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5 Best Babymoon Destinations Of America In 2024

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5 Best Babymoon Destinations

What’s the best thing about falling hopelessly in love and settling down? You need to plan a whole new set of adventures! A babymoon is the next important thing to do. Being pregnant makes you want to stay a little closer to home, despite how much you enjoy traveling abroad. Between regular checkups and worries over the Zika infection (which, no doubt, is as yet no joking matter for pregnant ladies), remaining stateside simply seems OK.

Having a babymoon in the United States offers a plethora of options, ranging from relaxing weekend getaways to luxurious honeymoons with all the trimmings. However, if you want to travel internationally, check out this list of the best babymoon destinations in the US!

Some of the best places to go on a babymoon in the United States will start your child’s wanderlust right away. Meanwhile, check out the best travel strollers for your baby in 2023!

5 Best Babymoon Destinations USA!

1. Maui, Hawaii


Treat yourself, mama, to Maui, Hawaii. Maui will take your breath away at every turn with its endless white-sand beaches, lush forests, and dramatic cliff sides. Go plunging through the rainbow of coral and exotic fish or just put your feet up poolside.

The Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea is a must-visit destination for a posh honeymoon in the United States. You’ll feel like a goddess being pampered at this effortlessly chic destination. Treat yourself to at least one five-star experience in Maui, even if it’s just for one night.

The best things to do in Maui go beyond luxury escapes. This is one of the fantastic babymoon destinations, with everything from the magic of Lahaina to the many special places on Maui. Although Maui is the top pick, numerous other locations in Hawaii would be ideal for a babymoon.

2. Nantucket, Massachusetts


This is one of the top choices for a honeymoon destination in the United States. Nantucket is the ideal location for getting away from everything. This charming island off Cape Cod is well-known as a fashionable summer getaway. With ravishing rise-supported sea shores, delightful cedar-shingled structures, and manicured privets, it’s no big surprise why it’s so well known! What’s more, you could go on and on about the cobblestone roads of Nantucket Town!

Nantucket is one of the ideal babymoon destinations for people who enjoy the coast, history, and relaxation because it is lined with restaurants, high-end boutiques, and steep-sided churches. Keep your young ones entertained with these travel toys!

For some of New England’s most breathtaking views, take a stroll down the Sconset Bluff Walk, also known as the Cliff Walk. Take a sunset cruise through the harbor to take in the most breathtaking views, then take a day trip to Martha’s Vineyard.

3. Stowe, Vermont (Fall's Color Capital)

Stowe, Vermont (Fall's Color Capital)

Stowe is undoubtedly a lesser-known destination in the United States. The vibrant autumn colors bring the small town to life each year. Additionally, it is one of our favorite US babymoon destinations at any time of year. During the summer, you can hike the sun-soaked slope of this winter wonderland. This location is stunning throughout the year, and the calendar of cultural events is never-ending.

Additionally, this location is ideal for serious cider enthusiasts because it is located just outside the Green Mountain town of Stowe. Foodies will likewise be happy as there are numerous Vermont-made treats — like jams, caramel sauces, and maple candy accessible at Cold Empty Juice Plant, as well. If you’re looking for apple orchards, the state is home to several historic ones.

4. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is another charming small town in North Carolina. Asheville, which is in the Blue Ridge Mountains, is full of fun things to do and a thriving art scene. Admire the historic 19th-century Biltmore Estate and the Basilica of Saint Lawrence as examples of historic architecture.

This is one of the best babymoon destinations in the South to go on due to the numerous goodie hotspots, antique shops, cute coffeehouses, and chic galleries. Take a day trip to Charlotte in case you are extending your babymoon.

By the way, have you ever researched what to do while traveling with a baby? Here are the guidelines and tips for traveling or flying with a baby!

5. South Carolina

South Carolina

This island in South Carolina is heaven on earth, with 12 miles of flawless beaches. Explore the culture of the Lowcountry after soaking up the sun. Some of the region’s best museums, golf courses, art galleries, and theaters are located on Hilton Head Island.

Because Hilton Head is a small island with a lot to offer, planning a dream vacation here doesn’t require a lot of travel (thanks to our motion-sick moms!). When you go road-tripping in the South, you will see firsthand how good Southern cooking is. If you want to try some of the best dishes in the country, this might be the place for you!

While it’s right beyond Hilton Head Island, staying at Montage Palmetto Feign will give you the most staggering and lavish escape. We strongly suggest looking into it! Additionally, Charleston is approximately two and a half hours’ drive from Hilton Head if you want to extend your honeymoon. Savannah, which is approximately 45 minutes away, is an excellent babymoon destination!

A Final Word On The Best Babymoon Destinations in USA

A new baby is pretty monumental, whether it is your first or third. The desire for a last hurrah by expecting parents before welcoming the new member of the family is normal. For expecting mothers and their partners, friends, or family, babymoons are a relaxing vacation.

This new trend has been adopted by a lot of resorts, which now offer packages for babymoons designed to pamper guests. On their babymoon vacation, expecting mothers can unwind with massages, spa treatments, and a variety of delicious treats. With three kids and a lot of occasions added to our repertoire, we’ve made the ideal rundown of the best babymoon destinations in the USA.

Oh, remember travel cribs and accessories are an important point in your travel checklist!

FAQs: Best Babymoon Destinations

1. When should you go on a babymoon?

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends scheduling your trip in your second trimester, between 14 and 28 weeks into your pregnancy.

2. Why is a babymoon important?

A new set of demands on time and energy come with having a baby, which can stress out a marriage. Some parents-to-be plan to go to the best babymoon destination in addition to traditional preparations for childbirth—one last getaway to rest, re-energize, and reconnect before the baby arrives.

3. Why is it called babymoon?

Sheila Kitzinger, a pregnancy and childbirth author, coined the term "babymoon" in the early 1990s. She defined it as a soothing uninterrupted parent time during the postpartum recovery stage to bond with the newborn.


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