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Your 47-week-old Baby’s Development & Growth

Table of Contents

47-week-old baby

Table of Contents

Understanding why your 47-week-old baby has suddenly started to ‘point’ at things, the first signs of ‘independence’, and some makeshift toy ideas for when the baby gets bored of fancy!

What Happens 47 Weeks After Birth?

47-week-old babies achieve some pretty important developmental growth bars. Here’s what you may notice:

A 47-week-old baby’s brain begins to recognize sequences and games and will use its mobility more than ever during the 47th week after birth. They would love being asked questions like “Where’s your nose? and “Where are your eyes? ” as they learn more and more words. Even though she might not accurately identify them, she will enjoy the activity.

On the other hand, expect yourself to be occupied with picking things or objects that are dangerous for your baby and place them somewhere out of their reach. Yet, she will find a way to get them by climbing and pulling, so be vigilant!

As the little ones learn to walk on their own they might take steps that are a little wobbly but will also be able to persevere by constantly making sure of their posture, balance, and their muscle strength.

Your baby will also be interested in imitating you more often via acting to be on the phone, conversing with someone on the other end, or also playing with the cutlery.

They might also lose weight as a result of fussy eating and will need the comfort of their favorite toy while sleeping.

Read on to know more!

Your 47-week-old Baby's Development and Physical Growth: Weight, Sleep, and Diet

Let us now understand what happens with the little one in their forty-seven-week after birth in terms of the baby’s development during this week.


  • Expect your baby to weigh anything from around 19.4 lbs to 20.12 lbs. Nonetheless, if you observe the baby grow less or more, make sure to consult the doctor for help.


  • There will be less sleep disturbance and you can now observe a more predictable sleeping pattern of your baby with them sleeping more in the night than the daytime.
  • In case your baby is still learning to walk, there might be some sleep disturbance for a bit. Your baby might also suffer from low hemoglobin levels due to muscle fatigue and soreness. Try to massage your baby more often, especially their hands and legs.


  • The 47-weekers will now have more solids in their diet and will continue to breastfeed as per their needs, known as baby-led breastfeeding.
  • During the first year, the little one will consume more breast milk mainly as a part of their nutrition, however, in the second year, it slowly transits to more solids. Your older infant and toddler continue to receive a large portion of their nutritional needs each day from breastmilk:
  • 60% vitamin C
  • 75% vitamin A
  • 43% protein
  • 29% energy

So long as you and your 47-week-old child continue to enjoy nursing and are not in a rush to wean, you are free to do so. Breastfeeding is still healthy for both of you.

  • Good nutrition decreases the chances of any infection that might grow in your toddler.
  • To aid soreness and muscle fatigue in walking babies, increase their iron supplement with the consultation of the doctor or include iron-rich foods in their diet.

Your 47-week-old Baby's Doctor Visit

A 47-week-old baby or eleven months old is acquiring major milestones and visiting the doctor for a check-up counts as one. Here are what you can expect from the visit to the baby’s doctor:

  • Tests

In case the 47-week-old baby shows any symptoms of anemia or any other disorder, expect the doctor to take a blood test to check the hemoglobin and iron levels.

  • Vaccination

The toddler might get a shot of Japanese encephalitis, Hepatitis A, Varicella, and Influenza anytime around this week as per the recommendation of the doctor.

Your 47-week-old Baby’s Developmental Changes

As your 47-week-old baby’s development begins, it’s vital for the mama and dada to learn more about their developmental changes. It’s always an advantage to stay informed beforehand and that’s what we are aiming to achieve. Here are a few things to look forward to in your 47-week-old baby:

  • As toddler gains control over their body and dexterity, they might now start to help you dress them up. They will do so by extending their arms into the onesies, sticking their feet into the tiny shoes, and pulling the socks off.
  • While they are acquiring new habits, they might also learn to unstick their diapers while being playful, so be aware.
  • On the other hand, there are a few babies that indulge and find it exciting to bang into things, the louder the better!
  • They might also while imitating your wish help you around. While we all know how dangerous that could get, you can opt to get them their own play kitchen sets to prepare their lovely meals.
  • Your baby will now learn to identify between their toys while preferring a few over the others
  • They will now be able to pick things off the ground using their hands.
  • They can also stand independently or walk freely.
  • Words like, ‘mama’ and ‘papa’ are now frequent along with a few other distant words.
  • They will help you clean their toys by being able to fill and empty boxes or containers.
  • Your baby will now be to cooperate while you dress them up by holding their arms up and sticking them into the sleeves.

What Games Could You Play With Your 47-week-old Baby?

Sensory play is at the utmost when it comes to babies as young as 47 weeks. Click here to get a series of articles on the best developmental toys for babies and toddlers alike! Meanwhile, let’s explore what kind of games you could play with your 47-week-old baby:

  • While your baby is imitating you, give them some non-breakable plates and vessels to play with and be safe around.
  • Give them non-breakable jars with pasta or dried beans inside to shake and produce music.
  • In order to build your baby’s dexterity skills, fill a small tray with sand and small toys for them to pick up.
  • Play ‘This Little Piggy Went to Market’ using their fingers and toes. This game involves unique patterns and helps them develop coordination and motor skills.
  • Play some music and dance along to help build their hand-eye coordination while they swing and move their bodies and have fun with you.

What to Expect as Parents With a 47-week-old Baby?

Here are a few tips for our parents to help them simplify their journey with their 47th-week-old baby:

Understanding The Balance Between a Working Mother and a Toddler

Most working mums find themselves in a dilemma of whether they must give the toddler time or have time to relax. We’d suggest that you spend at least 15 to 20 minutes with your toddler engaging in any kind of small activities. Do not lose touch with them.

Read a book if you can, this will help both you and your baby to calm down.

Add in a bowl of snacks like diced raw fruit or crackers and hummus until dinner’s ready. This helps with postpartum depression or the baby’s meltdown.

The other way to be organized is to prepare extra meals over the weekend to freeze some ready-to-nuke meals. This will help save-up time and enjoy a relaxed time with your baby.

While you are at it, do not forget to take some time off for yourself too, watch your favorite TV show, read a book, talk to a friend, go for solo drives, or whatever helps your sanity.

After all, the fathers are there to help as well, so you need not take the whole burden and shy away, remember, you are human too!

Understanding Your Baby's Health and The Urgent Need for a Doctor

Listed below are a few instances where parents must consult a doctor regarding their 47-week-old baby during this week:

  • If your baby topples or falls and gets their mouth injured and bleeding occurs. Try a cold compress at first to help stop the blessing and consult a doctor/dentist for your baby in case they broke a tooth or have a cut.
  • In case your baby exhibits any form of an allergic reaction that lasts for about more than 24 hours or has swelling on the face, legs, or hands, fever, vomits, or a rash.
  • If the baby has bad bruising on their head or elsewhere post a fall, consult your doctor.
  • Your baby might also experience bouts of constipation, therefore, try including more high-fiber foods, like apples, vegetables, oatmeal, prune juice, or dried apricots.

To Conclude

A 47-week-old baby may look at the world around them a little differently while they are still developing certain milestones. From being dependent on many things, they now seem to create a life of their own while they love spending time with their favorite toys, looking and observing books, or even imitating you. Here’s a rundown of all the milestones your 47-week-old baby will achieve:

  • Your infant will be able to recognize their toys and indicate a preference for some of them.
  • They will start picking up things and walk or stand on their own.
  • Once you teach them they will start calling you mama and papa.
  • There will be a few more unique words that your infant will begin to utter.
  • You may fill and empty boxes or other containers with your kid as an activity.
  • When you clothe your infant, they will be able to participate by holding up her arms and putting them into the sleeves. She would have begun to understand the idea of dressing up.
  • Your child will develop her own special words for many things.

That’s all the information on your 47-week-old baby’s development and overall health concerns! For more information on parenting tips, baby products, and medically reviewed pregnancy concerns, visit Parenthoodbliss.

FAQs: Your 47-week-old baby's - Development and Growth

1. How many months are a 47-week-old baby?

At 47 weeks, your baby is 11 months and 4 weeks old. Expect them to be independent, and curious, and look forward to imitating you more with a maximum intake of solids.

2. What should a 47-week-old baby eat?

The baby at 47 weeks will consume more soft solids. This includes Mashed fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Finger foods
  • Tender meats, etc.
  • Apart from these, their diet must also include breast milk at bedtime.

    3. What can a baby do at 47 weeks?

    Although your baby is developing slower this week, expect them to imitate you and wish to act more like people around them. They can now stand without support, eat on their own, and be more responsible as they help you dress themselves up, put the toys in the basket, etc.

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