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Top 15 Best LEGO Duplo Sets For Toddlers Of 2024

Table of Contents

Best LEGO Duplo Sets

Table of Contents

As your toddler grows, there is a pretty high chance that your toddler might like the best LEGO Duplo sets more first than the LEGO set in particular. This is because these LEGO for toddlers sets come in a bright range of colors with big bricks, which are about twice as much as the size of a normal LEGO set, and additionally are super safe in the hands of the little one, preventing any choking hazard.

Perhaps, if your baby is a year old, the best LEGO Duplo sets collection might just be what you need, as these LEGO bricks help develop the little one’s motor skills, number skills, and creativity, and also provide entertainment to the children.

However, the only confusing part here for parents is –  they at times fail to decipher amongst the many piece set options that are available in the market. Therefore, to help you with that, we at Parenthood bliss have curated a list below consisting of our top 15 picks of a LEGO Duplo sets collection for the kids to play with.

Top 15 best Duplo LEGO sets to choose from!

Here are the best LEGO Duplo sets to pick for your toddler’s imaginative play:

This LEGO set offers the toddlers a buildable airport collection that includes 3 figures:

  • dad,
  • child,
  • and a pilot of course

 The airport set helps build the little one’s imagination whilst placing and putting together a boarding gate, luggage slide, suitcase checking into the airport design.

If you are taking your kids for a playdate to the park or are planning a family vacation, you now know what to pack along!

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I don’t think you can go wrong with this great diploma set. I purchased this as a gift for my friends son and it was his favorite present. It’s a great set for your child to work on their building skills and also use their imagination. I would suggest this for any child with interest in planes or transportation vehicles. As always this is a great quality and I don’t think you will be disappointed if you buy it.

This farm Duplo set is the perfect LEGO for toddlers to help recreate their favorite Old McDonald’s farmhouse via the instructions mentioned along with the little calf, pig, cat, and chicken. It also features an easy-to-build chicken coop with a workable door and window, allowing the toddler to move the animals in and out.

The set includes a 5-brick construction with a to-the-point and easy design that encourages the little builders to master the basic construction skills, to also learn to vocalize the animal voices using the animal figures, and also help build the major developmental milestones including hand-eye coordination.

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This was the perfect gift for two-yr-old granddaughter. Her first LEGO set: colorful pieces just the right size for little fingers to manipulate. Encourages hand/eye coordination and task completion; promotes “fun” learning!

If you have been trying to introduce the young toddler to the world of numbers and counting, these best LEGO Duplo sets are what you need!

This number train LEGO set features big chunky number blocks that help the younger kids to recognize the numbers along with their endless building combinations, keeping them entertained. The set includes big colorful blocks with numbers in them, allowing the kids to start building the toy, nonetheless, if you happen to lose a piece, it can be easily replaced too!

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Legos are by far one of the best toys a kid could ever have. And this set is the perfect way to start playing with legos. The square blocks are the perfect ones to get introduced to. They are good to hold for those tiny hands and really easy to build and rebuild again and again. Once a child figures out and gets hold of how the legos work, its a plain sailing after that.

This fun puzzle features 5 bright animals that can be clicked together to form a 3-piece puzzle for the little builders. Also, this puzzle designed for the kids allows them to create their own quirky creatures by mismatching the big bricks and high-stacking the animals.

( Know more about stacking toys)

However, while the baby learns to correctly identify and match the animals,  it also helps them learn colors, encourages imaginative play, becomes creative thinkers, and improves hand-eye coordination.

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Absolutely perfect for two-year-olds. It is the first of their many puzzles my two-year-old twin granddaughters ever played with in a meaningful way. One carefully stacked the animal parts in the correct order, one had fun making mixed-up animals. Pieces are large enough not to be lost, and cleanup is easy.

These fire station LEGO Duplo sets feature a working light and siren sound effect, 2 figures, and a friendly fire station dog. The most attractive element that the kids happen to like is that they can pretend to put out the campfire with a hose and the fire hydrant. To further stimulate their imagination, kids can also place the firefighters inside the truck while switching the flashlight and siren.

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This set is amazing! Very cute and so much to do/build! I enjoyed building it myself once my 4 year old was done playing. Great quality…as all Duplo sets are, and easy to assemble. Happy with this purchase!

These LEGO sets feature four different colored vehicles with matching bricks that allow the toddler to create a helicopter, taxi, trash truck, and fire engine. This helps develop their fine motor skills, inspires their imaginations, and is the classic invention of cars.

The car creation set is known for its versatility and durability and also encourages the kids to build on their social skills too.

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purchased for 2 1/2 yr old but our 7 yr old grandson put the cars together first then showed his sister. He really had fun with it. We keep only duplos for play until the littlest one is past the “put things in mouth” stage. And thought the older ones might object. When Duplos offer this much play-ability, no one minds at all!

It features pieces that come across as friendly zoo animals and the set comes with 4 very cheerful-looking buildable characters, that is,

  • a lion,
  • panda,
  • monkey,
  • and an elephant.

Adding on, you will also be introduced to a seesaw that allows the toddler to place the figures and build on their imaginative play and language skills along with the furry friends, or make use of the brick pieces to keep the animals well balanced.

Amazon Reviews

These are so cute, easy for a little one to handle and no small parts that you have to worry about them putting in their mouths. Duplo is so good for their fine motor skills development too and a good introduction to a Lego mad family like mine!


Your 18 months old toddler will love the steam train’s sound effects, lights, and also helps them learn about the cause and effect idea. The set includes 5 action bricks that help build the train track that also triggers different motion, such as the changing direction and the sound of the horn.

It also has an option to download an app in order to unlock the steam trains’ nifty tricks including the remote-control function and also comes along with a few additional tracks just in case.

Amazon Reviews

This train is perfect for a toddler. I bought this for my two year old grandson and he loves it! It was easy to set up and, of course, I had bought the two extension sets so he had plenty of track to run the train. It lights up, blows its horn, stops and starts pending on how you place the tracks. It’s made by Lego so it’s durable; hopefully it will last a long time. There’s also an app that can be used to operate the train. Definitely a winner!

The pizzeria is a small role play-centered LEGO Duplo toy that features decorated story bricks to help in the building process. It encourages kids of younger ages to role-play with ice cream, tomatoes, cheese, pepper, pizzas, and money.

It also includes a DUPLO mobile phone to take orders, allowing the little ones to lift the oven door in order to prepare the pizzas, pop them in the delivery bike, and deliver.

Amazon Reviews

Very good set, bought for a 2 year old, found myself sitting and playing with it as well, very sweet details, cellphone is a bit too big but cute either way. My friend came with her 4 year old and the kid loved it so much, she is buying it for her birthday gift.


This LEGO Duplo all-in-one set is useful for kids across all ages and the toy also helps improve the fine motor skills of the little one for the development of the essential milestones for buildings and creating.

The box includes a variety of building bricks, a figure, a dog, and a set of wheels with many picture story bricks and numbers.

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This was the only toys I bought while pregnant. I’m not a fan of those plastic garbage toys that will be thrown out in a matter of time. Lovevery wooden toys feel way overpriced. This set was perfect in quality and creativity. My baby started to stare at them from birth. I used these to do tummy time and everything. At about 2 year old, my baby can finally stack them successfully without help and started to play with them daily. However, the current price over $70 is too much for this set. Definitely wait for a sale. I paid for about half of this. Inflation is horrible in the past two years.

Inspire limitless creativity by presenting the Duplo Legos “starter pack,” a set of 65 classic bricks featuring essential building elements like windows, wheels, and numbered bricks. Tailored for ages 1.5 and above, this versatile gift is packaged in a convenient storage box with a lid, making it an ideal choice for both children and adults who value organized and imaginative play. Unleash the power of creativity with this Duplo Legos set that caters to a wide age range and ensures a neatly organized and engaging play experience.

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Love! Love! Love! I bought this set for my 2 year old daughter for her birthday. She loves it and it has kept her very engaged. The colors are vibrant and pieces are adequate as a starter set..I also love the plastic container it came in. Will definitely be buying more.

Hop aboard the Lego Duplo “My First Number” train for a delightful and educational journey in numbers. This set, designed for kids aged 1.5 years and above, introduces counting up to 10 through interactive play with a push train toy. Children can load the numbered bricks into the train in sequence or mix and match for creative learning, fostering a hands-on approach to numerical skills. With 23 pieces in total, including numbered bricks, toy people, and a dog, this set offers a colorful and engaging way for young learners to explore the world of numbers.

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I bought this Duplo Lego train set for when my 18 month old grandson comes over. He loves it! It’s the first thing he goes to as soon as he comes into the house. Duplo Lego’s and regular Legos are totally worth the investment. My children played with them when growing up.

For toddlers seeking a more engaging Duplo train experience, this 105-piece set offers an abundance of additional features. Fueled by a “push and go” motor, a gentle push sets the train in motion. The interactive elements, including a real horn and working lights (batteries required), ensure continuous entertainment. Compatible with other Duplo tracks and train sets, this set allows for versatile configurations. To extend the fun, adults can enhance the play by downloading the accompanying Lego app, transforming into a remote control for the train.

Amazon Reviews

My son bought this with his own birthday money over two years ago. He and his younger siblings still take it out and play with it after all of this time. It’s a great set and we’ve purchased 2-3 of the smaller add ons with additional vehicles that have really added to the fun. The kids also love controlling the trains with the app that was available on their Kindles. We haven’t had a single piece break after all of this time.

Aspiring construction enthusiasts can dive into the world of excavation and digging with this construction vehicle toy set. The push-along truck features functional dumping action, while the digger rotates for added realism. A highlight of the set is the boulder that can “crack” open with a simple touch. Joining the fun are two construction workers ready to lend a hand in the construction adventures.

Amazon Reviews

Our nephew loves to play with this set. He is two years old and still brings it to an adult when he need help re-assembling things. My one criticism is that the blue mounting plate used for swiveling does not have a very strong connection for the swiveling component. It swivels yes but the component will easily fall off when for example the assembly is being pushed around. Pretty frustrating for our nephew

Say goodbye to jet lag hassles while on the go with the Duplo Town Airport set. Young travelers can pack their bags and construct key elements like the boarding gate, luggage slide, and rotating air traffic control tower. A unique touch is building their own plane, so it’s wise to double-check their craftsmanship before taking off. This set includes three Duplo figures, adding an extra dimension of air-travel excitement to the adventure.

Amazon Reviews

I don’t think you can go wrong with this great diploma set. I purchased this as a gift for my friends son and it was his favorite present. It’s a great set for your child to work on their building skills and also use their imagination. I would suggest this for any child with interest in planes or transportation vehicles. As always this is a great quality and I don’t think you will be disappointed if you buy it.

Best LEGO Duplo Sets: Conclusion

To buy the perfect LEGO Duplo set, you must make sure to choose one that helps build your toddler’s motor skills. Listed above are our best picks for you to refer, research, and purchase!

Best LEGO Duplo Sets FAQs

1) What LEGO sets are coming out in 2024 ?

Listed below are a few LEGO sets that are coming out in 2024:
  • Lego Disney Cinderella's Royal Carriage
  • Lego Star Wars Skywalker's X-Wing Fighter
  • Lego Dots Holder Secret
  • Lego Friends Andrea's Family House
  • Lego Marvel Spider-Man Monster Truck
  • Lego Ninjago Legacy Boulder Blaster
  • 2) Why are LEGO sets important ?

    As the original Danish word for LEGO, “play well,” these LEGO sets are quite simple yet help encourage the toddlers and kids to build and create new things from the set. The set continues to provide the kids with ideas to help build for more years to come as they top almost every age group's play-list.

    3) What age is Duplo suitable for ?

    A LEGO Duplo is specially designed for kids from the age of one and a half years of age to five years olds. However, in the initial stages, it is recommended for parents to supervise the kids in order to prevent any choking hazards.

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