12 Best Virtual Baby Shower Games Of 2022

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best Virtual Baby Shower Games

Table of Contents

With the ongoing covid pandemic, having an online baby shower is the only safe option that is available to all of us. However, you might think if these virtual baby showers could actually make any difference, as they are all about gathering, talks, gifts, and games!

The answer is yes! As it is impossible for us to get wide in the outside, Parenthoodbliss has sneaked in a little and came up with the best virtual baby shower games that will transform the whole idea of showers and these are guaranteed to be fun, as well as exciting through a Zoom or Skype meeting.

So, best friends, colleagues, friends, family members, etc, let’s get together and give the mom-to-be that best virtual baby shower, just as she deserves. This article accumulates the top 12 best virtual baby shower games.

Read on to know more!

What Is A Virtual Baby Shower Game?

A virtual baby shower game is a set of online games that are specially picked to fit a virtual baby shower. These games and activities for the virtual shower, unlike the traditional baby shower, do not require the physical presence of either the mom-to-be or the guests.

All you’d need to do is prepare ahead of time, create a list of baby shower guests, collect printable baby shower games that the guests will need to play with, and send them to the guests in advance, all with social distancing!

The best part about these virtual baby shower games is that the amount of fun never depletes!

How Can One Play In A Virtual Baby Shower?

The key element to having a successful yet fruitful shower is being organized and planning ahead of time. Most of the games for the party are printable and can be sent via a PowerPoint presentation. So, ask guests to be prepared before the call begins.

On the other hand, the tech-savvy host is allowed to know and see the instructions in order to teach the guests how to play during the shower. Don’t worry, this article has the best picks of games that have also collected good reviews for the crowd.

What Is The Good Number Of Virtual Baby Shower Games That Are Ideal At A Virtual Baby Shower?

There are no correct answers as one is free to play as many games as they wish to, keeping in mind the availability of time. However, since you wouldn’t have the space to have the other activities, such as brunch, drinks, and snacks, you might as well want to play a little more with the parents.

Nonetheless, about a 2-4 games event could be just perfect for the virtual baby shower.

Now, let’s get to the juice!

12 Virtual Ideas For The Best Baby Shower Games To Choose From

1) Virtual Baby Shower Jeopardy

Virtual Baby Shower game Jeopardy template

This virtual baby shower game is quite a familiar one as it is the most famous game from a popular game show, which means, there is no scope of disappointment! This game comes with a theme song, sound effects, and a final round of Jeopardy for the guest that accrues a winner. The best part is, it is completely editable!

2) Word Scramble

Word Scramble

A word scramble game during a baby shower means that the game would for sure have a fun scramble of baby names and baby items. What could anything be better than this? It’s up to you if you’d want to put the guests into groups or let them play individually until you find the winner. The best part about this game is that it would be fun to play and requires only minimal prep!

3) Virtual Pictionary

Virtual Pictionary

This party pastime has eight different rounds with over 100 questions! It includes a list of children’s movies, emoji Pictionary, baby songs, nursery rhyme, trivia questions, and more.

4) The Price Is Right! Good Price!

The Price Is Right! Good Price!

The Price is Right from the all-time favorite game shows is popular and it has four different pricing games packed into the bundle for a whole lot of fun. It’s up to you if you’d want it to be a team game or one for individuals.

5) The Answer Battle

The Answer Battle

Also from a popular game show, the Answer Battle is perfect for an online setting. As per the reviews, the instructions are easy to follow and the guests are assured to have a blast playing it via the online baby shower!

6) Five-Seconds


As the name suggests, it’s a quick game! Here the guests will have to name things related to a baby (of course!) in just 5 seconds! For instance, The top three diaper brands! You’d be given a set of rapid-fire questions from Quizzology and also enhance your knowledge of the baby items.

7) Boobs or Butts

Boobs or Butts

Boobs and Butts are considered to be the most hilarious game that one can play during a virtual baby shower, provided the guests do not get offended. So, grab this virtual boobs or butt game stat and see if the guests are able to determine whether it belongs to a pair of boobs or a butt.

8) Jibber Jabber

Jibber Jabber

If you aren’t sure of the baby language yet, then be rest assured as this creative game will help you excel in no time! The game gives you a phrase via a video on the screen that sounds like baby talk while the others have to try and understand the phrase. For instance, “Isle of View” translates to “I Love You.”

Just a piece of advice to make sure to download it on the platform beforehand.

9) Baby Shower Quiz Questions

Baby Shower Quiz Questions

This is perfect for a virtual setting. This game includes more than 100 baby-related questions in the form of a Quizzle Design. The most attractive bit about the game is that it has quite an appealing look and design.

10) Emoji Game

Emoji Game

We are sure you might have crossed paths with this game while going through the nursery rhyme or books. However, this game shows different pregnancy and baby-related emojis for the guests to decode. The best part is that it is easy to set up and fun for everyone!

11) Pregnant or Beer Belly?

pregnant or beer belly game Parenthoodbliss

This game can be sent out along with the invitations as it is a part of a printable PDF with a funny appearance! When playing, you’ll see the image of a belly on your screen while the others will have to guess if it is a beer belly or is of a pregnant woman!

12) Baby Trivia

Baby Trivia

This is an updated version of the Family Feud-style game where there are names of different baby-related things and that of pregnancy, for instance, the baby registry. The best part is that you can also add in your own rounds to this game from Top Party Games!

To Conclude

Parenthood Bliss hopes that the above-mentioned virtual infant shower past-time games will help you have the best online baby shower and provide a lot of entertainment and fun memories.

While you are also waiting to celebrate and welcome your new baby, we hope you have prepared and packed your baby registry!

FAQs On Best Virtual Baby Shower Games

1) How to throw a virtual baby shower that's really fun ?

Here are 9 simple steps to help host the perfect virtual baby shower:
  • Understand the mom-to-be(s) expectations
  • Choose and test the online meeting platform
  • Send out digital invitations ahead of time
  • Make sure to include links to gift cards and online baby registry
  • Look what decorations you'd like to do and the food
  • Plan on the best virtual baby shower games
  • Include prize and party favors
  • Prepare a time slot for gift opening and guessing

  • 2) How to open gifts at a virtual baby shower ?

    The guests can choose to send their gifts across for you to open them on camera in front of everyone. Or, if you do not want any gifts considering the time, you can ask them to open them for you at their end while you see, virtually.

    3) What are good baby shower prizes ?

  • Gift certificates
  • Baby shower candles
  • Baby lotions
  • Picture frame
  • A recipe box
  • A mug
  • Potted green plants
  • Newborn diapers
  • Cute baby clothes
  • Baby bottles
  • Baby bassinets
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