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Bloating and Gas During Pregnancy: Explained

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Bloating and gas during pregnancy means, “to cause abdominal distension.” and the reason why pregnant women often feel like a hot-air balloon. This gas leads to a build of discomfort that affects the expecting mom with disturbed periods of sleep as well. However, as normal as gas and bloating are, it is important for us to understand what causes this in the first place to prevent it from causing any gas pain. For this very reason, Parenthood bliss has curated an article below with everything you need to know about and prevent the gas built up throughout the day.

When does Bloating and gas during pregnancy occur?

Bloating and gas during pregnancy are for sure one of the most occurring and least charming symptoms of pregnancy that shows up in the 11th week of your trimester. This often lasts throughout the pregnancy up to the delivery day.

What causes pregnancy gas?

The progesterone pregnancy hormone is the cause behind the gas to build that triggers bloating, burping, and passing gas. This hormone also causes the smooth muscle present in the body to relax including the gastrointestinal tract.

It also slows down the digestion that tends to give the nutrients more time to enter the bloodstream and reach the baby. On the other hand, due to the slowing down of the digestion, the mother feels bloated which leads to gas pain and cramps. Not only that, due to the expanding uterus, the pressure on the rectum leads to more buildup of gas that can wreak havoc on muscle control.

Unfortunately, this is likely to get worse with the trimesters, as your uterus expands causing pressure on the stomach and intestines that lead to gas pain.

6 Tips to help prevent bloating during pregnancy

  • Drink plenty of water

Water helps maintain the movement in the digestive system, preventing constipation that could aggravate bloating, and also maintains your health.

  • Have plenty of fiber

Fiber helps curb constipation caused in pregnancy. Eat fibers like leafy greens, legumes, whole grains, and fruits.

  • Eat smaller meals

Consuming larger food as per your diet allows the meal to sit in your stomach that may cause more gas. This is why you must have small meals by dividing them into six portions throughout the day. This will also prevent the digestive system from getting overloaded, with heartburn and gas pain.

  • Make sure to slow down

To maintain a healthy pregnancy, getting enough food isn’t the only key to prevent constipation and gas. Therefore, it is also essential to not gulp down food in one go as it may also cause swallowing a lot of air. This will then let the air settle down in your stomach in the form of painful gas bubbles and bloating. So, eat the food at a leisurely pace during pregnancy, cutting down on the abdominal discomfort.

  • Relax

Do not multitask while you eat food, this will allow the air bubbles to enter your stomach as you would be multitasking. Lunch is typically meant for a ‘break’, so make sure to prevent pregnancy gas by taking your time and relaxing.

  • Do not eat beans

Eating certain foods during pregnancy must be avoided or must be cut down, such as heavy intake of fried foods and beans. Beans do have a good amount of protein and other nutrients but eating too much of it in your pregnancy diet could result in gas. The other foods you must avoid or cut down in pregnancy include cabbage, onions, fried foods, sugary foods, and rich sauces.

Gas during pregnancy is medically reviewed as a pregnancy symptom that causes discomfort and morning sickness like nausea. However, the good news is that it could be easily prevented with the necessary precautions taken in the body, including consumption of water, eating healthy foods like brussels sprouts, taking breaks while eating, and many others mentioned in the article above.

However, there are also certain foods to be avoided during pregnancy by the expecting mother in order to have a safe and healthy pregnancy and increase the health quotient for both you and your baby during pregnancy.

To Conclude:

Bloating and gas during pregnancy is a common pregnancy symptom that is caused by hormonal changes in pregnant women. However, you must not shy away from it and it can be prevented if you take medical and necessary precautions. So gear up and be regular. Only keep in mind to consult your doctor immediately, in case the gas pain increases and causes unbearable discomfort.

FAQs: Bloating and Gas During Pregnancy

1) What causes bloating and gas while pregnant?

The bloating and gas while pregnant is produced by the body with the increase in the levels of progesterone hormone. The hormone along with supporting your pregnancy tends to relax the muscles of the body that cause the slow movement of the food in the digestive system that is present in the intestine. It allows the food to sit in the stomach that causes the gas to build up, resulting in all three, bloating, burping, and flatulence.

2) Does the symptoms of being gassy indicate an early sign of pregnancy?

Not quite, but the effects of being gassy and feeling full is caused by the increase of the progesterone and estrogen hormones. This increase for sure is a sign of early pregnancy that perhaps causes the gassy effect in pregnant women and leads them to swell up in their initial stages of pregnancy. This symptom results in abdominal pain or a sense of feeling tight, bloated, belching, accompanied by gas for the rest of the trimester.

3) What are the ways to prevent and relieve gas during pregnancy?

Listed below are a few tips mentioned that would help pregnant women get rid of the discomfort caused by the gas during pregnancy: ● During the small meals of food six times a day, notice what good triggers you to feel nauseous and cause gas buildup. ● While you are taking your break, do not multitask as it leads to you swallowing air bubbles in the stomach that cause gas during pregnancy. ● Avoid consuming sugary items, carbonated drinks, and fried fatty foods. ● Make sure you're drinking plenty of water. ● Have more fiber food products. ● Try to exercise daily, but exercise only those routines that are approved by the doctor and are peer-reviewed. ● Make sure to change into loose clothing every day. This helps you to feel comfortable in the difficult times of being gassy and bloated during pregnancy.

Reviewed By:

Esha Chainani - Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Esha Chainani - Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Dr. Esha Chainani is an Obstetrician, Gynaecologist, and laparoscopic surgeon who aims to break the stigma around women’s health by advocating an inclusive and open practice of obstetrics and gynecology and an author of several internationally published research papers and health articles in the media like the Swaddle.
She also founded Premaa, a non-profit to reduce maternal morbidity and eventual maternal mortality by providing lower-income pregnant women living in urban areas with cell phone access through an app that can feature an entire section about contraception as well for a whole gamut of reproductive health.
A panel for multiple health sessions including with the UN, USAID, BMC, gender at work, and multiple non-profit organisations, and is on the advisory panel of the South Indian medical students association.

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