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35 Best Gifts for 15-year-old Teenage girl

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Best Gifts For Teenage Girls

A basic rule may include getting a collection of Best Gifts for 15-year-old girl ideas and evaluating each possible gift for teen girls towards these trendy style quotients. In another case, for her special day, you could question her about what she wishes, and with the response given, everybody stays cheerful and fulfilled.

Nevertheless, don’t worry if you guys don’t come to any conclusion. We are here for your rescue.

What Are The Best Gifts for 15-year-old girl For Teenage Girls?

Parenthood Bliss brings you a list of top gift options for your teen cuties!

1. Speaker (Bluetooth) With Built-In Mic

Speaker (Bluetooth) with Built-in Mic

If your 15-year-old teenager is anything like the millions of others around the world of her generation, the possibility exists that she may have started spending a lot of time in the shower.   If she likes singing and music, then this gift option could be a support to extend the time spent in the washroom.  

So make her birthday special by bringing her a waterproof wireless speaker with a built-in microphone.   The SB516/SB517 SoundBot is highly recommended for all those music lover girls. The design is stylish, with a high gloss finish that when she’s with her friends, will earn her fame and glory.

Amazon Reviews

I purchased the SoundBot SB517 as a gift for my husband, it arrived on schedule and was very easy to sync with his cell phone. The only issue I have with the product is that if it drops it stopped working.
He only used it two times and on the second use it fell and now will not work. It states in the instructions manual that if it falls then do not operate.
I have contacted the customer service and am waiting for a response.
My beef is that this should be noted in the product description and that you must have it on a shelf not on the wall.
Update, customer service replaced the speaker immediately after I advised them of the issue.
The company stood by its product.

Bought this for my kids to use in the shower. They both love it and I love the fact that because the speaker is in the shower the music doesn’t have to be turned up as loud (both kids have terrible taste in music. I consider this to be a huge parenting fail on my part.). The suction cup holds the speaker securely on the shower wall. The Bluetooth allows the kids to leave their phone in their bedroom and the control buttons on the speaker itself lets them control the volume while in the shower. Overall, a quality product that I highly recommend.

For more product reviews visit Amazon

2. Victrola Bt Suitcase Record Player With 3-Speed Turntable

Victrola Bt Suitcase Record Player with 3-Speed Turntable

If your darling 15-year-old girl has fixed her focus on becoming a Disc Jockey (DJ), why not provide her a supporting hand, particularly if she enjoys old school music, by bringing the Victrola Record player with a 3-speed Turntable. She will experience that this tool is an instant masterpiece and comes filled with functions. It is compact as well so she won’t have any difficulty getting her friends gathered for the day and acting as their DJ.

Amazon Reviews

Got a used one and it’s in good condition, love the lavender color, however the hardware is rose gold instead of silver…
Other than that it’s great, plays well (and if you like Nightcore lol there’s a switch just for you, aka the speed switch)
It’s light, the switch turns smooth, and the sound is good! It’s probably more of a novelty piece for serious collectors but I really like it.
And be careful not to scratch your vinyls! That’s what causes skipping, so make sure you lift and move the pin before swapping vinyls.

i got it as a gift after my surgery. i really like it, and seem very cool. plus it has bluetooth. i have just two record. thats why bluetooth option very good for me. one thing dont like is dont put anything on it, material color is changing.

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3. Rowan Bandhani Duvet Cover

Rowan Bandhani Duvet Cover

The bedroom is a space nearer to many 15-year-old adolescent girls’ emotions. It is a safe space; a place where she can make herself go in private whenever she wants or she can be with her friends have an overnight party. So, try giving her a pretty Bandhani duvet cover for her birthday, to bring style and colors to her bed. The covers range with a tie & dye-inspired, glamorous Bandhani design, giving a bohemian look to her space. This duvet is secure at the back, so a reversible finish is enjoyed by consumers.

Amazon Reviews

For more product reviews visit Amazon

4. Just Dance 2018 – Wii

Just Dance 2018 – Wii

Just Dance 2018-Wii enables the customers to groove to rock as various characters on the display dance. If your teenage daughter has an interest in entertainment and dance, then bring her this birthday video game.

She will give family get-togethers a fresh identity if she is not dancing to the melodies with her peers, encouraging her parents and siblings to hang on to the joy of dancing.

Amazon Reviews

Used to play just dance 1 and 2 in high school and I decided to get the latest version for some exercise! And it’s amazing, and fun to do with your friends

My girls and I enjoy dancing to this game. Love the diversity of issues.

For more product reviews visit Amazon

5. Binpemax Large Size Indoor Decorative Neon Light

Binpemax Large Size Indoor Decorative Neon Light

If you want to have a pleasant time with your friends and family, or if you want situations to darken out aesthetically when you are alone in your bed, this desk lamp is the perfect lamp for you.

The neon lights contribute to any place’s visual style. They also add outstanding and superb feng shui to the neon and modern vibes.

Amazon Reviews

As described, worth the price. Thank you! Really bright too

This was a great gift for my 14-year-old nephew. Very easy to use with the USB option or battery pack option. It does not come with batteries; it takes three AAA batteries. Of course I had to test it out so I put batteries in and I was very impressed with how bright it was. It’s lightweight yet durable. You can stand it up or it has built on pieces for easy hanging. The packaging is super simplistic. I caught this on sale so it was a great price and I couldn’t be happier.

For more product reviews visit Amazon

6. Madewell Medium Transport Tote

Madewell Medium Transport Tote

Is your 15-year-old teenager turning into a style icon? Finished off with the best pieces with a fresh perspective for stylish clothing the Madewell medium Transport tote in dramatic fashion can be the best gift on her birthday. See her carry the tote to school, look prim and proper, admire her maturing into a young woman as she sports the product with friends for a function; The Madewell Transport Tote will complete her happy day.

Amazon Reviews

I love this bag! So much that I purchased the camel color of it as well. This company could really branch out with more colors and I’ll happily purchase each. It easily functions as a “work” purse, going out eat, running errands, etc. Can be dressed up or down. It’s still a little stiff after months of use, but I like that the structure hasn’t compromised. My only criticism is that I’d love for the inside middle pocket to be re-enforced a bit- similar to how the laptop bag is, but not that padded.

I found this through a deal posting a couple of months back. I just used it for a weekend trip and loved it. It’s deep enough for my laptop and books, chargers, crossover purse and sunglasses. I love the two zipper sections inside, the small one outside, and the two slider pockets. They worked great for quickly storing phone, chargers, ear buds and sunglasses during travel. The color wasn’t quite what I was expecting from what I ordered online but it’s fine. I would highly recommend for a travel “purse” or weekend trip catch all bag. I would feel comfortable using it for work as well, but I still love my work bag.

For more product reviews visit Amazon

7. The Sims 4 Get Famous

The Sims 4 Get Famous

If your 15-year-old daughter hopes of becoming popular (as she should) for acting/singing, you should bring her the Sims 4 Get the Famous Game for her birthday or Christmas? As she explores her visions with the roles that she picks, the game will intrigue her to no end. She can become the next big celebrity right before your eyes.

Amazon Reviews

The game is great! 10/10 would recommend if you want your Sim to be an actress or actor and stuffs.
Definitely my favorite EP in the Sims 4 line. Pairs well with anything more vintage, like r
Romantic Garden stuff and Vintage Glamour (I think it’s called)

For more product reviews visit Amazon

8. Fjällräven Kanken Water Resistant Backpack

Fjällräven Kanken Water Resistant Backpack

Is your 15-year-old an adventure lover? As part of her birthday/Christmas festivities, has she demanded a hiking trip? Then send her the iconic Kanken Water Resistant Backpack from Fjällräven. This trendy, youngster loved backpack will form an integral part of the fashion wardrobe for your teenage daughter.

Amazon Reviews

I love this backpack. Great color, great size. Everything I need fits – from my wallet, make-up bag, and even a 32oz Stanley tumbler (mine fits at a diagonal)!
Not too sure about the water resistance (also not sure if I zipped it all the way closed or left it with a small opening) as I had some water in it after a pouring stormy day.

fits only my essentials so i’m not carrying too much. it’s a perfect carry around type of bag that isn’t too heavy either. also feels safe and secure all over. overall love it. 🙂

For more product reviews visit Amazon

9. Ray-Ban Round Flat Lenses in Gold Lilac Mirror

Ray-Ban Round Flat Lenses in Gold Lilac Mirror

The eyes are widely believed to be the mirror of the heart. By wearing these fashionable Ray-Ban aviator glasses, you could let your 15-year-old teenage girl show her inner artist. Not only are these specs the current trend, but they are also fantastic fashion statements.

Amazon Reviews

To bad a tinder date took them and I never saw them again. Still miss them to this day 🙁

I don’t usually think I look good in sunglasses but these ones did the job, my new go to sunglasses!

For more product reviews visit Amazon

10. Levi’s Wedgie Icon (Skinny) Jeans

Levi’s Wedgie Icon (Skinny) Jeans

15-year-old love denim especially if the jeans are from the racks of Classic jeans manufacturers, Levi. After you give her a present, applaud her stroll and do let her do her work while staying trendy in Levi’s Wedgie Icon jeans.

Amazon Reviews

For more product reviews visit Amazon

11. Cooluli Mini Fridge

Cooluli Mini Fridge - Best Gifts For 15-Year-Old Girls

When your kids turn older, there is a huge chance that they might ask for their own space. You might want to give them your mini-fridge. These are the best gifts for teens to store their drinks, skincare products, and snacks.

Amazon Reviews

This unit is giving me ice cold water. No parts are hot. Makes no noise and the magnetic door is a great addition. Best buy. Absolutely no issues. Wish I had one like this at my dorm room but just recently found out about this product. May buy one for my desk at work.

I am amazed at this little fridge! I was looking for something to keep my drinks cold while I watch TV without having to pour over ice. I like my drinks almost frozen and put them in the freezer to get a little icy before drinking them – but before too long the ice is melted and I have room temperature drinks that I ended up pouring out and wasting money. After reading the many positive reviews on this I decided to try it for myself and have zero regrets! It is small but I use a 32 oz glass mason jar to put my drinks in and it gets it so cold that if I drink too fast I will get brain freeze. It sits within arms reach of my recliner and I cannot even hear it running that is how quiet it is. The only thing I would change about this is to make it a little taller for 20 oz soda bottles and for the door to be easier to open with 1 hand. I am so pleased I finally found something to keep my drinks cold and am not wasting money anymore on pouring out watered down room temp sodas. Also Thank you for giving us the option to remove the removable shelf to store even more in this awesome little fridge!

For more product reviews visit Amazon

12. Los Angeles Jelly Flats

Los Angeles Jelly Flats - Best Gifts For 15-Year-Old Girls

These flats are nostalgic and rush back to the 80s into the kid’s life. These are extremely comfortable and are available in 16 different colors. Give her a glimpse of the 80s lifestyle with their super cute flats!

13. Macaron Power Bank Duo

Macaron Power Bank Duo - Best Gifts For 15-Year-Old Girls

This is an adorable portable macaron that can be used for multiple things. Be it a power bank, a mirror, or even to warm your hands! This three-in-one device will be loved by most, especially if it means that their phones will always remain charged.

14. LED Neon Sign

LED Neon Sign - Best Gifts For 15-Year-Old Girls

Is your teen a gamer? If yes, then they would surely love this LED neon pick! She will have the best gifts for teens to decorate her house, it is super easy to install and also comes with a USB power cable.

Amazon Reviews

Finding gifts for teens isn’t always easy, but my 13 year old loved this sign! The brightness is good and it plugs in with a USB

This is a super cute sign! My son loves it hanging in his bedroom. The customer service is amazing as the first sign stopped working so they refunded me no questions asked and I purchased a 2nd one! Thank you!

For more product reviews visit Amazon

15. Natalie Dayzie Bright Sunnies

Natalie Dayzie Bright Sunnies - Best Gifts For 15-Year-Old Girls

Who doesn’t need sunglasses in these hot summers, right? These are square-framed sunglasses that are all rage. Choose to give this trendy colorful pick that also adds to their style statement.

16. MLB Baseball Friendship Bracelets

MLB Baseball Friendship Bracelets - Best Gifts For 15-Year-Old Girls

The millennials were all about bracelet fashion in the early 2000s and they are still a raging fashion statement. These friendship bracelets are both nostalgic and unique. Made using wool, these are old baseballs that are used in Major League Baseball, versions of 30 MLB teams are available for purchase.

17. Kiramoon Moon Freezable Facial Massagers

Kiramoon Moon Freezable Facial Massagers - Best Gifts For 15-Year-Old Girls

Launched in 2021, these facial massagers took over social media. They make a perfect gift for teens by helping them soothe their acne. The massagers depuff the skin and help the skin breathe.

18. Adidas Bucket Hat

Adidas Bucket Hat - Best Gifts For 15-Year-Old Girls

Bucket hats are rather trendy and make the best gifts for teenage girls. It goes with all kinds of dressing fashions and can never be a wrong buy. Hats and dresses? Check. Hats and jeans? Check. 

Amazon Reviews

Kangol hats are like $65+, these are already pre-washed, pre bent, trefoil logo, and a few bucks cheaper than adidas website… 100% genuine

Searched everywhere to find this hat under $50 with no luck. Authentic & great price.

For more product reviews visit Amazon

19. HoloGear Holographic Glowing Soccer Ball

HoloGear Holographic Glowing Soccer Ball - Best Gifts For 15-Year-Old Girls

Encased in holographic leather, these are great, light, and black soccer balls. You might want to enhance the look with HoloGear’s Hologlasses that are available with the ball. Is your teenager a science enthusiast? Then these holographic soccer balls are the best gifts for teens!

Amazon Reviews

This is a very solid looking ball. My 14 year old son has played soccer since he was four, and is always looking for cool looking soccer balls. When he approached me with this one, I was hesitant on buying it (he actually bought it, but I made him think on it for a few days because of the price). I wasn’t sure it was worth the money because he doesn’t do a lot of soccer in the dark to get the full effect. However, it does look sweet in the daylight too.

It alright it’s more like a show ball, because this ball is light than regular football and it get carried away with little bit of wind and the texture might fade if you play on concrete or wet grass

For more product reviews visit Amazon

20. Mental Health Embroidery Kit

Mental Health Embroidery Kit - Best Gifts For 15-Year-Old Girls

If your teen is artsy then they would love this. This comes with an embroidery needle, fabric, thread, hoop, and a helpful guide. Spend sunny afternoons with your teen daughter learning to knit with this embroidery kit!

Have a teenage boy in your house? Choose the best gift for a 15-year-old boy as well!

21. Animefy Me Portrait

Animefy Me Portrait - Best Gifts For 15-Year-Old Girls

There is a huge anime following and we are sure that your teen is too. Choose to give them this Animefy Me Portrait and customize their face on it by uploading 7 images and getting Animefied. This is something you can gift even your younger kids or you could choose some of the best gift ideas from here!

22. Tsrarey Sunset Lamp

Tsrarey Sunset Lamp - Best Gifts For 15-Year-Old Girls

TikTok is observed to blow up with these projection sunset lamps, all thanks to their extremely calming vibe. These are the best gifts for teenage girls and make a great addition to their room.

Amazon Reviews

The light is perfect to add a pop of color to your room, as well as a moody accent. It is small so you can hide it in a corner of your room and it is extremely adjustable. Definitely a good purchase:)


This little light packs a huge punch! Lights up the room if you want it to but best of all it gives you a sense that you have your own sun in your bedroom! My daughter really needed something to brighten her day and this is the center piece for a beach themed bedroom ( she’s 17 btw) I’m going to buy another one soon for the tv room. I have also told so many people about this light and that they need to buy it to bring a sun- shiny effect to any room. I have 4 more lights in my cart to buy as gifts for my nieces ! I can’t wait until they get them.


For more product reviews visit Amazon

23. The Hair Ruched Scrunchies

The Hair Ruched Scrunchies - Best Gifts For 15-Year-Old Girls

Scrunchies are generally the best gift and also keep the teen’s hair in perfect condition. Choose to use them as stocking stuffers or pair them with self-care items, making them the best gifts for teens,

Amazon Reviews

 I tie my hair after I blow dry to get my end curls going. When I tie twice leaves me with no crimp at the top. The video I have it tied 3 times and the crimp is very minimal but my curls are deeper. Clearly you could see even pulling if the 3 tie , still doesn’t rip my hair.


For more product reviews visit Amazon

24. Smoko Toasty Heatable Plushie

Smoko Toasty Heatable Plushie - Best Gifts For 15-Year-Old Girls

This snuggly stuffed animal comes in many cute designs that include a sloth, corgi, croissant, koala, and boba. These can be heated in a microwaveable and have a lavender-scented pouch, a perfect pick for when studying for exams or even watching a movie. Even the younger kids in the house will love these plushies. But if you want a more age-appropriate gift for them, tap here!

25. Coin Necklace Set

Coin Necklace Set - Best Gifts For 15-Year-Old Girls

The teen girl can choose to either wear them all together or mix and match them as per her preference. Each comes with an adjustable length so that they can wear them according to the depth of their neckline.

26. Sharper Color Changing LED Bluetooth Speaker

Sharper Color Changing LED Bluetooth Speaker - Best Gifts For 15-Year-Old Girls

You cannot go wrong with these wireless Bluetooth speakers. Having an evening barbeque in your backyard or just another girls’ night out? These speakers are one handy item in the house for everyone.

Amazon Reviews

Excellent sound quality (to me) for the price! It was easy to connect the Bluetooth to my phone. Very aesthetically pleasing as well with the fading led lights. Love it!

For more product reviews visit Amazon

27. Ivy Vine String Lights

Ivy Vine String Lights - Best Gifts For 15-Year-Old Girls

These whimsical lights are great to be added to their room. The string light can either be wrapped around the bedposts or around mirrors and are remote-controlled.

Amazon Reviews

Beautiful lights. They set a whole new vibe in the living room. Looks like Springtime now!

Five Stars! Received as expected with all details.
Looking beautiful

For more product reviews visit Amazon

28. CaitlynMinimalist Necklace

CaitlynMinimalist Necklace - Best Gifts For 15-Year-Old Girls

These are also a statement that is ideal and available in sterling silver, rose gold, or 18K gold. Add them with another necklace from this list to make a 2 or 3-tier necklace.

Amazon Reviews

Just received my necklace today. I ordered the sideways D with my name on it in sterling silver. It is so pretty and I just love it! The necklace delivered earlier than expected and I was very happy it came so quickly. I will definitely be ordering more as gifts! I will definitely be recommending caitlynminimalist to everyone!

Beautiful necklace and fast shipping. Would make a nice gift.

For more product reviews visit Amazon

29. Free Teeny Tiny Stud Earring Set

Free Teeny Tiny Stud Earring Set - Best Gifts For 15-Year-Old Girls

These are available in a great variety of options, that too of the best value. Match them with the necklaces mentioned above and you have got her a jewelry set! These can be the best gift ideas for teen girls.

30. Crocs Classic Clog

Crocs Classic Clog - Best Gifts For 15-Year-Old Girls

Yes, these ugly-cute standbys are still in trend and are super cute and comfortable to wear. Available in solid colors, animal print, tie-dye, and even fuzzy-lined for when temps drop.

Amazon Reviews

I am having problems with sore feet due to a cancer medication that causes calluses and was finding it painful to walk. I slipped these on and the relief was amazing. The soft lining isn’t just on the innersole; it surrounds the entire foot. Be aware that they do run very wide – but that is just what I needed. These are my new best friend, and the price on Amazon is great. One word of caution – if you have problems with tendonitis, these probably aren’t for you as they have very little heel support.

These run a little small, so I would suggest sizing up one from whatever size you would wear. I wear a 9 normally but 9 was far too tight on my feet. I issued a return and they promptly brought me a size 10 the very next Day! Amazon exchange/delivery drivers and workers truly go above and beyond, which is why I will always swear by this company!!

As for the shoes, they are so comfortable and fit snugly. I love crocs, I now own their bistro brand crocs as well for work and I love them! Definitely recommend these shoes as well as the brand as they are comfortable and the price is reasonable for a long lasting, and comfortable shoe!

For more product reviews visit Amazon

31. Sunday Riley Body Scrub

Sunday Riley Body Scrub - Best Gifts For 15-Year-Old Girls

This is a skin-polishing scrub that is activated with charcoal and salicylic acid, an ideal pick for self-care nights. Make sure to read the instructions label to rule out any allergens.

Amazon Reviews

I discovered this product thanks to a subscription service I was using and now have rebought it a couple of times. Yes it’s a bit pricey and getting a little harder to find but it is worth every penny. I have eczema with carrots and Polaris and very sensitive skin. Once or twice a week I scrub this on per directions and let it sit for a minute again per directions and rinse it off. I then follow it up with the Gold Bond rough and bumpy skin moisturizer and the Palmer’s cocoa butter lotion on top of it and it keeps my skin looking way better and way healthier anywhere from 4:00 to 6 days.

I love this

For more product reviews visit Amazon

32. Foreo Luna Mini 3

Foreo Luna Mini 3 - Best Gifts For 15-Year-Old Girls

These come with adorable little face brushes that have adjustable intensities for deep skin cleaning sessions. Another self-care day? Yay!

Amazon Reviews

The sonic vibrations do all the work, while you gently move around your face in circular movements. I have normal skin and just love this. I found using it once every other day works for me so to keep my natural oils from drying out. I add a good serum after I use it, because my skin is prepped and just drinks it up. I then use my Bear and people have commented on how great my skin looks. Foreo makes great!

I have used my Foreo Luna mini 3 for weeks, I can recognize how great it is. Every day I put my make up on and I use makeup remover, and face wash to wash out my makeup. But I still find some makeup left on my face when I put toner on my face with cotton pads. After using Luna mini 3, there wasn’t any makeup left on the cotton pad. Thanks, Foreo for giving me a daily deep clean.

For more product reviews visit Amazon

33. TonyMoly Facemask

TonyMoly Facemask

Tony Moly, a K-beauty company most known for its vibrant sheet masks, is another one on teenagers’ radars. These are amusing beauty presents that provide both skin-care benefits and several selfie possibilities.

My daughter ordered this product and said how great it was and how well the masks work. She also said she wants to try the clay mask version. She gave the scent a one star because there was no scent which should be a good thing I believe.

I put these in the fridge and use them once a week. Not highly scented, which I like. Good face mask for my sensitive and dry skin. A lot of products will turn my skin red and this does not. Highly recommend!

For more product reviews visit Amazon

34. NYX Lip Oil

NYX Lip Oil

Your kid undoubtedly already knows about Dior’s Lip Glow Oil if they use TikTok for beauty. The luxurious lip gloss costs $40 and is juicy without being sticky. Instead, give them NYX’s Fat Oil Lip Drip as a good substitute. Comparative testing of the two products by Rio Viera-Newton, our beauty columnist, revealed little differences. Buy your adolescent multiples for less than the cost of one Lip Glow Oil because they are so reasonably priced.

I love this fat lip oil! It shines, moisturizes, and is the perfect color on me. I bought one and went through it so fast I bought 2 more. Buy it! You won’t need lipstick when you wear this.

Really feels naturally smooth on lips. Everyone asked me what I was wearing, and loved the smell. I would honestly even wear it as a base on its own, but it’s really the cherry on top for a lipstick. Fits great in a purse and is not uncomfortable to wear after a while!

*Definitely recommend for young teens if they’re starting to experiment with makeup.

For more product reviews visit Amazon

35. Otherland The Threesome Candle Trio

Otherland The Threesome Candle Trio

A millennial who clearly understands the desires of young people launched the company Otherland, which we’ve discussed several times previously. You may choose from a variety of trademark perfumes and then choose which three to include in your present box when using Otherland’s customised gift boxes. The accompanying matchbox has a message that you may choose and add a note to. Compared to picking up a single candle off the shelf, the action seems more thoughtful.

Final Thoughts on Gifts For Teenage Girls

The perfect best gifts for teen girls make them feel mature and elegant.  A perfect gift to support them to find a career direction, but it is also extremely enjoyable and imaginative. Gifts with purpose let your child develop social and interpersonal skills.  

FAQs: Best Gifts for Teen Girls

1. What fun activities can you do with girls ?

Here are some fun activities you can do with girls:
  • DIY Face masks and scrubs
  • Take her out shopping.
  • Go for a stroll to a nearby park.
  • Teach her how to cook basic stuff.
  • 2. Which is the best gift for a girl?

    You can get the best gifts for teen girls online such as
  • Chocolates
  • Perfumes
  • Handbags
  • Soft toys
  • Planters and plants
  • Personalized gifts
  • Gift hampers
  • 3. What do girls like as gifts?

    She would adore receiving stylish backpacks, lunch boxes, and pretty stationery cases, as well as beautiful accessories like earrings and bracelets. A fashionable watch is another teen girl's gift.

    4. What are most 13-year-olds interested in?

    13-year-olds appreciate watching Netflix, sitcoms, and YouTube, even though most like spending time on Instagram and TikTok. Now, the other half of 13-year-olds spend their time on playstations and the sporty ones will be seen roller skating or playing a sport like basketball. Oh, there are dance or cheerleading lessons too!

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