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Product Review Policy

Our Commitment - Why Trust Us?

Welcome to ParenthoodBliss (“ParenthoodBliss”, “we”, “us”, “our”) or as we call it, the blissful fam. We created Parenthoodbliss with one primary goal; to build a community of trust, care, support, and the right guidance for new parents to help raise their newborns. 

So, Why Should You Trust Us?

As a new parent, it is not enough to blindly follow any website, especially with sensitive information listed as it directly affects the health and well-being of the little one. You deserve to have a supportive website that lists all areas with details, is trustworthy, independent, medically reviewed, and has an unbiased assessment of baby products based on real-world experience – and we give you just that! 

We are not here with random curated blogs to simply read, but are here to stay throughout the journey and help build a community together! 

This is How We Review Our Baby Products:

We have committed ourselves to be the world’s best source of baby product reviews with comparisons and real-time feedback. 

Choosing a trustworthy baby product is extremely important as it not only grows with the family but also helps you cradle your baby and benefit their journey for the best – and Parenthoodbliss is here to make it a lot more easier and fruitful for you.

Parenthoodbliss is not any other reviewing website but helps you streamline priorities and navigate the shopping process so you’re ready for your D day – through guides to the best baby products, that includes the big-ticket purchases such as cribs, car seats, high chairs, and everyday items like bottles, clothes, burp cloths, and baby monitors

Our recommendations are not only tried-and-true favorites but also include new and innovative products designed that make life with the little munchkin easier than ever. Guides at Parenthoodbliss are written by parents with the members of our editorial team and finally reviewed by the Parenthoodbliss Medical Review Board to make sure they are accurate, safe, and healthy prior to publishing.

There are several factors that influence Parenthoodbliss’s product reviews and recommendations:

  • Our Editorial Research from A-Z: The Parenthoodbliss editorial team conducts research focusing on popularity, design, innovation, quality, value, and benefits. Additionally, we seek feedback from our pediatricians and relevant experts.
  • Testing of the Products: The staff at Parenthoodbliss and the contributors make sure to road-test every listed product at home with our own families. 
  • Compilation of Community Surveys: We also make sure to ask thousands of real parents in the Parenthoodbliss Community for their insights on the baby products that they’ve used and love the most.

Parenthoodbliss’s product guides are monthly checked to make sure they are available for purchases, as well as their pricing with any updates on the product. We also verify that none of our listed products are recalled as per the Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC’s website.

You should know that Parenthoodbliss may earn commissions from the shopping links that support all the work we do. However, this does not impact the products we choose to list on our website. 

How We Cover Sales

It’s true, it takes a village to raise a baby, and between daycare, diapers, choosing formula or breastmilk, doctor’s visits, and everything in between, building a family is very expensive and we get that – truly! 

Parenthoodbliss aims to ease the financial burden by reporting as and when trusted retailers offer discounts on baby and maternity products, as well as other product categories relevant to new parents and/or the parents-to-be. We understand it’s impossible for busy parents to keep an account of the discounts available on different platforms each day (and we don’t want you to miss out on them!) — especially on special days like Amazon Prime Day, Cyber Monday, and Black Friday — so our editorial team does that work for you.

Parenthoodbliss does not report on each sale out there, instead, we focus on pure great discounts — meaning, when a product is being offered for the lowest price in the last three months to earn a spot on our website. 

How Can You Pitch Products to Us?

At Parenthoodbliss, we are ever ready to grab any opportunity to connect and list the loved and safe products by YOU and we are always on the hunt for them on the market. So, if you are a PR representative with a product that our team must know about, feel free to reach out to us at – we’re all ears!

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