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Top 11 Best Kids Picnic Table Of 2024

Table of Contents

best kids picnic table

Table of Contents

Kids need their own space to recreate and make their own fun memories. They needn’t have adults swarming around them all the time but also you can’t leave kids unsupervised. Cute, small tables for your kids would be the right choice in this situation. Who knows they might now spend their time outdoors rather than being glued to electronics?

The best picnic table for kids should be compact and easy to maintain as kids tend to make a lot of mess wherever they go. Here are a few of the best kids picnic table that are super affordable and easy to maintain.

Best Kids Picnic Table Plus Outdoor Table

1. Lifetime 280094 Kid's Picnic Table

Lifetime 280094 Kid's Picnic Table

A 32.5-inch table is an optimum choice for kids for their leisure time. The Lifetime tables for kids come with rounded edges and a waterproof design. These tables are made of polyethylene of high density that makes them resistant to impact on its corners, ultra-strong, and highly durable. It can seat 4 children comfortably at a time which will help free up space at the adult table.

This table is one solid piece of furniture that has tables attached to it at its base. This layout allows the table to be folded and stored in a safe place when not in use. Both the table and the bench have ultraviolet protection and are stain-resistant. Thus, they are super easy to clean.

The powder coating and the strong polyethylene layer on this table ensure that they do not crack, peel, or chip making it highly durable. The company provides you with a limited warranty for this product. It comes coated in a nice almond color that will blend in with your garden seamlessly.

2. Polywood Outdoor Furniture Kid Picnic Table

Polywood Outdoor Furniture Kid Picnic Table

Polywood Outdoor tables are the eco-friendly and highly durable tables in this list. This table is made out of wood and painted green to make it blend into nature. Wood makes it earth-friendly and long-lasting.

The few setbacks with this table are that it had gaps in between the wooden planks. These gaps could have crumbs stuck in them and they are difficult to clean. Also, these tables are not foldable nor can they hold an umbrella. However, they are super low maintenance and are coated with UV-stabilised paints that prevent them from stripping off the table.

Any steel used in these tables is nylon coated and stainless. The wood from nature will never rust, nor chip, saving your money in the long run. You only need to wash it down with some soap and water and you have your table brand new again. Oh, and it’s big enough to seat four kids.

Best Kids Picnic Table with Umbrella

3. 3-in-1 Outdoor Picnic Table with Umbrella

3-in-1 Outdoor Picnic Table with Umbrella

The “Best Choice Products Kids 3-in-1 Outdoor Picnic Table” is a multi-purpose table that will keep your kids engaged without any hassle. This table is not only a picnic table but also a play table. How? Simply lift off the three boards in the middle of the table to reveal two hidden buckets that you can fill with your kids’ favorite toys.

You can also fill it up with either water or sand and you have your own creative play table. When all play’s done and you are ready for some other activity like art and crafts or for eating then you can simply place the three boards back and your picnic table is ready. Also, the board in the middle has a hole in it to fit an umbrella when it’s sunny or drizzling. With durable wood and built-in seats, these tables can seat 4 children at a time between the ages of 3 and 7 years.

The final amazing feature of these tables is that they can hold more weight than the other tables mentioned in this list. It comes with a 220 pounds capacity. If you want or when needed, you can treat the wood to prolong its lifespan but otherwise, it’s one perfect table for your kids.

Best Plastic Picnic Tables for Kids

4. Lifetime 60229 Kids Oval Picnic Table

Lifetime 60229 Kids Oval Picnic Table

This lifetime table numbered 60229 is an oval-shaped picnic table with its edges rounded off that will save your kids from injuries due to sharp edges. The table can seat up to 4 kids comfortably and stands alone on this feature that allows it to have an adjustable height with a push-pin arrangement. It’s a foldable table which means it can be easily moved from one place to another and can also be stored away without any hassle. The durable steel frame ensures that the woods do not come off easily. Thanks to the chemical polyethylene, the table is UV protected making it durable under harsh weather conditions. Its all-weather finish is also an important factor that protects it from the diverse weather.

The steel frame sits on stoppers that stop it from being wobbly. The goblin green color is another attractive feature to lure kids.

5. Costzon Kids Plastic Table And 2 Chairs Set

Costzon Kids Plastic Table And 2 Chairs Set

The Costzon Kids Plastic Table comes in two colors either blue or red to add pop to your backyard or porch or wherever you have adult tables on to make it more kid friendly. The chairs that come along with it are small and compact enough to fit with small kids.

It’s also lightweight, which makes it easy to be moved about. Remember that kids can outgrow this set very quickly. It’s made of plastic that resembles wood and has open splats to lose food that might drop onto the floor. Each chair has the capacity to hold about 66 pounds. It’s easy to clean and move making its maintenance fairly easy.

6. Simplay 3 Kids Durable Play Around Table And Chair Set

Simplay 3 Kids Durable Play Around Table And Chair Set

The Simplay table and chair set is durable, sturdy, and safe making it perfect for little girls and boys to spend their creative time on it. Its smooth tabletop ensures that kids can do whatever they want without thinking about slats.

The color of the table is a gender-neutral grey with green and blue chairs. However, the set cannot be folded but is small enough to be stored away in a safe place. It’s heavy enough to function as a picnic table but also lightweight enough to be moved about.

The best feature of this brand is that the set does not require any assembly. You can simply unbox the set and wash it before allowing your kids to lay their hands on them.

Best Wooden Picnic Tables for Kids

7. AmazonBasics Indoor Kids Table and Bench Set

AmazonBasics Indoor Kids Table and Bench Set

The benches of this table are not attached making sure you have that extra leg space. The bright white tabletop and the bright yellow legs make it attractive for kids. There’s also an option of a wooden natural top too.

It requires no assembly and the solid wood construction makes it highly durable and long-lasting. Kids can use this table to either play, have meals or spend time snacking. A huge bar at the center of the table makes sure that spillage does not happen.

You can use the table both indoors and outdoors but remember to cover it when outdoors to ensure that it doesn’t fade over time. It’s lightweight which means it can be moved about as per convenience.

8. Little Colorado Child's Picnic Table

Little Colorado Child's Picnic Table

If you are looking for a traditional picnic table for your kids the Little Colorado picnic table is for you. Its unfinished look with high-quality wood is apt for being used both indoors and outdoors. Since it’s unfinished you can customize it as you want by painting, staining, or waterproofing it. However, if you leave it as it is then its lifespan might decrease so it’s better to coat it with your kids’ favorite color or do other life-prolonging measures on it.

These tables do not come with an umbrella hole but since it’s unfinished you can add in a hole with some simple drilling. The table also comes with nickel and zinc-plated hardware to ensure premium quality. Before you assemble it, finish all the add-ons you want on it which will make it an easier process.

The table can support a weight of around 400 pounds that is 4 children on the 4 benches. The tables do have gaps in between the planks that might make cleaning harder.

9. Teamson Kids - Wooden Picnic Table

Teamson Kids - Wooden Picnic Table

This one right here is an adorable picnic table with two tones of teal and bright wood to spice up your backyard. Its teal color will definitely stand against the browns and greens of your garden. To add to that, it’s environmentally friendly with its lead-free features. It has an earth-safe and kid-friendly stain finish on the pine wood.

Remember that wood furniture requires more care but is durable and does not curb the appeal. This table does not come with an umbrella hole and cannot be folded.

Best Little Kids Picnic Table for Kids

10. Step2 Sit And Play Kids Picnic Table With Umbrella

Step2 Sit And Play Kids Picnic Table With Umbrella

Lifetime brand tables and Step2 tables are somewhat similar in looks and the available color options. This table is however easy to put together as well as disassemble. It comes with an umbrella along with chairs and a tabletop to complete the setup.

4 kids can enjoy the table time with it being best for tiny tots as the table can handle only about 40 pounds of weight. With respect to design, it is a bit more detailed and the plastic makes it easy to wash and clean. The waterproof finish makes it highly durable.

Best Kids Folding Kid's Activity Table for Kids

11. Your Zone Folding Kid's Activity Table

Your Zone Folding Kid's Activity Table

Your Zone Folding kids table is a modernized design to function both indoors and outdoors. Kids can use it for doing their homework, eating snacks or playing in their leisure time. This best baby activity table can be folded in half and propped against the wall when not in use. Also, if you only need a little space then you can use the table half folded too. Now, that’s genius!

Children between the ages of 3 and 8 can safely use this table as it can support a weight of 115 pounds. It also comes with a handle to facilitate convenient transportation.

The table is made of polypropylene and steel making it last a long life. You can use it both outside and inside the house but it’s primarily made for indoor use so when you use it outdoors make sure you give it ample protection so that it lasts long enough to make your money worth it.

Points To Check Before Buying a Kid’s Picnic Table

● Durability

Durability is a factor that you need to consider when buying just about everything. You need to make sure that your money doesn’t go to waste after buying a product. Concerning the best picnic table for kids make sure you check the finish of the table and its storage factors most importantly. From eating to playing on tables, children tend to roughly use whatever they have their hands on.

Polyethylene and wood are the most highly durable materials. Wooden tables would require more maintenance than polyethylene tables. However, with its traditional look and earth friendliness, it’s more preferred.

● Safety

All the table sets mentioned above are safe for children and the environment apart from plastic ones of course. However, make sure you monitor your kids anyway as hazards could happen anywhere where kids exist.

If you opt for a wooden table, make you buy properly finished ones as unfinished ones could have spikes or splinters on them. You can add your creative touch to those that are unfinished and then allow your children to use them. Teach your kids to not stand on the table or chair and use them according to their intended use only. Remember to check the weight limit too before buying.

● Purpose

The purpose here is obviously to give children their own space and den to explore and recreate. But remember to analyze if these tables will stay long enough outdoors or not. If it’s for an occasional outdoor barbeque then you should go for a foldable table so that you can easily store it away.

However, if you and your kids want a table to use every day for painting or any such outdoor activities then you may want a set that is ready to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Best Kids picnic Table Final Words:

Kids and their mess need to be handled well by not curbing their creative or happy side. They can’t go around bumping into adults while playing around but also adults can’t let them out of their sight due to safety concerns. And the best option is to opt for a picnic table for all those times your kids need to be outdoors but staying together in one piece. Functional in harsh weathers, foldable, durability, and nature friendly are some of the factors you must consider before committing to one.

Top 11 Best Kids Picnic Table Of 2022 FAQs

1. How do you waterproof a picnic table?

You can treat, paint, stain, or oil a wooden table with the help of a sealant to make it waterproof. You must repeat this sealing process every year to maintain the longevity of the table. The painting will keep the wood unharmed from natural forces while sealant will ensure the original nature of the wood is retained.

2. How long do wooden picnic tables last?

Wooden picnic tables last 10 years with proper sealant and maintenance through replacement slats every year to prevent bleed sap. If the tables are made of recycled plastic then it will typically last 15 years or more with no extra maintenance other than regular cleaning.

3. Do I have to use pressure-treated wood for the picnic table?

Pressure-treated wood is best for outdoor tables including picnic chairs, benches, and others. It is highly recommended to use ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary) to treat wood as it is scientifically proven to be the safest.

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