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15 Best Outlet Covers for Baby

Table of Contents

best outlet covers for baby

Table of Contents

Watching your little one take their first steps brings you as much responsibility as joy. Even though it is a treat to the eyes to see your baby walk around the house, keeping them safe seems like a challenge. The first thing you need to do when your little one is on the move is baby-proofing the house. One of the things to do to keep your adventure-seeking baby safe is to close the electric outlets within their reach. We’ll tell you exactly what you need – the best outlet covers for baby!

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What Is An Electrical Outlet Cover?

An electrical outlet cover is a plastic cover that goes over the domestic power outlet, which is also known as a power outlet cover or outlet cover. A power outlet cover will block any access to the wall socket which then prevents your little ones from sticking their fingers into it (which is something they like to do!). Babies find the openings or holes in the outlets in the power outlets very interesting. While walking or crawling, a curious toddler might put their fingers in the socket that they can reach, which can be dangerous for the baby. Hence, why covering the electrical outlets should be on top of your list. Moreover, there are different types of electrical outlet covers for baby, you have to choose one depending on the type of electrical outlets present in your home.

What Are The Different Types Of Power Outlet Covers?

There are four types of outlet covers:

1. Outlet plug cover:

An outlet plug cover is a cap that fits into the outlet. The plastic cap has pins on them that hold the socket and keeps the cap in its place. If you are looking for the most economical option which you can buy in bulk, you should go for these plastic outlet covers.

2. Box covers:

These box-shaped covers go over the power outlets where the appliance has been plugged on to. Usually, they are made out of transparent plastic so that you can see the plugs inside. It has a groove that allows the passage of the wire. If you go for a box cover, you need to replace the existing outlet’s faceplate with the one provided by the box cover manufacturer.

3. Sliding cover:

In a sliding cover, the faceplate comes with an external port cover that slides to hide the outlet holes. While inserting the plug to reveal the outlet, you can simply push the plate to the side. When not in use, this design lets you keep the outlet covered.

4. Outlet cover panel:

The panel will cover the entire electrical outlet. You can either screw them to the wall or attach them to the outlet socket. These covers are ideal for covering outlets that are used less frequently and those not used anymore.

Considering that there are different types of outlet covers to choose from, here are some tips to pick the right one for your home.

How To Choose The Best Outlet Covers For Baby?

While selecting outlet covers, keep the following points in mind:

Check if it’s the right fit:

Before buying one, check to see if the cover fits over the power outlets in your home correctly. Make sure that the cover is not so loose that the baby can remove it easily. For more info about compatibility, you can simply refer to the guidelines of both the outlet and outlet cover manufacturer.

See if it works for your little one:

Using an outlet cap might not be suitable for older toddlers who can remove it easily. As a result, you need to pick an outlet cover that can stop your baby from fiddling with it.

Make sure it does not interfere with the wiring:

You should avoid outlet covers which might need extensive changes in the internal wiring and the socket. Why would you want to spend money on something that will complicate the wiring and design further?

15 Best Outlet Covers For Baby Proof

Best Outlet Plug Covers

1. Jool Baby Products Outlet Plug Covers: Best Outlet Covers For Baby

Jool Baby Products Outlet Plug Covers


  • The caps of this outlet are made out of transparent material and it doesn’t disturb the aesthetics of the wall much.
  • Without the use of tools, parents can easily install the cover by simply inserting it into the outlet.
  • Once you are done with them, you can remove them by hand or a non-metal tool.
  • Within each pack, you’ll find 32 outlet covers.

2. Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs: Best Outlet Covers For Baby

Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs


  • This a simple and easy-to-use design. You just need to place the plugs into the outlet and voila it’s done!
  • It cannot be removed by tiny hands as the plugs snugly fit into the outlet.
  • Once you are done, you can remove them by placing your fingernail on the edge of the plug and pulling it out or you can also use a non-metallic tool to pry out the plug.
  • This outlet can fit all two and three-prong and you can get it in a pack of 36 and 144 pieces.

3. Wappa Baby Outlet Covers: Best Outlet Covers For Baby

Wappa Baby Outlet Covers


  • Due to the circular outlet cover design, it stays firmly in the outlet. Your little ones won’t be able to remove them even if they pull hard at them.
  • It is made out of high-quality, unbreakable ABS plastic, which comes with electric insulation properties.
  • Within each pack, you’ll find 50 covers. Additionally, the manufacturer provides a 90-day return window in case of dissatisfaction with the product.

4. LeftPro Outlet Plug Covers: Best Outlet Covers For Baby

LeftPro Outlet Plug Covers


  • This outlet has a simple durable design. You’ll need a few seconds to install the cover into the power outlet.
  • The thick cap covers the holes of the outlet entirely which will make your baby less curious or interested in the outlet.
  • With each pack, you’ll find 60 outlet covers.

5. Munchkin Baby Proofing Outlet Plug Covers: Best Outlet Covers For Baby

Munchkin Baby Proofing Outlet Plug Covers


  • The smooth semi-spherical design blends into the outlet neatly and perfectly.
  • The shape of the outlet cover gives it a smooth exterior, so your baby does not have an adequate grip to remove it.
  • Within each pack, you’ll find 36 or 72 covers.

6. Dreambaby Outlet Plugs: Best Outlet Covers For Baby

Dreambaby Outlet Plugs


  • As the cover is cut in the shape of the outlet, it does not extend much on the faceplate and covers only the area of the socket.
  • The design conceals the cover completely.
  • Within each pack, you’ll find 24 pieces.

7. Safety 1st Secure Press Plug Protectors: Best Outlet Covers For Baby

Safety 1st Secure Press Plug Protectors


  • This plug protector slides into the outlet cover quite easily. If you want to plug your appliance in, just press the button on the top and the cover will pop out exposing the outlet to the plugin.
  • Due to the pop-out design, your fingernails are not damaged when you try to remove the cover by its rim.
  • You can either choose a pack of 36 or 72.

8. Balfer Baby Proofing Electrical Outlet Plug Covers: Best Outlet Covers For Baby

Balfer Baby Proofing Electrical Outlet Plug Covers


  • This plug cover comes with a unique design of key and lock. Once you slide the cover on the electrical outlet, simply use a plastic key to pull it out again.
  • Once you are done with them, you can use the key to remove them easily. You don’t need any other tool to pry open the cover.
  • Within one pack, you’ll get 24 covers and four keys.

9. LectraLock Duplex Style Outlet Cover: Best Outlet Covers For Baby

LectraLock Duplex Style Outlet Cover


  • In this design, the back panel of the box will replace the faceplate of the outlet. Meanwhile, the external box-shaped cover will sit over it to prevent access to the socket or the plugs.
  • The box has grooves on the side which allows the wires to pass through, plus the box is made out of plastic which is transparent and impact resistant.
  • Only adults will be able to remove the cover.

10. Safety Innovations Twin Door Outlet Box: Best Outlet Covers For Baby

Safety Innovations Twin Door Outlet Box


  • In this design, the back panel of the box replaces the faceplate of the power outlet and it fits the panel of the outlet.
  • This box cover comes with two doors which cover the plugs and the outlet cover. Plus, the box has a groove at the bottom for the wire to pass through.
  • You can simply press the button on the top and bottom of the box to open the doors.

11. Dreambaby Dual Fit Plug And Electrical Outlet Cover: Best Outlet Covers For Baby

Dreambaby Dual Fit Plug And Electrical Outlet Cover


  • The main faceplate of the electrical outlet cover will be replaced by the rear panel. You can then anchor the box to the back panel.
  • You will need to press the two latches on either side of the box simultaneously to release the cover, which will prevent a baby or a toddler from accessing it.
  • Within each pack, you’ll get 4 covers.

Best Sliding Covers

12. Safety Innovations Self-Closing Outlet Covers: Best Outlet Covers For Baby

Safety Innovations Self-Closing Outlet Covers


  • This design will replace the existing faceplate of the outlet cover and the sliders will keep the outlet blocked from the baby unless a parent needs to use it.
  • Depending on the power outlet you have at home, you can choose the single-screw or two-screw cover.
  • Within one pack, you’ll find 6 covers and it is available in 3 colors.

13. ModaBebis Universal Self-Closing Electrical Outlet Covers: Best Outlet Covers For Baby

ModaBebis Universal Self Closing Electrical Outlet Covers Parenthoodbliss


  • The existing faceplate of your power outlet will be replaced and a sliding cover will keep the outlet shut. When you need to use it, simply put the plug into the cover and slide it right to get it into the socket.
  • This design blocks access to the outlet entirely because this slider-style cover stays closed unless you push it open while inserting a plug.
  • This cover is made out of durable, BPA-free, ABS plastic which makes it resistant to fire.
  • You can purchase the outlet cover in a pack of 2, 4, 6, or 8.

Best Outlet Cover Panel

14. CoverPlug Outlet Cover: Best Outlet Covers For Baby

CoverPlug Outlet Cover


  • This design consists of two prongs at the back which will fit into the ground to open the outlet and you don’t need any screws or tools for installation.
  • They fit snugly into the outlet which prevents them from falling off.
  • Seeing that the exterior of the panel is paintable, you can match it with your wall.

15. HowPlumb Blank Wall Switch Plate Outlet Cover: Best Outlet Covers For Baby

HowPlumb Blank Wall Switch Plate Outlet Cover


  • Pick this outlet cover panel, if you do not wish to compromise the aesthetics of your house because it is made out of wood.
  • To give a stylish look to the cover, there’s a ridged edge with a groove pattern on the top.
  • The material is durable and functional. Plus, the manufacturer will ship it with color-matching screws.

Final Conclusion

When you’re trying to eliminate the risks that power outlets pose, nothing works better than a well-fitting outlet cover for baby proof. We would recommend you buy one or more of these to keep your baby safe. To create a safe and protected environment for your little one, consider purchasing gates for stairs and doorways. When the baby crawls and walks to explore every nook and corner of the house, you will have one less thing to worry about.

Best Outlet Covers For Baby FAQs

1) Do outlets draw power when not in use?

No, plug sockets do not produce energy unless they are switched on. Also, empty sockets do not produce electricity seeing that you need a full-completed circuit to get the energy flowing.

2) Are outlet covers necessary?

Well, accidents due to electrocution are extremely unlikely for anyone, especially children. Moreover, it is better to install outlet covers to avoid accidental electrocution.

3) Are outlet covers a choking hazard?

A good adjustable or reclining chair will offer enough support to allow you to stand up easily after nursing without disturbing your little one. They make nursing a little comfort too.To avoid any problems, use outlet covers with horizontally sliding doors. As they're easier for parents to use and you don’t need to remove them. Finally, they pose no choking danger.

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