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Best Stroller for 3, 4, and 5-Year-Old

Best Stroller for 3, 4, and 5-Year-Olds: Strollers for Big Kids

Table of Contents Yes, you got it right! Best strollers that too for older kids. It isn’t fair for them to adjust themselves into strollers that are not even designed to carry their weight. But then, are there strollers available for older kids? Yes, absolutely!  The only key to it is to purchase a stroller that could carry the weight of the older kids be… 

Best baby shampoo

10 Best Baby Shampoos and Body Washes – Expert Reviews & Guide

Table of Contents In the grown-up world best baby shampoo are relatively interchangeable — when was the last time you looked at the ingredient list on the bottles in their shower? But when it comes to babies, the rules are a little different. They have much more sensitive skin which makes their tiny bodies much more susceptible to harm from chemicals. So, it’s important to… 

gripe water for newborns

Gripe Water for Newborns and Babies – Expert Reviews & Guide

Table of Contents As parents, it could be hard to see your little baby suffer from colic or abdominal discomfort due to the gas buildup. Such discomfort often yields incessant crying causing parents to desperately look for ways to alleviate their pain. This is where the Gripe water for newborns works its magic. It is a tried and tested remedy for babies that are fussy… 

toddler feeding schedule time

Toddler Feeding Schedule – Know When, How, and How Much

Table of Contents While most of you might be sure of the kinds of foods your little munchkin must eat, what about the days when feeding them becomes a larger task than anything else?  While the menu set for the toddler might seem to be rather different from what their menu looked like when they were babies, the portions are one aspect that most parents… 

toddler snoring loud

Why is my toddler snoring Loud?

Table of Contents It was terrible enough when your spouse alongside you in bed started rumbling in the middle of the night. But now you’re hearing the same noises coming from your toddler’s room. How can someone so little and beautiful make such piercing noises? The reality is that children aged three and up frequently snore, mainly during the deeper stages of sleep. According to… 

pregnant with a toddler

Second Pregnancy With a Toddler: Tips Or Management

Table of Contents If you’re expecting a second child, your second pregnancy will most likely be both similar and distinct from your first. But there is one major difference this time: you already have a child requiring your care. That implies, no matter what pregnancy symptoms you have, you’re bound to confront a few extra problems. While you used to have lots of time to…