Best Breast Milk Storage Bags – Expert Reviews & Guide

As a new mommy, you would, by now, have understood the degree to which you underestimated the number of baby accessories you ‘need.’ Up until now, you would have only looked at parents and wondered what goes inside their bulky baby bags. Now, that you are one of them, you would have started to understand this for yourself! Do not worry, we have all been there, momma!

If you are a mother who has decided to breastfeed your baby, the number of such accessories in question would just go up and above. If you are breastfeeding, the chances of you opting for a breastfeed pump are also some in question. With the pump, since you will be expressing a lot of milk day in and out, you also need an outlet to store all the produced milk- and hence, what comes in next is a milk storage bag. 

A breast milk storage bag, essentially, as the name suggests, is a bg that helps you store your breast milk. Why not use a bottle you ask? Well, this is because a breast milk storage bag helps up free so much space in your fridge (and your baby bag) by virtue of their compactness and the ability to fit in just anywhere, as against a space-eating bulky bottle. Besides, most bags are also much safer and thicker since they are BPA-free and FDA-approved; also making them great for transportation.

On those lines, to help make your pumping and storing episodes much easier, here is a list of  some of the best breast milk storage bags to pick from in 2020

1.The best of the bests: Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bag- $11

A top-rated breast milk storage bag, the Lansinoh storage bag is everything you would ever need or look for. It has been around for very long and mothers don’t tire raving about it, because, first things first, Lansinoh has been a trusted and credible name in the industry for the longest time now. These thick milk storage bags are  BPA- and made from BPS-free plastic that’s pre-sterilized for safety. If you also happen to have already invested in a Lansinoh Breast Pump, look no further! Their pumps are compatible with the storage bags in the sense that you can pump directly into these bags, saving yourself so much time and effort of producing a bag in one container and then transferring it to a bag.

One pack of Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bag includes: 50 bags with 6-ounce (180 mils) storage capacity.

2.The most durable breast milk storage bags: Dr. Brown's Breastmilk Storage Bags- $10

Also made of a thick, BPA-free, pre-sterilized material, these bags stand out for the fact that they have so much room for custom-labeling. This means that on each bag, you can directly note important pumping information like the time of production,  date etcThis feature also comes in handy if you happen to leave your baby at the creche, because then, you can even write their name to avoid mix-ups. Justifying the ‘durability’ tag, these bags have an exterior trim that cushions in case of drops and helps avoid spillage on ground-crashes.

One pack of Dr. Brown’s Breastmilk Storage Bags includes: 50 bags with 6-ounce (180 mils) storage capacity.

3.The most affordable breast milk storage bags: Affordable Philips Avent Breast Milk Storage Bags- $10

At a price point so low, the Philips bags have so much to offer! These BPA-free bags feature a double-zipper closure, have a tamper-evident seal, are pre-sterilized, have two layers for extra thickness, and even have a wide opening for easy-pouring of milk without any spillage or loss during transfer. These bags, also, are so sturdy that they can stand upright on their own!

One pack of Philips Avent Breast Milk Storage Bags includes: 50 bags with 6-ounce (180 mils) storage capacity.

4.The eco-friendly, recyclable milk storage bags: Kiinde Twist Pouch Breast Milk Storage Bags- $15

These bags, made in the design of a twist-lock juice packet, are so innovative and functional, there’s no way you cannot like them! As against the generic zipper bags, they have a secure threaded cap that avoids any possibility of spillage and wastage. These bags also allow you to pump milk directly into it, an added bonus for environmentally-conscious parents.

A little pricey though, one pack of Kiinde Twist Pouch Breast Milk Storage Bags includes: 40 bags with 5-ounce (150 mils) storage capacity.

5.The easiest-to-operate breast milk storage bags: Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags- $8

Coming in with almost the same features as that of the Philips bags, the Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags are liked and loved for their convenience and utility alike. These bags are also made in a sturdy design like the Philips bags which makes pouring and transferring of milk a breeze. Besides, the bags are BPA-free, hygienically pre-sealed, and made in a really durable material that avoids any chance of leaking or pilferage.

As mentioned, much like Philips in features, yet, priced a little higher, one pack of Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags includes: 25 bags with 6-ounce (180 mils) storage capacity.

6. The most compact breast milk storage bags: Nanobébé 50 Breastmilk Storage Bags- $12

Made in very smart and well-thought-of design, these bags can be stacked on top of another, saving you so much space and ridding you of all your storage woes! You can either store them in a makeshift container of your own, or can also invest in a vertical storage that fits 50 storage bags at once! These BPA free bags also de-frost twice as fast as any other bag, which makes it a dream-bag for parents who usually find themselves short of time!

One pack of Nanobébé Breast Milk Storage Bags includes: 50 bags with 5-ounce (150 mils) storage capacity.

7.The neatest, non-messy breast milk storage bags: Ameda Store 'N Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags- $20

Made in a BPA free plastic, these bags are designed to not only stand on their own, but also, its teapot like stout makes transfer all from bag to bottle for frozen or fresh milk so easy and mess-free! Also, if you already have an Ameda pump, the game becomes so much easier since the bags are compatible with the pup and you can directly produce the milk in the bags for storage. One flaw, however, could be that the stout and its irregular shape, on the other hand, can also make its storage a little tricky and space-occupying until you get used to it or find a way around it.

One pack of Ameda Store ‘N Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags includes: 40 bags with 5-ounce (150 mils) storage capacity.

8.The high-capacity breast milk storage bags: "No-Break, No-Leak" Breast Milk Storage Bags- $12

You would have already noticed that most bags only allow you to store as much as 5 ounces of milk, the no break, no leak bags, however, win the storage game by allowing you to store as much as 7 ounces of milk at once! They also have a guideline on each bag, which helps new mothers understand their way around the basics of breast milk storage; like, how long can breast milk be stored, the ideal temperature of storage, and so on. Also made from BPA-free plastic, these bags feature a double-zipper closure that prevents leaking.

One pack of No-Break, No-Leak Storage Bags includes: 50 bags with 7-ounce (2000 mils) storage capacity.

Final Thoughts

Still stuck a little around how to even choose the best breast milk storage bags? Here are two primary pointers to look for:

1. Safety: This is your little, sensitive, bundle of joy in question. And hence, the first concern should be safety. Always look for a bag that is FDA-approved and made from food-grade plastic. This assures for a fact that you are investing in something that is solely-purposed or designed to store your breast milk. Also, in terms of safety, one should look for bags that offer a tamper-evident and freshness seal.

2. Convenience and Compatibility: Small little features like how compactly a bag can be stored, the compatibility of a bag with your pump, and even the kind of closure on top goes a long way to make your breastfeeding experience easier and hassle-free. A bag that is compatible with your pump will also free you the need of separately washing and cleaning extra containers.

In the end, as one last tip, do remember that each breast milk bag is supposed to be a single-use bag and do not ever re-purpose it, even if you are short of bags. For everything else, there’s always room for trial-and-error!

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