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10 Best Overnight Diapers For Toddlers

Table of Contents

10 Best Overnight Diapers For Toddlers In 2021

Table of Contents

The best overnight diapers for toddlers help the baby stay dry and comfortable for up to 12 hours without disturbing their sleep. These baby diapers come with disposable counterparts, dryness layers, ultra-thin cores, and are also extra absorbent when compared to the regular diapers.

However, the need for these diapers varies up to each baby, where some are good with regular diapers, while others have heavy amounts and regular diapers don’t seem to cut the edge for longer sleep stretches. These are recommended for babies that are around 6 months of age. 

How To Choose The Best Overnight Diapers For Babies?

For you to pick the best overnight diaper for your baby, it is important to go through the list of tips to help you decide :

1. Take a test drive

A test drive for an overnight diaper is the most essential thing to do before you go in and buy bulks. This trial and error method helps you choose the best brand that fits the baby and is suitable.

2. What suits better for the boy may not suit the girl?

We need to understand that no heavy diaper fits both these genders perfectly as their urinating patterns and wetness differ. Therefore, try using different brands to know what works the best for your baby.

3. Size up

It is noticed that most parents prefer to use one size larger diaper at night. The only reason being, the extra ounce of absorption, however, we must also keep in mind to see if it fits the baby perfectly, that is from the waist snuggling through the legs.

4. Add a pad

Parents, these overnight diapers do not guarantee to be leak-free. This is why you could try adding a booster pad to the diaper to prevent leaking. These pads easily slip into the diaper.

10 Best Overnight Diapers For Babies

1. Seventh-generation disposable overnight diapers

Seventh generation disposable overnight diapers Parenthoodbliss

These overnight diapers have a core that is high in capacity, made from sustainably sourced wood fluff pulp, containing no chlorine bleaching, and free from fragrances. They are eco-friendly, good absorbency, and great for babies with sensitive skin.

Amazon Reviews

We are surprised (in a good way) about the quality and strength of these diapers! They conform to baby’s shape and are really stylish.

These diapers rule. I wish they were more available at stores. My 10 month old son has peed through allllll night diapers except these. Huggies? Forget it. Honest Co? Terrible. Luvs Triple Leak Guard? Total joke. He lasts 10 hours in these! Finally someone gets it right.

For more product reviews visit Amazon

2. Pampers pure disposable diapers

Pampers pure disposable diapers

This is not specially designed for overnight but is mostly used by parents at night for the baby due to their absorbency without any leaks. They are made from plant-based fibers, cotton making it hypoallergenic without the use of chlorine bleaching, fragrance, lotion, or parabens. The pamper pure diapers have adorable cute prints with a wetness indicator included.

Amazon Reviews

You should totally buy this it works great for My baby there isn’t a better brand
Needed for baby shower so I just went with it figured it can be returned if needed to be all newborns need diapers so this was easy just added it to my order of must haves for a new born

For more product reviews visit Amazon

3. Overnight diapers - The Honest Company

Overnight diapers - The Honest Company

The diapers by Honest company have adorable fluffy sheep printed on them, and are super safe on the babies sensitive skin. The diapers are plant-based, hypoallergenic, with outer layers, absorbing an extra 20% compared to the regular diaper. It is a given that the babies are for sure look like little cute sheeps sure to print on them.

Amazon Reviews

This diapers are amazing! My daughter is a heavy wetter and these are the only diapers that she can wear the whole night and not leak through. They are worth every cent! It makes sense to buy a good diaper, rather than a cheap one because the little one wakes up dry, sleeps better, no washing sheets, and u don’t have to go through multiple diapers throughout the night to achieve those same results. Worth it!!!!

These are life savers, I love all honest diapers, and after trying a different brand of nighttime diapers, I was pleasantly surprised by how much better these worked at keeping all the nighttime pee contained until the morning. We are a sensitive skin family and these are great. The selling point on these was a slightly lower environmental impact, happy they work! I recommend them!

For more product reviews visit Amazon

4. Up & Up overnight diapers

Up Up overnight diapers Parenthoodbliss

These diapers are super absorbent, soft, have a stretchable waist and sides, all at a great and affordable price. The Up & Up diaper is free of latex, fragrance, and elemental chlorine with a hypoallergenic inner core.

5. Sposie booster pads

Sposie booster pads

Take it from us, these booster pads are lifesavers. Despite using an overnight diaper, leaks are possible. All you need to do is slip these pads inside the diaper, they are soft, hypoallergenic, and increase absorbance up to 8 ounces of fluid.

Amazon Reviews

We have a tummy sleeper and always size up our overnight diapers. After 2 weeks of terrible sleeping from peeing through his diapers during the night we gave these a try. LIFESAVER. These work great! I highly recommend.


These worked like magic. We have a stomach sleeper. We tried sizing up, we tried night time diapers , night time in the large size nothing helped until we found these. These worked like magic. At night we put one of these with a size up diaper and it’s been smooth sailing. Highly recommend especially if you have stomach sleeper.


For more product reviews visit Amazon

6. Huggies OverNites Diapers

Huggies overnites diapers

Huggies OverNites Diapers can keep your baby dry for up to 12 hours. Their SnugFit waistband helps ensure these diapers fit securely, but not too tightly. These overnight diapers also come with a Leak Lock design that helps to keep the wetness away from your baby, which means, no irritant diaper rashes from wearing the same diaper all through the night. The tabs on these diapers stay put, even after a long night of sleep and a heavy diaper to support.

Amazon Reviews

The previous version of this product was great , leak proof , no rashes , great absorbing capacity , no bad smell , perfect fit , comfortable , relaxing , that was a great product .

We loved Huggies overnight diapers and were the only thing that could hold up to our son’s heavy wetting at night. Until this month when we received a new box from our subscribe and save. The outside of the box looked the same, but inside was a new design that we noticed immediately that the diapers were much thinner. Sure enough he has peed out of them every single night! We’ve even been changing him halfway through the night and he has peed through half way through the night and in the morning!! That’s wet jammies and sheets twice a night! What the heck Huggies?! Why change a design that was famous for being the best of it’s kind out there? Why? Please go back to the new design immediately!

For more product reviews visit Amazon

7. Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers Parenthoodbliss

Baby Dry diapers have a wetness indicator on the outside of the diapers, but only on the N, 1, and 2 sizes. The indicator changes color when the baby’s diaper is wet, which also puts an end to that awkward game where you have to squish your baby’s diaper to see if it’s soaked.

These Pampers Baby Dry diapers have three layers, while some diapers only have two. These diapers offer up to 12-hour wetness protection and even use a big UltraAbsorb layer to add to their leak protection.

One of the major reasons these diapers are able to hold the wetness is because of the absorbent gelling material that’s fit inside. When this gel is dry, it looks almost like hard little pebbles. When the material gets wet, it softens and increases in size.

Amazon Reviews

My family absolutely will swear by the pamper brand. It’s a rarity we have night time leaks with these. If u haven’t tried pampers you really should… They are so worth it!
Buy these, auto ship them if you need to. I’m a very cost conscious person. I’ve looked through Amazon for the best diapers at the best cost, these are it. Love them!

For more product reviews visit Amazon

8. Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly Baby Diapers

Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly Baby Diapers

Bambo Nature diapers offer an environmentally friendly method of diapering the baby while they provide great absorbency to avoid overnight accidents. These diapers are made of pulp from bamboo using sustainable forestry methods, where every tree that is cut leads to more trees being planted.

So if you are concerned about finding a natural nighttime diaper for your baby’s sensitive skin that doesn’t have all the chemicals other diapers have, you must consider Bamboo Nature. Babies with sensitive skin won’t have to worry about these diapers because they’ve been tested by dermatologists to ensure they do not cause irritation or skin allergies.

Amazon Reviews

This is the only brand of diaper I’ve ever bought for my now 2.5-year-old. We cloth diaper, but we have used these here and there–the week he got home from the hospital (didn’t want meconium on cloth diapers), when we go on vacation, on the rare day when we have forgotten to do laundry and run out of cloth. The only other diapers I can compare them to is pampers pure (newborn), which they had in the hospital when he was a newborn, and Seventh Generation, which my mom has used here and there when she’s watching him.

On sizing: I’ve not had any trouble with sizing because I looked at the weight limits rather than the “size.” Just follow the size chart and you should be fine.

Leaks: I’ve actually never had one of these leak. I think we **almost** had a blowout once when he was about 8 weeks old, but we caught it before it got on anything. The only blowouts we had were with the Seventh Gen diapers, which don’t seem to do as well as a job containing things. We only used Pampers for a few days in the hospital, so I really don’t have much to say in comparison. When my son was young and EBF, he would go 3-5 days without pooping and then would let it out all at once. It was ALWAYS a mess on the changing table, but somehow his clothes were always spared in these and in cloth diapers. I wasn’t impressed with the performance of the other brand. When we did use the Bambo diapers overnight, we had no problems, despite sometimes having flooding issues with our cloth diapers.

Skin: We also haven’t had any trouble with his skin in these. No issues with rashes.

Yes, they’re a bit pricey, but that wasn’t as much of a concern for us because we weren’t using them that often. Unfortunately this is the cost of eco-friendly materials that actually fully biodegrade. We are cost-conscious people, which is a large part of the reason we used cloth, but we also care about the world we live in, and we appreciated that this was one of very few brands that 100% biodegrade as opposed to just partially biodegrade.

I’ve been impressed with these overall and would recommend them to anyone.

I discovered these diapers on Amazon because I was really looking for a more natural diaper for my very sensitive-skinned babies and that wouldn’t rot for years in a landfill. I love that these diapers are biodegradable. When I began using them for my toddler, I knew I would continue them for my newest baby. I agree with other reviews in that these diapers have odd sizing; however, I certainly wouldn’t let that disqualify them for your baby/babies. Before my newest was born, I received the largest box of Size 2 Bambo diapers and when I first used them, they were huge, so I immediately purchased Size 1. Even though my babies have great growth in the early weeks, these diapers have lasted us at least two purchases of the same size before moving on. I will also say that my newest baby sleeps for long stretches, so I have been a little disappointed to find him wet upon waking for a feed on multiple occasions, even though I fasten they tabs so that they overlap and give a snug fit. He is also a tummy sleeper, so that could contribute to the leaks. I suspect that we just need to size up again. Overall, I really like these diapers! Be sure to do the math before purchasing. In cases where I only needed, say, 3 packs, it has been cheaper to purchase 1 individual pack and then separately add the 2-pack to my cart. This saves me money as opposed to purchasing a 3 of the smallest packs (trust me, just do the math before purchasing). I have found this to be true between all sizes. I highly recommend these diapers!

For more product reviews visit Amazon

9. Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Best Overnight Diapers

Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Best Overnight Diapers

These diapers feature special leg gatherings with a leak barrier that stops moisture from spilling from the diaper. The leak guard core quickly sucks up liquid to keep the baby nice and dry.

Best of all, Luvs is one of the more affordable big-brand diapers, at the same time they always feel so soft. The stretch tabs can even be refastened, so if you are unable to get the best fit the first time you put on the diaper, you can simply peel the tabs back and try again. These are cute, nice-looking diapers that are also solid performers.

Amazon Reviews

Purchased this as a drawing gift at a baby shower. Baby hasn’t arrived yet but the mom seemed to be very happy with them

I’ve use these for years and the quality is amazing

For more product reviews visit Amazon

10. BumGenius All in One Cloth Diaper

BumGenius All in One Cloth Diaper

BumGenius All-in-One diapers are one of the best overnight diapers when it comes to cloth diapers that will get the baby through the night feeling dry. These diapers also have a leak-proof outer cover.

They use hook and loop closures, adjusted tabs that enable the diapers to expand with the growing newborn, that means, one size can fit the newborns up to when they are of 12 pounds. The comfortable elastic gives just enough stretch to this diaper that hugs your baby’s legs and waist without causing those red marks caused by too-tight diapers.

Amazon Reviews

For more product reviews visit Amazon

Best Overnight Diapers: Final Thoughts

As parents, it is incredibly tiring to wake up in the middle of the night to change the diaper of the baby after a wholesome day. This is when these overnight diapers come into play, they are super absorbent, keeping the baby dry overnight, avoiding itches and disturbing periods of sleep. However, test the diaper before you buy bulks to avoid wastage and to know what brand suits the best.

Pro Tip – Always keep a booster pad handy!

FAQs: Best Overnight Diapers For Toddlers

1. Do overnight diapers work ?

Yes! They are made extra-absorbent compared to the regular diapers. It helps to keep the little one dry, prevents any leaks, and lets the baby sleep peacefully.

2. Do babies wear diapers for 24 hours ?

Generally, most babies wear diapers for 24 hours. This also means their skin and mucous membranes are in constant contact, letting any chemicals wind up in the baby's system. We’d recommend letting the baby free for sometime in the day to air up.n the day to air up.

3. How long is the baby allowed to wear an overnight diaper ?

These overnight diapers are designed to keep the baby dry for about 12 hours. They are extra absorbent, with 20 to 25 percent additional capacity compared to the regular diapers.

4. Are there size 7 diapers?

Yes, there are diapers that are available in size 7 too. Various well-known brands like Pampers, Huggies, Nurture, and several others have size 7 diapers.

5. What are the best overnight diapers for babies with sensitive skins ?

The Bambo Nature Environmentally friendly diapers are great for kids with sensitive skin. Babies with sensitive skin won’t have to worry about these diapers because they’ve been tested by dermatologists to ensure they do not cause irritation or skin allergies.

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