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15 Tips for Managing Pregnancy With a Toddler

Table of Contents

pregnant with a toddler

Table of Contents

If you’re expecting a second child, your second pregnancy will most likely be both similar and distinct from your first. But there is one major difference this time: you already have a child requiring your care.

That implies, no matter what pregnancy symptoms you have, you’re bound to confront a few extra problems. While you used to have lots of time to rest and prepare for the birth of your kid, your hands are now undoubtedly busy (and possibly sticky). Here’s what you should remember to make the best of being pregnant with a toddler.

Pregnant With Toddlers: 15 Tips To Help Manage Your Pregnancy With A Toddler

1. Seek Caregiving Assistance For Your Toddler

Request your partner (or Grandma) to take your child out for ice cream or a trip to the park. Spend some quiet time napping, shopping online for a double stroller, or sorting through old baby things while they’re gone. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for small favors. Request that a buddy returns your library books or picks up groceries for you.

Don’t forget to look into any programs offered by your child’s school or preschool, as well as childcare services at the local gym (exercise, such as a prenatal yoga class, can make you feel less weary). Alternatively, ask a teen neighbor if she’d be willing to work as an assistant one or two days a week.

2. Don't Be Hard On Yourself

The rugs aren’t vacuumed every day, and the clean clothes remain in the hamper for longer than you’d want. Except for you, no one will notice. Your health and welfare, as well as the demands of your developing family, should take precedence. Find shortcuts for the remaining tasks.

3. Teaching The Toddler Independency

Little ones might be attached, especially if they are concerned that their mother won’t have time for them soon. However, if you ask him to assist you with minor tasks, he may feel pleased and secure in performing them while you mark items off your to-do list. Sorting silverware and putting away clothes are duties that even a preschooler can complete. If feasible, set aside a kid-proof space where your kid may play comfortably while you rest.

4. Nap Is Essential

These small cat naps are essential when you’re dragging in your first ( second, or third) trimester. Don’t feel terrible about sneaking them in while your toddler is napping or at preschool. By battling exhaustion now, you’ll have more energy later in the day to take on that mommy-and-me class or accomplish that final piece of work for the day.

5. Try To Avoid Hustling Around Too Much

Packing the diaper bag, trying to buckle your child into the car seat, and driving out to run a few errands you can accomplish at home is a waste of time and energy.

Try to run as many tasks as you can online, from purchasing groceries to using mobile banking. Diaper subscription services and online drugstores that allow you to reorder from a list make things easier.

6. Complete Major Tasks In The Evening

You’re weary by this stage, but with your child in bed, you can do some non-stressful duties like making breakfast for the next morning (or lunch\. choosing clothes for tomorrow or anything else you can get done before tomorrow when your focus will otherwise be split.

7. Encourage Toddler Play As Per Your Convenience

Puzzles, board games, toddler-friendly video games, drawing, a tea party with stuffed animals – playing with your child from the comfort of the sofa or the floor can save your feet, your back, and your sanity. Suggest you pretend you’re at a hospital and you’re the patient, laying on the sofa with your feet propped up on a cushion. Alternatively, bring out a few movies that you can watch together.

8. Strategize

If you suffer from morning sickness or simply feel lethargic or nasty in the morning, prepping ahead of time might help. Set out work and childcare clothing the night morning, and prepare a quick breakfast with little effort.

Since you’re undoubtedly weary a lot sooner than normal, try to sneak in your prep work early in the evening—perhaps immediately before or after supper. Also, solicit the assistance of your partner, roommate, or friend.

If you suffer from insomnia during pregnancy, it is critical to plan ahead of time and seek further assistance.

9. Be Kind to Yourself

Raising a child requires a lot of effort. You’re not being lazy; you’re dealing with a bodily issue that prevents or makes it difficult for you to carry out all of your normal tasks.

Give yourself a little breathing room. It’s absolutely acceptable if it takes a bit longer for you to summon the energy to tackle the laundry pile. In the meanwhile, enlist the help of your partner or any individual who can help you.

10. Keep Toddlers Amused

Many parents restrict their toddler’s screen time since studies suggest that too much screen time can cause mental and behavioral problems in young children.

However, for the time being, you might wish to let go of your expectations. Allowing your youngster to watch a favorite show or play a game on a tablet may allow you to get some much-needed rest.

Another approach is to have a bucket of toys in your car that you only use when you need a break. Set aside some unusual toys to spark your toddler’s attention and keep them engaged while you relax.


11. Multitasking ​

Being pregnant with a toddler is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your imagination and learn how to manage various tasks. You’ll have to figure out how to care for your toddler while also taking care of yourself and the newborn.

This can be a tough lesson for parents to learn at times. Don’t forget that taking care of yourself is vital, especially during pregnancy. Also, let go of the notion of perfection. Don’t think you have to do everything.

Complete the day’s vital duties and leave certain items for another day. When you’re pregnant with a toddler and taking care of yourself and your family, good enough is more than enough as long as everyone is secure and pleased.

12. Self-Care Is A Must

Make time to pamper yourself whenever possible. Consider having a massage, taking a peaceful walk around the neighborhood, or sitting alone in a coffee shop. When it comes to being good to yourself, be inventive. If your budget is limited, arrange non-monetary activities such as quiet time at the library, a picnic with a buddy, or a walk through a nature preserve.

Pregnancy is just 40 weeks long, but it can feel much longer. Remember that you will have good and terrible days. When you need assistance, ask for it, and continue to look after yourself.

13. Preparation

If your mind is whirling with concerns about how your child will react to this new person in their lives, take the initiative. You may go to the library and obtain some books on being a big brother or sister. You may also pay a visit to friends who have kids so they can snuggle with you and practice assisting you to put on a diaper.

Use those cues to start talks about what’s going to happen if your child is old enough. That way, toddlers feel like they’re part of the action.

14. Don’t Panic

Toddlers are squirmy, and even if they don’t plan to, they may kick your stomach, causing you to fear. However, try not to let it happen because your kid is well-protected in the womb. However, if you are experiencing any pain, please contact your midwife.

Other parents’ suggestions for reducing flailing limbs include placing a cushion between you and their legs if you’re co-sleeping. You might also select a book over rough and tumble play, especially if you are in your first trimester.

15. Encourage Bonding Sessions With The New Member

Be it by either giving them a nickname or sticking stickers on your baby bump, your child will find a way to make being pregnant less of a hassle and more of a game. Giving your toddler a gift from the newborn might jumpstart the bonding process.

You might bring your toddler to certain prenatal sessions with the assistance of another adult to learn more about your baby. They can listen to the baby’s heartbeat or observe them wiggle on a scan if they are interested. Consult your gynecologist ahead of time to see whether your older kid is permitted to accompany you to your appointments and scans. ​


It can be hard to handle a toddler and pregnancy simultaneously. Being pregnant with a toddler may be challenging, especially during the first trimester. Early pregnancy is frequently characterized by mood swings, irritability, tiredness, and morning sickness.  You may feel as if you have very little energy to devote to your child’s care. And yet, so many parents do it daily. 

You may have been able to snooze more regularly or had more time to exercise self-care during your first pregnancy. Being pregnant with a toddler tips can be extremely difficult. You must be alert and capable of caring for them, which leaves little time for relaxation. You’ll need to devise new strategies to deal with the specific obstacles that come with a subsequent pregnancy. ​ We hope you find being pregnant with a toddler tips extremely valuable.

Pregnancy With a Toddler FAQs

1) How does my pregnancy affect my toddler?

The conduct of your toddler during pregnancy does not reflect how he will act when the baby is delivered. Some toddlers regress even further once the baby is born (temporarily! ), but many of them like the position of big brother or big sister and take satisfaction in being able to accomplish things that the baby cannot.

2) When should I stop picking up my toddler when pregnant?

The American Medical Association suggests that you do not lift anything heavier than 51 pounds throughout your third trimester and no more than 31 pounds during your last week of pregnancy. Given that the average toddler weighs between 15 and 38 pounds, you should be fine until your due date approaches.

3) Can a toddler hitting the stomach cause miscarriage?

Your womb contains strong, muscular walls that, coupled with the amniotic fluid, cushion your baby. However, your stomach will most likely be injured, and you may have internal bleeding. A strong hit to the belly might potentially trigger miscarriage during the first trimester.

4) Is it bad to pick up heavy things while pregnant?

During pregnancy, women should avoid carrying heavy things. However, if you are going to lift anything, you should proceed with caution. Lifting large things might raise the risk of early labor and low birth weight in some women.

5) How do you carry your toddler when pregnant?

When lifting your toddler, try to bend your knees instead of stooping over, and maintain your back as straight as possible. Consider wearing comfortable, flat shoes and a pregnancy support belt to avoid pressure on your lower back while lifting and carrying your toddler.

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