20 Baby’s First Christmas Gift Of 2022

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Baby's First Christmas Gift

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Congratulations if you’re looking for your baby’s first Christmas gift! You’ve come to the perfect place if you are looking for Best Baby’s First Christmas Gift. As a parent, Christmas is so magical, and it is indeed so much pleasure to be the one who creates that enchantment for the child.

But, to be honest, shopping for a baby’s First Christmas gifts could be difficult; after all, kids don’t require much beyond the fundamentals, and it’s probable that your kid will be spoiled mostly by family and friends. I’ve included a combination of fun and essential items in this baby’s first Christmas gift suggestion, great for either baby boy or baby girl’s first Christmas.

Baby’s First Christmas Ideas: The 20 Best Gift Ideas

Here are 20 special gift ideas for your baby boy and baby girl for Christmas – check some of our favorites.

1. Christmas Pajamas: Best Baby's First Christmas Gift

Christmas Pajamas Parenthoodbliss

For several families, getting new pajamas is a holiday custom. Find one pair for the beautiful baby that is exceptionally special, such as the first pajamas for Christmas! Alternatively, purchase a new pair for the entire family! With the newest member of the family, the images are usually the cutest.

2. Indestructibles Books For Your Baby: Best Baby's First Christmas Gift

Indestructibles Books For Your Baby

These novels are just fantastic. They are drool-proof, chew-proof, and rip-proof. They are basically baby-proof. These books could even be put in your dishwasher or washed in the washing machine. Awesome right. The ideal presents for your baby’s first Christmas.

3. Hanging Babyprints Christmas Ornaments: Best Baby's First Christmas Gift

Hanging Babyprints Christmas Ornaments

Our children would only be this age for a short time. Make some Christmas tree ornaments with the baby’s footprint or handprint to remember these special times! The name of the baby and the birth date or year can then be written on the front side or back side of those ornaments.

4. Art Cards For Baby From Wee Gallery: Best Baby's First Christmas Gift

Art Cards For Baby From Wee Gallery

These cards from Wee Gallery are a series of black & white cards with a high contrast that will captivate and delight newborns right away. The baby’s attention would be drawn to the repeated patterns and designs, which will help stimulate their vision. Each card is 5 inches by 7 inches and is completed with matte finish lamination with kid-friendly rounded corners, making it a terrific size for the baby’s hands.

5. Milestone Baby Card: Best Baby's First Christmas Gift

Milestone Baby Card

We are all about keeping memories alive! When you are taking a snapshot of your child, these printed photo cards are a great addition. What is more, they employed environmentally friendly inks that are vegetable-based, and the paper is robust and of excellent quality, making it ideal for preserving as a treasured item. These are perfect for the baby’s first Christmas as well as for commemorating major milestones in the future.

6. Wooden Activity Gym From Zany Zoo: Best Baby's First Christmas Gift

Wooden Activity Gym From Zany Zoo

On either side of this wooden activity gym, there are zigzag races, spinning animal alphabets, a bead wooden roller coaster, and more for the baby to enjoy. Our son and daughters own one, and they will adore it.

7. Recordable Storybook For The Night Before Christmas: Best Baby's First Christmas Gift

Recordable Storybook For The Night Before Christmas

This wonderful holiday tale is a favorite with the whole family. We love that parents could record themselves reading the stories so that your little ones may listen to your voice for the years to come, regardless of how far away you are.

8. Classic Walker Wagon From Radio Flyer: Best Baby's First Christmas Gift

Classic Walker Wagon From Radio Flyer

This classic radio flyer push-wagon is a must-have. It is safe and adaptable, and it helps rookie walkers gain balance and confidence when standing up and taking the first steps. These wooden stake ends can hold whatever they want to carry with them, the stakes can be removed as well, whenever you want to.

9. Nativity Set From Little People’s: Best Baby's First Christmas Gift

Nativity Set From Little People’s

The cutest tiny Nativity scene we’ve ever seen! The nativity set is ideal for small children’s hands. Your children can role-play Joseph and Mary caring for after Baby Jesus, the Three Kings delivering presents, and caring and feeding for the animals. The fact that the wagon starts up with the set starts playing the song “Away in the Manger” is extremely appealing to us.

10. Silicone Teethers From Itzy Ritzy: Best Baby's First Christmas Gift

Silicone Teethers From Itzy Ritzy

These are not the typical toothpicks. These charming designs, which include lattes, flamingos, cacti, and pineapples, are perfect for teething gums and also family favorites! They are adored by both babies and their parents!

The wooden Christmas tree-shaped teether is also ideal if you’re looking for some handmade teether. Isn’t this adorable in the stocking?

11. Wooden Conical-shaped Stacking Tower: Best Baby's First Christmas Gift

Wooden Conical-shaped Stacking Tower

The Grimm’s Large Rainbow Tower is a superb stacking/sorting toy that will both entertain and stimulate newborns and youngsters aesthetically and mentally. Children can be absorbed in creative and reasonable thinking while improving motor control and hand-eye coordination because of the simple design and vibrant colors.

Colors, size, order (an initial mathematical skill), counting, and other ideas can be taught to children by adults. The timeless design and solid construction of the Tower which is long-lasting and would last for decades.

12. 1st Christmas Stocking For Your Baby: Best Baby's First Christmas Gift

1st Christmas Stocking For Your Baby

These custom Christmas stockings look really adorable! We can not choose just one. It’s a unique way to commemorate a child’s first Christmas.

13. Developmental Light-up Rattles From SmartNoggin NogginStik: Best Baby's First Christmas Gift

Developmental Light-up Rattles From SmartNoggin NogginStik

The NogginStik is a rattle unlike any other. The rattle is motion-driven and lights up in three different colors to assist your baby in learning visual tracking, which is an important pre-literacy ability and a prerequisite for reading.

It provides an easy handbook that advises parents whatever the baby must be doing and at what time and fosters parent-infant engagement, joyful play, connection, and entertainment. Its appealing design stimulates tactile engagement while also improving grabbing and holding abilities, which are necessary fundamental skills for future learning.

14. First-Year Baby's Frame: Best Baby's First Christmas Gift

First-Year Baby's Frame

It’s such a gift that you will be able to witness the baby’s development from month to month in just one frame. Parents love to have one of the frames in their kids’ room, and it never gets old gazing at each photo. This is such a gift that will keep on giving.

15. Storybook Gift Set And Toddler Toothbrush: Best Baby's First Christmas Gift

Storybook Gift Set And Toddler Toothbrush

A wonderful gift to encourage your child to brush their teeth. This Brush set includes a board book and four-finger puppet toothbrushes. This is a gift for both the child and the parent because youngsters will love cleaning their teeth with these sets of brushes on their own, and parents will feel good knowing that the baby’s teeth are being looked after as they are growing.

16. Drop & Go Dump Truck: Best Baby's First Christmas Gift

Drop & Go Dump Truck

To learn numbers, place one of the multicolored “rocks” on the top of this joyful dump truck toy and watch it tumble into the bucket. This toy is a big hit with my son! By placing the “rocks” in the top of the hole and lowering the hinged bucket to unload the rocks and restart, he is honing his motor skills. It’s a terrific early education toy for our kids, and it can be pushed or pulled!

17. Play Kits And Lovevery Play Gym: Best Baby's First Christmas Gift

Play Kits And Lovevery Play Gym

Lovevery’s award-winning play gym is ideal for all stages of your baby’s development, giving everything they want to see, touch, and do as their tiny self emerges. This play gym is expensive, but it offers everything you need in your activity gym, from teething to batting and learning to focus. It’s designed to grow alongside your child over the course of a year of play. This would definitely be a great gift for your kid.

18. Pom Pom Canvas Bin: Best Baby's First Christmas Gift

Pom Pom Canvas Bin

Every family requires storage space. With the pompoms, this 100% cotton machine-washable canvas bucket is excellent for holding the young one’s toys, books, clothes, or craft items. To keep the family organized, place it in the baby’s nursery or just about any area in the house.

19. Shoes For Kids: Best Baby's First Christmas Gift

Shoes For Kids

The first pair of shoes that a baby wears are priceless childhood mementos. Purchase something of high quality that will last a long time. These moccasins from Freshly Picked are of the highest quality. Many kids have a pair, and they’ve quickly become one of their favorites.

20. First Christmas Books: Best Baby's First Christmas Gift

First Christmas Books

“My Very Merry FIRST Christmas” will wish the baby a wonderful Merry first Christmas. The unique personalized, and award-winning book contains Chipmunk, Goose, and tales of several other furry friends. The book delivers a message about the child to Santa, asking Santa to make the baby some toy or star for a tree.

Best Baby's First Christmas Gift Final Conclusion:

We do understand that as parents you want to make your baby’s first Christmas memorable, and you want to give them the best gifts. You may have gone through an idea and price of several gift items for kids, but it is likely for you to get confused as there are so many options available. Another option that you may try is to create personalized gifts for your little one, like a Christmas tree with adorable and cute toys.

Best Baby's First Christmas Gift FAQs

1. What are the various categories of gifts available for babies?

If you want to give your baby the best Christmas gift you can try various options, like a personalized gift, a teether, an adorable ornament, nursery rhymes book, book with animal and bird picture and name, etc.

2. Can we get custom-made gifts for kids?

Custom-made gifts are very special. It will be great if you get a pair of stockings with your little one's name on it, or gift a box of special books and toys, you can add anything to your personalized gift.

3. Can we buy cozy blankets as a Christmas gift?

As a mom you would want your baby boy or girl to be comfortable and cozy, hence a blanket is a very good option, the blanket you buy must feature cute prints and is made of quality material that is sensitive to the baby's skin.

4. What else can we add to our baby's gift list?

There are a lot of options for your baby if you come to think of it, just watch out for some categories on Pinterest or other websites. You can buy various types of toys, building blocks, cots, wagons, etc. Apart from all these, you may also add 'Letters from Mom', which your kids can read in the future. It can be a memorable gift and something that your child will treasure in the future too.

5. What is the best gift for a baby's first Christmas?

Getting the baby’s first Christmas gift does not need any parenting guide, because you know what is best for your child. However, as it is your first year you may get a bit overwhelmed, gifting a nursery rhyme or bedtime stories book is always a great way to make your baby learn new things, a teether is also a very useful choice, adorable ornaments or even shoes make great gifts. If you don't like any of these and want to do something special go for personalized gift ideas that are related to you and your baby.
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