10 Best Toy Trucks For Kids Of 2021

Toy trucks are generally seen as the most loved toy for kids of all ages as they bring about the sense of wheels and the road. These toy trucks are desirable due to their swift movement, features as well as the fact that they not only look appealing but carry items along.

However, choosing the best toy truck could be quite confusing for parents, which is why we have accumulated a list of the best 10 toy trucks for your reference that are available in the market.

Top 10 best toy trucks for kids of 2021

1. Bruder 02818 mack granite liebherr crane truck

Bruder 02818 mack granite liebherr crane truck

This is a strong toy truck for kids of all ages, and quite durable. It features high-quality ABS plastic with a break-proof polycarbonate cab door, a sliding panel door, and a swiveling 360-degree crane. However, it does not make any noise and is a great toy truck for both; indoor and outdoor play.


  • Durable
  • Makes no noise
  • Suited for kids from 4 and up


  • Expensive

2. CifToys push and go friction powered truck

CifToys push and go friction powered truck

This truck can be used by kids as little as 18 months and older and is powered by friction. The truck features three trucks (a mixer truck, harvester truck, and a sweeper truck ) in vivid colors, fun style, friction powered. This is a great toy to help the little one understand cause and effect, needs no battery, and is made of ABS plastic.


  • Durable
  • Includes 3 trucks
  • Available in vivid colors


  • Could be small in size

3. Matchbox garbage truck

Matchbox garbage truck

This garbage truck is 15-inch large that allows the kid to load, dump, and roll the waste using a lever, and has an authentic look. It features a working horn, teaches recycling through the little trash included, and lights.


  • Has a little garbage bin
  • Workable lever
  • Includes a horn


  • Not many pick a garbage truck

4. Green toys construction vehicle

Green toys construction vehicle

This toy truck is themed around construction and is made of recycled plastic. It features a scooper, mixing, and dump truck that is designed for an industrial look and use for play. It comes with a little construction worker and dogs, has moving parts, and is available in tons of color in the market for the kids to choose from.


  • Good size for tiny hands
  • Dishwasher washable
  • Includes a construction worker and little dogs


  • Could be too small for older kids

5. PAW Patrol rescue fire truck

PAW Patrol rescue fire truck

Is the kid a Paw Patrol fan? If yes, this truck is exactly what you need. This PAW Patrol rescue truck comes in brilliant red color with multiple fun features that keep the kids busy, entertained, and teaches them about the dangers of fire and ways to eliminate destructive flames.

It features a 2-foot tall extendable ladder, a mini fire cart, water cannon launchers in the front and the back to extinguish fires, a mini fire cart, a lookout cab, and a working claw arm.


  • Themed around PAW Patrol
  • Educational
  • Workable parts
  • Best for kids of 3 and up


  • Requires 2 AAA batteries

6. Tonka toughest mighty dump truck

Tonka toughest mighty dump truck

It is an affordable toy truck that is constructed with sturdy steel to keep the structure maintained. It comes in a bumblebee color, has a moveable dump bed, and long guaranteed life. The Tonka truck features an easy to carry handle on top, extra-large wheels, and a sandbox for kids to play in.


  • Durable
  • Easy to handle
  • Has large wheels


  • Sandbox might turn into a cleaning hassle

7. TOMY John Deere sandbox vehicle

TOMY John Deere sandbox vehicle

This truck comes in a set of two ( a toy dump truck and toy tractor) that could work in the favor of the kids as they can play with friends. It helps build communal and sharing skills. It features a movable dump bed and front loader, 6 inches long, a sandbox, and encourages imaginative play.


  • Comes in a set of two
  • Builds sharing skills


  • Could turn into a repetitive play

8. John Deere 1: 16 big farm chevy 3500 service truck

John Deere 1 16 big farm chevy 3500 service truck

This working truck from John Deere is ready to fix the cable lines! It comes with an extendable ladder, a service box, a removable welder, lubricant pallet, and a tow truck that helps the kids experience the whole working of a service truck. The truck is capable of lifting, carrying, and storing with an authentic and realistic look.


  • Includes 3 AAA batteries for lights and sound
  • Has lights and sounds for a realistic experience
  • Is fully workable


  • A little expensive

9. Monster truck toy

Monster truck toy

This is a three-pack mini monster truck that inspires the little monster truck drivers, has stylish graffiti on the body of the truck and comes with oversized bright colored wheels that prevent collisions. It features a set of 3, 360-degree rotating stunts and body waves.


  • Needs no batteries
  • Suitable for kids from 3 and up
  • Has cool graffiti


  • Expensive


10. AOKESI transport carrier dinosaur truck

AOKESI transport carrier dinosaur truck

This makes a great combination of both; dinosaurs and trucks. The AOKESI truck comes with 6 dinosaurs, 6 mini cars, and a monster truck with compartments to hold all twelve!
It doesn’t need batteries to operate, is black with bright dinosaurs and cars, and includes a handle for easy carry.


  • Combination of dinosaurs and the truck
  • No battery needed
  • Large compartment


  • A little heavy on the pocket

To Conclude:

Toy trucks are fun to play with, have rolling wheels, function, and are educative. All of this makes a toy truck more needed by kids. Irrespective of it being a little expensive compared to the other toys, there are some good trucks with reasonable prices too! So before you choose a toy truck and move ahead to purchase, be assured of smiles and a learning experience for kids of all ages.

FAQs: Top 10 Best Toy Trucks For Kids Of 2021

1. What is the best toy truck out of the list ?

Each toy truck mentioned varies in terms of its structure, design as well as its features. Some kids prefer toys that are noisy and some don’t, depending on the choice of the kid in question, it is recommended to choose a toy truck. However, most trucks here are affordable and educative for the kids.

2. When will my kid stop playing with toy trucks ?

This should be the call of the kid. Some continue to be fascinated by the trucks, while others out-grow from them. There is no specific age group marking the end of their toy truck play. However, the silver lining here is that the truck has a good durability rate and can be passed on to younger siblings or friends.

3. Are toy trucks important ?

Yes, they are. Trucks are utility vehicles that help the world run as required. Giving your kid a toy truck can help them learn of the importance of a truck and build on their fine motor, cognitive, and STEM skills. For instance, The Matchbox garbage truck teaches the kid the importance of recycling.

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