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25+ Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls In 2024

Table of Contents

best gifts for 11 year old girls

Table of Contents

By the age of 11, girls are in their tween stage—tween gifts are hard to find. It’s hard to keep on top of what’s trendy and find the sweet spot that isn’t too old, but not too young. Here we’re going to do the speculation out of it for you. These best gifts for 11 year old girls are exactly what they’re searching for—even if they don’t know it already.

From backpacks and accessories to advanced gadgets and even some toys (because they’re always playing with toys), these are your best bets. You can also choose sensory toys for your kid to develop their cognitive skills through play. Here’s a generic list of the best gifts for teenage girls in 2023!

Here Are The Best Gifts For 11-12 Year-Old Girls

1. DIY Squishy Set

DIY Squishy Set

Kids of all age groups (yes, even 11yearold girls) are fascinated with squishes. With this food-shaped set of 10, you can DIY patterns on them with paint or markers, and then use them for relieving stress, or hang them on a keyring. It comes with emoji stickers for decorative purposes in the package. They’re cream-scented, too so they smell good.

Amazon Reviews

These squishy toys are perfect for kids wanting to paint their own styles on them. We used acrylic paint and it worked perfectly. It did not leave any residue on my kids hands. They are various sizes and versions of slow or quick rising. Cute shapes! Worth the money! They could be awesome party favors as well.

Bought these to personalize with fabric paint. They have enough texture so the paint sticks to them pretty good. The squishiness differs by shape so some are really soft, some are more dense, and some have a decent slow rise. We weren’t too concerned by this since our intention was to paint and display. The single ice cream pop shaped squishy had the best slow rise squishiness out of the bunch in my opinion. I would definitely purchase these again.

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2. Go Glam Nail Stamper

Go Glam Nail Stamper

The GO Glam Nail Stamper is one of the perfect gifts for 11 year old girls to get a decent manicure at home. The machine presses on designs on freshly painted nails, and our research experts have found that it fits well on nails of all sizes.

Amazon Reviews

My lady had said this is something I would like to have. I ordered it for her and it came really quickly. It was exactly what she thought it was, and she loves it. So I love it. And it was a good price.

My 7 year old LOVED this. At first I thought this seemed a little pricey, but when you see how many pattern stamps it comes with you’ll understand. As long as the nail polish is applied thinly, the results are amazing. You definitely don’t want to glob it on, or the stamper will get stuck on the tackiness of the polish and the pattern won’t stamp clearly. If the directions are followed completely, it looks like a professional manicure at a fraction of the cost. Plus, the results lasted more than a week, which is saying a lot for an active 7 year old.

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3. Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids

Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids

With this accessible book, she will try to solve 300 complex puzzles, puzzles, and brain teasers. It enables children to think creatively and pay attention to words which are necessary qualities for children of all ages. Have a younger daughter? Here’s a list of the best gifts for 7-year-old girls!

Amazon Reviews

This was a gift for a middle school aged kid and he loves it. If he is having a bad day, he will read it and it turns the day around for him.

This was a Christmas gift for my granddaughter because she is OBSESSED with riddles. she loves to call me and tell me riddles. She was SOOOO excited about this book. After Christmas break her teacher told her class that they could bring something for show and tell and she wanted to bring the book I got her. She was able to share a few of the riddles and where she got it from.. She ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT!!! I RECOMMEND IT!!!

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4. Cursive Name Necklace

Cursive Name Necklace

This best-selling Etsy necklace can be personalized with the name of your 11-year-old girl on it so that she can have customized jewelry even though she has a unique name. It is accessible in three different colors (silver, gold, and rose gold) and six different chain lengths.

5. Bedside Lamp With Bluetooth Speaker

Bedside Lamp With Bluetooth Speaker

This is going to be her current fav lamp—she can keep these best gifts for 11 year old girls on her bed as a multicolored bedside lamp and play her favorite tracks with a Bluetooth speaker. There are four distinct brightness levels for standard white light, along with the option of color scheme mood light—to switch modes, just tap the metal ring.

Amazon Reviews

My granddaughter has an issue getting up for school on time without someone physically waking her up. We want to teach her to be responsible enough to get up on her own and get ready. She uses this speaker for that purpose. She also uses it to play soft music when she is reading or studying. The light is good at night because she doesn’t like waking up in the dark in the middle of the night. It’s bright enough to light a path and soft enough for her to sleep well.

I bought this speaker for my son for christmas. It was really easy to setup, the sound is very clear, and the colors are vibrant. I would definitely buy this speaker again, it is a great price for super high quality.

I did also want to mention that the sellers customer service is amazing, I wish all sellers were this easy to work with.

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6. Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

Cell phone cameras get the job done, but it’s a lot more fun to take pictures with an instant camera specifically when the film is involved. She’s particularly supportive of the compact mirror that makes taking selfies so much easier. You can also opt to buy a camera with film packs, but there’s always the option to buy them individually.

Amazon Reviews

I loved the color really like the way it was package and really appreciate the quality of the product

Good one for its price. Gives ability to manage the light manually so in the end you will not have overshadowed or very light pictures. Old model but worth the price.

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7. BeanieTail Ponytail Beanie

BeanieTail Ponytail Beanie

It’s too hard to wear a hat when you have your hair up in a ponytail or in a bun. This beanie will keep her ears and head warm without compromising her hairstyle. The best part of it? These gifts for 11-year-olds are available in a wide range of colors, ranging from metallics to neutrals.

Amazon Reviews

It really is nice having my ponytail come out of the hat. It’s so much more comfortable! This hat is soft and warm.

I love the speckled color and the way the black and gray fade together. The ponytail hole is elastic, strong, and easy to pull my hair through. CC makes a great beanie. I highly recommend buying if you’re thinking about it!

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8. Unicorn Slippers

Unicorn Slippers

Your 11-year-old would never want to take these comfortable, polka-dot slippers off her feet. They’re great to add a little spark when relaxing around the house after school or on the weekends. There are a few various versions of unicorns available depending on the size she requires.

Amazon Reviews

These are cute, soft and comfy. Good quality!

Hello 👋🏼 I bought them for my grand daughter, she loves them she’s only a year old but kids 💕 generally love anything that’s soft & colorful & looks like a toy…
There great for when u have to run errands you just put them on your kids feet & go the
sole has and outdoor sole on the bottom 

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9. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Mermaid Tail Blanket

This best-selling Amazon blanket has received more than 5,000 feedback and has an overall average of 4.5 stars. This 11-year-old gift is ideal to stay warm when reading a book or watching movies. Who knows, maybe she’ll be more inspired to do her homework with her mermaid tail blanket on. Bonus: It comes with a silver mermaid necklace as well. Get similar gifts for your 8-year-old girl by clicking here!

Amazon Reviews

Very soft and cute! Came in a drawstring bag ans included a necklace!

I bought it pretty quickly and it came right away. Super fast delivery. I didn’t know it cAme with goodies. My niece will be extra excited to receive the necklace and bag too as a bonus! That was actually a really nice surprise. I love when things I order have bonus items!
Kim P.

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10. The Original LED Marquee Lightbox

The Original LED Marquee Lightbox

She can easily convey herself through a lightbox by showcasing her preferred quotes or song lyrics at any given time. These are the best gifts for 11 year old girls that come with 100 tiles and can be operated by the provided USB cord (batteries are functioning too but not included). It has also a built-in room for extra letters on the back of the lightbox.

Amazon Reviews

This Lightbox is awesome!! Fun and easy to use. Bought this to display for my Oscar party! Definitely would recommend.

 It’s so nice to have a phrase ready for when your guests visit! It’s funny and fun to play with and I love that it has two settings! Just white and rainbow transition.

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11. Harry Potter Coding Kit

Harry Potter Coding Kit

Harry Potter fans and science enthusiasts will both get a kick out of this one: the kit helps children code their wands and the software “spells” that do stuff like flying feathers or rising pumpkins. Accio tablet! Here’s another list of the best gifts for 16-year-old girls!

Amazon Reviews

I bought this for my 11 year old daughter and 6 year old son. Both big Potter fans. 11 year old is starting to get exposed to coding in middle school and I thought this would be a fun introduction. First off the packaging is great. It almost has the high end feel of an Apple product. You do have to put it together witch is very easy. It’s nice that they explain the gyroscope inside that communicates via bluetooth to the tablet. The set up on her 2017 iPad was easy and trouble free. Being a kid she didn’t want to wait and read any directions just went straight for some of the simple spell actions which are fun and get their interest.

The best part of this comes when you get into the challenges. You drag and drop code blocks or commands into a sequences to start creating your own spells to move through the challenges. I could see her confidence and sense of achievement grow as she completed each challenge. They don’t even realize they are learning the basics of coding while playing. It really sunk in that she was learning from this when I watched her teach her little brother how to use it. Listening to her explain the basics of coding made me realize how much she was learning. I would highly recommend this for anyone that wants to get a jump on teaching the concepts of coding for their kids.

This kit rocks! After a brief set up and assembly, we were ready to start on our iPad (didn’t experience the compatibility issues I’ve seen some others mention). My kid was hooked pretty instantly, but my husband and I have been taking turns on the rare occasion she puts it down! The lessons are great, and have been a wonderful introduction to coding for my daughter, who didn’t have much experience with programming before. So far the lessons have grown with her, and she has been spending time with it every single day since it arrived. She loves showing us her new creations! The wand tracking is excellent (my husband seems to have some trouble with a few of the motions, but I suspect that may be more operator error than anything else) and the physical interaction has kept my daughter more engaged than our previous attempts to get her interested in coding. All-in-all a big winner in our house!

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12. ThinkFun Word A Round Game

ThinkFun Word A Round Game

If your teenage girl enjoys playing logic games, she’s going to love these gifts for 11-year-olds. Each card has three distinct words written in a circle. The first person to “untangle” the word will hold the card, and the first person to earn 10 cards will win the game. It’ll help you develop your vocabulary skills while you’re in a friendly rivalry with a friend or two.

Amazon Reviews

We love this game. It is quick and easy to play. I purchased this for several of my married children as they could sit and play it as a couple for a stay at home date night. LOTS of FUN for EVERYONE!

Very easy to learn and fun! Reminds me a lot of the Wordscapes game I love to play on my phone. You have to figure out what the words are in each of the color rings based on the color of the previous card you lay down. My elementary students love it, and my family of teenagers love it!

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13. Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World

Women in Science 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World

This best-selling book concentrates on the mini-profiles of 50 prominent women in the STEM sector. The pages are full of vibrant artwork and aesthetically appealing infographics, so she’ll enjoy learning about everyone’s occupations. And if you want to read it with your daughter, she will be inspired to pursue potential career paths such as engineering and biology.

Amazon Reviews

I gave this to a nine-year-old that dreamed of being a scientist. She devoured it. The examples and inspiration derived from the book appear to be immense. Just a great read for her.

Bought this as a gift for a little girl who loves science! It has great information about women who made major discoveries and changed science for the world. Perfect for a science lover!

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14. Floral Crossbody Purse

Floral Crossbody Purse

A trendy crossbody bag is a perfect 11-year-old gift idea for tweens since it’s a hands-free way to carry the essentials. The main compartment is the perfect size to suit your iPad or tablet, poncho, mobile phone, and wallet, while it can store small objects (like lip balm and hair ties) in the inner and outer pockets. Plus, it’s available in a wide range of color and pattern combinations.

Amazon Reviews

Bought this purse for my grandaughters 10th birthday. She absolutely loves it. Its made with durable material and a smudge can just be wiped right off. It came in multiple colors and designs for just about anyone’s taste. It has numerous compartments and a change purse is included. Now my 8 year old granddaughter wants one for her Birthday…needless to say, it was a hit !!

I’m really picky about my bags. They have to be just the right size with a lot of pockets. Not to mention I also like fun and interesting bags since I’m contrastingly pretty laid back with my clothing choices.

So, this bag. Perfect! It’s a great size: not huge, but definitely big enough for all of my things. I carry a full sized (though slim) wallet, check book, a coin purse with meds/pocket knife/lip balm, my phone, keys, hand lotion, headphones, personal products (usually in their own zipper bag), travel deodorant, among other random items. So I have a lot of stuff. And everything fit! (I don’t use it for this but you could most definitely fit an ereader in there or an iPad mini, since I know that will be a concern for some people).

There are zipper pockets on the back and front of the bag as well as a zipper pocket inside (not as deep as I like, but still a good pocket). There are also two open pockets inside the purse. The bag has foam padding and a zipper closure for the main compartment.

I was surprised by the coin purse included. I was expecting a traditional coin purse size, but it’s almost twice that size (7in x 5in). So I’m using it as my additional zipper pouch for personal products and it slides right in with my wallet and check book.

The only criticism I have for this bag is the strap. I wear all my bags as crossbody bags and this strap is long enough to wear it across comfortably, but only just. I’d prefer a slightly longer strap.

Overall, this is a very cute and practical bag for a great price. I’ve only just gotten it, so I’m not sure about durability. But the quality seems to be the same level as most of my bags and I use them every day for months at a time before cycling to another. I’ve yet to have a bag fall apart on me. So I’m confident this will hold up as well!

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15. Bath Bombs Gift Set

Bath Bombs Gift Set

She can transform bathing time into a relaxing experience with this package of 12 luxurious bath bombs. Each colored ball is comprised of a mixture of essential oils so that they smell amazing when they fizz up in the bathtub.

Amazon Reviews

I bought these bath bombs for my daughter who has incredibly sensitive skin. She usually can’t do bath bombs because of the added ingredients. She loved these and they did not irritate her skin. Highly recommend.

The packaging is very cute, the entire box comes wrapped in plastic and perfect to wrap up. I am actually just gifting one to different people so I opened it up. Each bath bomb is individually wrapped and labeled with what the smell is. They smell really good, kinda clean and soap smelling, I can’t really smell a difference between the labeled scents though. I have yet tried any of them and I may not since these are gifts but they seem pretty good.

They are a little smaller than I thought they would be but technically you are paying $2 for each of them so it’s not bad at all!

From my point of view:
Pros: individually wrapped, great as a gift for the whole set as well, different scents, cute

Cons: small, can’t differentiate the scents at least upon opening it just smells like soap, smaller than expected

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16. Fur Faux Throw Blanket

Fur Faux Throw Blanket - Best Gifts For 11-Year-Old Girls

This Fur Faux throw blanket is the best addition to an 11-year-old’s bed. It’s inspired by TikTok, is super soft, extra-warm, and the coziest at night to sleep in. This is also one of the best Christmas gifts that your tween will cherish forever.

Amazon Reviews

I have ordered approximately six blankets from you all and have been extremely pleased with each one of them! The colors are so beautiful and the blanket is so soft and warm! I love love the way this particular blanket is made. Not sure how to explain it but it is a little different from the rest of the blankets but whether you get this type or the other types of blankets on this site you will definitely be pleased! My next purchase will be a queen size. I wish they had a king size or even a queen size in this particular blanket but they don’t. But I will be ordering a queen size soon. 100% recommend! This blanket is 100% for sure giftable but let me warn you, they are so pretty and soft that you will probably want to keep it yourself so you better order more than one LOL!

So so soft! Both sides are soft, and it’s very warm. The 50”x60” throw is perfect size over my lap and legs when sitting, or around my shoulders. Most of my throws are a bit larger, and I wanted one this size. The colors are bright but pastel at the same time. Just perfect!

The blanket arrives vacuum packed, meaning it’s like a brick and takes a few hours to fully fluff up in the air. There is a manufacturing smell and it did not clear with airing, so I washed and air dried it. It’s perfect now. If you are going to give this as a gift, I highly recommend washing first.

Washing advice: to keep your blanket soft and lovely, machine wash in cool or cold water, then hang dry. Machine drying is not recommended for these kind of blankets, as it will cause the sherpa side to fuse and pilling on fleece side. With proper care, these kind of blankets will give years of soft warm use.

Mr max

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17. Lamp With A Bluetooth Speaker

Lamp With A Bluetooth Speaker - Best Gifts For 11-Year-Old Girls

Take it from us, this is for sure going to be her favorite lamp to keep beside her bed. It is brightly colored, can play favorite songs via Bluetooth, comes in four different brightness levels, and has a color-changing option with tappable switch-moods.

Amazon Reviews

My granddaughter has an issue getting up for school on time without someone physically waking her up. We want to teach her to be responsible enough to get up on her own and get ready. She uses this speaker for that purpose. She also uses it to play soft music when she is reading or studying. The light is good at night because she doesn’t like waking up in the dark in the middle of the night. It’s bright enough to light a path and soft enough for her to sleep well.

I ordered this for both the night light and the Bluetooth capabilities. I received my order in a timely manner and it was well packaged. Unfortunately the speaker would not hold a charge and power on properly without being plugged in. I was not happy as you can imagine, but I know electronics do sometimes have a faulty batch.

So I contacted the seller, they were extremely helpful and kind. They offered some tips and unfortunately those did not work either. Kindly they shipped me another exact model, and I didn’t even have to return the faulty one.

I received the replacement in a timely manner also and it works perfectly! The sound is amazing, clear, and loud.

The lights are fun and soothing. All of the capabilities are great in such a small device.

Im so happy I made the purchase, and really appreciate the sellers customer service, they are fantastic!

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18. DIY Set For Journaling

DIY Set For Journaling - Best Gifts For 11-Year-Old Girls

This will help take her journal to a whole new level, all thanks to the additions made here. The DIY journaling set comes with glitter frames, stickers, die-cut shapes, and bookmarks to help decorate the pages and enhance the creative flow.

Amazon Reviews

The set was adorable and I thinks its encouragement for kids/teens to see something that reminds them to do everything with love.

I had to find a last-minute gift for a 13-year-old and I didn’t have enough time to go out and shop. Found this scrapbook journal which I thought was perfect and appropriate for a 13 year old girl. Fast delivery and item came in as pictured. Love it!

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19. DIY Squishy Set

DIY Squishy Set - Best Toys For 11-Year-Old Girls

Be it 11-year-olds or elders, squishy toys are favorites of all. These DIY sets are a set of 10 food-shaped squishes on which she can easily create her DIY patterns and paint or use markers to relieve her stress and keep her creativity busy. The package comes with emoji stickers, is cream-scented, and is best for creative heads!

Amazon Reviews

These squishy toys are perfect for kids wanting to paint their own styles on them. We used acrylic paint and it worked perfectly. It did not leave any residue on my kids hands. They are various sizes and versions of slow or quick rising. Cute shapes! Worth the money! They could be awesome party favors as well.

Bought these to personalize with fabric paint. They have enough texture so the paint sticks to them pretty good. The squishiness differs by shape so some are really soft, some are more dense, and some have a decent slow rise. We weren’t too concerned by this since our intention was to paint and display. The single ice cream pop shaped squishy had the best slow rise squishiness out of the bunch in my opinion. I would definitely purchase these again.

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20. Gravity Maze

Gravity Maze - Best Gifts For 11-Year-Old Girls

This is an engaging set that also helps sharpen her mental skills. Combined with a good mix of the maze and satisfying paths, it is best to play both, individually or in a community. Get your toddler these gifts too!

Amazon Reviews

This Christmas gift ended up being a favorite of my Great Nephew who is 8 years old. He an his dad both enjoyed figuring out the harder puzzle cards together and he enjoyed playing it on his own. Great STEM learning fun!

This game is super fun and invites exploration and problem solving. My kiddos have seemed most interested in it around ages 6-7. Sometimes they use the clues on the card to create the maze that’s intended, and other times (ok, more often) they create their own. The pieces are high quality. They snap together, but sometimes it’s hard to get them to stay together while you build the rest of the maze. They also don’t really snap into the game board, and again sometimes it’s hard to keep them in place while building the maze. I would like it better if they were a little better secured to the board and to each other.

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21. Photo Clips Fairy String Lights

Photo Clips Fairy String Lights - Best Gifts For 11-Year-Old Girls

These are the best picks to help her personalize her room to satisfaction. It features about 100 clear clips that help hang memorable pictures and also brighten the room for added comfort. You may also use these lights as Christmas decorations and check out these baby’s first Christmas gift ideas!

Amazon Reviews

I have these up around my craft table and am in love with them. I can use as many or as little of the photo clips as I want. I just have a few on the light string, but they are beautiful. And I dont have to waste a bunch of batteries but it does have the option of batteries. I just have the USB plugged into the wall. I have 9 options of blinking or flashing or wave pattern that I can easily change to match my mood that day. I’m going to order more because these are the best light strings I have. I bought two at Walmart a few months ago to put above the cabinets and the battery drains fast. Even my boyfriend was like ” how much were those? Wow you got a good deal for as much as you love them.” Lol but if you are hesitant, don’t be, you will love these. And it is a looooong string so you can wrap, dangle, or go around a small room.

This is so cute! My daughter has been asking for fairy lights for her room for such a long time, so happy I stumbled across these, because she has one of those cameras that spits out a tiny picture is perfect for this. My husband put it up today in her room and it looks absolutely gorgeous! It was so easy to set up , and most importantly my daughter loves it!

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22. Pillow Lounger Bed Floor Cover

Pillow Lounger Bed Floor Cover - Best Toys For 11-Year-Old Girls

Whether preparing for a sleepover or gearing up for a rainy lazy afternoon, this cannot go wrong. Providing instant comfort, this is soft and absolutely easy to store.

Amazon Reviews

Bought this for my kiddo so he has a place to sleep when we visit the grandparents. He looks forward to sleeping on this ‘bed’ and calls it his pillow bed. It’s super soft and easy to clean and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Plus when not in use my parents can use the pillows so it’s a win win!

My 4 year old loves it, comfortable to sit and lay on. They’re stuffed with king size pillows(brought on Amazon also) that fits well inside.

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23. Designer Lap Desk

Designer Lap Desk - Best Gifts For 11-Year-Old Girls

With mostly all kids studying from home, it gets a little difficult to work and ends with a frozen shoulder. This designer lap desk is best to turn the bed into a command center and tackle homework, video calls, and art projects.

Amazon Reviews

I use it every day. I look at TV and play a game on my iPad or answer e-mails, balance my checkbook, read anything—every day. It is lightweight, sturdy, has a top that is scratch resistant, durable, and can be wiped clean. The bar at the bottom is very handy for keeping papers steady and the pen holder is handy. I use it on my bed to hold the iPad while I view a movie or the news. It conforms to uneven surfaces. Love this portable desk. I even take it camping.

Love everything about my lap desk. Bought one for my daughter years ago, tried it out and loved it! So, I had to get myself one as I went back to college. I love the elastic clip in the corner, a place to hold 2 or 3 pens, laptop will not slide off, and it is soft and comfortable.

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24. Fashion Light-Up Sketch Pad

Fashion Light Up Sketch Pad Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls Parenthoodbliss

This set comes with six sheets of vinyl stencils that make a good combination of colors, are USB-powered, have a light-up pad, and allow her to explore her creative skills before bed.

Amazon Reviews

Grandaughter Loved it for xmas gift, she spent hours designing and her skill level is low but this helps her learn while having fun

Such a cool craft! My 9 year old loves anything (and everything crafty) we’ve used fashion plates for years and this is the next evolution in fashion sketching! The light up sketch pad is easy to use and the kit has many different styles to create a lot of fun in one box. Love it!

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25. Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp - Best Gifts For 11-Year-Old Girls

This is a good addition that she can make to her room to jazz room a little. It is a 3-D printed moon lamp, is a perfect blend of style and science, lights up in 16 colors, has different patterns, and comes in four different sizes and a shutoff timer.

Amazon Reviews

This moon lamp compliments my Jupiter lamp. I like to light my room with the heavenly bodies.
Nice colors to choose from, fun features etc. I like the purple setting. Purple Jupiter and a very purple
Moon I may get more… is good in space….Cheers!

I love this light. It has so many options and the colors are brilliant. Great for a kids room as a night light or just for fun. I love just watching the colors fade or the white light is nice to have on table in any room.

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26. Cake Pop Maker

Cake Pop Maker - Best Toys For 11-Year-Old Girls

Yes, baking without using an oven is now possible. All she’d need to do is spray the cake-pop maker and easily bake 12 pops at a time. This comes with forks and sticks for easy baking sessions.

Amazon Reviews

Received it, and started using right away. It works great. Although caution, it’s very hot. Fast and easy to use.

This is a great gift item but a favorite of my own as well. It is so simply and cheap to whip up cake batter per any internet recipe or through the instructions included. You can also simply buy cake mix of any kind at the store.

We like to use chocolate and vanilla cake mix and you pour about a tablespoon into each hole (be sure to season it first with non stick spray or oil then wipe down and they will pop out without effort in perfect little balls when done) and in 5 minutes you have lots of tiny cake balls that we like to roll some in cinnamon and sugar and others in sugar for homemade donut holes. You can even get an injector and fill some of them with filling but they are so fresh and moist it’s hardly needed. They all come out perfectly for us in round balls (unless you over fill of course but even then you can just tear the excess off until you learn to eyeball the amount needed which should take you the first time you use it to master it.)

For actual cake balls, it comes with the cake pop sticks and you can order more. With these you can roll in a coating like white chocolate or glaze and something like sprinkles or just roll in warm icing.

We like it though as a snack. It’s far less calories to enjoy a cake ball and get your sweet fix then to eat a pice of cake or a candy bar and if you make these from scratch you can keep bites of cake around for pennies.

At a party, it’s a great table topper and beautiful to do something like put the cake balls in styrofoam in a pretty pot, cake balls up and sticks in the styrofoam. Everyone loves them to satisfy your sweet treats and it remains a finger food.

It’s also cute to make little cornbreads as a unique basket of cornbread balls you can pop in your mouth at dinner. I do some jalapeno and some plain when I serve this way.

But for a great sweet breakfast, this does make BAKED donuts rather than fried…you get them tasting better hot out of the oven, but better for you. And you can still glaze them or just roll in sugar.

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27. Karaoke With LED Disco Lights

Karaoke With LED Disco Lights - Best Gifts For 11-Year-Old Girls

There can be no better addition than karaoke for sleepovers. This is a light-up karaoke machine that comes with 2 microphones, has a CD and bluetooth player, and a USB connection that can also record performances.

Amazon Reviews

My 6 year old loves this and was happy with it. The lights are fun and can be turned on and off. It comes with two microphone holders and plug ins and one microphone. Worth the buy.

I haven’t had the problems other reviews are experiencing, as ppl tend to post only when they’re having issues. It’s been over a year and it’s working great. Two mics hooked up and no issues. No volume issues. Sounds are very basic with echo effect, as that’s all u can get, but very worth the money. Love it and use it often. Bought it for 2 ppl. Would definitely recommend!

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A Final Word on The Best Gifts For 11 year old Girl

Kids experience through seeing, feeling, listening, and so on and it is important to have everything that can help them enhance their learning and overall development that is accessible to them at any point in their lives. A major learning goal has already been set in one year and a change in toys will be needed to benefit them in the next stage.

That’s why we’ve picked the best toys and gift choices for 11 year old girls to help you select the right toys for your children’s welfare. The list is a long one, and you’re sure to find something for your precious baby girl. Well, best of luck to you!

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FAQs: Best Gifts For 11 year old Girls

1. At what age should I leave my kid at a party ?

Before you get there, it's best to talk to the parents who have arranged a birthday party to make sure it's okay to do it. Typically, after 6 years of age, kids won't need constant guidance and will gladly walk around the group on their own.

2. What to add in a good bag for a birthday party?

Good bags continue to be a popular birthday part, but they don't have to be complicated. Don't waste over 50 dollars on ten bags. A few candies, new toys, wrist bands would be perfect for visitors!

3. What is the best partying age ?

Children begin to have friendships because they enjoy it and as soon as they hit 4 or 5, then their first party has to be celebrated. The would be the best time to let the kid have a party as he will love the party and will start to appreciate the purpose! This does not mean that children below 5 do not have a birthday party, but certain parents tend to do all these limited family gatherings only.

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