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Top 7 Best Potty Training Seats

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Best Potty Training Seat

7 Best Potty Training Seats

Potty training can be tough on both, the parents and the baby and is certainly not the favorite parenting job. However, the highlight of it all is, once the newborns or babies have passed the absorbent diapers stage, it turns out to be the best. But, make it all worth it, you’d need the best potty seat for potty training and Parenthood bliss is all ready to help you out with the best potty chair or potty seat (both easy to clean). Read on to know more!

Potty Chair vs. Potty Seat in Potty training

While you are braving to potty train the little one, it is important to know that there are two options for you to choose from: the best potty chair and potty training toilet seat for the standard toilet.

Potty Chair:

Potty chairs are portable and easy for the little one to sit on its miniature version of the otherwise normal toilets that are used. In other words, these are baby version toilets that include a dry basin where the baby poops and needs to be emptied in the regular toilet to clean.

Potty Seat:

These are functional additional baby seats that get attached to the regular toilet seats and take extra bathroom space. They do not allow the baby to fall in as they have a reduced bowl side helping the baby to balance.

How to decide between, best Potty Chairs and Potty seats ?

The simplest way of deciding between the two is to know if the little one has grown enough to reach the regular toilets. If they do opt for the potty seat instead of the potty chair is for sure away in the correct direction or smart potty training. You can then, completely do away with the chair and the extra spacing required for it with a pint-sized seat that also makes sure to be small enough to avoid any accidents in the adult toilet. ( Just in case they are just about the size of the regular toilet seat but are falling short from a few inches, parents can make use of a step stool).

On the other hand, if the baby is too short (which is completely ok as the growth depends on the individuals), its best option is to get them these potty chairs for their potty training and are also easy to clean.

When is a toddler toilet seat needed ?

Generally, these toddler toilet seats are needed around one-and-half to three-years of age, when they are not in need of the diapers as they have control over their bladder and don’t go to the bathroom frequently, the little one may be ready for a toilet trainer.  The other sign could be them being aware that they need to go to the washroom.

The best potty training seats for the toddler

Listed below are our best potty training seat reviews as per what works best for the baby.

1) BabyBjorn Smart Potty Chair: Best Potty Training Seat

BabyBjorn Smart Potty Chair Parenthoodbliss

This simple size potty is sleek featuring a comfortable high seat back with a built-in splash guard. The stand-alone non-slip chair comes in a range of colors and is easy to clean. The only downside is that it requires space.

2) Munchkin toilet training Potty Seat: Best Potty Training Seat

Munchkin toilet training Potty Seat

This toilet seat is designed to fit most adult toilet seats that are safe and secure, keeping the baby in place. It also features a handle that makes it even more secure with its non-skid edges, preventing any movement, and has a splash guard as well. The bottom of the seat looks like it’s standing with its two shaped “feet” used for stand-up storage. Adding on, if parents do not wish to keep the seat on the floor, they can make use of the handles and hang it on a towel bar or on the side of the bathtub.

3) Summer Infant My Size Potty Chair: Best Potty Training Seat

Summer Infant My Size Potty Chair

This infant my size potty is a pint-sized toilet that features toilet handles, it makes a flushing sound, a flip-up lid, and built-in wipes or toilet paper dispenser. The potty looks like a miniature version of the design, helping the toddlers feel comfortable and confident when training for potty.

4) Potty Training Seat with a step stool ladder: Best Potty Training Seat

Potty Training Seat with a step stool ladder

While the toddler is at his/her/their potty business, they could need a step stool, not only to climb but to act as a hard ground for them to rest their feet. This easy to remove potty seat provides just that, it has a tiny step ladder that is attached to the seat conveniently with an adjustable fit and is safe and slip-proof. The best feature of this potty seat is that it is easily foldable when not in use.

5) BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer Seat: Best Potty Training Seat

BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer Seat

Does your baby eat and rush to the washroom immediately? If yes, you will need a toilet seat that is light to carry in such situations. This toilet training seat is lightweight, comfortable, featuring an adjustable dial providing a secure fit. It also has an inward-facing splash guard that is easy to clean and prevents any spills with a built-in handle.

6) Munchkin Arm and Hammer 3-in-1 Potty Multistage: Best Potty Training Seat

Munchkin Arm and Hammer 3-in-1 Potty Multistage

If you can’t still decide between the two, that is, the potty chair and seat, this ergonomic design multistage arm and hammer could be the one that may earn you a fortune. It features a removable top that could be attached to both, the potty chair and the adult toilet, a lid,  a seat over the removable basin to avoid the little buns from sticking, and a baking soda disc that is built in to eliminate any nasty odors.

7) 2-in-1 OXO Tot Go Potty: Best Potty Training Seat

2-in-1 OXO Tot Go Potty

As terrified as you might be when it comes to potty training, it does kick in when you understand that you might as well have to travel. This travel-friendly pal then can be used as a  door at some point in the whole process. This multipurpose OXO tot potty can be used as a seat as well as a stand-alone potty chair, it can also be folded for easy storage under your stroller, in the trunk of your car, and even the diaper bag.

Best Potty Training Seat Final conclusion

Parenthood bliss does understand that potty training could be daunting for parents, but given that you choose the right product and buy the best potty training seat that suits for the kids’ weather if it is a high backrest, you have it all sorted. Just make sure to ask the right questions before you purchase in terms of the need, value, space, and requirement. We hope the list above has helped you choose your pick and made it easy for you to start potty training.

Best Potty Training Seat FAQs

1) Which amongst the two is better for potty training ?

Practically speaking, the potty seats are anytime better than the chairs as they have to sit on actual seats and this helps ensure the little ones get used to the regular toilets and will be able to acclimate to toilets in general, not get intimidated by them when you're not with them. You wouldn't have to dump out anything and clean the dump several times in a day like you have to do with a potty chair. But, if the toddlers are not reaching the regular seats even after you provide them with the clean and slip-free step stool, potty chairs must be used to avoid any accidents until they can use the toilets in general by 2-3 years of age.

2) When must parents start potty training the toddlers ?

Potty training is an important milestone. Parents start training the children generally between 18 months and 3 years of age. However, the average age of potty training is around 27 months.

3) What happens if you start the potty training comparatively early ?

Training a child early could lead to toilet accidents as the bladder isn't strong enough. It could also result in constipation, kidney damage, and urinary tract infections as they will be holding in their bowel movements long enough. So, make sure to start around 27 months.

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