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7 Best Travel Strollers for Baby in 2024 – Expert Reviews & Guide

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Best Travel stroller

List of Best Travel Stroller

Worried about going on a holiday while having to take care of your little one? Let travel strollers make the holiday a little more fun, one push at a time!

Travel strollers are essentially different from regular strollers in the sense that they mandatorily are compact, they are much lighter in weight, they fold, they can be carried on public transportation, and can also be very easily toted up the stairs. You might have been led to believe that a travel stroller would only offer so much – but do not be mistaken here. Brands have gone beyond and over to deliver travel strollers that are so feature-packed that some of them can even fit an overhead bin!

You must be wondering here- Why do I even need a travel stroller?

While some couples might have been on successful vacations by making a shift with a traditional stroller, a travel stroller, in particular, is highly recommended for families that like to travel light and easily. Since a travel stroller is much lighter, compact, and highly portable, it can get you through even the narrowest of sidewalks, airports, and public transportation. Consider a travel stroller a light-traveller-cum-parent’s dream! For this reason, we have come up with a list of the best travel strollers. But first, let’s compare different types of strollers.

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Traditional Strollers v/s Umbrella Strollers v/s Travel Strollers

Traditional Strollers: Traditional strollers are the regular strollers you would have certainly already bought or at least have on your registry. They mostly have convenient features like storage space, cup holders, trays, and large canopies to help protect the baby from sunlight. 

Convenient; but typically large in length and breadth alike. Their bulk and weight make them difficult to fold and to get them through tight spaces you’re sure to witness on your holiday.

Umbrella Strollers: Exceptionally light in weight, umbrella strollers win over traditional strollers for being so portable; but what they mostly lack is the convenience of features found in traditional strollers.

Light in weight but lack basic amenities and also, usually, don’t fold small enough to fit compact spaces like an overhead bin.

Travel Strollers: Travel strollers can be defined as the by-product you would get if traditional strollers were married to umbrella strollers. They are light in weight, so much so that they are even called alternatively lightweight strollers!

Light in weight, these strollers are also loaded with features you would want to have in a convenient baby stroller like a cup holder and a canopy. Much lighter than any other stroller, these can also be folded into halves and most of them can even fit a space as compact as an overhead bin!

What to look for in a travel stroller?

Since your travel stroller will be ideally your as well as your baby’s all-time companion on holidays, you need to ensure that it is a comfortable and power-packed stroller, to say the least. Here are some features to look for in your travel stroller-

  • Lightweight
  • Easily foldable
  • Compact and collapsible
  • Adjustable seat
  • A canopy
  • Built-in straps or at least a separate carrying case

Now that we have set a base, let us straight get to the juice. Here are the best travel strollers to buy in 2024-

Best Travel System Stroller

  • Stroller Weight:

    16 lbs

  • Folded Dimensions:

    17” x 24” x 10”

  • Age

    Suitable for ages 6 months and above (up to 55 lbs)

Made in fun colors and quirky prints, the Colugo travel stroller is the best travel stroller for toddlers and it is so compact and yet so loaded with features- consider this your travel bounty in a small package. This travel stroller which can even be stowed in an overhead bin of the plane, weighs only 16 pounds on its own making it so easy to lift and carry. It can be even maneuvered around with just one hand, has no-puncture tires, a storage basket, folds up compact, has a built-in carry strap and the seat even can be reclined back! To make cleaning easier, the seat fabric is further wipeable and machine washable.

As for a con, though, it cannot click in a car seat and you will need to additionally buy the infant kit if you want to use the stroller right after birth. Also, the handlebar is not height adjustable which can be quite a pain for taller parents.

Amazon Reviews

I obsessively researched the best compact travel stroller to fit in a overhead compartment of a plane for days! I searched reviews, watched YouTube videos, and also requested opinions on Facebook mom groups. I looked at affordable brands like Colugo, GB Pockit+ All City, Inglesina Quid, and Ergobaby Metro. And also high end brands like Uppababy Minu ($450), Joolz AER+ ($450, $360 on Black Friday), Bugoboo Butterfly ($450), BabyZen YoYo ($500). I already have an Uppababy Vista as my home stroller so I was trying not to spend $500 on a travel stroller.

 I took the chance and ordered it since it was only $236 on Black Friday and it included accessories (cup holder, rain cover, and travel backpack). If I didn’t like it, I planned on returning it. LET ME TELL YOU. It’s everything I was looking for. The seat is well-padded and comfy. It allows my daughter to have a good posture while sitting. It’s small enough to fit on a plane. The canopy is large for sun protection and naps and it reclines far back. The cup holder is study enough to hold my heavy Stanley dupe cup. I also has a small hook on the other side to hang a bag. I highly recommend it!


  • Stroller Weight

    14.8 lbs

  • Folded Dimensions

    11.5” x 20.5” x 23”

  • Age

    Suitable for ages 3 months and above (up to 50 lbs)

A travel stroller that also doubles up as an everyday stroller, the UPPAbaby has a range of multiple convenience features to get you going. It is the best travel stroller for toddlers and has an ample storage basket, shock-absorbing suspension, a sunshade, a one-handed fold, a comfortable seat that can be reclined in multiple positions, and also a spring-action mechanism that ensures a smooth ride every time. When ideal, it can stand folded and also has a carry strap for easy transportation around.

As for a little downside, though, you will need to additionally invest in a From Birth Kit if you want to use it for a newborn less than 3 months of age.

Amazon Reviews

Finally I found a light weight, sturdy and comfortable stroller to use with my grand child. I have arthritis in my hands and the handle of this stroller is very comfortable to use.
The stroller is very stable and not tippy at all. The wheels move effortlessly over grass and trails, as well as sidewalks. They don’t have a lot of tread to collect dirt. It’s super easy to push uphill. It was easy to assemble (though I had assembled a couple before finding this one). I bought the front bar accessory and think this should be standard for safety.
I wish there was an accessory to hold a snack cup.
I think this stroller is worth the price due to the way it handles, the comfortable handlebar, and that it doesn’t tip easily.

  • Stroller Weight:

    11.8 lbs

  • Folded Dimensions:

    18” x 12” x 34”

  • Feature Item 3

    Suitable for ages 6 months and above(up to 40 lbs)

At less than 12 pounds in weight and just 50$ in price, the Kolcraft stroller is perhaps one of the best stroller for travel lightest and cheapest travel strollers you can get your hands on. As for its features, the stroller is not one of the most compact ones on the list but it does fold in on itself and does so with just one hand! It also has an extendable canopy, a peekaboo window, cup holders, a tray, and a huge storage basket.

One downside, though, it does not recline flat and it does not do much for suspension and shock absorption.

Amazon Reviews

It’s a great stroller, easy to assemble and lightweight. I needed a stroller because I babysit my niece (18 months old) a few days a week (we love our walks). It’s easy to open, but closing the stroller, you must make sure the front wheels are aligned properly outwards so that it folds easily. If the front wheels are not outward, it will not fully close. Other than that, which isn’t that huge of a deal, it’s a great stroller at a great price.

  • Stroller Weight:

    13.6 lbs

  • Folded Dimensions:

    20.5” x 17.3” x 7.1”

  • Age

    Suitable for ages 6 months and above (up to 40 lbs)

Another one on the list that can comfortably fit in the overhead bin of an airplane, this best stroller for travel is also so easy to carry- it can be carried on your shoulder like a handbag. Foldable with one hand, this stroller is also customizable which means that you can change the seat fabrics, add a new footmuff, and use new color palettes whenever you get bored with what you have – just like that! For the best [art still, you can buy additional adapters and use this stroller with car seats like the Nuna car seat and the Maxi Cosi amongst so many others.

For one downside, though, the weight limit is just 40 lbs and it only comes included with a rain cover. Most of the likable additional features are to be purchased extra.

Amazon Reviews

We originally opted for a cheaper travel stroller and bought the Pockit. However, we kept seeing this classy stroller and ended up selling the Pockit to purchase the yo-yo. It’s been worth the extra cost! It’s easy to fold, durable, has many add ons (we love the mosquito net) and provides good shade coverage. Although it’s a travel stroller for us, it’s reliable and can definitely be your regular stroller too. It came with a travel bag and also has a shoulder strap. Splurge a little, it’ll be worth it! 🙂

  • Stroller Weight:

    14 lbs

  • Folded Dimensions:

    19” x 7” x 23”

  • Age

    Suitable for ages 6 months and above (up to 45 lbs)

A 2-in-1, this baby jogger stroller doubles up as your travel stroller for toddlers and it does feature what jogger strollers are best known for one-handed fold. What further adds to its versatility is the fact that it rides three ways: infant car seat, bassinet, or toddler seat! With padded seats that offer extra depth, this travel stroller is so compact, at just 19 by 23 inches, it can even be readily stored in your handbag for easy transportation. The canopy, besides, is a UV 50+ sun canopy to save your baby’s sensitive and tender skin from sun damage.

For one downside, however, the suspension system of this travel stroller is not particularly of a great frame which might make your ride bumpy.

Amazon Reviews

I’ve been looking for a lightweight l, compact and also affordable stroller for a long time. I purchased one prior this one (mompush) which had great reviews but it wasn’t good at all for me. Finally I found what I was looking for in THIS stroller, plus the designs is absolutely beautiful. Not to mention that is so easy to maneuver that makes my life so easy.

  • Weight:

    16.1 pounds

  • Dimensions:

    17.72 x 9.06 x 21.26 inches (folded), 36.42 x 17.72 x 40.31 inches (unfolded)

  • Age

    Child Age/Weight Range: Birth up to 48.5 pounds

The Bugaboo Butterfly Seat Stroller is a travel-friendly solution with a standing fold, two carrying options, and ample storage. Its sleek design, available in various colors, includes features like an adjustable leg rest, mesh canopy, and machine-washable seat padding. The spacious cargo basket, accommodating over 17 pounds, and the stroller’s maneuverability make it a standout choice. While the reclining mechanism may require some adjustment, the overall lightweight, durable design, and easy assembly justify its higher price tag. Additional accessories like phone storage and a cup holder are available separately.

Amazon Reviews

I love how luxurious this feels. It is easy to open with only one hand. Light, but not flimsy or rickety. In fact it feels very sturdy. My three year old loves to ride in it. He seems to be comfortable while in it. It is compact so leaves a lot of space available for lots of other things in my trunk. I am loving it so far!
Update (January, 2024): Still loving it! It is holding up very well. Still feels sturdy. We traveled to the Disney parks and it was a bliss going through the crowd. Same at the airport. Perfect for travel! Will forever recommend to my friends and anyone who asks for the best travel stroller. This is our everyday stroller now!

Amazon Customer

  • Weight:

    15.4 pounds

  • Dimensions:

    22.5 x 20.25 x 12 inches (folded), 31 x 20.5 x 41 inches (unfolded)

  • Seat Dimensions:

    10 x 13 inches

  • Age

    Child Age/Weight Range: Birth (with car seat) up to 50 pounds

The Nuna TRVL stroller is a luxurious and versatile choice with easy one-button folding, front and rear wheel suspension, and a lavish design. Noteworthy features include a wide seat, adjustable calf rest, and compatibility with Nuna Pipa infant car seats. While weighing 15.4 pounds when folded, it lacks a built-in carrying strap, but a travel bag is provided. Despite the higher price, its functionality and everyday usability make it a valuable investment, though its larger size may impact overhead bin storage options.

Amazon Reviews

If you are on the fence about this stroller, get off it and buy it! We bought this for a trip to Florida. It’s a breeze to fold and unfold. It’s light and is very compact when folded. My 30ish pound 3 year old was comfortable in it all day at Disney. Taking it thru the airport was so much easier than any other stroller we have used. We ran into one issue on the way back and it wasn’t the strollers fault. We gate checked the stroller and didn’t put it into a bag. When we landed and went to pick up the stroller on the jetway a back wheel was missing. Airlines looked for it and couldn’t find it. The wheels are “quick release” so there is a button to release the rear wheels. I contacted customer service when I got home, sent them a few pictures and they sent me a new wheel free of charge! My only regret is that I didn’t buy this stroller YEARS ago!

Guide for Choosing a Travel Stroller for Toddlers

Consider Stroller Types

When buying a travel stroller, assess your priorities. Some prioritize a lightweight and packable design, while others focus on maneuverability or durability. Options include umbrella strollers for toddlers with travel-friendly weight, jogging strollers for smooth rides, and full-sized strollers with features like storage compartments. Balance portability and convenience with comfort and bonus accessories for a seamless travel experience.

Check Folded Size

The key distinction of a travel stroller is its compact fold. Ensure it easily fits into car trunks or transportation compartments. The Joolz Aer, our top pick, folds down to 8.5 x 21 x 17.75 inches— a helpful benchmark for strollers fitting into various compartments.

Consider Storage and Features

While smaller, a travel stroller should still offer convenience. Look for storage space for essentials, and consider adding a drink caddy. Ensure the baby’s seat is padded, comfortable, and reclined. Check for a canopy with good coverage, and user-friendly buckles and straps. Compact folding is essential, but also evaluates additional features.

Prioritize Comfort and Safety

Ultimately, prioritize your child’s safety and comfort. Opt for strollers with padded, reclining seats. Ensure straps are gentle on your baby’s shoulders and chest, and check for leg rests. Assess the stroller’s wheel capabilities to handle various surfaces without excessive shaking or rattling.

Final Conclusion - Best Travel Stroller

While there are tons of other impressive strollers in the market, we have tried to keep our list short and crisp with the top 5; we have also tried to cover strollers in multiple price ranges, sizes, and features hoping your decision will be much easier.

Having said that, there would be hundreds of other strollers but eventually deciding what works best for you as a parent depends majorly on your budget, space, and personal preference. It is also still true, that despite all the features and conveniences that come with a travel stroller, also comes a cost that is higher than other kinds. But again, if you are a frequent traveler parent and if some extra $$ can make your travels easier, why not!?

Best Travel Strollers FAQs

1. Can I check in my baby stroller ?

A baby stroller can either be checked in at the baggage drop counter or it can also be checked in at the gate. If you are at a large airport with lots of time before your flight, it is best to check it in at the gate as you would otherwise have to carry the baby in your arms. This usually does not count as a part of your baggage allotment.

2. Can a baby stroller be stowed in the overhead bin of a plane ?

Some travel strollers are so small when they fold up that they can literally fit in your handbag. Such kinds of strollers (some also mentioned in the list above), can be stored in the overhead bin of a plane.

3. What travel stroller folds the smallest?

The gb Pockit travel stroller won a Guinness World record in 2014 for being the smallest and the most compact travel stroller. It measures just 12” x 7” x 20” on folding up.

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