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20 Unique And Best Baby Shower Games Ideas to Wow Your Guests

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best Baby Shower Game Ideas

Baby Shower Bonanza! Best Baby Shower Game Ideas Ever!

Just like any good party, the best baby showers are the ones where everyone’s chatting up a storm and having a blast. And you know what gets the party going? Some awesome baby shower games! We’ve got a bunch of top picks for you, ranging from games that both guys and gals will love, to super easy ones you can whip out on the spot.

Oh, and we’ve even got some unique games that’ll seriously impress even the most bored-out-of-their-mind guests. So, keep scrolling for a bunch of fun baby shower game ideas, and get ready to have a blast!

Key Highlights

  1. Wishes for Baby
  2. Who Knows Mommy Best?
  3. Guess Who?
  4. How Old Was She?
  5. Bobbing for Pacifiers
  6. Find the Guest!
  7. Don’t Say Baby
  8. Guess the Candy Bar
  9. Because I Said So!
  10. What’s Mommy Craving?
  11. Don’t Drop the (Egg) Baby
  12. The Left-Right Game
  13. Play Dough Babies
  14. Diaper Change Relay Race
  15. The Mommy or Daddy Game
  16. Emoji Anagrams
  17. Hang the Diaper
  18. The Price Is Right Baby Shower Game
  19. Baby Shower Bingo
  20. Do You Know What It Is?

20 Best Games For a Baby Shower!

A little tip before we begin: make sure you have extra prizes for each game, just in case!

1. Who Knows Mommy Best?

This here is one of our top baby shower game ideas. Get to know the parents-to-be’s childhood like a boss. Grab a piece of paper and jot down your questions about their early days. Keep it hush-hush, don’t let anyone peek. Then, gather everyone around and start reading out your questions. Each guest has to scribble down their answers on paper. The one who gets the most right answers takes the crown and wins the game.

2. Guess Who?

So, when you’re throwing a baby shower, the first thing you do is send out those baby shower invites to all your peeps. Now, here’s a cool game idea for you: when you send out the invites, tell everyone to bring a baby photo to the party. Once the shower kicks off, gather up all those adorable pics and stick ’em on the walls with numbers next to ’em. Then, hand out some blank lists with numbers on ’em and have your guests take a wild guess at who’s who in each photo. It’s one of the best baby shower games out there!

3. How Old Were They?

Get the guest of honor to dig up some old pictures of themselves from back in the day. Put them on a poster board or scatter them on a table with a number by each one. Now comes the fun part: ask your guests to guess how old the parent-to-be was in each picture. They can write down their answers, and whoever gets the most correct guesses is the ultimate champ of this game!

4. Bobbing for Pacifiers

Get a bunch of bowls and fill them with water. Arrange the bowls in a row and drop some pacifiers into each bowl. Then, line up your guests with their hands behind their backs. To start the game, shake a rattle or blow a whistle. The challenge is to grab all the pacifiers from the bowls as quickly as possible. Whoever manages to get all their pacifiers first is the winner!

If you want to make it even more exciting, you can buy some prizes for the baby shower and number them. You can also number the pacifiers to match. This way, the game becomes a double treat! And guess what? The pacifiers can be used as a gift too. Just make sure to wash and sterilize them carefully, then place them in a pretty box with a ribbon. It’s a thoughtful present for the soon-to-be parent(s).

5. Find the Guest!

This is another awesome baby shower game idea for you! Make a list of interesting tidbits that could apply to any of your guests. Stuff like “attended so-and-so college,” “drives a Volvo,” or “has a little munchkin under 3 years old.” Then, you place a copy of this list on every guest’s seat.

Each guest has to mingle and get to know each other real quick to find people who match those categories on the list. The person who manages to meet the most guests and check off the most fun facts from the list becomes the ultimate champion of the game!

6. Don’t Say Baby

When your buddies show up for the party, give ’em five clothespins to stick on their outfits and tell ’em one rule: No saying “baby.” While everyone’s mingling and having a good time, they gotta listen up. If they catch someone dropping the B-word, they can snatch one of their clothespins. At the end of the baby shower (or whenever the game’s over), whoever’s got the most clothespins wins!

7. Guess the Candy Bar

Here’s another fun baby shower game idea: Get a bunch of mini-chocolate bars, melt ’em down, and pour each type onto separate diapers. Now, here’s the twist: Guests have to sniff or maybe even give ’em a little taste to guess which chocolate is on each diaper. The one who guesses the most right wins! It might sound a bit weird, but hey, who can resist the irresistible charm of chocolate, right? Baby shower game ideas nailed it!

8. Because I Said So!

Get your guests to jot down hilarious parenting saying or a nugget of advice that reminds them of their parents. Keep it short and snappy! Toss all those slips into a bowl, give it a good mix, and let everyone pick one out (but if someone gets their own, they gotta go for a redraw, no cheating!). Now comes the fun part—try to guess who wrote each saying and whether they’d say it to their kiddo now that they’re a parent (or in the future if they’re not one yet). 

9. What’s Mommy Craving?

Pregnancy isn’t just about wild smells and tastes—it can also lead to some hilarious food cravings. Get the pregnant person to spill the beans on all the weird stuff they’ve been hankering for, but without actually uttering the food names. Now it’s time for the guests to put their detective hats on and jot down their guesses for each craving. Whoever gets the most right answers is the champ of the baby shower game! Need some baby shower game ideas? Well, this one’s a winner!

10. Don't Drop the (Egg) Baby

Get all your guests to jazz up an egg and make it look like a cute baby. They can use paints, food coloring, or any other decorations they fancy. Once the eggs are all dolled up, it’s time for a hilarious race! Each guest will have to balance their egg “baby” on a spoon while they make their way to the finish line. They can hold the spoon in their hand or even clench it between their teeth if they’re up for a challenge. You can decide if it’s gonna be a straightforward race or a relay race, totally your call! It’s gonna be egg-cellent fun!

11. The Left-Right Game

All you gotta do here is find or create a story, print it out, and grab a small, light prize to wrap up. Get your guests to gather in a circle and hand someone the wrapped prize and start reading the story aloud. Every time you say “left” or “right” in the story (and trust me, there will be plenty), everyone has to pass the prize in that direction. The lucky person who ends up holding the prize when the story comes to an end gets to take it home as their prize!

12. Play Dough Babies

Get those creative vibes going by handing out baking cups and a variety of colorful play dough to all your guests. Set a timer for 15 minutes and let the sculpting showdown begin! The challenge is to create the most adorable dough baby within the time limit. To make it even more exciting, throw in some plastic knives, pencils, or any other artsy tools your guests can use.

13. Emoji Anagrams

Here’s another fun baby shower game idea! Get some lists of emoji anagrams for everyone. You can print them out or order them online. Then, tell your guests to guess the baby-related words or phrases that are spelled out using emojis. They just need to write down their answers on the sheet. The person who guesses the most correctly is the winner! Enjoy everyone’s emoji-decoding skills!

14. Diaper Change Relay Race

Get your guests into teams of the same size and have them line up. When the relay race kicks off, the first person on each team has to change a diaper on a toy. They gotta wipe the toy’s bottom with a baby wipe, put on a fresh diaper, and dress it up in a cute jumpsuit. Then it’s the next person’s turn to do the same thing. The team that manages to change the doll’s diaper for everyone once is the winner. It’s the best baby shower game that guests usually have a blast with!

15. The Mommy or Daddy Game

Jot down a bunch of questions that can be answered with “mom” or “dad”. Just print out a bunch of copies and make sure each guest gets one. Once everyone has written down their answers, bring the future parents up front and start the fun! Read out the questions and let them share their responses. The guest who gets the most answers right wins a prize!

16. Hang the Diaper

You’re gonna create a couple of cute clotheslines. You can either stick ’em up on some sticks or have a few folks from each team hold the ends of the string. Then, divide your guests into teams, set a timer, and challenge them to hang up as many diapers as they can. The team that manages to get the most diapers on the line is gonna be the big winner!

17. The Price Is Right Baby Shower Game

Grab a sheet of paper and make copies for all your buddies. On each sheet, jot down a bunch of baby stuff with specific quantities, like a massive box of 88 Pampers Swaddlers. Now, ask your pals to guess how much each item costs and jot down their answers. Once everyone’s done, it’s time to add up their guesses. The person who gets closest to the right total without going over wins!

18. Baby Shower Bingo

Before the big bash, make sure you print out our awesome baby bingo sheets and hand ’em out to all the peeps coming over. Each card should be unique, with a different mix of gift items. Then, when the parents-to-be start unwrapping their presents, everyone can mark off any items they see with a cool sticker or just cross ’em out with a pen. The guest who manages to complete a row, column, or diagonal first, is gonna be the big winner of this best baby shower game.

19. Do You Know What It Is?

Grab ten bags, number them, and put one baby item in each of them. Hand out a sheet of paper and a pen to each guest. Randomly distribute the bags among the guests, but here’s the catch: they have to write down what they think is inside each bag without peeking! Once everyone has made their guesses, the mom-to-be will start opening the bags one by one, revealing the contents. The real excitement begins when we find out who guessed the most items correctly and who is the winner!

20. Wishes for Baby

Hand out a sheet and a pen to all your peeps at the baby shower and ask them to fill in the blanks with some crazy wishes and predictions about the baby’s future. You know, stuff like, “You’re gonna make your parents super proud ’cause you’ll chase your dreams like a boss.”

But hey, we’re all about having some fun here, so they can also go wild and write something like, “Your folks will be bursting with pride when you only pee on them, like, twenty times. Keep it classy, kiddo!” Once everyone’s done, it’s time for the big reveal! Each person gets to share their answers, and then we vote for the juiciest response.

Free Dobby Takeaway!

Now, time for the coolest baby shower game ideas for the Potterheads! Here’s what you’ll need: a big poster that says “Free the House Elves!” and a basket. Before the party make sure the guests bring a pair of baby socks to “free the house elves.” Have the guests drop their baby socks into the basket throughout the shower, and when it’s all over, surprise the mom-to-be with her impressive sock stash which she’ll soon come to appreciate when her little elf arrives.

An Endnote

We hope these super cool baby shower game ideas are perfect whether you’re having a small get-together or a mixed-gender party. They’ll surely make your guests have a great time. Hosting a virtual baby shower? No worries, we’ve got you covered with our article on virtual baby shower game ideas too! So, get ready to pick some fun activities and make this a day to remember!

Best Baby Shower Games Ideas FAQs

1. What is a fun game to play at a baby shower?

The Baby Shower Bottle Game, or as some like to call it, the Bottle Race, Bottle Chugging, or Baby Bottle Drink Off is a guaranteed hit. You can use any drink you fancy, but let's be real, beer takes the crown as the most popular choice. So grab those bottles and get ready to have a blast!

2. Which is one of the most classic baby shower games?

Here are some of the best baby shower games:
  • Don't Say Baby
  • Baby Items in the Bag
  • Guess the Baby Game
  • Baby Sketch Artists
  • Guess the Baby Food
  • Mommy and Daddy's Secrets
  • Dirty Diapers
  • Guess the Mother's Measurements
  • 3. How many games should be played at a baby shower?

    Usually, two to four games should do the trick for a baby shower, especially if you're expecting a big crowd. Besides, you gotta make sure there's enough time for grubbin' and unwrapping those presents.

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