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30 Baby’s First Christmas Gift Ideas You Cannot Miss Out on!

Table of Contents

Baby's First Christmas Gift

Table of Contents

You’ve come to the perfect place if you are looking for the best baby’s first Christmas gift. As a parent, Christmas is so magical, and it is indeed so much pleasure to be the one who creates that enchantment for the child.

But, to be honest, shopping for a baby’s first Christmas gifts could be difficult; after all, kids don’t require much beyond the fundamentals, and your kid will probably be spoiled mostly by family and friends. I’ve included a combination of fun and essential items in this baby’s first Christmas gift suggestion, great for either baby boy’s or baby girl’s first Christmas.

30 Best Baby’s First Christmas Gift Ideas

Here are 20 special gift ideas for your baby boy and baby girl for Christmas – check out some of our favorites.

1. Christmas Pajamas ($13.20 - $22.40)

Christmas Pajamas Parenthoodbliss

For several families, getting new pajamas is a holiday custom. Find one pair for the beautiful baby that is exceptionally special, such as the first pajamas for Christmas! Alternatively, purchase a new pair for the entire family! With the newest member of the family, the images are usually the cutest.

Amazon Reviews

These are the only pjs I have bought for my babies. I got some for my 19 month old girl and 2 1/2 old boy. My boy is 16lb and almost 25 inches long And I got 6-9 months. They fit just right except, he’s a little short but he’ll fit into them in a couple weeks. My girl is 33inch and 28lb and I got 2T. They fit her a little baggy but that’s totally fine. I will continue buying these for sure!


Loved the soft feel and warmth was the goal for baby boy. He sleeps great at night when he’s warm. Will enjoy these for Christmas Day

Victoria Heath

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2. Indestructibles Books for Your Baby ($5.99)

Indestructibles Books For Your Baby

These books are resistant to chewing, drooling, and ripping. In simple words, they are child-safe. Even your dishwasher or washing machine could be used to clean these books. Now that’s out of the world, right?  You need to choose these items as your child’s first Christmas gifts.

Amazon Reviews

I love this book and so does my 6 month old baby! This is the first book that I purchased for her from the Indestructibles line. Since receiving this book, I have purchased 4 other books from this brand. They really are chew and tear proof. My baby is a HEAVY drooler. If your baby isn’t I would love to know your secret! My baby loves when I give her this book. She gets so excited because she can fling it all around without Mommy running over and grabbing it off of her to avoid it getting ruined. This book has been through a lot since we’ve received it and it is still holding up great. It has no tears or folds in it. I even tried to tear it myself. I applied a good bit of force and the book did not tear! This book has been tossed and crumpled by my baby and the fold marks smooth out almost perfectly over a short time. My favorite part is that when my baby is all done reading this book with her mouth, I just wipe the drool away with a wet rag, let it dry and put it back on her book shelf! The only comment I have is that this book is thinner than I expected. When I first received it, I felt that I paid too much for how thin and flimsy it seemed. However, over a short time I realized it was well worth the price and it was not flimay at all! I love the Indestructibles brand!!


So I made an assumption that this was a board book when I bought it. When the book arrived I was a bit shocked to see a flimsy looking paperback book. I have a toddler and newborn and need books that can handle their not so delicate reading attempts. I gave it to my toddler and it held up pretty well. The only issue is that after I read it to him he likes to “read it on his own” and the pages are thin and hard to turn. I think it will be a great transitional book before using real paperback books though.. if this hold up I will be buying more! The book looks like a mini magazine but definitely is much stronger. I haven’t had to “wash” it. But if I do I will edit my review and let you all know how it goes. I am excited to see how this hold up over time. * This books VERY thin has no spine (to see the title) so I suggest a forward facing book shelf so kids can see the book. It would get completely lost and be unnoticed in my house on our regular book shelves with all the board books.


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3. Hanging Babyprints Christmas Ornaments ($4.89)

Hanging Babyprints Christmas Ornaments

Our children would only be this age for a short time. Make some Christmas tree ornaments with the baby’s footprint or handprint to remember these special times! The name of the baby and the birth date or year can then be written on the front side or back side of those ornaments.

Amazon Reviews

Was able to make multiple paw print ornaments with this kit! I recommend not using the circle cutter it comes with and using something smaller. We made one medium size print and four small ones!


So glad I decided to try this ornament out despite the many reviews claiming the foam-like material never truly “hardens”. This product was super easy to work with if you simply follow its instructions. I ended up using a glass cup to cut out my 3 month old’s handprint as the included plastic circle was just too large in my opinion. Note: there was enough material left over to make another print if I wanted to. I left the ornament out to dry for approximately 48 hrs. (on parchment paper so it didn’t stick!) and flipped it twice. After that time, the ornament seemed hard enough to put on the tree. Now, 6 weeks later as I am going to pack the ornament away, it is definitely as hard as one of those plaster print ornaments (yet was way easier to make, even with a baby’s prints). I have no doubts it will last us for a very long time. 10/10 recommend for ease of use and the keepsake factor.


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4. Art Cards For Baby from Wee Gallery ($15.99)

Art Cards For Baby From Wee Gallery

These cards from Wee Gallery are a series of black & white cards with a high contrast that will captivate and delight newborns right away. The baby’s attention would be drawn to the repeated patterns and designs, which will help stimulate their vision. Each card is 5 inches by 7 inches and is completed with matte finish lamination with kid-friendly rounded corners, making it a terrific size for the baby’s hands.

Amazon Reviews

This product Wee Gallery black white art flash cards was a gift for 6 mos plus. Sturdy cards with pictures to stimulate brain and eyesight.


We love these art card series, I have been showing them to my baby from the very beginning and he loves looking at them, and they are well-made and sturdy, I just bought some for my friend with her newborn


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5. Milestone Baby Card ($30.30)

Milestone Baby Card

We are all about keeping memories alive! When you are taking a snapshot of your child, these printed photo cards are a great addition. What is more, they employed environmentally friendly inks that are vegetable-based, and the paper is robust and of excellent quality, making it ideal for preserving as a treasured item. These are perfect for the baby’s first Christmas as well as for commemorating major milestones in the future.

6. Wooden Activity Gym from Zany Zoo ($56.99)

Wooden Activity Gym From Zany Zoo

Your infant will have the following things to engage in on each side of this wooden activity gym:

  • Zigzag races
  • Spinning animal alphabets
  • A wooden roller coaster made of beads, and other activities

It’s not gender-specific so parents need not have second thoughts about buying it.

Amazon Reviews

I picked this one because it seemed like there were no small pieces that could come off and get lost. It’s all one big piece, but with a lot of small, moving parts, but they’re all attached permanently. It’s very sturdy, and I also realized after gifting it, is that the large red barn structure on the top acts like a handle: it’s firmly attached, and large enough for an adult hand, so it’s easy to move the toy from place to place around the house. Very pleased.

Ryan Yanashima

This is our eight month old’s favorite toy! It is very well made and so much fun for her. She has all of the trendiest toys, but this is at the top of her list! As soon as she learned to crawl, she was using this toy to pull herself up to stand. This toy definitely helped motivate her to stand up. So like with all toys, supervision is required. So much fun! Highly recommend!


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7. Recordable Storybook for The Night Before Christmas ($50.01)

Recordable Storybook For The Night Before Christmas

This wonderful holiday tale is a favorite with the whole family. We love that parents could record themselves reading the stories so that your little ones may listen to your voice for the years to come, regardless of how far away you are.

Amazon Reviews

Since the grandsons overused the previous book, a new one was needed also so that the new member of the family could be recognized in the dedication. Needless to say, this story was a hit as my grandsons sat next to their grandpa as he turned the pages and all could hear his prerecorded voice. This year they spent Christmas with us and in the future they can hear grandpa’s words when they are not here. Lovely book and really enjoyed the music.

Linda Boznanski

I bought three of these books, all different, and had absolutely no difficulty recording my voice. They should leave a little more time for the longer narratives, but other than that it was great. My favorite was Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. At first I thought it was too short, but when I got to the last page and Burl Ives began to sing, the lights started to flash, Santa’s eyes opened, and Rudolph’s nose glowed red, I loved it. I am 65 years old and I enjoyed it. I have a one year old grandson who is going to go nuts when he gets to the last page on Christmas morning. Thank you, Hallmark, for creating a book my grandchildren will treasure into their adult years!

Nana Nanny

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9. Nativity Set from Little People’s ($45.99)

Classic Walker Wagon From Radio Flyer

This classic radio flyer push-wagon is a must-have. It is safe and adaptable, and it helps rookie walkers gain balance and confidence when standing up and taking the first steps. These wooden stake ends can hold whatever they want to carry with them, the stakes can be removed as well, whenever you want to.

Amazon Reviews

This thing rocks! Our son is 2y 8mo old and isn’t walking on his own yet. My husband and I bought this for him to.learn to walk with support. This thing has SAVED what’s left of our back strength! Little man just chugs right along on his own through our apartment and down our local walk path. The slats come off, and it’s big enough to have our son SIT IN THE WAGON and our girls can push him or their toys around. Doesn’t take corner very quickly, but we don’t care about that. Overall, a GREAT buy that we know we can get a couple years out of it.

Destiny Lockwood

My Grand daughter loves this. She pushes it around every where and learned to walk with it. It gave her the confidence she needed to walk on her own. It is well made and the clicking is a happy soft sound that is not annoying.

B Wall

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9. Nativity Set From Little People’s: Best Baby's First Christmas Gift

Nativity Set From Little People’s

The cutest tiny Nativity scene we’ve ever seen! The nativity set is ideal for small children’s hands. Your children can role-play Joseph and Mary caring for after Baby Jesus, the Three Kings delivering presents, and caring and feeding for the animals. The fact that the wagon starts up with the set starts playing the song “Away in the Manger” is extremely appealing to us.

Amazon Reviews

This is a great gift for a toddler to help them have fun while celebrating and learning about the birth of Christ. My granddaughter absolutely loves this. She is 19 months old. Highly recommend adding this to your holiday collection to entertain the children.

L. Owens

This is the best nativity set I’ve found for children age 1-5. I think even 6-7 year olds would like this. My 3 year old granddaughter can’t stop playing with it. It even comes with a little cart and crate of food for the donkey to pull along. Great way to share the Christmas story with your little ones!

V. Reukauf

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10. Silicone Teethers from Itzy Ritzy ($7.29)

Silicone Teethers From Itzy Ritzy

These are not typical toothpicks. These charming designs, which include lattes, flamingos, cacti, and pineapples, are perfect for teething gums and also family favorites! They are adored by both babies and their parents! The wooden Christmas tree-shaped teether is also ideal if you’re looking for a handmade teether. Isn’t this adorable in the stocking?

Amazon Reviews

My teething 4 month old loves this! The different textures to gnaw on and drool all over make her happy. I toss it in the dishwasher at the end of the day and it’s ready for another day!

Christine Samaro

I bought this for my niece as a gift. It is obviously very cute but the material is soft and feels really nice. It feels like a great quality and she seemed to like it! The only thing I wish it had was a clip or something that can be added for on the go. Overall great product though!


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11. Wooden Conical-shaped Stacking Tower ($16.49)

Wooden Conical-shaped Stacking Tower

The Grimm’s Large Rainbow Tower is a superb stacking/sorting toy that will both entertain and stimulate newborns and youngsters aesthetically and mentally. Children can be absorbed in creative and reasonable thinking while improving motor control and hand-eye coordination because of the simple design and vibrant colors.

Colors, size, order (an initial mathematical skill), counting, and other ideas can be taught to children by adults. The timeless design and solid construction of the Tower which is long-lasting and would last for decades.

12. 1st Christmas Stocking for Your Baby ($14.99)

1st Christmas Stocking For Your Baby

These custom Christmas stockings look adorable! We can not choose just one. It’s a unique way to commemorate a child’s first Christmas.

Amazon Reviews

Ordered for my granddaughter’s first Christmas. The stocking is adorable and well made! Much better than those I saw in the stores, and this one is reasonably priced. It’s a decent size, and the bear on the front is soft and cute! Pleasantly surprised and very pleased with this stocking!


Really liked the quality of this! Big for stuffers and a cute keepsake for after Christmas!

kasey bolio

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13. Developmental Light-up Rattles from SmartNoggin NogginStik ($23.99)

Developmental Light-up Rattles From SmartNoggin NogginStik

The NogginStik is a rattle unlike any other. The rattle is motion-driven and lights up in three different colors to assist your baby in learning visual tracking, which is an important pre-literacy ability and a prerequisite for reading.

It offers a simple handbook that instructs parents on what the newborn should be doing and when. It also encourages parent-infant interaction, happy play, connection, and entertainment. Its attractive design fosters sensory engagement and strengthens grasping and gripping skills, which are essential foundational abilities for young babies.

Amazon Reviews

My 3 month old was instantly attracted to this rattle. The first time I played with him using it. He started tapping it purposefully to change the color. Then, he started grabbing it! Both the purposefully tapping and grabbing were the first time he has even shown that behavior. This rattle was just the motivation he needed to move towards the next stages of development.


My 3 month old grandson was not interested in tummy time before. We bring this out only for tummy time and he is mesmerized by it. He doesn’t take his eyes off of it. He is now pushing up well and staying on his elbows to see it better.

Janet S.

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14. First-Year Baby's Frame ($22.99)

First-Year Baby's Frame

It’s such a gift that you will be able to witness the baby’s development from month to month in just one frame. Parents love to have one of the frames in their kids’ room, and it never gets old gazing at each photo. This is such a gift that will keep on giving.

Amazon Reviews

It’s exactly what the picture made it out to be and I love it!!


Got this for my nephew and his girlfriend and they love it!

Bruce Jones

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15. Storybook Gift Set and Toddler Toothbrush ($19.99)

Storybook Gift Set And Toddler Toothbrush

This is a terrific present to motivate your youngster to wash their teeth.  Children will enjoy brushing their teeth on their own with these sets of brushes (4-finger puppet toothbrush and board book). As a parent, you will feel good knowing that your baby’s teeth are being taken care of as they develop.

Amazon Reviews

This first tooth brush has made my son LOVE brushing his teeth every night and he bites down on it too and it really seems to relieve his tooth pain from teething. The little book it comes with is super cute and a fun read too!

Karen B

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a review, but this is the greatest parent tool I’ve purchased since my daughters were born. We got Willa the whale first to see if they would like it, and bought the rest of the Brushies line the next day. Excellent quality, has taken the stress and struggle out of brushing. Both girls love all of them, but Willa might be the favorite since she was first, not to mention her whale spout actually shoots water (not during brushing but when they play with them in the sink)!! This will definitely be my new go to gift for baby showers!


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16. Drop & Go Dump Truck ($9.49)

Drop & Go Dump Truck

To learn numbers, place one of the multicolored “rocks” on the top of this joyful dump truck toy and watch it tumble into the bucket. This toy is a big hit with my son! By placing the “rocks” in the top of the hole and lowering the hinged bucket to unload the rocks and restart, he is honing his motor skills. It’s a terrific early education toy for our kids, and it can be pushed or pulled!

Amazon Reviews

One of the best toy we have bought this far. Our toddler has many toys but this toy is interactive and he actually put the balls “rocks” into the role and press it for it go in. We were impressed when he started doing that. It’s an activity type of toy vs other toys where you press buttons for sounds and songs.

Jobin Chacko

First of all, this arrived DAYS earlier than expected; thanks! AND the item was on sale! Woo hoo! My six-month-old loves, loves, loves this! Of course, as always, I just have to be sure he doesn’t shove the whole ball in his mouth.

A. jones

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17. Play Kits and Lovevery Play Gym ($140)

Play Kits And Lovevery Play Gym

Lovevery’s multi-award-winning play gym is perfect for growing babies, providing them with everything they want to see, feel, and do. This play gym does cost a lot of money, yet it has everything you could ever want in an activity gym, from teething to batting to learning to concentrate. It is made to develop together with your child during a year of play.

Amazon Reviews

•So many things to do on there!
•Mini book with activities to do depending on age
•mirror slot is a winner for tummy time

•that folded feature seems really cool so things are hidden for the time they’re not using it/aren’t old enough for it yet BUT it doesn’t actually fold. It’s more of a flap that flaps right back open when you try to fold it
*reallllly big. If you have a small place, consider where you would put this when you’re not using it. The wooden top makes it really difficult to put this in certain areas when not using.

Overall, I really love this gym for my baby and rated it 5 stars mainly because of all the different things babies can do on it.


Each part of this play gym was thought out very creatively. I would like to write an honest review talking about the quality and the design:

The Quality: the quality of the play gym is great. It’s machine washable. It’s made of a quality fabric that contains a variety of colors and textures that’s attractive for children.

The Design: The design looks very clean, with the wooden gym. The play mat is organized into individual sections, with different purposes. It’s colorful, but not too busy. It also comes with a modest amount of hanging toys.. which minimizes over stimulation.

Overall, it’s a bit expensive but it was worth every dollar. I would not want any other play gym.


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18. Pom-Pom Canvas Bin ($36.66)

Pom Pom Canvas Bin

Every family requires storage space. With the pompoms, this 100% cotton machine-washable canvas bucket is excellent for holding the young one’s toys, books, clothes, or craft items. To keep the family organized, place it in the baby’s nursery or just about any area in the house.

Amazon Reviews

Such a fun bin! Bought the other kind with animals on it first (had it on my baby registry), and loved it so much that bought this second to pair with it. It’s spacious, it holds its structure well, it’s a fun color pop for the nursery, and the outside is as fun as the toys we’re keeping inside. It looks great as a floor bin in the living room or stacked into the toy cubbies in my daughter’s nursery. I normally wouldn’t pay $40 for something like this, but this is worth the splurge!


Love this. Perfect fit for my cube shelving unit from Target (the ones that are supposed to fit the Target 13in cubes for storage). It is nice and thick canvas. It does come folded up so will take some time to straighten out, I might try lightly ironing it. Overall though very happy and super cute for our baby’s nursery.


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19. Moccasins from Freshly Picked ($59 - $65)

Moccasins from Freshly Picked ($59 - $65)

The first pair of shoes that a baby wears are priceless childhood mementos. Purchase something of high quality that will last a long time. These moccasins from Freshly Picked are of the highest quality. Many kids have a pair, and they’ve quickly become one of their favorites.

Amazon Reviews

These are the third pair we have owned. Our last pair lasted 5 months, while he was ready to size up we were forced to earlier that necessary because the elastic broke in his moccasins. We bought these rubber sole moccasins on April 26 and here we are May 17 and the elastic already broke. We love these shoes and always get compliments but there needs to be better construction or fixtures to hold the elastic.

rebecca taylor

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20. My First Christmas Board Books ($11.57)

First Christmas Books

“My Very Merry FIRST Christmas” will wish the baby a wonderful Merry first Christmas. The unique personalized, and award-winning book contains Chipmunk, Goose, and tales of several other furry friends. The book delivers a message about the child to Santa, asking Santa to make the baby some toy or star for a tree.

Amazon Reviews

I gave this book for my son’s second Christmas (1 year old). He loves all of the pictures. Obviously the reading is long, but makes the book last longer for the years to come. The thick cardboard helps with roughness, but you still need to watch after the book so it is not destroyed. Has many objects that a baby and/or children can relate to over years to come.

Ashli S.

I bought this book for my 3 month old nephew. He loves to look at all of the pictures. It’s perfect for little hands. Even my 2 year old wanted to read it. Great gift and not just for the holidays. My 2 year old still want to look at Christmas items and still talks about Santa! Great book from infants to toddlers.


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21. Baby Einstein Hape Magic Touch Piano ($20.98)

Baby Einstein Hape Magic Touch Piano ($20.98)

Both Billy Joel and your young piano prodigy had to start somewhere. Your baby can play their own composition, compositions by other musical maestros, or just enjoy some of the lovely melodies.  This piano is suitable for infants 6 months and older and comes with three pieces of sheet music and six tunes (enough to keep your little human entertained!).

Amazon Reviews

bought this for my grandson when he was 1. This is more for a 2 /3/4 year old- but it is a nice gift that a tot can grow into. There are so many features for a piano & Its well made and sturdy. NOT CHEAPY made like so many toys are. The key board is flat and easy to wipe down. I had to store the cards as my grandson who is now 2 is still not ready to use and comprehend- but that will come. I gifted one to a friend and she loved it for her 3 year old. The colors are vibrant and there is that thing about the red/orange color but that is a small detail- considering how nice this product is.

Caitlin N

This was purchased for my daughter for Christmas. At just a little over a year old she is still “wobbly”. The piano is very tip easy when leaned on and she has hurt herself a few times. I’m going to screw the legs into a board to make it more stable and safer


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22. Little Tikes Climber and Swing ($129.99)

Little Tikes Climber and Swing ($129.99)

Although you enjoy taking your child to the park, there are other days when you probably wish the park would simply come to your backyard. Surprisingly, it can! This fantastic beginner playground is simple to put together and a tonne of fun for infants between the ages of 12 months and 4 years. Too worked up to go to the park? Step out into your back garden and lo behold, your kids are in their own playground.

Amazon Reviews

This was gotten as a Christmas gift for my 1 year old granddaughter. She isn’t sure about the slide, yet, that is still a spooky thing for someone still figuring out how to walk. The swing however is a favorite and hearing her try to pronounce swing is adorable. This one has the baby swing with the harness so she stays safe in it. **This is the second set we received. We had a bit of an issue with the first one getting damaged during delivery. The company was fast to reply to my emails and was super pleasant to work with on the return and replacement set. So I wanted to let others know that this seller will help with any problems encountered.**


Bought this for my 1year old daughter. It was easy and quick to put together. It came with all the necessary tools to assemble it. And my daughter loves it! Great toddler swing and slide! It’s also light weight enough to move to different locations but stable and heavy enough for kids to play on without falling over or falling apart. Also, it’s super cute.

Kelly Nichols

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23. Musical Farm Cube House ($27.99)

Musical Farm Cube House ($27.99)

This tiny “farmhouse” is perfect for the infant who is constantly on the go because of its multitude of multisensory elements and animal sounds. The interactive activity cube is popular during playtime and aids in the development of critical social, cognitive, and physical abilities.

Amazon Reviews

Our grandson will love this when he gets his hands on it. Lots of nice sights, sounds, and activities, and pleasantly soft. A nice toy for the money.
Needless to say, I knew it needed batteries, but they’re not included, and I’ll not downgrade for that. The info on the bottom of the box is so small, it’s designed for an eagle to read. The battery compartment is very well hidden under the pig in a velcro-like seam, but the small instructions don’t mention that. Not a problem, takes 1/2 a minute to find, but the little fingers won’t be so lucky so that’s a good thing.


She loved the mirror, teething attachment and touch areas. She did not put it down. We did not have batteries and would have loved to hear the sounds.


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24. Carter’s Reindeer Jumpsuit ($14.99)

Carter’s Reindeer Jumpsuit ($14.99)

Despite the fact that Halloween has passed, this onesie is the ideal excuse for dressing up for the occasion as one of Santa’s reindeer. This will be incredibly cozy, warm, and lovely on your little one.

25. My First Christmas Embroidered Bib ($26.97)

My First Christmas Embroidered Bib ($26.97)

This bib will collect anything from pieces of Christmas dinner ham to gingerbread cookies for the infant who has just begun eating solid foods. Plus, it functions as a cute family picture prop. Get yours now!

26. Plush Security Blanket ($11.99)

Plush Security Blanket 11.99 Parenthoodbliss

This is the perfect gift for your little treasure if you’re thinking of giving your baby a plush animal for Christmas. This adorable, cuddly unicorn—which is as soft as a marshmallow—will join your child on lengthy car trips, to the doctor, and in daring encounters with monsters in the closet.

Amazon Reviews

When these plush toy/small towel first came out, I thought they were GENIUS! With a baby around, you always need a towel to wipe up faces. The fact that this is an all-in-one toy and towel is perfect! I selected this Triceratops one because I put together a “grandparents fun basket” full of toys and things to do for when the grandkids come to visit. I opted for a dinosaur theme for all of the items since all kids love them and I made sure the items were for both boys and girls, and to cover a wide range of ages. It will be fun for either Grandma or Grandpa to pull out an item and start up a play session with our little kiddos. This item is of course of the youngest in our group, but works perfectly for entertaining and cleanup. And the big blanket is a bonus for laying out and keeping our little one on a clean surface.


This blanket was much softer and better quality then expected! The plush dinosaur is perfect size and put together well! The baby loves it and would purchase again!

Shaylean Slavik

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27. Lovevery Play Gym ($140)

Lovevery Play Gym ($140)

This play mat from Lovevery has five separate play zones and effortlessly converts into an adorable snug fort for 1-year-olds and beyond. It was designed by child development specialists to create interesting activities. Because the wood was sourced ethically, it is also environmentally responsible and extremely beautiful. Oh, and did we also mention that this choice won the Best of Baby award for 2022?

Amazon Reviews

Each part of this play gym was thought out very creatively. I would like to write an honest review talking about the quality and the design:

The Quality: the quality of the play gym is great. It’s machine washable. It’s made of a quality fabric that contains a variety of colors and textures that’s attractive for children.

The Design: The design looks very clean, with the wooden gym. The play mat is organized into individual sections, with different purposes. It’s colorful, but not too busy. It also comes with a modest amount of hanging toys.. which minimizes over stimulation.

Overall, it’s a bit expensive but it was worth every dollar. I would not want any other play gym.


My baby is 2 months and loves to play in it for hours. The black and white cards are really fun for him. I clean it once on the washer and was easy but I didn’t use the dryer I was nervous that it came damaged so I put it close to a window. I think you really can take advantage of this for a couple years.


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28. Baby Shusher: The Sleep Miracle ($34.99)

Baby Shusher - The Sleep Miracle ($34.99)

This shusher is the best baby’s first Christmas gift ever with its cutting-edge portable sound device that produces a rhythmic shushing sound. It mimics sounds within the womb and triggers the reflex to quiet down. We assure you that this is a baby shower present that new parents will appreciate.

Amazon Reviews

At first I didn’t want to register for the shusher. I thought, “this is ridiculous. Why would I need a machine to shh my baby when I can just make the sound myself?” It wasn’t until our newborn photographer used it at our newborn session that I realized how amazing this is. It’s some sort of voodoo magic. Two second after turning it on, she fell asleep. Yes, shushing yourself works also. However, I quickly realized that the amount of shushing my baby requires causes me to become light headed relatively quickly. This is now my go-to baby gift for our friends and family.

Zach and Kitty

This has been amazing for when my baby is fussy. We start playing this and it helps soothe her without us having to be there “shushing” the whole time. It’s a great compact size to take on the go. The only wish is that it had a different way to clip on to things when traveling

Emily Sutton

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29. Manhattan Toy Petit Botaniste Gift Set ($31.98)

Manhattan Toy Petit Botaniste Gift Set ($31.98)

Having trouble choosing a toy for a baby’s first Christmas present? Would you like a trio of sweets? This adorable set with a garden theme comes with a cuddly teddy, a teething ring, and a book with crinkly pages.  Further, your baby might pleasantly chew on the teething ring because it is constructed of natural, unfinished wood that is free of harmful chemicals.

30. Manhattan Toy Artful Skwish Rattle and Teether Grasping Activity Toy ($9.99)

Manhattan Toy Artful Skwish Rattle and Teether Grasping Activity Toy ($9.99)

Here’s another adorable baby’s Christmas gift: The simplistic design of this multi-sensory gripping toy sets it apart from other baby Christmas presents. Moreover, it is sturdy and entirely interesting to newborns enough to keep them stimulated and engaged for a long time.

Amazon Reviews

Finally wore out our first Skwish, got another one for the 2nd generation. It seems to have gotten smaller, but still so simple and engaging for infants and toddlers. Easy to grasp and plenty of color, texture, and it skwishes too (so it’s packable and fun to play with)


Easily a top 3 favorite hand toy for our baby since we got it at 2.5 months.single hand, two, suckling and chewing on the bungees. Holds this longer than any other toy we have and there are a lot of toys for this lil goober

D. raymond

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A Final Word

We do understand that as parents you want to make your baby’s first Christmas gift memorable, and you want to give them the best gifts. You may have gone through an idea and price of several gift items for kids, but it is likely for you to get confused as there are so many options available. Another option that you may try is to create personalized gifts for your little one, like a Christmas tree with adorable toys.

FAQs:30 Baby’s First Christmas Gift Ideas

1. What are the various categories of gifts available for babies?

If you want to give your baby the best Christmas gift you can try various options, like a personalized gift, a teether, an adorable ornament, nursery rhymes book, book with animal and bird picture and name, etc.

2. Can we get custom-made gifts for kids?

Custom-made gifts are very special. It will be great if you get a pair of stockings with your little one's name on it, or gift a box of special books and toys, you can add anything to your personalized gift.

3. Can we buy cozy blankets as a Christmas gift?

As a mom you would want your baby boy or girl to be comfortable and cozy, hence a blanket is a very good option, the blanket you buy must feature cute prints and is made of quality material that is sensitive to the baby's skin.

4. What else can we add to our baby's gift list?

There are a lot of options for your baby if you come to think of it, just watch out for some categories on Pinterest or other websites. You can buy various types of toys, building blocks, cots, wagons, etc. Apart from all these, you may also add 'Letters from Mom', which your kids can read in the future. It can be a memorable gift and something that your child will treasure in the future too.

5. What is the best gift for a baby's first Christmas?

Getting the baby’s first Christmas gift such as a nursery rhyme or bedtime stories book is always a great way to make your baby learn new things. Here are some other things you could consider
  • A teether
  • Adorable ornaments
  • Shoes
  • If you don't like any of these and want to do something unique go for personalized gift ideas that are related to you and your baby.

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