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5 Best Baby Gates For Stairs

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Baby gates are of two types; one that you use for doorways and one that you use on staircases. For the obvious fact that there is this fine differentiation of categories, you need to ensure that you don’t use baby gates for stairs on the doorways and vice versa. Stairs are an extremely difficult and dangerous location for a baby to be at and hence, a least for the stairs, it is important that you pick only the very best baby gates.

There are a huge selection and variety of  best baby gates for stairs out there on the web and we have come narrowed down to the five best baby gates for stairs in this post. The focus has been to only pick the gates that confirm a couple of criterias. This blog has chosen best baby gates for stairs that-

  • Do not have a step over the bar as a step over bar can cause the risk of tripping from the top of the staircase
  • Can be attached to staircases of multiple configurations
  • Do not automatically swing shut as that poses the risk of hurting your baby by unsolicited swinging
  • Are easy to install and use

So let us get started! Here are the top recommended, best baby gates for stairs to pick from-

1. Toddleroo by North States Baby Gate with door

One of the best baby gates for stairs out there, the Toddleroo could be a great choice for a variety of reasons. First things first, the gate can be opened with one hand, does not swing by default, is highly adjustable and can be adjusted from 29″ to 48″ width, measures 31” in height which is a great height for babies and it is made in an exceptionally durable construction. As for installation, the manufacturer advises installing the baby gate using hardware installation however, the manual instruction very clearly defines the installation procedure and would not take more than 20 minutes for you to install it with the right set of equipment.  The one-hand locking mechanism of the gate lets you grab the gate with one hand and push down on a button for instant locking. The gate also opens and shuts freely, is not springloaded, and hence, is really safe for use at the top of the stairs. The gate also is really wide when swung to the maximum which nullifies the possibility of limited movements of adults through the gate. Priced at about 50$, the  Toddleroo baby gate could be one of your best investments for the baby!

2. Evenflo Easy Walk Thru Top of beat baby Gate for stairs

Also at a very good height that is safe for babies, this gate stands at 30” and if mounted 2-3” off the floor, it will easily stand at 33”. Standing up to our criteria, this baby gate has no step-up bottom rail and it can expand 29”-42” in width. While these two features are similar to Todleroo, what this baby gate lacks and Todleroo features is the fact that the Evenflo baby gate cannot be opened in various angles. The baby gate can be installed using two screw-mounts of each side and can be mounted on most surfaces including wood and drywall. The gate mounts in either, left or right, directions, and can be swung open either way. This baby gate also comes included with a removable swing-top bar that can be attached to avoid the gate from swinging out over the steps. Another exciting feature for adults is that the locking mechanism of the gate is rather easy and it also has a red/green indicator that tells you if the gate is locked or not. The gate can be opened with one adult hand and also, it should be known, that if your opening is wider than 42”, the gate might not be a great choice as there are no extensions available. Also priced at about 50$, this baby gate sure is a steal deal!

3. Summer Infant Deluxe Stairway Simple to Secure Wood Gate

Designed and engineered for both, at the top or the bottom of stairs, this baby gate is rather extraordinary in terms of quality, safety, and usability. Made in a classic wooden look and style and looks, this baby gate does require equal efforts for installation as most other baby gates. For the purpose of installation, you need to make sure that you have a good anchoring at the installation location, though some little anchors are included in the box but are not as sturdy as they should be. This baby gate can easily be installed for openings as wide as 48” and as narrow as 30”, beating the other two previously listed baby gates in the list. Perfect in height, it measures 32” tall and while it is recommended for top of stairs, it would be fair to say, this baby gate is also safe for mounting at doorways. This is so because the upper and lower unidirectional swing-stoppers of the gate are removable which makes it customizable.
Made in sturdy construction, this gate can be opened with one adult hand and features a safe-to-use hook latch closure. Though safe, the hook latch closure means it cannot be swing shut which can be a little off-putting for some parents.

Also important to be noted here is the fact that though the delivered piece is of classy looks, the color of the actually delivered product is not the same as what you see on the screen; the wood is of a lighter shade than that of pictures. Besides, the included wall mounting kit is not very user-friendly and the kit does not include any arrangements for attaching the gate to the banister without screwing into it. All said and done, at 40$ price range, undeniably, this baby gate cannot not be recommended for your little one!

4. Kidco Safeway Baby Gate for Stairs

With really high ratings and parents raving about it on the internet, the Kidco Safeway baby gate, though definitely is one of the best all-rounder baby gates, is rather difficult to source and is almost always unavailable. A reliable and sturdy baby gate, this one also has no step over the bar along the bottom edge, can be attached to railing posts as well as walls, and works on a single-handed operation. This baby gate prevents itself from swinging out over the stairs due to its one-direction swing/hinge mechanism and it does not automatically swing shut.
Available in black and white colors, this baby gate is not as difficult to install however, what makes it somewhat tedious is the fact that the included screws are not of the best optimal length and neither do they have a stronghold.

If you are someone who does not particularly mind drilling holes, look no beyond and purchase this baby gate for stairs right away! Compatible with opening as wide from 28″ to 43.5″ wide, the gate offers a convenient locking mechanism which is very similar to that of Toddlerdoo gate. All in all, there hardly are any cons to point for the gate, it is super easy, it swings wide and free, it closes at a gentle push, and comes at a price range of about 60$.

5. Regalo 2-in-1 Stairway and Hallway Wall Mounted Baby Gate

Apart from confirming the criteria listed earlier, this gate also has some really impressive add-on features. The one unique feature that has this baby gate for stairs stand out of the list is the fact that it requires no drilling or screws for installation; it uses velcro straps instead. This gate can be opened with one hand, be closed with one hand, and does not swing shut. For another excellent feature – its railing comes with hardware that lets you attach it to two railings (one on each side), two walls (one on each side), or a wall on one side and railing on the other. A rather long-lasting gate, this baby gate for stairs is made in some really sturdy construction and it swings in both the directions and can be used on openings from 26″ to 42″ wide.

For a note-worthy downside, however, is the fact that some curious babies can very well rip open the velcro which could create some serious trouble and hazard and this should be kept in mind. But for everything else, at about 60$ range, this gate is really one of the best out there!

Closing Thoughts-

Baby gates are meant to provide a safe and secure environment for your toddler. As a responsible parent, do not ignore the seriousness of hazards that can take place by not having a baby gate on your stairs. Apart from the risks of tripping and hurting, baby gates can also be great for a household with pets as it can act as a barrier between the pet and the new-born. Never go for a baby gate only because it looks good or is cheap in price, research, educate yourself, and then choose whatever suits your needs and your household needs the best. For re-iteration, do not use a baby gate for doorways on the stairs if you really want to keep your baby safe.

Besides, we cannot ever emphasize this enough, for everything else you need help with and more – Parenthood bliss is always a query away!

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