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17 Best Free Pregnancy Apps Of 2024- Your All-In-One Guide!

Table of Contents

best free pregnancy apps

Table of Contents

Having a baby can change everything, it starts with the very moment you realize that you are pregnant. The best free pregnancy apps will help during this tough phase of your life where you need to combat morning sickness, schedule doctor’s visits, and remember to take your prenatal vitamins. It becomes even more important especially to track your quickly growing baby and other necessary details related to your health.

That is why this article has rounded up the best pregnancy apps to track your health. Here are some chosen quality content, reliable, and excellent reviewed pregnancy tracker. This is to make sure that you’ll find these pregnancy apps helpful during this amazing journey.

How To Choose The Best Pregnancy App?

Being pregnant is a really exciting feeling, so you are most likely to go out of the way and download all the apps, start with all the bullet journals, and read every article available on websites. Unfortunately, you probably cannot have time to check every single application as you have a baby inside you who needs utmost care, and since there are so many cute and well-rated pregnancy tracker apps it could get overwhelming. Hence to narrow your choices down here are some of the top apps which you can use during your pregnancy.

Why Are The Best Pregnancy Apps Needed?

Though pregnancy tracking apps can be pretty fun and helpful, there is absolutely no substitute for professional medical advice. You may think of these apps as a digital journal as well as a place to collect your notes and thoughts which you can bring up at the next appointment. There are several apps out there where you can keep a log of your vitamins or medicines, and even connect you with other expecting moms.

But of course, if at all anything feels concerning to you, you must immediately see a doctor. No amount of Google searching or talking to other pregnant moms in an app can be a substitute for visiting with a medical professional.

17 Best Pregnancy Apps To Choose From In 2023!

1. Sprout Pregnancy: Best Pregnancy App With 3D Interaction

Sprout Pregnancy

iPhone rating: 4.7 stars

Android rating: 4.6 stars

Price: Free with in-app purchases

You will be able to see lifelike interactive movements, heartbeats, and kicks and a realistic representation of what is happening right inside that growing belly, with Next Generation 3D Interaction in the Sprout Pregnancy app. This is one of the best pregnancy app trackers where you can even record belly photos and those priceless pregnancy moments and thoughts in the pregnancy journal, as well as enjoy all the extras of a great pregnancy app.

You can track daily and weekly information about the growing baby and your changing body. This app has a personalized pregnancy timeline, weight tracker, kick counter, contraction timer, and so much more.

2. Full Term – Contraction Timer: Best Pregnancy App With A Timer

Full Term – Contraction Timer

iPhone rating: 4.8 stars

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Tracking your labor contractions and baby’s growth during pregnancy is pretty easy with Full Term, literally. Just tap one button for tracking the beginning and end of each contraction, and the app will help you in monitoring times, durations, and even frequency during your entire labor. This simple interface has been made free of clutter purposely, and the free app features a kick counter, weight tracker, and pregnancy reference section.

3. Ovia: Best Pregnancy App For Free


iPhone rating: 4.9 stars

Android rating: 4.8 stars

Price: Free

You can count down to your big day with this entirely customizable pregnancy tracker app. All you need to do is plug in the name of your baby, gender, and due date, and your own pregnancy goals and health information, then you get personalized information as per your stage of pregnancy.

This app shows illustrations of your baby, like current hand and foot size; you may also browse through more than 2,000 pregnancy-related articles, tips, and medically reviewed tools; even connect with other pregnant women, and track pregnancy milestones.

4. Baby2Body: Best Pregnancy App With Podcasts


iPhone rating: 4.7 stores

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Staying strong during pregnancy does not necessarily have to be overwhelming. Baby2Body is specially designed to act as your well-being coach and pre-and post-natal fitness, hence you can stay fit, eat healthily, and live more mindful during your pregnancy and even after your baby is born.

Browse pregnancy workouts for expectant moms, tailored to your pregnancy stage and goals. The app also features nutrition guidance and recipes, podcasts and well-being coaching, and breathing exercises and exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor.

5. Glow Nurture: Best Pregnancy App For LGBTQIA+ Community

Glow Nurture

iPhone rating: 4.7 stars

Android rating: 4.4 stars

Price: Free with in-app purchases

The Glow Nurture pregnancy app is powered by data and designed for simplicity, it is designed to support your pregnancy and baby’s development with entirely customizable options. You can get alerts and insights based on the data you enter.

You may even check out thousands of helpful pregnancy articles, the innovative symptoms tracker, and charts, and get daily updates on your pregnancy and your baby’s growth. The app also offers postpartum and miscarriage support. This is one of the best pregnancy apps for pregnant women.

6. Hello Belly: Best Pregnancy App With AR

Hello Belly

iPhone rating: 4.1 stars

Android rating: 4.3 stars

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Staying emotionally and mentally healthy during pregnancy is as important as maintaining physical health. This app provides you with yoga classes, meditation practices, and even visualization tools powered by augmented reality (AR) that allows you to see your baby’s development and what your baby looks like in the womb.

The pregnancy app design and artwork also make it user-friendly and a pleasure in itself, with thoughtfully cute images of moms-to-be and activities. You can even track your health and weekly updates on your growing belly.

7. Baby Bump: Best Pregnancy App With Trackers

Pregnancy Tracker - Baby Bump

iPhone rating: 4.5 stars

Price: Free

If you are stuck with figuring out which month of pregnancy you are in and what your little human looks like The Baby Bump app does all that for you. This pregnancy tracker gives you regular updates on your baby’s growth, what size they are compared to fruit, tips on what to do during each week and trimester, and even a contraction timer. The pregnancy tracker is really simple to use, the app features useful ways to keep track of where you are at and what to expect while you’re pregnant.

8. Amila: Best Pregnancy App For Free

Pregnancy App

iPhone rating: 4.9 stars

Android rating: 4.9 stars

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Amila is the simplest pregnancy app put there: a week-by-week tracker and indicator of how big your unborn baby is, and numerous tips about the various body changes in both the mother and the baby during each week.

The app features a due date calculator, a real-time kick counter, and a weight tracker so that it is easy for you to keep an eye on your overall health while you’re expecting. You can access log notes throughout your pregnancy and share them with your partner or healthcare provider if you notice any new health symptoms along the way.

9. Pregnancy+: Best Pregnancy App For Post-pregnancy Too


iPhone rating: 4.8 stars

Android rating: 4.8 stars

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Pregnancy+ gives you a day-to-day pregnancy update, including details of your baby’s imagery inside the womb and how big they are, for those expecting moms who are hungry for knowledge about what is going on during the pregnancy.

The features of the app also provide a shopping list of common items you are going to need during and post-pregnancy, a huge list for a baby name, a kick counter, and a contraction timer. The pregnancy app has almost everything you are likely to want for peace of mind and preparation during pregnancy.

10. Peanut: Best Free Pregnancy App With Video Chat


iPhone rating: 4.2 stars

Price: Free

Pregnancy can be difficult when you’re going it alone, even when you have a partner, at times they may not be able to fully understand the significance of this huge life event. That is why Peanut has come up with a community app for you and thousands of other expecting moms who want to connect with other women who feel alone and are yet going through the exact stress, anxiety, and joys of pregnancy at the same time.

The app helps you to ask specific questions, join conversations, and even connect with others in your area. The app even has a remote video chat feature to help you stay connected to your momma socials.

11. Mom Life Pregnancy Tracker: Best Free Pregnancy App With Real-time Chats

Mom Life Pregnancy Tracker

Android rating: 4.7 stars

Price: Free

Mom Life has a networking pregnancy app feature that will help you find “affinity” groups — that is, other pregnant soon-to-be parents in the city who are probably going through the same phases of pregnancy and are likely to be experiencing some of the same ups and downs.

You can even get tips related to your baby bump and share your own stories with thousands of other parents, get regular pregnancy and health updates about your baby’s growth, and chat in real time with other parents. Tracking your belly growth and health progress is a lot easier with this extremely user-friendly app.

12. BabyChakra: Best Pregnancy App For Pre- and Post-natal Health


Android rating: 4.6 stars

Price: Free

BabyChakra is one of the biggest and best pregnancy apps to come out in India, and it is powered by a combination of the expertise of the users and its teams of doctors and scientists who are specialized in pre-and post-natal health.

You may even share information and chat with a large community of app users and you can even become a paid contributor to the app as well as receive brand sponsorships if you maintain enough credibility in creating quality content for other pregnant parents using the app.

13. Pregnancy Due Date Tracker: Best Pregnancy App With Tips

Pregnancy Due Date Tracker

iOS rating: 4.8 stars

Android rating: 4.6 stars

Price: Free with in-app purchases

This app is extremely cute, useful, and simple. Get tips every week, a due date calculator, ideas for baby names, a shopping list for essential items during and post-pregnancy, a contraction timer, and a necessary list of items that you’ll need to pack in the hospital bag when the time comes to give birth. With this app, you can even track how big your baby is, and your health, and read pregnancy-related articles, making your pregnant life a lot easier.

14. What To Expect: Best Pregnancy App With Fun Themes

iOS rating: 4.9 stars

Android rating: 4.8 stars

Price: Free

The Pregnancy and Baby Tracker app from What to Expect is a standout because of its clean interface and visually appealing design. In contrast to other apps, it also shows you funny themes like comparing your baby’s current size to fun things like movie and television props and nostalgic items from the 1980s and 1990s.

It has 3D visuals of your baby, information on how it is developing anatomically, changes to your own body, common symptoms, and product recommendations, just like other popular apps. It has a particularly strong social network component, with groups for users who are expecting in the same month, international moms-to-be, and other groups.

15. BabyCentre: Best Pregnancy App With An Ovulation & Child Development Tracker

iOS rating: 4.9 stars

Android rating: 4.9 stars

Price: Free

This application from BabyCenter has everything — 3D renderings of your child’s improvement in the belly, an interpersonal organization to interface with eager individuals, and a library of helpful articles and assets and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Weekly highlights are included in your personalized pregnancy timeline, making them easy to understand: the dimensions of your baby, how big they are compared to you, their anatomy, and the signs and symptoms you can expect. Moreover, the application brags a noteworthy number of elements for those trying to conceive (like an ovulation schedule), as well as child a development tracker.

16. amma Pregnancy Tracker

iOS rating: 4.7 stars

Android rating: 4.7 stars

Price: Free

The amma Pregnancy Tracker is a smart choice for keeping track of all aspects of your pregnancy because it has weekly advice from obstetricians and daily articles on pregnancy. The application includes an occasion journal to log arrangements and week-by-week refreshes on your child’s size and improvement. There’s likewise a child kick counter and thoughts for quality feasts during pregnancy.

The app uses clinical BMI guidelines to measure weight gain and belly size. The app’s data can be shared on social media. It can track contractions and send the results to a doctor. However, there is no support for parents who are trying to conceive.

17. WebMD Pregnancy Tracker

iOS rating: 4.4 stars

Android rating: 4.0 stars

Price: Free

Assuming you need a pregnancy following application that offers more restoratively complex updates than organic product correlations for your child’s size, the WebMD Pregnancy application is possibly your smartest choice. With profound point-by-point 3D renderings of your child in the belly, also your own body’s organs with your child in your belly, you get an exact preview of your child’s turn of events and your own body’s changes.

Other features include articles written specifically for your partner and prenatal visit questions. The app is full of in-depth safety information about various products, foods, and activities. The week-by-week information page largely consists of diagrams with minimal text. The images of your baby in the womb are more detailed than those in many other apps. The con, however, is, you do not have social network components to connect with other expectant mothers.

FAQs: Best Free Pregnancy Apps

1. Which is the best pregnancy app ?

There are a lot of apps that can be useful for expectant women. Some of the best pregnancy apps are Sprout Pregnancy, Glow Nurture, Full Term-Contraction Timer, and Ovia Pregnancy.

2. Are pregnancy apps medically reviewed ?

Most apps will provide you with health tracking features with free medically reviewed articles, which can help while you are pregnant. They also contain medical advice regarding the health of the baby and the mother, the development of the baby bump, and tips for your body.

3. Are these apps useful for pregnant women ?

With these apps, pregnant women can access health information, weekly updates, pregnancy videos, journal features, and articles which give them support during the phase.

4. What features should a pregnancy tracking app contain ?

The best pregnancy apps contain various features like medical advice, pregnancy video, personalized settings, easy access, tracking the development of the baby bump, articles on pregnancy, etc.

5. Can pregnancy tracking apps provide medical advice ?

Most apps feature medical advice by experts, as well as articles on pregnancy and birth which support expecting women during this difficult phase. However, you should always seek help from your doctor, but these free of cost mobile apps can make your life a lot easier.

6. When to see a doctor?

In any situation where you feel uneasy or anything concerning you, you must immediately see a doctor. No amount of Google search or conversing with other expert moms in an app can be a substitute to visit with a medical professional.

On behalf of the editorial team at Parenthoodbliss, we follow strict reporting guidelines and only use credible sources, along with peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and highly respected health organizations. To learn about how we maintain content accurate and up-to-date by reading our medical review and editorial policy.

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