 mg
  3. Calcium: 1,000 mg (consider prenatal for calcium only if your regular dairy diet does not fulfill the requirement)
  4. Vitamin D: 600 IU
  5. Vitamin A: 770 mcg
  6. Vitamin C: 85 mg
  7. Vitamin B6: 1.9 mg
  8. Vitamin B12: 2.6 mcg

At what stage of pregnancy should I take Prenatal vitamins?

Gynecologists ideally recommended consumption of prenatal at least a month prior to conception and all the until childbirth. Besides, prenatal vitamins are recommended even if you are not pregnant yet but are planning a pregnancy with your partner.

Let us now get our list of the best, top-recommended prenatal vitamins to choose from in 2020!

1.Smarty Pants Organics Prenatal Formula Multivitamin Gummies (Priced at $22.00) Power-packed with: Folic Acid, Vitamin D, and 48 gm of DHA

A lot of females face some major problems with swallowing pills during pregnancy as it causes nausea and other forms of discomfort. In cases like such, Smarty Pants Organics should be your-go prenatal vitamins because they are chewable, offered in the form of dummies! These dummies, sure to take you down on a trip of nostalgia, are available in multiple flavours like that of lemon, orange, and strawberry-banana. They are 100% organic, free of any synthetic flavours, artificial colours, sweeteners, fructose, corn syrup, or other preservatives of sorts.

As per the instructions on the bottle, expecting mothers are recommended to have at least 6 dummies per day.

The gummies do not contain any iron or calcium.

Smarty Pants Organics Prenatal Formula Multivitamin Gummies

2. Nature Made Prenatal Multivitamin & DHA Softgels (Priced at $20.99) Power-packed with: Folic Acid, Iron, and Vitamin D amongst other essential nutrients

One of the most helpful and fairly-priced prenatal vitamins out there, nature. Apart from being able to meet all your nutritional requirements at an economical price, these capsules are also a top-favorite because they need to be consumed only once a day! This essentially means you do not need to worry about popping the pills multiple times a day along with all the other worries that come with the pregnancy anyway.


These soft gels contain only 150 gm of calcium which means you cannot completely depend on these tablets for your calcium quota. It is recommended to include elements of dairy in your regular diet to make up for the lack of it.

Nature Made Prenatal Multivitamin & DHA Softgels

3.Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA (Priced at $24.81) Power-packed with: 400 I.U. of vitamin D3 and 480 mg DHA per serving

For mothers who are recommended to level-up their intake of DHA, the Nordic Naturals Prenatal tables should be the go-to! With the whopping amount of 480 gm of DHA per serving, it overrules the need for the ideally recommended omega-3s for the development of a baby’s brain.

Besides, Nordic Naturals are certified by NSF International to be free of any toxins or heavy metals.

The Nordic Natural tablets are essentially a supplement for DHA and are not the regular definition of multivitamins. They do not contain any iron, folic acid, or other vitamins and minerals. 

Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA

4.Honest Prenatal Vitamins Prenatal Once Daily (Priced at $19.95) Power-Packed with vitamin D, iron and folic acid, spirulina, and other organic ingredients.

Some mothers have a particularly sensitive stomach during pregnancy and The Honest Company understands that very well. These prenatal vitamins, apart from the aforementioned goodness, also contain digestive enzymes found in papaya, pineapple, kiwi, and ginger that help the pills suit even the most fragile stomachs. The tablets are also coated in vanilla to disguise the bitter-tasting elements of the medicine, making it so much easier to swallow.

Con- These natural-made prenatal pills contain only 200 gm of calcium. Hence, balancing the requirement of calcium is necessary with dairy supplements in your regular diet.

Honest Prenatal Vitamins Prenatal Once Daily

5.One a day Women's Prenatal 1 Multivitamin (Priced at $13.97) Power-packed with folic acid, omega 3 DHA, calcium, vitamin D, and iron

There is just so much better about these prenatal vitamin pills, we purposely put it at the end of the list to let it gain some special attention. Apart from being made with all these enriching nutrients, these vitamins come in at a very reasonable price and are found almost everywhere- from the pharmacy close to your house to the huge supermarket in the city center. Besides, these also have to be taken only once in a day, making nutrition so simple and hassle-free! Cons? Well, nothing that bothered us really!

One a day Women's Prenatal 1 Multivitamin

FAQs- Best Prenatal Vitamins of 2020

1.Are prenatal vitamins harmful to women who are not pregnant?

Most definitely, yes! Prenatal vitamins are essentially taken to supply the extra nutrients an expecting mother would require. A pregnant woman specifically needs these “extra” nutrients because she has two lives going on at once and hence, her body needs to provide for both. Prenatal vitamins, if taken by non-pregnant females, could cause the nutrient levels in the body to rise to really high levels, causing more harm than benefit.

2.What happens if I miss taking my prenatal pills?

Nothing really! Prenatal pills are just a way to balance and supply the nutrients required by a pregnant woman. It is okay if you happen to miss your pills once in a while, just ensure that you, however, never compromise on your diet.

3.What does prenatal mean?

Prenatal, in English, literally means before birth or during pregnancy.

4.Do prenatal vitamins make you gain weight?

The weight that you are gaining is perhaps your baby fat and not vitamin fat! Vitamins are free of calories and hence, not only prenatal vitamin pills - but any form of vitamin pills will never have you gain weight.

Concluding Words-

Now that you are equipped with a quick cheat list of the prenatal vitamin supplements you can buy, let us also run you through this one last thing- how to know what prenatal vitamins work best for you. Well, when unsure of which vitamins to buy, just chalk out your diet on an average day and try to see what are those nutrients that you specifically lack in your diet. For vegetarians, iron supplements would be much-needed, for vegans, calcium supplements would be needed for fish haters, supplements with DHA would be needed, and so on.

Also, whatever you choose to buy at the end of the day, please ensure to always double-check with your consulting gynecologist and to keep her in the loop about what’s going inside your baby bump!

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