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Toddler Summer Clothing – All Vibrant and Cool Picks!

Table of Contents

toddler summer clothes

Table of Contents

With summer just around the corner, we are sure you’ve been hunting for cool clothes for the toddler to wear this season. To help you enter the season with ease, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to curate a list of trending and cute outfits for the little munchkin, that are not only cool to wear but are also budget-friendly and durable, so it’s a win-win situation. 

Without wasting any more time, let’s get straight into it!

Top 10 Toddler Summer Clothes To Wear In 2022 - The Trending List!

Listed below are the top 10 best toddler summer clothes to wear in 2022 that you do not want to miss out on:

1. Reversible Sundress - Toddler Girl Summer Clothes

This reversible sundress is an absolute favorite amongst more parents with an increasing rate of purchase recently. It features top-notch quality of clothing, is durable, comfortable, and comes in vibrant colors to choose from. Adding to this, the reversible dress comes with a pocket-friendly range for purchase, is an awesome choice for playdates, romping about, and is an easy dress to wear.


  • Is 51% cotton and 49% Lenzing modal
  • Comes with an elastic neckline, waist, and back 
  • Has no snaps or buttons
  • Includes side pockets

2. Watercolor Star Tee - Toddler boy Summer Clothes

An all-gender tee for kids is a sweet and staple pick for toddler summer wear that can be a good fit in the closets. These watercolor star tees are durable as they simply cannot be destroyed or shrunken post a wash is a pocket-friendly pick and is super comfortable to wear.


  • Is made using 100% ring-spun cotton
  • Is resistant to pilling
  • Has more texture and is made from soft slub cotton woven with uneven yarns
  • Is inspired by watercolor print making it unique and comes in multiple variations

3. Short-Sleeve Leggings Tee - Toddler Girl Summer Clothes

These short-sleeve leggings tee are soft, made using lightweight cotton, and the cutest, perfect for the summer days. These come with a gathered waist which bells out in a loose-fitting tunic-length top, best paired with leggings or bloomers.


  • Is an easy pick that can be easily matched with solids 
  • Is easy wear for summers
  • Is made using 100% cotton slub
  • Is true to its size 

4. Chambray Top - Cute Toddler Summer Clothes

This is a must top that needs to make it to every kid’s closet. The Chambray top is versatile, durable, and is best paired with shorts, skorts, skirts, as well as with jeans. They are super cute, have a button closure placed at the back, have arm sleeves, and are super comfortable to wear.


  • Is made using super soft denim and is lightweight 
  • 100% cotton
  • Comes with button closure at the back

5. White Denim Short - Toddler Summer Clothes

These white denim shorts are pocket-friendly, have adjustable closure of cuffs, and snap-in sizes 2 – 5. Despite the common approach to whites, these stand out as they are super easy to wash clean. 


  • Is made using 69% cotton, 3% spandex, and 28% recycled polyester
  • Is tagless with a no-dig waistband
  • Comes with a snap closure 
  • Features adjustable elastic inside the waistband

6. Swing Dress - Toddler Girl Summer Clothes

While most parents would like to opt for baby clothes that are neutral (tans, whites, browns, creams, etc), this swing dress can be your change. Not only are these super cute, they come within a pop bold raspberry color, but are a perfect match that can make you think of the nice berry pickings in the summer.


  • Is made using 51% cotton and 49% Lenzing modal
  • Comes with a back zip
  • Includes side pockets

7. Long Sleeves Rash Guard In Stripe - Toddler boy Summer Clothes

Long sleeves rashguard stripe tees are adorable and are made using soft fabrics, making these the best post-vaccinated wear for a trip. These are pocket-friendly, come with a UPF 50+ rash guard, and are perfect for a safe sun-play.


  • Is made using 80% of recycled nylon with 20% of spandex
  • UPF 50+
  • Super soft fabric
  • Is a rash guard

8. Pocket Romper In Stripe - Toddler Girl Summer Clothes

You cannot go through the summer season without a good romper in the toddler’s closet. These pocket rompers in stripes are super adorable, come with a cute and easy-to-use drawstring, and make a great outfit for a nice play date or outing to a beach.


  • Is made from 100% ring-spun cotton jersey
  • The fabric of the romper is pre-washed 
  • Comes with a snap placket and is machine washable
  • Has back snap placket with elastic waistband and functional drawstring

9. Leggings Tee With Pocket Graphic - Toddler Girl Summer Clothes

These leggings tee with pocket graphics come in a tunic-length with a short-sleeved update, are breathable, and made from light-weight cotton, an ideal pick for sunny summers. These can be perfectly worn with any leggings or jeans of the toddler’s favorite, and come with rainbow pockets to store in some treasure when on an outing.


  • Is made using 100% cotton slub
  • Pre-washed
  • Minimize shrinkage
  • True to its size

10. Summer Dress In Union Stripe - Toddler Girl Summer Clothes

This summer dress features a stripe design, is pocket-friendly, is super soft, and true to its size. It makes a good pick for any family outings, is made from crinkly gauze, and has cute pockets too!


  • Is using 100% cotton
  • Is lightweight and made from crinkled gauze fabric
  • Includes side pockets too

Toddler Summer Clothes - Final Words:

We hope the blog post above has helped you pick good, easy, simple, comfortable, and pocket-friendly clothes for the toddler’s closet.

FAQs: Toddler Summer Clothes

1. What are some of the best summer clothes for toddlers?

Listed below are the best summer clothes for toddlers to choose from in 2022:
  • Watercolor star tee
  • Reversible sundress
  • Short sleeves legging tee
  • Chambray Top
  • White denim shorts
  • Swing dress
  • Leggings tee with pocket graphics
  • Summer dress in union stripe
  • Rashguard tee
  • Rompers
  • 2. What are summer clothes called?

    A sundress or summer dress is a casual dress that is intended to be worn in warm weather. These are typically made using lightweight fabric, such as cotton, and are generally loose-fitted.

    3. What is the main concern when choosing children's wear?

    The things that you must keep a close eye on when buying clothes for the little ones are the choice of fabric, openings, fastenings, easy fit, and being of free size, considering a growing kid.

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