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Back Pain During Pregnancy: Everything You Need To Know

Table of Contents

Back Pain During Pregnancy Everything You Need To Know

Table of Contents

Back pain during pregnancy is quite common in pregnant women and if you’re experiencing it, you are not alone in this. It is one of the most common symptoms in your trimester and the article below will help you understand and know of everything concerning the lower back pain and who you could help aid it.

What does pregnancy back pain mean?

The pregnancy back pain typically takes the form of aches, stiffness, and soreness in both the upper and/or lower back to the and hips, at times extending into the legs and buttocks.

When does the back pain start and end?

According to our content measurement audience insights, women experience back pain reasonably early in their pregnancy. While most women experience it in their first trimester, others tend to have back pains around week 18 or early in the second trimester. This pain could perhaps persist or at times also worsen getting severe back pain with the progression of the second trimester and especially in the third up to the birth. Also, in some cases, it is replaced by postpartum back pain. A pain of a sort as we see!

Back pain during pregnancy: what causes it?

It is the hormone relaxin that releases the ligaments of the ordinarily stable joints in the pelvis area. This loosens up allowing the easier passage of the baby during the delivery. Also, with the added weight of your growing uterus gets thrown off balance by the center of gravity, shifting forward.

This causes the lower back to curve even more than usual to accommodate the load that perhaps strains the muscles resulting in soreness, stiffness, and pain.

Pregnancy back pain vs sciatica? Is it the same?

Back pain during pregnancy could be the same as sciatica. It depends on how you feel if you experience sharp, shooting pains starting in your back or buttocks radiating down to your legs? It may be a sign of sciatica.

However, the best part is that back pain during pregnancy is easy to resolve with the help of many aids available to relieve it. Read further or the remedies!

Treatments via a health care provider: Back pain during pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy could be easily avoided in pregnant women through the health information mentioned below. Simply follow these  remedies mentioned to relieve your pregnancy backaches:

  • Maintain a good posture: A good posture is most important to cure pregnancy-related low back pains. Avoid lounging around in the chair all day long, this may strain the spine. Therefore, when at home or even at work, use chairs that provide good support, most importantly the one with a straight back and arms with an attached firm cushion. You may also choose to use a footrest in order to elevate your feet, avoid cross legs as it may cause a tilt forward in the pelvic area, exacerbating strained back muscles.
  • Remember it’s ok to take breaks: Sitting around for long periods could cause back pains and back problems. Therefore it is important to take breaks and walk or even stand to stretch frequently and avoid muscle pain once every hour. As exerting longer could hurt your muscles more. Also, if your work requires you to stay on foot, try to place a one-foot low stool, this will help take the pressure on the low back and avoid lower back pain.
  • Do not lift heavy loads: While you’re pregnant, it is also recommended by the health care provider to avoid any heavy lifting. Any which way, if you have to, make sure you do it slowly. Firstly stabilize yourself; bend at the knees and not the waist; squat and lift using the arms and legs, not not the back.
  • Keep an account of your weight: This is important as having extra weight gain or if you gain too much weight, it may result in back pain during pregnancy.
  • Wear the right footwear: High heels when pregnant is a big no-no, so are the extremely flat ones. Experts recommend women who are pregnant to wear low-heeled shoes that have good arch support keeping their body in good alignment. Also, you may consider wearing orthotics with a special shoe that has an inbuilt designed to support the muscles avoiding back pain.
  • Use a firm mattress: Using a good firm mattress helps you do away with the low back pain. Just in case you don’t have one, try placing a board underneath until your trimester, or use a body pillow of 5 feet long to help you find stress-minimizing sleep positions.
  • Consider getting a crisscross sling support belt: These support belts work as back wear that is specially designed according to the pregnant figure, taking the burden of your belly off the lower back.
  • Avoid climbing heights or reaching high: Reaching to places such as the top shelf, or for anything high is off-limits. Therefore, try using a low and stable step stool if at all you need the item and avoid any back strains.
  • Think happy be happy: Having a calm mind helps you avoid all the back pain leading to severe pain. You may also choose to try prenatal yoga to help relax, as well as, heating pad for relief.
  • Strengthen the stomach: Try practicing pelvic tilts to help strengthen the stomach and your abs that will in turn help in the back support. You could also sit on an exercise ball while rocking yourself rock back and forth. However, make sure to get approval from the specialist.
  • Use compresses: Taking hot and cold compresses for 15 minutes a day helps aid the back pain in pregnancy. Remember to take cold then hot compress. You may also take a warm bath.
  • Massages are necessary: After contacting your health care provider, you know to get yourself a massage from a licensed therapist trained in a prenatal massage therapist.

That’s all pregnant moms! This was all about the severe back pain during pregnancy curated with the help of the media websites for all your back pains and pelvic pain. However, if you are looking for good maternity belts, Parenthood bliss has got you back! Click HERE and explore our top picks of maternity belts.

To Conclude:

These back pain during pregnant moms are perhaps quite normal and are seen in almost every pregnant woman in their trimester. However, this pain can be cured by simply using the aids mentioned in the content above.

Back Pain During Pregnancy FAQs

1) When is it that pregnant women must worry about back pain?

You must contact a health care professional in case you experience severe back pain that lasts for over more than 2 weeks or has cramps occurring regularly and intensity gradually.

2) What are the causes of lower back pain in pregnancy?

The hormone called relaxin makes the ligaments in the pelvic area to relax that then loosen in preparation for the birthing process. This hormone causes the ligaments that support the spine to also loosen leading to instability and low back pain.

3) What can I do to relieve back pain during pregnancy?

In order to help get rid of the back pain in pregnancy, follow the below mentioned:
  • Maintain a good body posture
  • Wear the right shoes with good arch support
  • Avoid lifting
  • Try sleeping on a comfortable side
  • Get a massage
  • Be active in your daily routine
  • Think positive thoughts
  • For more, read the content above!

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