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10 Best Disposable Diapers Of 2024

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Best Disposable Diapers

Best Disposable Diapers

Best disposable diapers for babies are an essential item on every parent’s product list who has an infant. It is messy and dirty work, however, it is one that you cannot skip or compromise. Diapers do help parents to take their baby around without worrying about getting themselves soiled, however, the diaper will be soiled after some time so changing one is important so that your baby doesn’t get a diaper rash.

On average newborns tend to use more than 10 diapers a day which when calculated accounts for more than 300 diaper changes a month. An alternative to a disposable diaper is a cloth diaper, however, it is not without its cons. Since this article is about the best disposable diapers, without further ado let us get to know what we have in store for you.

10 Best Disposable Diapers

The super-soft feel and flexibility of Pampers have put them on the priority list of most parents when it comes to buying the best disposable diapers for their baby. Of the products from Pampers, the “Swaddlers” is the cushiest of them all and comes with additional features like, a wetness indicator, a special design that gives space for the umbilical cord of the newborns. Pampers offers a reward program too, so that is yet another great reason to buy a Pampers product.

Amazon Reviews:

These swaddlers are amazing! The absorbency is awesome! They fit well yet are flexible enough to move with baby/toddler without being binding. They are soft to the touch, yet very strong! Price was good and shipping was fast.

This is a very absorbent diaper and the best disposable diaper. What most parents who use this diaper love about it are the hypoallergenic diaper’s absorbency, leak protection, and comfy fit. Add the low price point of this diaper to all those pros you have another reason to fall in love with Target and one of the best disposable diapers.

Sometimes choosing a regular disposable diaper for your baby who has sensitive skin can be bad for your baby. It is here that Pampers’ pure disposable diapers come into play. This is a plant-based disposable diaper option that is soft on your baby’s sensitive skin. Made entirely of cotton and plant-based fibers this hypoallergenic diaper is free of chlorine bleaching, fragrances, parabens, and latex. Additionally, this diaper comes with a wetness indicator that lets you know when it is time to change your baby.

Amazon Reviews:

I’ve used Pampers Pure for both of my children with no problems. I love that there is no smell to these diapers, they come in cute prints and they fit well. Compared to other brands, I feel that Pampers Pure fits true to size. It runs a little longer (in length) than other brands, but I think that helps with absorption. We will continue using these diapers in the future.

Sustainability and convenience go hand-in-hand with DIAPER Bamboo Baby Diapers. This diaper is free of chlorine, latex, fragrance, and even inks. It is made out of pure bamboo and is soft, durable and absorbent. However, that is not exactly the major reason this diaper has climbed to the third position on our list, it is compostable and that is a great advantage both to you as a parent and to our environment. This company has a composting service named REDYPER where you return the soiled diapers to the company. 

DYPER will provide you with the bag, box, and shipping labels that you need to send them the used diapers. However, this composting service provided by the company comes for $39 per month. If you prefer to compost the diaper yourself, simply remove the non-compostable closure tabs and front tape and put the rest of the diaper in your trash. Another option is to find a local composting facility where you can dump the soiled diapers and one of the best disposable diapers.

Amazon Reviews:

I love these diapers for my baby girl. They are incredibly soft and very absorbent. They mold to her body well and have never given her a diaper rash. I’ve found that these diapers typically run a little larger than other brands, for example a size 2 in Dyper might be a size 3 in Honest. Would recommend!

This is a different approach to purchasing diapers. Here you buy a subscription to diapers which enables you to pay once and forget until the next payment. The diapers that come with this subscription are plant-based and eco-friendly, which ensures a happy baby and a happy environment. The absorbent core and the lack of chlorine, latex, processing, and fragrance all make this a safe option too. This diaper also comes with really cute patterns all over it.

Amazon Reviews:

NO LEAKS OVERNIGHT!!! We would often have nighttime leaks with regular absorbency diapers. And if you co-sleep like we do, then this is a BIG mess. If you hate waking your LO up to change them in the middle of the night, or getting up yourself to clean up a bed, these are a LIFESAVER. My girl will wear one ALL NIGHT with no leaks, often for 12+ hours.j


If you need a hypoallergenic, eco-conscious, fairly priced diaper at your doorstep, Hello Bello is the right option for you. These diapers are very soft, comfortable, and absorbent and one of the best disposable diapers. The core liner is made out of a plant-derived material and the fluff pup is sustainably developed without processing using chlorine. Many different design options for this diaper make it cute, and the seasonal special designs are a cherry on top of the pie. Wipes, coupons, freebies, and more come with the diaper when you opt for the diaper bundle. Then there is the additional option to add in extras like vitamins, hand sanitizer, and more at 15% off.

Amazon Reviews:

These diapers were great! I didn’t experience any leaks while trying these out nor blow outs!!! These diapers are incredibly soft and have the cutest pattern! I have been a pamper mom for years, but these switched me! My biggest complaint is that size 1 and Newborn sizes of these are almost impossible to find in store! They are always sold out! That is the indication of a really great/ high quality diaper!


This baby skin-friendly, gentle, eco-friendly, absorbent diaper has proven that making and using diapers can be a process that does not necessarily be harmful to the environment. A whopping 95% of the industrial waste output of making this diaper is recycled making this an environmentally friendly product with a commitment to mother nature and all parents alike.

These diapers are known to run bigger than the weight limitations provided by the manufacturer, so while choosing the diaper for your newborn you might want to try their preemie size.

Amazon Reviews:

when my son was born I used Pampers and wasn’t happy with them. He always had blowouts 🙁 I wanted to use natural diapers and tried Seventh Generation but they felt like cardboard to me and didn’t seem to absorb enough. I read many reviews and finally tried Bambo and will never use another diaper again! The first Bambo diapers we used were size 2 and before their diaper “remodel”. I loved them, never had leaks, they didn’t stink and they didn’t irritate my son. I added them to my Subscribe and Save until Bambo company changed their diapers and packaging to be more resourceful and stopped selling that version. The new reviews were bad so I was skeptical to reorder large quantities of the new ones. I ordered one small pack of size 4 and after a few diaper changes, they were back on my Subscribe and Save! They are AMAZING!

PROS: They are extremely soft, durable, absorbent, and natural! No rashes, no leaks (unless he sleeps too long).

CONS: I wish they had a night-time version. Also, for newborns that have explosive and frequent poo’s, I don’t know how well they would protect poo from going up the back, because they don’t have the elastic stretchy layer at the top like many top brands do. But I also didn’t try their newborn diapers so I’m not sure. It all depends on your baby.

What is the best way to find the perfect balance between affordability and quality you may ask? We have the answer for you here at our 8th choice of best disposable diapers. Luvs is an affordable option that doesn’t compromise quality just because it is cheap. The reviews show that these diapers are a solid and reliable choice. They are indeed a quality brand as they offer great leak protection and are indeed worthy of a mention on our list. At this price point, you can expect that the fragrance-free options will not be available.

Amazon Reviews:

This brand is, by far, my favorite diaper for non leakage, comfort AND value. I have 12 kids with another on the way and have tried so many brands but these are my tries and true. There is one drawback… I have one VERY allergic child and she can’t seem to wear these, they give her a rash. But I’ve never run into that with any of the other kids. These diapers fit well, can handle MOST kids overnights (you may want to get overnights if your child really needs it still) and don’t smell strange like some diapers when they are wet. All in all the best, practically speaking!


Gear up for diaper duty with the Babylist Diaper Box, a convenient assortment featuring size one diaper and wipes from eco-friendly brands like The Honest Company, Dyper, and Coterie—totaling 101 diapers and 208 wipes. Test them out before committing to a larger supply.

What sets these brands apart is their commitment to steering clear of chlorine, fragrances, and parabens, offering a more natural and gentle disposable diapering alternative. This exclusive bundle not only provides a cost-effective way to explore various options but also ensures you make an informed choice for your baby’s comfort and well-being.

Kirkland Signature Baby Diapers are expertly designed for your baby’s comfort and safety. Hypoallergenic and made with plant-based materials, these diapers are free from fragrance, lotion, natural rubber latex, and elemental chlorine. Featuring a soft, absorbent design with a breathable outer cover, they come equipped with a stretchy pocketed waistband and a wetness indicator for convenience and one of the best disposable diapers. Experience the assurance of a diaper that is gentle on your baby’s skin, super absorbent, and crafted with a minimum of 23% plant-based materials by weight.

Amazon Review:

I have tried several different types of pampers and this Kirkland brand are the absolute best!!! These are my pampers of choice. 💯 effective!

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Final Conclusion

And with that, we have come to the end of our 10 best disposable diapers list. Hope we have been able to help you make a viable decision. Using a better disposable diaper that is not on the list? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

Best Disposable Diapers FAQs

1. Can I save money by using a cloth diaper in place of a disposable diaper ?

If you are ready to trade your convenience and comfort, yes you can save money by opting for a cloth diaper in place of a disposable diaper, however, do some good research before you buy them because they can be a little rough on your baby’s bum.

2. What is the shelf life of disposable diapers ?

Being a paper product these disposable diapers have no particular expiry date as such. However, most manufacturers suggest that you use them within the first 2 years of purchase.

3. Is it okay to leave a diaper on overnight ?

Most diapers can be used overnight, however, if you have got a leakage problem or a frequently waking baby, then it is an indicator that your current diapers are not sufficient. In that case you can switch to special overnight diapers that are more absorbent.

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