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8 Best Musical Toys For 1-Year-Old Babies In 2024

Table of Contents

best musical toys for 1 year old

Table of Contents

Best musical toys for babies are noticed to be the best pals of most toddlers as it helps the little one develop their fine motor skills, such as listening to the different sounds of the music that could be educational as they begin to recognize the rhythms and beats too. Perhaps, not only now, but the babies are observed to get attracted to listening to music, as early as when they are cuddling around their mama bear’s womb.

Music in itself helps babies or toddlers in language development, creativity, learning, memory, as well as, emotional intelligence. Whereas, these musical toys are also loved by the parents as it encourages the baby and lifts their mood from being cranky and turn therapeutic in nature for premature babies.

Try and learn to incorporate the music for your children during their bedtime to be soothing and comforting, and build a much more interactive experience. Many a time, you will also notice that the toddlers will soon learn the music rhyme and begin to produce their own music too. 

Perhaps, it is essential for you to choose the best musical toys for 1 year old babies or toddlers. Therefore, to make things easier, we have curated this article with our 8 best light and sound toys for babies. Read on to know more!

Top 8 best musical toys for 1 year old babies fine motor skills

Listed below are our top 8 best musical toys to help develop the fine motor skills of the babies in their first year!

1. A trio egg shaker rattle toy

A trio egg shaker rattle toy

Recommended age – 3 months+

These animal egg shakers are known to be perfect in order to introduce them to the growing baby. They also feature bright colors that grab the attention of the baby’s with their fun unique animal noises. These rattle shakers are larger in size with grippy rubber patches that make it easy for the tiny hand’s grip.

Amazon Reviews

This toy is great for a gift. Fun vibrant colors and the sweet fox face are a hit. Easy to store the mallet and it’s fun to pull around as well.

It’s a very new toy so he hasn’t got the hang of it yet, but I think once he does he’ll love it. His dad and I love it! And he loves it when we play it for him. He just has to get the hang of it.

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2. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

Recommended age – 3 months+

This musical instrument allows babies to control their own playlist amongst the classical melodies, lights, and volume control options. The little ones, perhaps, enjoy pressing the buttons by themselves, which allows them to play their favorite classical tune.

Baby Einstein’s, ‘Take along tunes’ features just the perfect size that can easily fit in the toddler’s stroller or the diaper bag.

Amazon Reviews

This is probably my baby’s favorite toy ever. Always calms him down- he loves the lights and music! So much so it was his pure motivation to learn how to crawl by moving it across the room! 10/10!

Bought one for my twin grand babies to share – ha! Should have bought a 2nd one as they both love the colors, lights & music. It’s not loud or obnoxious like a lot of the musical toys in their toy box – just enough to keep them happy without driving mom & dad bonkers!

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3. Hape pound and tap bench musical toy for babies

Hape pound and tap bench musical toy for babies

Recommended age – 12 months to 3 years

Hape and tap bench toy feature is colorful and offers two ways of playing:

one, the older babies can make use of the mallet to pound the balls sliding down through the xylophone,

and two, let them play the xylophone solo. It also helps build the baby’s hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and musical skills.

Amazon Reviews

This was my kid’s favorite toy for many years. I bought it for a friend’s baby and when my kids saw the package, they got excited. They thought I was buying them another one.

I bought this as a gift for a first bday. My kids loved ball hammer toys when they were young. I was hesitant because, usually, I’m not too fond of xylophone toys because they typically sound so bad. This one sounds great! As the balls fall through the holes they ding the music, which is a nice touch. The child can easily remove the xylophone and carry it around. This is one of the favorite toys for the 1 and 2-year-olds I watch!

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4. Oval Xylophone by Plan Toys

Oval Xylophone by Plan Toys

Recommended age – 12 months+

Babies and toddlers of the ages up to 12 months old, would love this Oval Xylophone set as it allows them to hear and produce music while they are playing or rather banging the set ( just like they would with a drum) to make noise/music. Xylophones are the best choice of toys for a 1-year-old baby as it not only helps to stimulate the brain but is a classic music toy that features bright colors on the wooden keys, each producing different tunes when struck by a mallet.

Adding on, it also promotes the child’s understanding of cause-and-effect and helps enhance and grow their motor skills practice, while the little hands are busy on this colorful instrumental musical toy.

Amazon Reviews

Really well made and sturdy wood toy, however not really in “tune” and the notes are all over the place. Still, it’s fine for this age and we will upgrade to a more actual musically in-tune version when he’s older.

Thanks! after so many years, these kids we got this for are still playing with this toy especially when new kid friends come over to play and they may be a little younger than them. I think kids just like noise making toys at a certain age.

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5. Avocado farmstand guitar - light and sound toys for babies

Avocado farmstand guitar - light and sound toys for babies

Recommended age – 6 months+

Gift your baby this best musical toy and get ready for them to guacamole with some avocados! This avocado guitar toy features to be the perfect fit for the little guitarist with three light and sound buttons along with a perfect pick for strumming with six songs and guitar riffs.

Amazon Reviews

So soft and cute. Good texture for baby to feel also. But since it’s a mostly fabric toy I wouldn’t recommend for teething babies 🙂

Baby loves it. The one I received does not have velcro for closure, but I saw other people’s pictures with a velcro. Maybe Skip Hop changed its design. The rattle is not too loud and annoying. It’s super cute, baby can play with it all day.

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6. Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Recommended age – 0 months+

Munchkin’s magic light-up ball features 5 in-built instruments that can be easily activated when the younger kids touch them, also with a common button that brings in the full orchestra together. The sing-along magic cube also has about 8 compositions that are inbuilt in the Mozart cube, so when the baby is not in a mood for any activity then can choose to play when bored, while taking charge of the volume control as and when the song plays.

Amazon Reviews

My son loves this toy. He plays with it everyday. The music is pleasant, so it doesn’t drive me crazy… and even if it did I wouldn’t mind because my son loves it. Only thing is the sturdiness needs work because my son was able to break one of the pieces off.

baby has been using this since about 1 year old. Loves it! pushes the buttons for hours and dances and dances. will push two or more of the “instrument” buttons at the same time and the play together in sinc. i highly recommend this.

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7. Baby Einstein Music Activity Table

Baby Einstein Music Activity Table

Recommended age – 6 months+

An activity table is the most loved toy for your child as it allows them to move-along and also helps them explore basic concepts such as letters, numbers, colors, sounds, and songs. However, this activity table in itself is designed especially as a musical toy to teach the babies music with its various musical instrument choices, such as a mini keyboard, a guitar, a french horn, and drums. Adding on, it also includes three languages ( English, Spanish and French) that help the baby develop their language skills when the related mode is selected!

Amazon Reviews

The product was as advertised. It was mailed quickly and without delay. Would recommend the seller to anyone.

Bought this as a gift for my great-grandson and he LOVES playing the music and watching the lights that are activated when he presses the “keys”! Another great product from Baby Einstein!

For more product reviews visit Amazon

8. Mirari Pop! Pop! Piano

Mirari Pop! Pop! Piano

Recommended age – 11 months+

Play monsters, Mirari Pop! Pop! Piano helps the toddler to learn the sounds and helps enhance their sensory skills that the kids would love. It features a colorful star that launches in the air at every note, comes with a clear plastic cover, and is durable.

The babies and toddlers would love the brilliant color and sound that this piano presents and further enhances their understanding of cause-and-effect and sensory stimulation. Adding on, with the flip of a switch, the little one can easily switch between the two modes, which is, from silly to classic piano sounds.

Amazon Reviews

This toy is one of the few that has kept baby entertained for more than just a week! This is a hit for ages 4 months to 4 years old – from tummy time with the keys to getting the balls into the correct colored tube, or even playing a simplified musical scale.

Bright colors. Fun on/ off button, which was a game in itself for a 6 month old. It has piano notes and silly noises function. Parents can even play simple songs. Although, I wish it had volume control, it’s not too loud, especially on a rug. It has fun popping balls to play at color matching with the tubes— which I know will be another feature baby can grow into closer to the 3-4 year old range. Well made, baby bangs on it with blocks and dropped it from tables several times. Battery life is reasonably long lasting, several months with every day play — yes EVERY DAY.

This thing is so cool! I accidentally found it when looking for a ball popper toy like my oldest kids used to enjoy.

Two settings: piano or silly sounds. On/off button that baby can easily press. No volume control but it’s not an overly loud toy! The balls pop up when you press a piano key. Baby loves it. My older kids (and the adults in the home) all love to try to pop all the balls back into their color coordinated tube after baby mixes them up. Literally, every adult and every child of every age that has visited us has been entertained by popping the balls back into the correct color. BUY THIS TOY FOR YOUR BABY!

For more product reviews visit Amazon

To Conclude: Choosing musical toys for babies!

Picking the top instrumental sets for babies could turn out to be an endless hunt for parents to buy, as these are available across different varieties, designs, sizes, and shapes. Nonetheless, the quality and development rate for the kids via these options are not completely on a high scale. Therefore, the options mentioned in the above list are carefully selected by Parenthoodbliss for the kids, to love and also be educational for their motor skill development.

Do not forget to look for the other toy options for a baby girl and a baby boy of a 1-year-old toy. Let us know in the comments section if you and your little star liked our picks!

FAQs: Musical Toys For 1-Year-Old Babies

1) What are the other toy options for a 12 months old baby ?

Here are a few toy options that a 12-month-year-old baby can play with:
  • A stacking toy
  • Pull toys
  • Walking toys
  • Dolls
  • Play vehicle
  • Baby books
  • Puzzles ( make sure they are not too much or they could be a choking hazard)

  • 2) Why are instrumental playsets good to play with ?

  • They help relieve stress
  • Help grow patience and perseverance
  • Builds a sense of musical likeness
  • Encourages creativity
  • Helps strengthen the immune system
  • Teaches time-management skills
  • Grows the memory capability

  • 3) How must one entertain a one year younger baby ?

    Here are a few ways that can help keep your one-year-old baby entertained:
  • Use recycled cups to play 'hit the tower'
  • Ball pit game
  • A fabric scraps game
  • Play peek-a-boo
  • The tickling game
  • Try to encourage them to roll things down a ramp
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