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Let’s Take a Look at The Top Best Breast Pumps in 2024!

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14 Best Breast Pumps Of 2022

Parenthoodbliss selects the best products based on real-life testing conducted by our staff, members of our user community, the contributors, as well as through research and feedback by experts; here’s more about our product review process. The details and prices are accurate as per the publishing date and we may earn commissions through the shopping links on this blog

Table of Contents


Welcome to our comprehensive guide, where the journey of motherhood meets the world of technology and convenience. Breastfeeding, a deeply intimate and nurturing experience between a mother and her child, has been further enhanced by the evolution of breast pump technology. In today’s fast-paced world, finding the best breast pump can be a game-changer for new mothers, providing flexibility and support as they nourish their little ones.

In this blog, we embark on a quest to explore the finest breast pumps available in the market, each designed to cater to the unique needs of mothers. We delve into the intricate details of functionality, comfort, and efficiency, guiding you through the maze of options to help you make an informed decision. Whether you’re a working mom seeking efficient pumping solutions or a stay-at-home parent looking for comfort and ease, we’ve got you covered.

Join us as we unravel the world of breast pumps, empowering you with knowledge and confidence as you embrace the beautiful journey of motherhood. Let’s navigate the realm of breastfeeding together, ensuring that every precious moment spent with your little one is filled with love, care, and the utmost convenience.

Best Breast pumps:

1. Kmaier Wearable Breast Pump

Kmaier Wearable Breast Pump

This suitable breast pump is best for use at home, office, and when traveling. Once fully charged, it can pump up to 2-5 times and hold up to 6 oz/180 ml of breast milk at once. Kmaier wearble breast pump features two modes, nine levels, and a massage mode that massages first and then sucks to relieve the breast that can reach up to 275mmHg, suitable for most mamabears.Additionally, it has low noise, is leak-proof, has an LCD display, is made using safe material safe, and is easy to clean. Uses food-grade silicone and is EPA-free, Kmaier’s breast pump hits the top of our list.

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Amazon Reviews

I have gotten to use these pumps 3 times now and I am overall satisfied with the quality of them. It works pretty well and has been efficient for getting my milk pumped and flowing to provide great relief pretty quickly. As a heavy producer, I often need the quick relief and this does the job quickly. The first 2 times I used it, I noticed some leakage so I will say you need to assure the bra you’re wearing is securely tightened so that you reduce the chances of it leaking out. Also, make sure you follow the directions thoroughly for assembling and use until you become familiar with it to make sure that you reduce the chances of leakage that way. Definitely looking forward to the ease of use when I return to supporting clients for their births. If they create a newer model, I would love to have timers on them to know how long I’ve been using it on each side. I am very happy with my purchase.
– Jemi
I was looking for a hands free pump to try before diving in to purchase a more expensive brand (like mom cozy). I wanted something I could get house work done while pumping. These definitely do the job. I exclusively pump while waiting for my baby to get a lip tie corrected. I was skeptical at first, but I get the same amount from these as I do my wall pump. I do prefer my wall pump (spectra) first thing in the morning because I don’t pump at night (I like my sleep lol) and I’m pretty engorged in the mornings. When I’m engorged, I feel like my wall pump does a better job at emptying me.I do love the silicone. It is comfortable and all parts are easy to clean. You do need to make sure you have all the pieces properly lined up or you will get poor suction or leakage. It does have multiple levels for massage and expression mode which is great! They do automatically turn off for you as well so you don’t have to time how long you’ve been pumping.
I love mine and I’m glad I made the purchase. I recommend them to all my pregnant mom’s that I work with. Don’t miss out on these! Very easy to use on the go or at home.
– Sarah

2. NCVI Double Electric Breast Pump

NCVI Double Electric Breast Pump

Women’s NCVI electric breast pumps include 4 settings and 9 stages. The breasts are stimulated using the massage method. You may utilize Multitronic suction, suck stimulation Mode, or express pumping mode to produce regular milk. By employing comfort mode, mothers may select the ideal pumping intensity.

The 2200mAh lithium battery in the NCVI twin breast pumps enables it to operate up to three times before requiring recharging. You may use power banks, laptops, or a vehicle adapter to charge it. When away from home or experiencing a power outage, you may relax knowing that the product will be used properly.

Amazon Reviews

Absolutely love this breast pump. My $430 one from the insurance company just came in the mail and I hate it. Literally this breast pump beats it in almost every regard – sound, suction power, portability. With enough charge I can just walk around the house with it from room to room with relative ease. It has so many different flange sizes so you’re bound to find a size that fits, and it comes in a super cute pink color. Pieces are super easy to put together. Only downside is the tubing can’t be sterilized or else it’ll damage the motor (as per the caution tag on the tubing), but other than that I’m loving this pump.


I’ve been having issues getting enough out with my haaka manual pump and it hurts if I breastfeed too many times in the day, so this is just what I needed. It lets me get out wayyy more milk at a much faster rate than trying to pump manually. The only thing I wish is that the suction power was a bit more powerful just so it could stick to my breasts. It’s a nice portable size and it’s pretty quiet too. It gets the milk out extremely well. It would take my manual haaka an hour to get out what this machine can in less than 3 minutes on the highest setting.


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3. Double Wearable Breast Pump

TSRETE double breast pump

The TSRETE double breast pump is slim, comfortable to hold, and tube-free. A wearable breast pump is particularly practical since it allows you to enjoy your nursing time while pumping anywhere, at any time. As well as being USB rechargeable, the electric breast pump. A full charge may be used three to five times, and the device can hold 180 ml (6 oz), making it reasonably practical to take when working or traveling.

There are two modes for the electric wearable breast pump. It is a comfortable breast pump operation mimicking the baby’s actual frequency of sucking. Massage mode stimulates the breasts prior to pumping to aid in quick sucking that is pleasant and painless. A new mother has more options and comfort when it’s simple to discover the correct suction power to help her get more milk in less time. It comes with nine different adjustable intensity levels, a memory function, and 30 minutes timed turn-off, LCD screen for simple control.

Amazon Reviews

I am really in love with this pump. I had a hand help electric pump and I will not be going back after getting this one. I can use it while I drive and while I am working or doing anything really as long as I am not bending over. The pump isn’t loud but not silent either. I can say though that it is louder to the person wearing it, than to anyone around you. No one really notices I have it on unless I say something. I just wear a sweater and you can’t tell at all. It is very easy to put together and take apart as well. Once you do it once it takes less than 5 seconds. The suction is also pretty powerful. I have had it for a couple of weeks already and I am only using level one and two, alternating between expression and stimulating to get the most milk. I 100% recommend this pump to any nursing mother especially the working moms!!

Greyson Rudd

this is a great wearable pump for the cost. I wanted to try it instead of biting the bullet with the elvie. I found I was able to get just as much milk expressed as I do with my spectra pump, which is impressive!. It’s easy to wear with a tighter sports bra, I did not have any issues with leaking around the edge. I would use it more but I find the massage/suction of my spectra more comfortable. It is also not completely quiet, meaning others in the room would hear it. from what I have heard from my friends that have the elvie they say it’s the same with that one. I use it when I really need to work around the house , as it’s really nice not having to carry a pump or worry about tubes! I have recommended this pump to those looking for a portable option that is reasonably priced !

Tara Brink

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4. Bellababy Double Electric Breast Feeding Pumps

Bellababy Double Electric Breast Feeding Pumps

Mothers may directly express to the milk storage bags using the adapters, which are included with 2 milk storage bag adapters and 10 storage bags.

Before pumping, massage and stimulation of the breasts using one of the four modes and nine degrees of suction is pleasurable and painless.

Clear display of the operating mode, suction level, time, and battery condition on a high-resolution screen. A sensitive touch panel that can be operated with a single finger click. Portable and lightweight, with a built-in 2200mAh Li-ion battery, great for travel.

Amazon Reviews

I kept trying to avoid using this pump, so the first time I purchase this pump it was good don’t get me wrong but then I realized I needed to change my flang size so I bought a new flang from this brand and awww man it helped sooo much . I went from pumping 5oz all together to 8-10oz all together. Then I went to work 6 month PP and I wanted to get a wearable breast pump I promise you I was barley getting 4oz so I will be sticking to this pump I mean it is a true winner.

Jyterria G.

I wish I had bought this pump before I spent money on other more expensive pumps. Super small, easy to move around in, great suction and battery life lasts all day during my 12hr shift at work.

Holly Roy

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5. BabyBuddha Portable and Compact Breast Pump

BabyBuddha Portable and Compact Breast Pump

BabyBuddha double electric nursing pump is BPA free and tiny which can be easily draped around the neck using its lanyard, unlike other breastfeeding pumps that are excessively big and weigh you down. Now that your hands are free, you can pump while focusing more on your kid.

Authentic operating: The machine has been equipped with an incredibly quiet mechanism that enables covert and silent pumping. Pump freely without waking up your child or attracting unwanted attention.

Amazon Reviews

Oh man! After seeing so many posts in the exclusive pumping group I’m in, I HAD to get this and try it out for myself!
So I exclusively pump since my girl likes to fall asleep fast on me, I’ve tried the medela pump in style and I even rented the medela symphony. Even with the symphony my right would always still have a firmness to it no matter how much I hand expressed and had it on the highest suction power. I have bigger boobs, especially after having my girl in August (size F now) so I need something with a strong suction. And THIS! does the job!! I am so happy I went with this pump and splurged a little bit to get it, I will be returning my symphony rental early aha! I did the hack so I can use my Medela bottles/flanges and wear my pumping bra so it’s nice I’m not tied to a chair. I will say though it is quite noisy, but honestly my baby and man can sleep right through it so there’s no issue in that! I actually tend to just use the stimulation mode for most of my pumping time because that long pull gets a lot out! I can use the level 5 stimulation mode no problem and when I see that my milk dripping gets slower I go to the expression mode and have it at a level 7 or 8. This little thing WORKS! I haven’t had both my boobs feel empty in a long time ever since I’ve started this pumping journey! And now I’m excited that it will help with my milk supply! I currently can only pump 1oz each side but now that I can actually empty my boobs I’m having high hopes of this increasing my output! It was well packaged and I love that it comes with a drawstring bag! I’m overall so pleased with this little but strong pump!

Melissa Wilber

This pump has an incredibly strong suction power. The first few pulls are a little much, but it definitely gets better. I’m someone who needs to pump for a full 30 minutes to get most of the milk removed. This can do it in 15/20 minutes. I’ve tried mom cozy and Willow 3.0, and as far as portable pumps are concerned and this is hands down the best. So if your someone like me who wants a portable pump but milk doesn’t empty well try this before spending $500+ on a Willow.


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6. MISSAA Wearable Breast Pump

MISSAA Wearable Breast Pump

There are 2 modes and 9 settings on the portable breast pump. Sucking mode boosts milk supply and accurately mimics your baby’s rhythmic sucking. The milk supply is encouraged by painless and soothing massage mode, which helps stimulate mammary glands before pumping. As a general rule, choose massage mode before sucking mode.

The Breast pump comes with a 6OZ (180ML) capacity, and a graded container. Soft food-grade silicone is used to make the breast pump attachments making them BPA-free. Less components need to be cleaned and assembly and disassembly are simple with an all-in-one design.

Amazon Reviews

I love these! They are pretty quiet and fit easily in your bra- no need to have a nursing bra or deal with all the tubing of a normal pump. Great for use at work! Easy to clean- just don’t lose the little piece inside or they won’t work. After you pump its simple to pour your milk into a storage bag or bottle from the slot on top. Very convenient!

Kimberly Dickey

I’ve gone through 3 Motif Luna pumps, another wired pump, and a mobile breast pump that has the tube and bottle. This was the best breast pump! The clean up is much easier, less parts, no tubes, and you can barely hear them. I take them to work and pump with them 3 times a day. Every time we decide to go somewhere, I put them on and wear a regular bra or semi tight shirt and they hold on, I get a nice 4-5 oz bottle almost every time. They fit in my lunch box in a separate compartment. They don’t hurt my skin like the other plastic edges on the breast pumps with suction cups. Pouring the milk into the bottle is easy as well with little to no mess. They charge easily with a USB C charger. I experienced an issue with one of the units not suctioning as strong as the other and customer service sent me a replacement the next day. They work awesome! I love them and plan to keep using them daily for the next year. Highly recommend. DO take 5 minutes to read over the suctioning options because holding the power button down short or long does different things. I really like them.


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7. TOVVILD Double Wearable Breast Pump

TOVVILD Double Wearable Breast Pump

TOVVILD double wearable breast pump hands-free can quickly recharge a double breast pump that is portable and small wherever you go. When you are working or traveling, the wearable breast pump is simple to transport.

A clever automated mode on the Tovvild breast pump automatically changes from massage to suction mode after two minutes. Breast milk is safe thanks to the hands-free breast pump’s food-grade silicone construction, which is gentle, skin-friendly, and BPA-free.

Amazon Reviews

I was not expecting much from this pump. Especially when most pumps like this are way over $100. I love the fit. It’s easy to put together and clean. I love being able to move around while pumping. I haven’t done much that requires bending but I feel like it’s common sense. I’m scared to lose any milk. I absolutely love the fact you can pour directly from the suction cup to the bottle or storage bag. Wish the product had a carrying case or pouch!


If you’re wondering which pump to get look no further… We purchased this one while our expensive “hospital grade” pump arrived from a well known-brand and this one works better then the other…

I didn’t return the other one because insurance covered most of it and we’ll use it as a back up , but this little pump is suffice, works amazing, and at a very reasonable price!!!


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8. Momcozy S9 Wearable Breast Pump

Momcozy S9 Wearable Breast Pump

There are 2 modes and 5 settings on the Momcozy electric breast pump. To choose a mode that will maximize milk production, massage should come first, followed by pumping. Give women greater options and comfort while ensuring that each mother produces more milk in less time.

In order to obtain the optimum suction, Momcozy breast pump accessories are composed of soft, food-grade silicone that is simple to remove and clean. Range of the maximum suction: 280–300 mmHg.

Amazon Reviews

I was in desperate need for a wearable pump, and it’s perfect!
The suction could be better, but I still felt like it emptied me out- just took a little longer.
The only thing I don’t like- it doesn’t show how long you have pumped for.

Morgan Singleton

This was a gift for my daughter, she used it for less than a week and it stopped working. The only reason why I didn’t return it was because the return window had closed. She said she tried to return it but she couldn’t because it wouldn’t let her. This is disappointing and the only reason why she told me was because I was going to purchase another one. I will not even think of buying another one from them. I just wish she had told me sooner. Buy at your own risk. Just check with the recipient to make sure it works before the return window close. The only reason why I gave a star is because I had to put something, this should have had 0 stars.
I would like to apologize for the review. Today I was hanging out with my daughter and she did more research and it turns out that you have to make sure that the pump is securely attached. My daughter loves it due to the fact that she can go shopping, washing dishes, clean house and anything else she wants to do while pumping. I will definitely be buying her another one cause she is in love with it. Oh she even uses it at work and that is a big plus. If you are having problems with the suction, please Google or go on YouTube. This product is a change and life changer. 5 STARS!!!!!

Yvette Harvey

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9. DENICO Wearable Breast Pump

DENICO Wearable Breast Pump

With Denico’s beginner hands-free wearable breast pump, ladies may pump freely while wearing any nursing bra. Using a milk cup while pumping is made simpler by the hands-free portable breast pump. For busy mothers in particular, this silicone hands-free breast pump is simple to use and clean. With various shield and flange sizes, the suction silicone breast pump offers additional comfort and convenience.

Amazon Reviews

If you’ve been cursed with bigger nipples like me, stop shopping and add this to your cart. I got the momcozy set first, had to order the 27mm (biggest they offer) flange separately, but the flange goes to the outside of the hard plastic attachment point, so my nipple isn’t rubbing against the silicone, it rubs directly against the hard plastic insert. I make it work short term but need to lather up the cream immediately afterwards to cover up the chafing. THIS Denico has the 28mm flange included, and has a shorter hard plastic attachment point so even though the flange looks smaller, at least the silicone is longer and prevents chafing. I also love that it starts in massage mode and transitions to suction automatically. It also comes with so many extras that I wish I would have started with this pump to have saved me from buying everything else separately. Wasn’t that big of a deal for me, but fyi this also comes with wall charger, whereas the momcozy only offers the USB cords for charging… I’ve only had it for a week but give it 5 stars. 100% it’s worth it.

Amazon Customer

I bought this little beauty in advance. Our little one is arriving in a few weeks. So I’ll update this review once we have a chance to get a full use out of this product.
Right out of the box, I noticed that all the parts are of very good quality. The pump itself feels like a new iPhone. Smooth and portable. Charged it overnight. With only three buttons, it is pretty easy to operate. The setup is also easy, with just a few parts to assemble. And I could start pumping within minutes.
It comes with two cool nipple shields that are hollow. That’s pretty awesome cause they can catch spillovers, and it is usable milk. You really can’t see them tucked into my bra. The carrying case and some extra breast pads with a laundry baggie were super nice touches. For this price, I think it is a very good deal, even if you have to buy two of these pumps to service both breasts.


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10. Maymom Wide Neck Pump

Maymom Wide Neck Pump

Maymom wide neck pump is compatible with the Spectra S1 pump, S2 pump, and 9 pumps is one 17mm wide mouth flange. suitable as a replacement component for the Spectra S2.

Free of BPA; meets US FDA requirements for plastics that come into touch with food

Suitable for use with Maymom, AVENT, and Spectra wide-opening bottles.

Amazon Reviews

I needed to change my flange size for my specta s1 per the recommendation of my lactation consultant. She recommended ordering these on Amazon and it’s been a game changer in my pumping journey. Highly recommend if you need a different size for a spectra pump.


So glad I got these. I was so sore using the 24 of spectra and needed something smaller. These are reasonably priced and just as good of quality as spectra. Definitely recommend!


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11. TSRETE Wearable Breast Pump

TSRETE Wearable Breast Pump

S9, S10, and S12 wearable breast pumps may all be used with the TSRETE wearable milk collecting cup.

Pump components should be thoroughly cleaned with warm, soapy water after each usage.

Made of silicone; free of BPA. It could be sterilized using microwave steam bags, boiling water, or water steam. You may relax knowing that your baby’s milk is safe since none of the pump components that come in touch with breast milk contain BPA.

Amazon Reviews

These are a must for this type of pump! It will make your life so much easier not to have to wash and wait for the pump parts to have to dry. That will take away your sanity. They aren’t too expensive and definitely worth it.


I use a mom cozy pump at times and wanted more containers because let’s be honest they are a pain to clean.
You can’t tell the difference between the mom cozy ones and these from Amazon. If you need extra containers these are the ones to go with

Emily Powell

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12. Amplim 2X Food Grade Silicone Breast Pumps

Amplim 2X Food Grade Silicone Breast Pumps

All different types of breast sizes can use Ampim 2X breast pump. Fold the flange back, press the base’s middle, position the nipple in the center, unfold the flange so that it fully contacts the skin, and then let go of the base’s squeeze to generate suction.

It is made from high-grade, food-safe silicone. Free of PVC, lead, phthalates, and BPA. Simple to clean and disinfect by briefly boiling in water. The very soft silicone makes it cozy and kind to delicate skin.

Amazon Reviews

Just as good or better than the haakaa! Silicone is softer/more comfortable but I feel like it suctions just as well. I also didn’t have to adjust it/re-suction it half way through like I do with the haakaa. I love that it comes with the stoppers, they work well if the pump is knocked over. but beware, if you squeeze the bottle ever so slightly the stopper with just pop right out!
Overall 10/10 wish I got this instead of the haakaa the first time.

Stevo & Danito

I use these to manually pump on the opposite side as baby is nursing for our first 2 nursing sessions of the day. This has been an effortless way to boost supply, build a freezer stash, and relieve morning milk pressure. All you have to do is suction this on and then baby will initiate letdown while nursing on the other side. The stoppers help prevent spills (I have sadly knocked them over before). While I only use 1 at a time, it’s nice having 2 because I can keep one upstairs and one downstairs or take one on the go with me.


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A Final Word

From the time you learned you are having a baby, it is natural that you’ve been making decisions, decisions, and some more decisions alone. You must have thought about the challenges of a first-time mum to how to buy cribs, strollers, diapers, and more. Nevertheless, a breast pump is one such decision that you have enough time to decide. Once you have delivered your munchkin (be it a vaginal birth or a C-section), it’s time for you to decide on breastfeeding. Many moms don’t need a breast pump but if you are looking for one, the scores of options might be confusing.

13. Ainsir Wearable Breast Pump, Hands-Free

Ainsir Wearable Breast Pump, Hands-Free

A wearable breast pump provides hands-free convenience, allowing you to pump milk anytime, anywhere. Its USB, portable, and wireless features make it a hit with working moms and travelers. With a single charge, it can pump 3-5 times and hold up to 5oz/180ml of milk.

This breast pump offers 3 modes and 9 levels of suction. The “suck” mode mimics a baby’s suck frequency, while the “expression” mode gently and efficiently collects milk. The “mixed” mode stimulates milk production. It has an easy-to-use LCD screen, 9 adjustable levels, a memory function, and a 30-minute auto-shutoff feature.

Cleaning is a breeze as all parts, except the motor, are removable and washable. The pump operates quietly, producing less than 40 dB of noise, ensuring it won’t disturb your baby.

Made from soft silicone, the electric breast pump is safe for your body, and its anti-reverse flow design prevents milk contamination. The motor securely attaches to the collection bowl with a raised clasp, preventing accidental detachment.

At Ainsir, they value every drop of breast milk and your comfort. Before purchasing, measure your breast size to ensure the flange fits you perfectly. 


Amazon Review

I’m very happy with this wearable breast pump. It does just as good of a pumping job as my hospital grade electric pump.

The only little annoyance is the fact that it is super loud. I love the ability of being able to do things while pumping like vacuuming, walking around the house and things like that. It is so loud that I can’t easily hear the tv. As far as being quiet for a child I can’t honestly say. My daughter is 22 years old and I vacuumed under her crib as she slept back in the day. I’m in an ABF relationship. I didn’t want to spend a crazy amount of money just to be hands-free and this definitely is living up to what I need it for.


Buy Now!

14. NaNaLazy Wearable Breast Pump

NaNaLazy Wearable Breast Pump

Experience the enhanced NaNaLazy wearable breast pump, now featuring 3 modes and 9 levels for ultimate comfort. Designed to mimic your baby’s natural feeding patterns and suction strength, it optimizes milk production while holding up to 6oz/180ml of milk.

With a longer-lasting 1200mAh battery, this portable breast pump offers up to 180 minutes or 6-8 sessions on a single charge. Thanks to its auto shut-off every 30 minutes, you can pump comfortably throughout the day.

Rest easy with its safe food-grade silicone material, ensuring the well-being of both mother and baby. The electric breast pump operates quietly at less than 40 dB, ensuring a peaceful environment for your baby.

Their one-direction silicone valve prevents milk backflow and enhances container sealing, preserving every drop of precious breast milk. Cleaning is a breeze with its detachable parts, saving you valuable time.

The NaNaLazy wearable breast pump is compatible with nipple diameters ranging from 13mm to 24mm (accessories sold separately). If you have any questions, NaNaLazy team is there to assist you 24/7. Experience the future of breastfeeding with NaNaLazy.

Amazon Reviews

This pump is amazing for the price. I had a momcozy and one side fell and stopped working. So I bought this as a replacement because I couldn’t afford another momcozy. This is just as great! I use it at work. It’s a little loud but it gets the milk out! I bought 2 so I can pump twice a day at work. The battery life is also amazing. I get bout 2 days of pumps before I have to recharge! Totally recommend this pump. It will make a great gift for a new mom.


Buy Now!

15. Evlie Single Battery Wearable Smart Breast Pump

Evlie Single Battery Wearable Smart Breast Pump

Experience freedom with the Elvie Pump, the smallest, lightest, and quietest wearable breast pump. Say goodbye to being tethered to a wall or hidden away in cupboards. With Elvie Pump, you dictate when and where to pump, whether it’s at home, at work, or on the move.

Enjoy a peaceful pumping experience, thanks to its revolutionary noise-eliminating technology. Elvie Pump operates in stealth mode, ensuring tranquility whenever you need it.

Wear it with ease, as Elvie Pump is compact and lightweight, fitting comfortably inside a standard nursing bra. It’s the ultimate hands-free solution, allowing you to stay active and unhindered.

Simplify your pumping routine with Elvie Pump’s hassle-free design. It comprises just 5 easy-to-clean parts and assembles in seconds. No cords, no wardrobe changes, no fuss – just efficient pumping.

Stay connected with the free Elvie Pump app, which offers real-time milk volume monitoring and tracking of the pumping history for each breast. You can even control the pump remotely, adding convenience to your routine.

Elvie Pump is responsive, automatically transitioning from Stimulation to Expression mode when it detects let-downs and pauses when the bottle is full. With Elvie Pump, you have one less thing to worry about, so you can focus on what matters most.

Amazon Reviews

I LOVE this. I have a newborn and a 2 year old and this has been so helpful. Chasing a toddler and breastfeeding a newborn can be close or impossible at times and the Elvie makes it very manageable. I bought 1 and really don’t see a reason for 2 unless you are primarily pumping or need to for quick sessions like at work, etc. I put it on my breast and get our life together and when I’m done getting us ready, boom… I have a bottle or two for on the go or for someone to feed my little princess.

Yes, the measurements are slightly off and the app measurement can be a little off but I truly don’t care, as long as it’s actually getting my milk out, I’m good. This was money well spent! The parts are dish-washable (when I had the medela pump first baby, I was constantly having to clean every little piece by hand- annoying & time consuming). I have the spectra now too and that is an awesome pump but still, you’re stuck to a cord in the wall. The Elvie is SUPER quiet and surprisingly stays on well in my bra as long as I’m not moving around too crazily. It does fill up semi fast but it’ll stop and you can just empty very easy. The suction isn’t too bad; I have a high pain tolerance I guess there so the level 7? (I think it is) is just enough for me to work up to.

I wish I had this with my first baby… so if you want to breastfeed and you’re a busy mama (who isn’t?) and debating this, GET it.

Good luck mamas!

Mama The Queen

Buy Now!

16. Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

Experience efficient pumping with the Two-Phase Pumping technology of the Lansinoh manual breast pump. It includes Let-down and Expression phases to maximize milk expression while ensuring your comfort.

Enjoy a perfect fit with the ComfortFit Flanges, offering two sizes (25mm & 30.5mm) with flexible soft rims for ideal suction and a comfortable fit. With this manual breast pump, say goodbye to hand fatigue with the Ergonomic Handle design, ensuring a more comfortable pumping experience.

It’s a user-friendly design, featuring fewer parts that are easy to assemble and clean. Plus, the product is BPA and BPS-free, prioritizing safety. It is compatible, with wide-neck bottles that fit across the Lansinoh range. This means you can use one bottle for pumping, storing, and feeding, making your life more convenient.

To support natural feeding actions, they include one slow-flow NaturalWave nipple, clinically proven to reduce nipple confusion. They are committed to making your breastfeeding journey as smooth as possible.

Amazon Reviews

Let me start by saying the ONLY reason that I’m not giving this 5 stars is because you can’t order your size flanges with the pump which I think is very inconsiderate of the company. Either sell it separately for all or sell different sizes with the pumps. I had to go and fork more money out to get my size. On the 4 stars though!!!- I haven’t had to use my electric pump one time because this works like a dream! And I have oversupply and quick letdown.

  • Jasmine Ryan

I love how convenient this hand pump is – no need to remember to charge anything. Comfortable to use and empties quickly. Would recommend all nursing moms to have one on hand!

FAQs: Top Best Breast Pumps

1. Which is a better breast pump, manual or electric?

Electric breast pumps are costlier than manual ones but more useful when it comes to pumping on the go or while working since most of them can be worn. Manual pumps on the other hand are handy for occasional expression. They are also much less noisy given that there are no electrical parts in them.

2. Is a breast pump painful?

When you start pumping your breast milk, there will be a wee bit of air around your nipple. For the first 10 to 15 seconds of pumping, it may be uncomfortable as your nipple begins to stretch. You may feel a tingling sensation as your milk starts to flow (a “pins and needle” feeling).

3. Is using a breast pump safe?

Moms swear by breast pumps when they are unavailable to nurse their children. But it's okay to question whether it is a safe practice. The answer is yes, it is a completely safe approach, one that even increases your breastmilk supply.

4. How should I sit while pumping?

The ideal position for pumping your breast milk is the same as the position you be in while breastfeeding: an upright sitting position with your;
  • Feet flat on the ground
  • Arms supported and relaxed
  • Back straight
  • Shoulders rolled open
  • 5. What breast pump is the best to use?

    Here are the best breast pumps with mom's approval: Momcozy Wearable Breast Pump, Amplim 2X Food Grade Silicone Breast Pumps, TSRETE Wearable Breast Pump, Maymom Wide Neck Pump, DENICO Wearable Breast Pump, Momcozy S9 Wearable Breast Pump, TOVVILD Double Wearable Breast Pump, MISSAA Wearable Breast Pump, BabyBuddha Portable and Compact Breast Pump, Bellababy Double Electric Breast Feeding Pumps, Double Wearable Breast Pump, NCVI Double Electric Breast Pump.

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