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Products for Premature Baby

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Table of Contents

After the NICU It’s time to bring your premature baby home; here’s everything you need to make that transition as easy as possible. The roller coaster ride for some parents begins on day one: a birth that was too soon.

Having a preemie brings its novel arrangement of necessities to your nurturing venture. Additionally, it includes a unique set of baby gear. While there are a lot of things on a registry for a full-term baby and a premature one, there are some things that are especially helpful when you bring your preemie home.

These products have been carefully selected to meet the specific requirements of preemies and will make the transition to your new normal a little bit easier, whether you have only spent a week in the NICU or have been calling it home for the past few months.

1. Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor ($399.00)

Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor

Amazon Reviews

I am very pleased with this Miku Pro monitor! First of all, the packaging is really nice, all installation equipment was included, even a screwdriver and a pencil! The manual and assembly is easy and pretty straightforward. I like that you can hide the wire! It does look very nice and stylish on the wall.
For the more, the app is very user friendly! No glitches so far!
The monitor tracks baby’s breathing, gives you a piece of mind and easy to see when baby fell asleep. I would say it is accurate for the most part (if baby is laying in the center of the crib).
It detects all the movements, even eyes blinking. It counts for how long baby has been asleep/awake. You can unable the alarm to go off if there is no movement/breathing.
Also, I like how you can turn on a sound from your phone to play in the nursery. There are such options as lullaby, white/grey noise, womb or dishwasher sounds. You can choose to set timer for music as well. I used this option when our portable white noise machine turned off during baby’s nap.
The image quality is perfect, even at nighttime!
The last thing to mention, I am glad that you can use your phone/other apps while using Miku app, the sound will be still on a background. We also installed the app on an ipad and I shared access to the app to my husband, everything works great for us!

Katerina L

We’ve only used our monitor for a week so far, but so far very impressed! Love picture quality and the built in sound machine option, it gives me comfort to have motion detection alerts, calms my first time parent anxieties about putting baby alone in his nursery! The only cons so far are more on our own end, we are renting and have terrible WIFI but know once we move that shouldn’t be an issue, and my phone has terrible battery capacity and my phone is almost always on 20% battery, again will be resolved once I get a new phone. Love the easy mounting and set up!

Amanda Bergh

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Although you probably won’t miss the NICU monitors’ constant beeping, you might miss the security they provide. Even though it is not a medical device, a smart baby monitor like the Miku Pro completely avoids contact to monitor your baby’s breathing and sleep patterns. As a result, no wearables are required.

2. Halo Sleepsack Swaddle (Micro Fleece) - Charcoal Mini Stars, Small ($24.99)

Halo Sleepsack Swaddle (Micro Fleece) - Charcoal Mini Stars, Small

Amazon Reviews

This swaddle is apparently magic bc my little one is suddenly sleeping better. I will say, it does seem to not be as long as some of the others and I have a tall baby so we may run into an issue with that. But it’s incredibly soft, he stays swaddles and it’s nice and warm.


This is the lifesaver tired parents who cannot figure out a swaddle to save their lives need. When you’re half asleep doing a 2am feed, being able to quickly unzip and change your baby then quickly wrap them back up is seriously a game changer. I will forever get these as baby shower gifts


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Premature babies have a harder time controlling their body temperature and often want to feel warm and cozy more than full-term babies do. Both of these requirements are met by this two-in-one swaddle. It is made of warm, soft microfleece, and the easy-to-use Velcro wings ensure that your child feels safe.

3. Yogasleep Dohm Natural Sound Machine in White/Grey ($52.99)

Yogasleep Dohm Natural Sound Machine in White Grey

Background noise is beneficial for children of all ages particularly for premature babies who may currently be used to the consistent murmur of NICU sounds. The Dohm is a tried-and-true favorite that has been around since 1962. The mechanism of this sound machine is simple: a running fan generates the soothing white noise.

4. Grey Hatch Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale ($149.99)

Grey Hatch Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale

Amazon Reviews

If you are obsessed with details and have a newborn this is 100% for you. I purchased for my 2 week old and already had a changing pad but was intrigued about the weight feature on this. It’s super helpful for breastfeeding when you have no clue how much baby is eating. There seems to be a .5 oz variance at each weigh in but for the most part you can get a good idea if she’s eating enough. I have had it for a little over a month now. The app also allows you to report naps and dirty diapers so you can keep track of everything in the same place.


Gave this to my niece for her baby shower. She was amazed at all the features that this product offers right down to keeping track of how many diapers you have. More features to the app than our listed on the product box. My niece is thril

Dianne & Robert

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In the early months, many preemies struggle to gain weight, which can be quite nerve-wracking for you as a parent. You can, among other things, monitor your baby’s weight gain right from your smartphone thanks to the built-in wireless scale on this changing pad. Additionally, it wipes clean, which we absolutely adore.

5. Gear Evenflo LiteMax Infant Car Seat ($89.99)

Gear Evenflo LiteMax Infant Car Seat

Amazon Reviews

I bought this thanks to the review that said it fits the urbini car seat… thanks so much!!!


It didnt take me long to realize buying a base for grammys truck was way better than installing mommy and daddys everytime! Highly suggest speding the money to get the extra base. You never have to worry who has the base and in what truck, u have ur own!!


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Because preemies weigh less than full-term babies, you’ll need a car seat with a low enough weight limit to safely transport your baby home from the hospital. The Evenflo LiteMax car seat is approved for babies as small as three pounds and typically fits preemies best. Clek Liing and the Chicco Keyfit are two other options that are good for preemies.

6. Copper Pearl 5-In-1 Multi-Use Cover - Midtown ($26.95)

Copper Pearl 5-In-1 Multi-Use Cover - Midtown

Amazon Reviews

I wanted a subtle beach/wave print and this completely delivers! It is SOOOO soft and stretchy too!


When I need to cover up while nursing, this is the best solution! I LOVE mine. In addition to the carseat cover, cart cover, and nursing cover, I also use mine when needed as a blanket and even burp cloth. It is the perfect fabric to keep both my baby and I cool enough while nursing, modest enough to cover 360 degrees, and lightweight enough to take everywhere I go. My complaints with other covers are they do not stay in place (especially with a wiggly babies), they are too hot or see through (fabric issues), and they don’t cover enough if they do stay in place to make me comfortable feeding in all environments. This cover solves all of these, in addition to being cute and affordable for people like me that have no interest in sewing to make my own. It is an essential in my diaper bag, and I can’t live without it now.

The 360 degree coverage was the sell point for me, and I haven’t looked back. Friends are constantly asking where I got it. Great product, one which I will always have as long as there are babies around my house!

i like toys

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Strangers seem to enjoy touching newborns for reasons that continue to baffle us. This is a bad idea for a full-term baby, but it’s especially bad for a preemie, who is more likely to get sick. Everyone will remain safe behind this copper pearl cover. Additionally, it can be used as a high chair, shopping cart, or nursing cover.

7. The Solly Baby Wrap, available in Orion ($69)

The Solly Baby Wrap, available in Orion

This is an excellent option if you already feel at ease carrying your premature baby in a carrier. For a comfortable carry, this lightweight wrap evenly distributes the baby’s weight and is incredibly soft. This baby carrier can be used until your baby weighs 25 pounds.

Over 350 maternity wards, neonatal intensive care units, and pediatric units in the United States use the 4moms MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing to provide comfort to newborns, particularly preemies. This swing’s motions are human-like and can be adjusted with a tap of your toe or a Bluetooth device.

8. Feeding Dr. Brown's Original Preemie Nipple ($10.99)

Feeding Dr. Brown's Original Preemie Nipple

Amazon Reviews

We have used these with my daughter for the past couple months for her rice cereal and oatmeal bottle. They are the perfect flow for thicker liquids without being too fast of a flow.

Jessica Brooke Wilkins

One of the nipples has a tear like cut material on the bottom ring piece that sits flush/flat against the white screw piece on the bottle.Not worth returning the whole pack as I have already washed them all up.


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Even a slow-flowing nipple is often too much for preemies, who have smaller mouths and a young suck. For tiny eaters, this nipple with the slowest flow is just right. Combine it with Dr. Brown’s Options bottles, which are ideal for managing a premature baby’s immature digestive system because of their anti-colic system and unique construction.

9. Ready-to-Drink Bottles of Similac Pro-Advance Infant Formula (48 Packs) ($59.88)

Ready-to-Drink Bottles of Similac Pro-Advance Infant Formula (48 Packs)

Amazon Reviews

This is the formula that was used in the NICU here in Seattle. We continued to use it until she was about 2 1/2m old, then we switched over to Kirkland brand – which has the same ingredients and cost much less. We used this to travel (air) with and it worked out well. Keep in mind each 4 pack comes with only ONE nipple (i would say its a level one, not preemie). If you baby drinks quickly like mine did, you might want to get a preemie nipple or transfer the formula to a different bottle where you can control the amount coming out better. My baby didn’t experience any gas or seem fussy when drinking it. Its smells pretty gross (metallic smell) and to me taste like yuck (again very metallic), but the baby didn’t seem to mind.


We primarily use these when we venture away from the home, have a relative look after our little one, or when we’re too lazy to make bottles when sleeping. Very convenient. I don’t like the plastic waste, so I’m trying to use them more sparingly (I wish Similac had a bottle return drop-off somewhere). And wish Similac provided more durable nipples for reuse.

The package from Amazon arrived on time and just as described. With a good expiration date too. I was worried when some of the reviews mentioned seeing stuff in the bottles, bad expirations, and getting the wrong product, but gave it a try here anyway. I’m glad I did! Nothing wrong with the bottles I received.

J. Meyers

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Even if you plan to breastfeed or pump, you should always have some formula on hand because it’s important to make sure your baby is eating enough to keep their blood sugar levels stable. These prepared-to-drink bottles are particularly helpful during those early weeks when you’re drained and your child needs to eat regularly.

10. Philips Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer ($34.99)

Philips Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer

Amazon Reviews

if you want a techy sterilizer, this is not for you since this is simple and the plain one, but for a mom who is looking to save money and still be able to sterilized my baby items, this is very useful. Easy to clean, light to carry and not complicated at all.

Alma Mae Malinis

We’ve used these microwavable sterilizers for decades. Over 5 kids, durable, easy to use, clean and such a time-saver. With all the baby items to clean, this makes it a breeze. We used it for cleaning breast pump supplies too!


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Since a preemie’s immune system is not fully developed, the additional cleaning step is worth it because bottle sterilizers may not be suitable (most of the time, a large pot and some boiling water do the trick). We like this one because it’s cheap and easy to use. For on-the-go cleaning and sterilization, you might also want to check out Medela’s Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags and Quick Clean Wipes.

11. Spectra S1 Plus Electric Breast Pump, Blue, S1 Plus Electric Breast Pump ($216.00)

Spectra S1 Plus Electric Breast Pump, Blue, S1 Plus Electric Breast Pump

Amazon Reviews

After having my daughter the hospital’s lactation specialist recommended this pump once I told her this was my first child and had never pumped before. I already had a Willow but was worried it wasn’t working properly or that I was not using the pump correctly. The specialist said she recommends this pump to new moms because you can see where you are placing your nipple (which is important to get the proper suction) whereas the Willow is better for women who have had experience pumping before and know where to place their nipple and how it is supposed to feel when the suction is correct. After using this pump I can say it made pumping much easier as a new mom and while it is somewhat loud it isn’t enough to wake up my daughter. A great pump overall.


Second time mom using this breast pump. It’s still my number 1 after almost 3 years of using it with my first baby.

Valerie Negron

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Many parents choose to pump their premature babies because breastfeeding can be difficult or because they want to keep a closer eye on how much milk the child is getting. We suggest renting a hospital-grade pump for at least the first few months (the Medela Symphony is a popular option, and rental costs are frequently covered by insurance), then switching to a portable pump like the rechargeable Spectra.

The Bottom Line

While the typical full-term infant weighs approximately 7.17 kilograms at birth, a premature baby may weigh as little as 2.26 kilograms. However, thanks to advancements in medicine, children born after 28 weeks of pregnancy and weighing more than 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) have almost a 100% chance of survival.

Preterm babies born before twenty-eight weeks have more complications and require intensive treatment and support in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), whereas those born after the 35th week have minimal long-term health or developmental issues.

Products for Your Premature Baby - FAQs:

1. Is 7 months a premature baby?

Premature births are those that occur before the 37th week of pregnancy. Additionally, premature babies are sometimes referred to as "preemies." One or more complications are more likely to occur with premature birth.

2. Is a premature baby normal?

A baby is more likely to have health issues when he or she is born earlier in the pregnancy. The majority of babies born before 34 weeks of pregnancy are most likely to have health issues, but babies born between 34 and 37 weeks of pregnancy are also more likely to have health issues that are related to premature birth.

3. What problems do premature babies have?

There aren't always health issues for premature baies. However, medical issues can arise in the short and long term if a child is born prematurely. Problems with behavior and mental health as well as ongoing health issues are among the long-term complications of premature birth.

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