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Best Scooter for Kids – Expert Reviews & Guide

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Looking for a secure, reliable, simple-to-drive, and affordable kick scooter for your child? We’ve tested over a dozen different two-wheel and three-wheel kick Best scooter for kids to find the best choices for the year.

Scooters are an ideal way to get your child out for exercising, practicing balance and coordination, and also having a good time. Young children can begin with a sit-to-stand scooter with a seat, then progress to a standing three-wheel scooter around 3 years old, and eventually move to a two-wheel scooter when they’re around 7-8 years old. From about 3 years old upwards, scooters are a very compact and flexible form of transport around the neighbourhood!

After a ton of research, Parenthood Bliss has brought you the top ten kick scooters to get for your loving kid.

1. Micro Sprite

While we were looking for the perfect, overall Best scooter for kids of all ages, we ended up going back to the Micro Sprite for several cool perks it comes with. It’s difficult to find a strongly negative review of this scooter.

It promises some best standard, like telescopic handlebars to fit a variety of heights. It bends efficiently and simply and comes in a range of exciting colors with some pretty cool wheels. So, if you’re on the hunt for the ideal overall scooter, let your child give this top-rated model a ride!

2. Razor

With so many amazing specifications of the Micro Sprite, the Razor scooter is getting the second place on our list because it’s the best affordable scooter out there for children. This is a strongly made, durable scooter with a quality of aircraft-grade aluminum which makes this scooter highly-durable and makes this scooter very lightweight. These scooters come in a range of exciting colors, and for a few more dollars, your darling might ride the fun light-up wheels in style. This is a very compact design that enables it to fit within a bag or suitcase.

3. Razor E100

Are you looking to switch to a motorized ride? We’ve got the latest electric best scooter for kids you can buy — it’s another Razor scooter, one of today’s well-recognized brands dealing in scooters. We believe this to be the top electric scooter in the market. It is ideal for children aged 8 and over, with a load capacity of about 120 pounds.

The E100 moves approximately 10 miles per hour, which is fast enough for an adventurous ride without becoming reckless or unsafe. Whether you’re thinking of buying a Razor electric scooter, please note that the E200 model is larger, quicker, and much more ideal for older children than the E100. Make sure to buy a model that fits best with your own kid’s level of experience.

4. Radio Flyer My First Scooter

Radio Flyer brand offers the perfect best kids scooters. With its broad deck, slower wheels, and low handlebars, this scooter is ideal for a younger kid.

This is much simpler for them to manage and ride than the thinner, quicker scooters. Given its diminutive size and design, it’s a robust scooter with a strong build that’s going to take a pounding from your kid. The Radio Flyer, our ideal toddler scooter, is available in red or pink.

5. Fuzion X5

Is your Lil man up for hops, drags, and other tricks? There’s a fair chance that a normal scooter isn’t going to hold up to all this rough play, so it might be time for you to hunt for a stunt scooter. The X5 of the Fuzion is an ideal match for all this. It’s similar in dimensions to the Razor scooter, with a couple of key distinctions.

The bar is made of curved HT steel for a sleek ride that promises power and control. The Fuzion also helps you to upgrade your wheels, based on the size your kid needs for stunt riding. Such unique functions, coupled with stunning customer service, convenient assembly, and a smooth, durable ride, make the Fuzion X5 the ultimate scooter for tricks and stunts.

6. Mongoose

If you have a slightly older scooter fan in your family, it might be time to look for the right scooter for an adolescent. The Mongoose is indeed a perfect choice — it is ideal for children over eight years of age, with a maximum weight limit of 220 pounds. It’s an amazing scooter for travel, stunts, or just play, with a durable design, 100 mm high-impact wheels, ABEC-7 bearings, and a non-telescopic, Y-shaped handlebar.

The deck is a little taller than the existing scooters, giving younger teens lots of extra space for both feet. So, if you’re searching for the right scooter for older kids, try the Mongoose freestyle scooter.

7. Micro Mini

Three-wheel scooters make your child’s first step into scootering a perfect choice since they have a stronger, safe, and secure ride than their two-wheel sporty equivalents. We tested and analyzed that by far, the Micro Mini (from the developers of the best overall Micro Sprite above) is the best three-wheel scooter you can purchase.

The telescopic bar will easily fit your kid as they grow up. It’s convenient to modify with a heavy-duty handlebar clamp that you can secure until you adjust the height. The deck is coated with a gripping silicone cover to keep your little one from slipping away.

8. Decathlon Oxelo B1 Kids Scooter Frame

For children just starting up with scooting, the B1 is a fantastic pick. It’s cheaper than other scooters, which is good, given how easily kids appear to switch away from hobbies.

This scooter was created to support kids to find balance and learn how to control speed and steering. It’s secure so that they can position both their feet on the base and be pushed by their parents.  Pick the color you like, and they’ll send it to you for free. You just need to remember to add it to your cart.

9. YBIKE GLX Cruze

The ideal first scooter is what we would like to sum up for this bike. The large rear wheel and the gripping deck offer extra support as your child bends and steers to turn. Compared to the conventional straight handlebar, the curved bar allows children more space to seek their center of gravity. The wide rear foot brake is also simple to use. It’s very lightweight and compact to port around.

10. Globber Go-Up Sporty Scooter (with lights)

The Globber Glow-Up is the perfect choice if you are looking for a scooter that is quirky and secure at the same time for your darling little one. It can quickly be converted from a walking bike to a scooter. The T-bar and seat are modified to various heights, and the front wheels have battery-free LED blinking lights that make the scooter safer to see.


In everyone’s household, scooters are loved!  We appreciate brands that are modernizing with new scooters every second day. Scooting makes the outdoors enjoyable and allows children to be involved. It’s an important part of your child’s overall development.

It enables them to improve the balancing skills that are later transformed into a real bike. This ensures that they also learn how to ride faster and in an easier way.

It’s a win-win situation for both, the parents and the children!

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