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6 Best Activities for your 11 Months Old Baby

Table of Contents

11 Months Old Baby Activities

Table of Contents

Do you want to know more about 11 months old-baby-activities? Isn’t just reading 11-months cause you to cringe and wait for a second, reconfirming, ‘is my little munchkin 11 months already?’

How time flies! It almost feels like yesterday when you experienced labor pains and had your baby in your hand for the first time? The trimester months, the preparations, their first word, etc. Now, they are just a month away from being a year old. WOW!

However, it is rather fairly safer to state that your baby is mobile enough to grab into things and develop their fine motor skills in order to acquire more this month. But, what are these? What are the 11 months old baby activities? What should you be doing while they are learning to walk in their little world around?

To help you better, Parenthoodbliss has curated this article that specifically mentioned the 11 months old baby activities that they must be doing while they take their first steps!

Let’s dive in and take a look!

11 Months Old Baby Activities? for Motor Skills

Kids at 11 months have notably acquired most of their skills and must have almost hit most of the milestones that are expected of them. However, in case they haven’t made a move on their feet yet, then you can get ready for them to do so in this very month, as they are likely to cruise around, anchoring themselves from point A to B with the help of the furniture.

As far as most of the 11-month-old little ones are concerned, they might have started taking a few steps here or there. On the other hand, the others could be a bit more ambitious as you may find them climbing counters, trying to topple over the sides of their cribs, reaching the toy or the blocks that are kept higher, etc.

The most important thing is to make sure that the parents baby-proof the apartment in order to prevent any foreseen dangers. Since the baby will also try to grab the cabinets or drawer knobs, it is a good exercise to lock the cabinets and drawers to keep them out of reach.

For the 11 months old baby activities, your child is likely to be able to arrange their toys in different ways, for instance, from size, color, etc. However, they might be a little slow with building toys or stacking them.

Activities with 11 Months Old Baby: to Enhance Motor Skills

Most motor skills of the toddlers translate into eating using a spoon and the meal is mostly filled with basic baby food. On the other hand, irrespective of them having a good amount of finger foods, it is expected for the mothers to continue breastfeeding the baby for another month or two.

Your baby will also be familiar with most words, mostly the word ‘No’ which often coincides with temper tantrums. The communication however would mostly consist of incomprehensible gibberish.

The best part about an 11-month-old child is that they will have an increased attention span that gives way to the parents to begin and introduce certain new activities and games for the baby to play with and begin exploring.

To have a better look at things that you can add to the activities list for your baby, make sure to continue reading into the next section:

Top 6, 11 Months Old Baby Activities

As the little one begins to develop a sense of curiosity with regards to their surroundings, the baby’s adventures can be noted. This is considered to be the perfect time for 11-month-old babies to explore and be introduced to new baby games.

To help you out better, here are a few 11 months old baby activities listed that are observed to be of the perfect fit:

1) Musical Rhymes: 11 Months Old Baby Activities

These offer an avenue in the child’s life as it helps develop their language, music knowledge, fine motor skills, and rhythm. Parents can choose between using their recorded nursery rhymes/sounds or simply signing them out loud to create a gala ambiance. Throw in some activities along with your 11 months old baby, and you’ve got your binding session sorted!

2) Water Coloring Activity: 11 Months Old Baby Activity

Teach your little ones different colors and improve their ability to recognize colors in a much simpler yet enriching way. Watercolors! These not only help the toddlers learn colors but also boost their hand-eye coordination skills. 

3) Pop The Bubbles!: 11 Months Old Baby Activity

We’re sure bubbles aren’t just your baby’s favorite, so why not hop on and play with the bubbles together? These are quite popular, entertaining, help develop fine motor skills, and build on their coordination.

4) Bath Games: 11 Months Old Baby Activity

Grab your baby’s shampoo, their bath toys, and throw them into the baby bathtub! Isn’t this just the perfect mix of activities on a hot summer day?  Try and include different toys ranging from colors to textures, encourage them to arrange the toys based on shape, color, or texture, and always remember to exercise positive reinforcement when succeeding

5) Climbing Cushions: 11 Months Old Baby Activity

Who doesn’t like cushions? Grab a few cushions for your 11-month-old toddler and make use of their growing curiosity and adventurous spirit. You’d notice that your little one will be more than happy to climb onto these cushions as this further encourages their gross motor skills too!

6) A Tiny Trampoline: 11 Months Old Baby Activity

Your 11-month-old baby is surely going to be filled with a lot of energy and using it in the right place is the key to good parenting. Purchase a tiny trampoline to help stimulate the child’s balancing skills that are key for the baby’s to take their first steps. However, make sure you are around when your baby is on the trampoline and always have your hands on them to create a good base and prevent them from any dangers.

7) Stacking Champ

Several activities for your 11-month-old baby are similar to those they’ve been doing for a few months. One of these is stacking, which can be done with foam blocks, mugs, or rings.

Your baby may be getting the hang of it by now, but it’s still fantastic training for developing fine motor abilities.

Safety tips/ parent must Ensure when carrying Out Activities with an 11-Month-Old Baby?

Listed below are a few things parents must keep in mind while encouraging their 11-month-old baby to play and enhance their skills via these activities:

  • Stay away from sharp corners or furniture

As normal as it may sound, it is important for parents to always double-check to eliminate any sharp objects or furniture that have sharp edges around their curious 11-month-old baby.  Always make sure that the little one’s play area is open enough and has ample amounts of space to be hurt-free.

  • Reinforcing good behavior and not giving in to any tantrums

It is only natural for the parents to give in to their baby’s emotions. However, as needy as the baby might sound, it is important for the parents to understand that giving in to their tantrums now means adhering to them later on, leading them onto a rather strange path. Therefore, try and not to support the kid’s tantrums and reinforce good habits, as early as in their 11th month.

  • Purchase walking shoes with good grips

Walking shoes are a must for babies who are trying to take their initial steps. This helps prevent the baby from falling, slippage, and also helps them grip onto the ground with better balance. Alternatively, this is also true when around the house.

  • Cover any exposed electrical sockets at home

Your baby being curious can end up touching any exposed wires. So, to prevent them from this common hazard, consider covering any such areas and baby-proof the whole house for safety.

11 Months Old Baby Activities Final Conclude

An 11-month-old baby is observed to be the most active and curious as compared to the earlier months, therefore it’s important for parents to keep a close eye on their development and health for a better future.

Nonetheless, while you are on this, it’s also important to remember that this month also calls for preparations and to have fun on their first birthday. So, prepare, enjoy, and always remember to encourage them to learn and grow through games and playtime.

11 Months Old Baby Activities FAQs

1)What should an 11-month-old baby be doing?

An 11-month-old baby should have started cruising around the house with the help of the furniture near them. However, there are a few others who might also experiment by standing on their toes or on one leg.

2)What words should an 11-month-old be saying?

There are a number of ways in which an 11-month-old baby will start communicating on their first birthday, such as by pointing, grunting, nodding, waving, and gibberish while they try to talk. But, be prepared to hear 'dada' and 'mama' soon.

3)How do I deal with an 11-month-old tantrum?

Try to not rush towards them and allow them to let their anger out by crying. Staying calm can help them regain their composure, and avoid demanding to stay quiet. If so, they'll feel you are paying attention to their tantrum.

4) How much food should an 11-month-old eat?

At 11 months, a baby will require about 750 - 900 calories each day. This comes from breast milk or formula mostly along with the solids.


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